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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Our Thanksgiving Message of Sharing

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Wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving
Here in the States we'll celebrate Thanksgiving this week. And, for most of us, we have plenty to be thankful for. But I know that's not true for all of our readers. So I encourage those of you who have been blessed to share with those who have had a harder time of it. And not just those who are struggling financially.
Anyone who has read my columns knows I put forth a lot of support for our military and our veterans and others less fortunate and I am blessed to be in a position where I can do that.
In addition to supporting the USO, VFW, Volunteers of America, Wounded Warriors Project, Disabled Veterans, and other national organizations, we also support several local charities as well…my wife and I don’t buy gifts for each other any longer but choose instead to use those funds toward various charities each year.  [Each year we choose different non-profits for our charitable allocations].
This can be a hard time of year for those who have recently lost a loved one. Just by being there for them you could be the thing that they're thankful for.
Regardless of your circumstances, it is almost always possible to help another person. 
We wish each of you a blessed Thanksgiving!
Yours for a brighter season,
Bruce ‘the Poor Man!’
The secret silver lining of thankfulness.
Final Notes…
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Larry said...

Nice message & I hate it when jerks from government find it necessary to screw it up for people for no valid reason...had to share this!

On November 4, 2018, after monitoring social media posts for possible violations SICKO inspectors from the Kansas City Health Department descended onto multiple public parks across the city and simultaneously shut down large picnics organized by a group of concerned private citizens, operating under the name “Free Hot Soup Kansas City,” who were serving free food to homeless and hungry people without a permit. Free Hot Soup Kansas City is neither an establishment nor a non-profit, but a group of private citizens banding together to help the needy. Citing concerns over violations to city ordinances as well as the risk of keeping food at an unsafe temperature, the health department inspectors seized the food, threw it in a trash bin, and doused it in bleach to prevent recovery and consumption by the homeless citizens of Kansas City. The inspectors also threatened further legal action against the picnic organizers

Mike said...

May your holiday[s] be blessed as well. You've been an oracle of wisdom and useful resources for years and we're grateful!