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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Announcing our Newest Sister Site & Contest…’Like to Flirt’

Are You Good at Flirting?  What’s Your Best ‘Pick-up Line?



Sexual attraction is a mystery. Scientists and artists alike have long tried to crack the magic formula, and are steadily piecing together a picture of how it works.

Some People Have Made Flirting an Art Form and although our new site is still technically dusty and ‘under construction’ you can take a sneak peak now and find useful insights through articles and videos on techniques and tips on flirting. 
 Read about our kickoff contest below.

To introduce our new Flirting site, we’re holding a little contest…Tell us the best pickup line you’ve used or received or best place to flirt – this applies to men or women.  We’ve assembled a panel of judges from different parts of the country.  The contest starts April 9, 2016 and runs through midnight April 23rd.  

 Visit the site: and leave your suggestion or send them to:  Winners will be notified by email and will get one of these prizes:

·        A $25 Amazon or iTunes Gift card

·        The Sexy Seductions Card Deck by Cynthia Gentry – Embark on 50 exciting adventures with your partner all drawn from an entertaining seductive and playful deck.
Note:  This was a special promotional announcement from one of our, new sister sites.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How you can help a veteran today



Poor Man Survival

Self Reliance tools for independent minded people…


ISSN 2161-5543

A Digest of Urban Survival Resources

“The day the soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you stopped leading them. They have either lost confidence that you can help them or concluded that you do not care. Either case is a failure of leadership.”
Colin Powell


     This weekend I attended the Great Lakes Prepper Expo and wound up speaking with several fellow former military vets and current law enforcement who served in the second Gulf War.  All of us lamented how few politicians, including our current president or former president Clinton had ever served or how none of us believe Mrs. Clinton capable of leading the military based on her poor record as Secretary of State or her mis-handling of Benghazi.

Ironically, an examination of Congress shows very few of them ever served in the military but ironically, they love to cut benefits and pay for our military while increasing their own and all of us agreed that it is a national disgrace this country seems to have a need for so many charities aimed at assisting wounded veterans while our VA hospitals seem to be the subject of so many scandals and vets have to wait for care.

Under Obama’s watch [our incompetent-in-chief as everyone called him that day], more than 300 of our top military commanders have been forced out…including U.S. Army General David Petraeus.  Yet, Mrs. Clinton remains unindicted for essentially the same ‘crime.”  How does this happen?

Over the years the Poor Man has supported veterans in many ways including offering volunteer programs that taught returning vets how to start their own business through the state of Ohio and various colleges, donating and supporting various charities and more…here’s one I’d like to share today.  It’s called

Finding a new job isn’t easy, especially one that pays a decent wage.  Tori and Mark Baird founded this group to help vets get back on their feet.  After being approached by a returning, out-of-work vet seeking handyman work in order to get his utilities turned back on, they gave him the $100 this man needed.

Mark, a pastor who had spent 30 years counseling veterans knew a lot of struggling vets.  He and his wife lived near Camp Pendleton and saw how many of their military neighbors had to rely on food stamps and assistance to get by.

Their mission became Patriotic Heart’s HIRE PATRIOTS and they’ve filled more than 100,00 jobs to help vets and active duty military families make ends meet…something our politicians have failed to do.  
There are other organizations helping vets and probably some in your own neighborhood…you might check with AMVETS, your local VA,,, WoundedWarriorsProject, the FisherHouse.Org [they help provide free travel for vets & military families].

I still donate 25% of my How to Escape the Rat Race CD ROM sales to various vet groups via the colleges I once taught at so if you can find a use for some of the items we sell at our ecommerce site, that’s appreciated too…

Yours for better living,

Bruce the Poor Man’  

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Why Your Vote Has Never Really Mattered in National Elections

Poor Man Survival

Self Reliance tools for independent minded people…


ISSN 2161-5543

A Digest of Urban Survival Resources

While campaigning a politician is one who offers the voter a nice dinner but once elected he or she steals the dinner along with the utensils, the table and the chair!  >>The Poor Man


   The Washington-Wall Street Cartel & Why Your Vote Really Doesn’t Matter

   For more than 25 years I’ve told my readers [via my various newsletters and columns] that your vote is a waste of time.  The main objective of the power elite which runs our country is to enhance their wealth and power at your expense.  It should be apparent that NOTHING has changed for the better in this country despite boatloads of meaningless promises.

Our standard of living has fallen, the purchasing power of dollar has declined, inflation has caused everything to skyrocket while wages have fallen while politicians and bureaucrats continue to make more money and enjoy more benefits.

In my previous issue I suggested watching the movie The Big Short, which demonstrate how the self anointed on Wall Street shape economic reality while enjoying the revolving door of Washington cabinets and regulatory agencies [or lobbying firms].  It reminds me of George Orwell’s tome, Animal Farm where some are more equal than others and keep in mind, not since the Great Depression has there been such a huge divide between the haves and the have nots in this country!

Main street citizens have become collateral damage from what is commonly called the Mugging of American by dishonest politicians and corporate robber barons which have continually undermined wages and benefits of American workers.  When Bill Clinton repealed the Glass-Steagall Act no one in this country seems to notice or care – nor has anyone done anything since to repair the damage.

The same families and people, just under different administrations continue to benefit while the average worker continues to have a difficult time making ends meet or saving for a decent retirement.  Politics and finance are driven by those whose relationships keep each other in power – this pwer-politics-finance tripod shapes global and domestic economics.

No matter who sits in the oval office, things will remain the same.

US presidents have close multigenerational connections with bankers [the ones who have helped rig the system for generations…[JP Morgan, Chase, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley} and these financial elites have altered the very nature of the financial system so they can run the world.

President Eisenhower warned us of the military-industrial complex and its influence in Washington.  We’ve gone far beyond that.  Wall Street now controls the political elite at the state and the federal level.  Consider that after more than 10 years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan Wall Street needed another profit center so they bribed politicians to buy their technology so the NSA could spy on ‘terrorists’ which in reality meant US citizens vis vis passage of the so-called Patriot Act.


Politicians Can Always Count on the American Sucker

Whenever Wall Street needs a bailout [or the auto industry or in MI a $100 million failed jail construction project in Wayne County, or the "Bridge to Nowhere,"a bridge in Alaska connecting the town of Ketchikan (population 8,900) with its airport on the Island of Gravina (population 50) at a cost to federal taxpayers of $320 million] the ignorant taxpayer can always be stuck with the bill without any vote or questions asked!


We’ve All Been Sold Out

An article from CNN titled "Foreign Governments Are Dumping U.S. Debt Like Never Before."

"In a bid to raise cash, foreign central banks and government institutions sold $57.2 billion of U.S. Treasury debt and other notes in January, according to figures released on Tuesday. That is up from $48 billion in December and the highest monthly tally on record going back to 1978. It's part of a broader trend that gathered steam last year when central banks sold a record $225 billion of U.S. debt."

For years, I've been warning that the low interest rates can't last forever. And that the federal debt (currently $19 trillion and rising) couldn't keep growing without the interest rate they (actually you and I) pay rising. Other nations selling U.S. debt is the next step down the path to higher rates. The time when paying the interest on federal debt crowds out other spending (fill in your favorite program here) is coming… sooner than we think.

Governments and banks have essentially removed all pretenses of a free market and they no longer bother to deny it.  What astonishes me even more is how the public seems to blindly accept it without a word or a whimper.  It is as if most of them have collectively bent over, spread their cheeks, handed over the Vaseline and shouted “have at, go ahead and screw me!’

Public debt-to-GDP ratios have increased domestically and throughout the world and it is not been done through productivity but through the nonsensical quantitative easing [a slick trick initiated by the Fed and ‘helicopter Ben].  They won’t be able to keep the shell game afloat a whole lot longer in my opinion.

In fact, much of what government does is nothing more than a shell game, designed to screw the public much like the bill of goods no fault insurance has become.  Initially sold as a means of lowering auto insurance premiums, states such as Michigan where it was implemented now boast the highest premiums in the nation.  Obamacare, another fiasco, was huge for insurance and pharmaceutical mergers because beg national insurers received more captive customers and bought their competitors with the extra premiums AND it failed to offer Tort Reform or eliminate Workers Comp costs for small business!

If Hillary wins the presidency as is expected [the GOP has spent too much time shooting itself in the foot over Trump to achieve a win in my opinion], you can expect the status quo to remain the same – it will be like Bill Clinton’s third presidency and Wall Street will be singing all the way to the bank [that $640K Goldman Sachs paid Hillary will be repaid in spades].

If for some reason Trump wins the defense industry will come out a big winner and most likely, the American people will too…after all, Trump knows what it takes to run a business.  Not so Hillary who is better known for her rudeness and carpetbagger ways.

No matter who wins, Wall Street will come away smiling as no one will break up the banks, stop rampant speculation, revamp the tax system, force Wall Street to pay decent wages or do much of anything to upset the apple cart.

My suggestion for most folks…take most of your money out of the markets and banks to the greatest extent possible and use that money for real estate, perhaps investing a small parcels of farmland as I have along seeds and long term food stores of food.  The banks are not paying interest on any instruments and the stock market is a crap shoot.  I would also advise investing in silver US coins – I caution against buying gold, instead, obtaining a variety of denominations of pre-1964 ‘junk silver’ coins.  If you do invest, do so in businesses that help people or serve people, preferably on a local level.

As citizens we’re powerless to change the state of affairs, our democracy and election process is a fa├žade designed to make citizens think they are making a choice but in reality, elections do little to change the dynamics of how this country is operated.  After 50 years of witnessing how the power elite promise much and deliver little while bankrupting the nation, I feel I’m on mighty firm ground.  I have the academic and business background to feel safe in making this call.


Damned Good Resources You Can Use & Share

The sooner you accept whatever your new normal is and learn to live within it, the better off you'll be. And when life does improve, you'll be positioned to enjoy the better times when they do come. Read more.


The following group of how-to materials is among the most useful you will anywhere & I’m offering to you free of charge.  I would appreciate a donation, if you’re so inclined-just use the donation tab at the top of the page.  The average donation is $10

How to Survive the War on the Middle Class

 14 of the best reports I’ve assembled on protecting your freedom…Here is the download link.

--A sampling”

·        Final Days of the Dollar

·        The Big Book of Free

·        What You Should Know About Inflation

·        Guide to Self Reliance

·        Middle Class Survival Guide

·        Becoming Self Sufficient for Six Months

·        The Big Drop

·        How to Survive the War on the Middle Class

·        A Man’s Right to Happiness


Simply go here and you can download each of these PDF ebooks to your computer


Yours for better living,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’


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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Accessing the Darknet, The Big Short, Resources

Poor Man Survival

Self Reliance tools for independent minded people…


ISSN 2161-5543

A Digest of Urban Survival Resources


"Government cannot make man richer,
   but it can make him poorer."

-- Ludwig von Mises


   Over the weekend we cooked up a batch of venison with some friends and watched the movie, the Big Short, an interesting look at how main street got screwed by Wall Street during the crash of ’08-’09 after former President Clinton eliminated the protective Banking Act of 1933, which is also called the Glass–Steagall Act  which prevented Wall Street from acting  like a casino with our money and it demonstrated how government regulators are nothing more than Wall Street lackeys running through a revolving door of Wall Street finance jobs and government regulatory jobs…a sort of the ‘fox watching the henhouse’ scenario.


Is it any wonder the citizen, who always picks up the tab, always comes out on the losing end of the stick of what I call the Washington-Wall Street Cartel?  I urge you to watch this movie, indeed, I think every high school student should watch this.  Perhaps they will see why we need term limits and laws should be in place which prevent the turnstile of high end jobs between Wall Street and Washington…the same chicanery occurs with the insurance industry at state levels too.


Why Anonymity Matters


Why should you access the Darknet?

Getting familiar with the Darknet could, in the future, become crucial to maintaining your privacy online.

If the NSA (or FBI) does create endless backdoors in online security systems, as they seem dead set on doing, Black Hats hackers would storm the gates, ripping apart all the trust in the Surface online ecosystem.

The Dark Web -- where the Darknet resides -- could, in turn, become a place of engagement and commerce, where opportunities, productivity and smart money has fled from the draconian and incompetent.


How do I access the Darknet?

The most popular privacy network, which anyone can join, is called “The Onion Router” or, for short, TOR.

But don't worry. Using TOR is as simple as downloading a new web browser.

The way TOR works is simple: Instead of communicating directly with websites, as you do on the Surface Web, using TOR, you’re communicating indirectly through the entire network. Your connection is bounced around like a lightspeed pinball game.


All right, now that you’re “in the know,” let’s get down to the brass tacks. Getting in is simple.


First Step: Download TOR.

Now that you have a basic idea of what TOR is (everything you need to know, really), here’s the part where the rubber meets the road.

And it’s the easiest part: Download it.


Follow the simple directions on the website on how to use it, and you’ll be set up in no time. It can all happen in less than five minutes. And then you’re in.

Feel free to swim around a bit. (But not without understanding the four things you shouldn’t do on the Darknet. We’ll get to that in a moment below).

The first thing you’ll notice in the Darknet is that the URLs are a little different from what you’re used to in the Surface Web. 


For example, the anonymous search engine DuckDuckGo’s Darknet URL is: http://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/


Second Step: Add an extra layer of protection with a VPN.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a way to cloak your location online. It allows you to connect to the Internet through a remote server from anywhere in the world.

Here’s an example of how a VPN works…


It doesn’t phase Batzorig of Ulaanbaatar one bit when he realizes House of Cards only streams for free on Netflix in America. Batzorig simply fires up his VPN, which automatically transmits his connection through a server in San Jose.


He just travelled all the way across the Earth -- at the speed of light -- and virtually landed in California. Now, all of a sudden, House of Cards is on at Batzorig’s house and nobody can figure out how he did it.

VPNs are optional. But they’re a good idea. The NSA, according to a 2014 piece from Wired, have been tagging people who download and access TOR. Of course, they can’t see what you do once you’re in the wormhole. But, without a VPN they can see if you’ve dipped your head in.

 I use TunnelBear-Works anywhere


Four things to consider when you take the plunge into the unknown: First, turn off running scripts in the TOR browser when you open it. There’s a button next to the address bar, click that. Two, be careful what you click. Use each click wisely. If you don’t know where it goes, don’t go there. Three, don’t do anything that’s against the law. Not a good idea. And, finally, Four: Don’t download anything onto your computer. Not until you’re more comfortable with how to navigate the wormhole.

And, of course, the great disclaimer…


This missive is to be used for educational purposes only. You access the Darknet at your own risk and discretion. You are responsible for any consequences that may follow as a result.

Free Resources You Can Use

Ultimate Privacy Guide/161-page:Free


The four rules of a violent attack:


·  Video: The life skill that will lead to wealth
The power of financial literacy: Learn how to make the most of your money

·  Could What You Know Make You Money?
Would you like a side gig? A little extra money each month? It could be that what you know can be turned into an income source. Find out how!


Yours for better living,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’


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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Despite White House Reports-Why Are So Many US Businesses Failing?



Poor Man Survival

Self Reliance tools for independent minded people…


ISSN 2161-5543

A Digest of Urban Survival Resources

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. – Albert Einstein


Why Are so Many American Businesses Failing?

   There isn’t a week that goes by where we don’t read about the demise and/or closing of retail stores such as Macy’s Radio Shack, Sears, K-Mart, Walmart and so on.  Brick and Mortar stores are expensive to operate and consumers have adjusted to shopping online whether through Amazon and eBay and other outlets.

Amazon has such strength that it's been posing a threat to brick-and-mortar retailers including major chain stores for several years now.

It is an unfortunate fact that entrepreneurism in America has been heading south for more than a decade.  We’re now ranked somewhere around 13 internationally with Hong Kong and New Zealand beating us.   Starting a business in America just isn’t easy…even opening a lemonade stand is illegal without a permit in many places such as Overton, TX where officials closed down a young girl’s stand until she got an expensive health permit!

Part of the reason for our decline is our penchant for overregulation.  Red tape at the federal, state and local level is strangling small business, our traditional job growth engine.  We also have a high level of lethargy among various business categories.

Today’s America, though, is much different. Due to bad monetary policies, exorbitant taxes and a severely anti-business regulatory environment, there’s very little incentive for anyone to take the risk of providing value to his or her fellow human beings.


“Without the state to make meeting their basic needs unnecessarily expensive,” Gary Chartier writes on, “poor people would have more disposable income and would be more economically secure.”

On top of that, the poor are forced to pay taxes. They pay the payroll tax to support the nearly-bankrupted Social Security and Medicare. They pay sales tax, property taxes (through rent), and gas tax. Even to the middle-class, these taxes are far more than negligible. To the poor, they are disastrous. 

Also, not to mention, government has quietly eroded the value of our currency through control of the monetary system. Our dollar has lost over 90% of its value in the past century. And, of course, the poor are hit the hardest by rising costs on consumer goods as a result.

Moreover, due to our politicians' vast inability to spend less than it collects in taxes, the United States is living on borrowed money.   Which, inevitably, lowers the standard of living for the poor and middle class.” [Ed note”  Just since I was born the USA went from being the most prosperous nation to the most indebted nation].

The poster child for this nonsense is Obamacare which contains 20,000 pages and 13,000 new regulations for 2016!  Entrepreneurship is being strangled by the very people who claim to create new jobs.

In the past we’ve written about the greed of Goodwill executives.  There was also a report on 60 Minutes how this “charity” is paying its top honchos six figures while paying handicapped workers as little as 50 cents an hour.  Locally, retail customers are being shortchanged and bypassed because the better quality merchandise that is donated is being sold online via eBay.

Meanwhile, in AZ, NV, TX, and CO a new thrift store chain called Epic is trouncing Goodwill while driving 16% of consumers’ away from traditional retailers and they’re anticipating massive growth because they’re undercutting the prices of Goodwill [which has gotten mighty pricey].

Here’s another example of a poorly run industry… most of us know the newspaper business is on its death bed.  Fewer Americans read or get their news from newspapers [or from television].  In 1999 I and several of my colleagues struck out on a mission to convince newspapers to adopt websites into their media mix.

At the time I’m surprised we weren’t burned at the stake.  The reaction to our suggestion was that we were committing heresy!  Obviously, today most newspapers have websites.  Indeed, my wife reads her hometown newspaper in Pennsylvania via the web.

I created a niche profit center connecting college students with the 50 and older senior citizen [called My Personal Gopher] which was ideal for the greater Phoenix, AZ valley as it has a higher than average number of colleges and seniors.  The newspaper association in Arizona states that it was seeking alternative niche profit centers for its members so I made an appointment to see them at the start of the year and pitched my idea.

Two months later and three follow-ups and I’ve not heard a peep.  Now mind you, I had my graphic artist create a logo and we reserved several domain names and had the concept reviewed by another entrepreneur [think Shark Tank] beforehand.

Obviously the executive director of this association has the business acumen and manners of a second grader [hell, she didn’t even thank us for the gourmet chocolates we brought] but this is indicative of how many organizations seem to operate today.  It’s a challenge to even get a return phone call or email from business people today. 

I’m no stranger or amateur to the business world…

At one point in my life I won the Presidents’ Award for Supporter of Entrepreneurs and was an SBA volunteer counselor for startup firms, a speaker and board member at a popular Entrepreneurship Conference in Cleveland, OH and I have been profiled in 100s of business publications including:  Entrepreneur, the Wall Street Journal, In-Business, Venture Magazine and others.

People are always telling me that schools have worked hard to ‘dummy down’ their students…Perhaps they’ve succeeded!

 Below you’ll find some useful resources to share:

 Financial Sites to Share with Your Better Half

>> Women’s Inst. For Financial Education is a trove of information on everything from tips on investing to advice on retirement all geared to helping women become financially independent.

>>  Women helping women could be the mantra of this site, where mostly female financial planners give advice on everything from negotiating salaries to budgeting to planning for the future.

s Amazon Prime Pantry a Good Deal?
Does Amazon Prime save you money? We put it to the test

And finally…

An article called "16 Things Advisers Should Know About Women and Retirement." It's written for human resource professionals, but any woman who's thinking about retirement will find the data interesting. The data shows that women's workplaces and life experiences are different. Knowing this could help them better prepare for the future. So don't count on others to make your financial future secure. Take four minutes to read the article.

Yours for better living,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’


Escaping the Rat Race with Your Own Business



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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Top Options for Free Personal Finance Software

Poor Man Survival

Self Reliance tools for independent minded people…


ISSN 2161-5543

A Digest of Urban Survival Resources


"If you don't build your dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs." ~ Dhirubhai Ambani


Top Options for Free Personal Finance Software

The days of using simple ledger books or off-the-shelf software programs are pretty much gone for most folks...though if you're like me, I rely on my online banking program to at least keep my checkbook balanced and its overdraft function to prevent payments from bouncing!
Below you'll find some popular online resources as rated by Kiplinger, Money magazine and other resources.  They are in no particular order and many of these I have reviewed in the past.


This highly-regarded online personal finance software, considered to be the best by many observers, permits you to register all of your bank and savings accounts, credit cards and investment accounts in one place. You can securely track and monitor all of your transactions. Filled with lots of financial applications and tools, this software allows you to generate weekly spending reports, email alerts, create personal budgets and set financial goals. Mint also helps you save money, notifying you of spending irregularities, hidden, late and overdraft fees, and credit card rate changes.


Organizing your financial accounts in one location is a vital GreenSherpa feature. You'll also be able to combine this free online personal finance software with the website's personal money management features. Valuable features permit you to record current--and project future--cash flow, synchronize transactions in your accounts, create budgets, track spending, and, even, collaborate with your CPA or financial planner to improve your finances. You can customize your dashboard to deliver the information you want.


Buxfer allows you to download and import transactions from other software, whether they are in Quicken, Excel or MS Money file formats. This feature permits you to move from other online personal financial software to Buxfer without losing time, patience or transactions. With mobile applications for iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile powered smartphones, you can take Buxfer with you.


This software also acts as your personal financial assistant. MoneyStrands gives you the ability to import synchronized accounts, including credit cards, bank accounts, and personal or business loans online into one personal finance location. With synchronization comes the ability to keep your balances and spending data up-to-date, while identifying potential cash flow issues. Creating budgets, tracking spending, receiving alerts and designing spreadsheets is easy, fast and accurate.

If you find one of these you like, use it. Should you still wish to search, other popular sites are Rudder, Thrive, Mvelopes and HelloWallet . Finding the best online personal financial software for you will take a little time, but save you lots of time and money in the future.

Content Provided by


For Stocking Food, Pouch or Can?



The following DIY projects are just a few of the many creative ways to repurpose items that might otherwise be disposed of without their new potential being realized. Read more.

When You Can't Pay Your Bills: Ten Things to Know (Nolo): "Many Americans are in debt trouble, especially as the economy continues to lag and unemployment rates remain high. If you're struggling to pay your debts, don't ignore the problem. Learn all you can about your options for digging yourself out of debt and how to avoid scams that target people with financial woes. Then, take action. When unpaid bills start piling up, here are ten things to keep in mind."


Walk Score: Thinking of buying or renting a new home? How walkable is the neighborhood? Walk Score from Redfin answers that question. They are also working on an Opportunity Score that will identify "neighborhoods within a 30-minute walk, bike ride or transit trip to employment centers where jobs pay $40,000 a year or more."


Yours for better living,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’


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Recession Rescue: Surviving the Coming Debt Crisis- Prepare Now



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