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Monday, September 30, 2019

Nearly half of the nation’s Homeless are in California!

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Nearly half of the nation’s Homeless are in California!

Why in the world does anyone still want to live in California?  Great weather and good paying jobs are the two biggest positives that residents often point out, but the high cost of living and the absolutely ridiculous housing prices often eat up all of the extra money that Californians think that they are making.  In fact, it was recently reported that it now takes approximately $350,000 a year to live a middle class lifestyle in the city of San Francisco. 

 If you have a ton of money, it can partially insulate you from the problems that are increasingly ravaging the state, but unless you never go out in public nothing is going to insulate you completely.  Cities all over the state are degenerating into drug-infested, crime-ridden hellholes that are literally being overrun by millions of rats.  California has some of the worst traffic in the entire world, unchecked illegal immigration is causing a whole host of social problems, and gang activity has become a massive problem.  On top of everything else, California is being constantly hit by wildfires, mudslides, earthquakes and other natural disasters.  In fact, scientists tell us that it is just a matter of time before “the Big One” hits, and that is probably one of the best reasons to leave California while you still can and never look back.

Yes, there are some California residents that continue to insist that it is a great place to live.

But if California is so wonderful, why have more than half of all California voters “considered leaving the state”?  The following comes from the Los Angeles Times

Just over half of California’s registered voters have considered leaving the state, with soaring housing costs cited as the most common reason for wanting to move, according to a new poll.

Young voters were especially likely to cite unaffordable housing as a reason for leaving, according to the latest latest UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll conducted for the Los Angeles Times. But a different group, conservatives, also frequently suggested they wanted to leave — and for a very different reason: They feel alienated from the state’s political culture.

With the way the state is being run, conservatives have been moving out of California in large numbers for years.  In fact, I have a number of really good friends that left the state for political reasons and will never return.

On the other hand, California’s reputation for handing out free goodies has been a magnet for another class of people.  Today, almost half of all homeless people in the entire nation live in the state of California, and this has become such a huge crisis that it literally makes headlines all over the globe.

For example, the following comes from an article in a British news source

Cali Carlisle admits she is a heroin addict — ‘but in a healthy way,’ she insists, even if the visual evidence belies that claim.

Her nose is the brightest shade of red imaginable. She constantly picks at scabs all over her body. Her home is a makeshift bed beneath Interstate 80 in Sacramento.

And Monday was her 26th birthday. Not that you would ever guess. Anyone looking at her would think she is at least 15 years older.

This is the cold, hard reality of the glorious drug lifestyle that so many go to California to experience.

Every year, thousands upon thousands of young people that once had bright futures ahead of them end up on the streets, in prison or dead due to this raging epidemic.

And one of the places where it is the worst is in the capital of the state itself.  Not too long ago, a salon owner in Sacramento made headlines all over the nation when her rant about homelessness on social media went viral

“I just want to tell you what happens when I get to work,” stated Liz Novak, a local salon owner, to the media about what she’s had to deal with trying to conduct business in Sacramento.

“I have to clean up the poop and the pee off of my doorstep. I have to clean-up the syringes. I have to politely ask the people who I care for – I care for these people that are homeless – to move their tents out of the way of the door to my business.”

She ultimately had to move her salon completely because it became clear that things were not going to get better any time soon.

In the state of California today, virtually everything has been defiled.

At one time, California was teeming with natural beauty.  But today the entire state has become a trash dumpster, and that includes California’s once pristine beaches.  Just check out what Dr. Drew Pinsky recently told Laura Ingraham

“There is an organization out here called Heal the Bay which keeps tabs on safety of our beaches in Southern California, from Orange County to Ventura. Since the rains last Winter, [Heal the Bay] has been giving our beaches C’s to F’s, and F means completely overrun with fecal bacteria. What comes with that are other things like syringes, Hepatitis A and other infectious diseases.”

On top of everything else, seismic activity is a constant threat.

There have been more than 1,500 earthquakes in California and Nevada over the past 7 days, and these days that is considered to be a slow week.

Of course most of the earthquakes are very small, but scientists assure us that one of these days “the Big One” will hit the state.  When that day arrives, the geography of the state will be radically changed, and the death and destruction will be off the charts.

We live at a time when our planet is being greatly shaken, and many believe that what we have seen so far is just the beginning.

The coastline of the state of California lies directly along the infamous “Ring of Fire”, and scientists have been persistently warning us that the San Andreas fault is “locked and loaded” and could possibly “unzip all at once”.

It is such a shame what has happened to the state.  California should be one of the most beautiful, prosperous and enjoyable places to live in the entire world


While the city reportedly had no role in placing the boulders, the San Francisco Public Works Department does not plan to remove them because they don’t block the sidewalk, according to KTVU. SFGATE reached out to the the Public Works Department for more information, but did not get an immediate response.
Tactics aimed at keeping homeless individuals off the street are nothing new in San Francisco.


For starters, the White House cited a need for deregulation. Many states and municipalities have zoning rules regarding the construction of both single-family and multifamily homes that have impeded builders’ ability to meet the demand for housing. The resulting housing scarcity has driven up prices. Experts and politicians across the political spectrum have suggested that relaxing such regulations could provide a boost to building activity.


Yours in Freedom,

Bruce ‘the PoorMan’



Noted “Bond King” and investing guru Jeffrey Gundlach is a fan of President Donald Trump and his business-friendly economic policies.

The 2020 Democratic hopefuls … not so much, saying to “short them all” before laying down a relentless comedy routine crushing top candidates like Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, among others…this is why the Far Left is working so hard to unseat Trump [using a flimsy Ukraine incident to paint the most negative picture…what a bunch of hogwash-they should be investigating their own Joe Biden & Son!]



Typically, Democratic run cities & states are mismanaged…

Despite the fact that the total U.S. economy is still growing, states have not been able to lower their unfunded liabilities. This is not good news given that the rate of growth in the U.S. is starting to slow down,


“I don’t think billionaires should exist,” Sanders told The New York Times. If his tax plan were put into effect, billionaires would lose half their wealth in 15 years, provided all other factors (like their stock prices or business values) remained constant.


California’s New Cradle to Workforce Tracking Program – Precursor to what China does…

The state of California has begun a new program that will track information on children born in the state from the moment of birth until they begin their professional careers, at least. Called Cradle to Career Data System, the program will compile information from every state agency and so-called “partner entities” (staterelated agencies) that the child comes in contact with during the entirety of his childhood. Partner entities include schools, universities and agencies that provide care, aid and services to children. According to the Pasadena Star, the information will be used to “provide appropriate interventions and supports to address disparities in opportunities and improve outcomes for all students.”

Governments must destroy the identity of the individual and subvert him to the mass conscience and control by the state. Carefully chosen words by the establishment are the basis of mass mind control leading to acceptance of force. Until the people accept collectivism under some pretext, they are not docile and subdued.

Following are some examples of doublethink that are common today:

• Anyone under 21 is mentally and emotionally incapable of purchasing or owning a weapon. • High school students should direct our policies on gun control. • President Donald Trump is a dictator and a tyrant. • Trump and Congress need to buck the NRA and take away our guns. • Police are over-militarized and violent and are disproportionally targeting minorities. • Only police should have guns. • “Children” should stay on their parents’ health insurance until age 26. • Pre-teen and teenaged children are capable of choosing their own “gender” and deciding to have an abortion without parental consent. • Russia is our enemy. • Russia is backing the NRA and wants more Americans to be armed

More Free Resources:

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 Recent Gallup poll says more Democrats now have a "positive view" of Socialism (57%) than Capitalism (47%)


How to start a neighborhood barter club

Jeffrey Gundlach, chief investment officer of DoubleLine Capital, said this month he thinks there’s a 75% chance of a U.S recession before the November 2020 presidential election, while the World Bank cut its 2019 global forecast to the slowest since the financial crisis a decade ago. More than two thirds of European family offices surveyed by UBS, meanwhile, think Brexit will hurt the U.K. over the long-term.

Hard assets that are a store of value will persevere, which is why gold and silver are the most important hedge. You will not hear this on the “news.” Gold is always beaten into the ground by the controlled media. If anybody can believe it, modern Americans had far rather have paper money and credit cards than real physical wealth

Every day, new people are "waking up" and realizing just how fragile our civilization is. Perhaps you are one of them. There's no need to panic. Yes, a disaster could occur at any moment, but in all likelihood, there is still time to prepare.

 If you try to do it all at once, you're liable to get overwhelmed and give up. Instead, spend a little time working on your survival plans every day. The time will add up fast. Here are 30 survival tips to get you started.

 1. Get out of debt - A financial crisis is one of the most likely disasters we face in the coming years. If the economy enters a deflationary downward spiral like it did during the Great Depression, having a lot of debt will put you in a terrible position. We may also have hyperinflation, and some preppers are taking on massive debt with the assumption that their debt will be wiped out, but please don't do this. There's no way of knowing for sure what will happen, and it's not worth the risk...


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A Smoking Frog Feature, Shallow Planet Production


Sunday, September 29, 2019

Democrat-Socialists smell blood and draw to it like sharks in the water…

Poor Man Survival

Self Reliance tools for independent minded people…

ISSN 2161-5543

A Digest of Urban Survival Resources



Democrat-Socialists smell blood and draw to it like sharks in the water…


The blatant ‘dump Trump’ charade never ends with these socialists…As I’ve said many times, their mantra is when you can’t legislate, litigate. My readers know the month Trump was sworn in that said they would use every dirty trick/means possible to defy voters and unseat the President.  They are off-the-charts nasty and unrelenting in with hunt and witch hunt while ignoring the needs of the nation.

Impeachment mania is reaching a fever pitch in Washington, and as I reported a couple of days ago, the Democrats are hoping to have articles of impeachment ready for a House vote around Thanksgiving.  But in order to impeach the president of the United States, you need to have an impeachable offense first, and even if everything that is being alleged is 100 percent true there is simply no impeachable offense in this case.  In recent days there has been a lot of talk about “the integrity of our elections” and Donald Trump has been accused of “betraying his oath of office”, but top Democrats never seem to publicly bring up any specific law that Trump has violated. 

The U.S. Constitution sets a high standard for impeaching the president, and unless that standard is met, impeachment proceedings should not go forward.  Some progressive writers have attempted to suggest that Trump is guilty of bribery, extortion, obstruction of justice or a campaign finance violation, but none of those crimes comes anywhere close to fitting the facts of this case.  Democrats may have been offended by what Trump said during his call with the president of Ukraine, but being offended is not enough to impeach someone.

Just as Trump is commander in chief of the U.S. military, so also is he the top law enforcement official in the land.  And as the top law enforcement official, it is entirely appropriate for him to go after corruption wherever it is found.

Joe Biden and his son were clearly involved in some very shady things in Ukraine, and there is nothing wrong with Trump encouraging the president of Ukraine to look into those things.

Considering the current political climate in Washington, it may not have been the most advisable thing to do, but Trump certainly did not break any law.

Hitler said “tell a big lie often enough and people will believe it.’ This seems to be the strategy of the Democratic-Socialists.


Lying “Shifty” Schiff and Joe Biden need to be investigated. It’s unlikely they would investigate one of their own however.


In the case of Schiff however, they should consider:


Censure is a formal, and public, group condemnation of an individual, often a group member, whose actions run counter to the group's acceptable standards for individual behavior. In the United States, governmental censure is done when a body's members wish to publicly reprimand a member of Congress. It is a formal statement of disapproval.


Expulsion is the most serious form of disciplinary action that can be taken against a Member of CongressArticle I, Section 5 of the United States Constitution provides that "Each House [of Congress] may determine the Rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence of two-thirds, expel a member.


motion of no-confidence, or a vote of no confidence, or confidence motion, is a statement or vote about whether a person in a position of responsibility (government, managerial, etc.) is no longer deemed fit to hold that position, perhaps because they are inadequate in some respect, are failing to carry out obligations, or are making decisions that other members feel detrimental.,


Deranged Dems keep failing but still salivate over any prospect of removing Trump. Any excuse will do so they can rule the roost & who knows, perhaps the whispers of a Civil War will erupt.


Yours for better living,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’


News of Note

I often think about the possibility of a crisis so massive that our civilization simply will not come back from it. We'll have to work hard to survive and rebuild, as well as trade and pass on knowledge to future generations.

The movie Waterworld comes to mind and I can't help but imagine what things will be like. There will be no banks, and while I believe that we won't have money in its traditional sense, we will be using various currencies to trade. Prepping some items now will put you ahead of the curve by leaps and bounds if an event like this ever occurs.

So, here's what I stash...

  1. Ammo. Ammo is going to be a huge bartering point throughout the collapse. Eventually, someday, it will run out. But that won't stop people from trading for it.
  2. Precious metals. It's silly, because who needs gold when there's a food shortage? But you'll be surprised. Throughout history, society has been known to revert to using precious metals, because it is a common medium to which we can assign value.
  3. Thread and needle. This is another interesting currency that has stood the test of time. People can repair many different items with needle and thread.
  4. Tools. Everybody needs tools. And the best news about tools is that they are not exactly disposable. I have stocked extra hammers, saws and woodworking tools; because I know I will not miss them if I trade them.
  5. Shoes. While there are ways to fashion some type of clothes post-crisis, shoes are much more difficult, so stock several good pairs of hiking boots if you can afford to do so. Be sure to buy them in the sizes of your family members. This way, if your spouse or kids need shoes and there is no crisis, you can simply use them.
  6. Knowledge. Perhaps the best currency around, knowledge has been, is, and always will be prized by all. Capitalize on the time that you have, while the libraries are still open and the internet is still on. Buy how-to books that deal with hunting, trapping, and fishing gardening and building, tool-making and repair, as well as vet science and medicine. Believe me, if there's one thing people will want - it's knowing how to do things they didn't have to know how to do prior to the collapse. This is the stuff we will have to teach our kids.
  7. Seeds. Another good option is to buy a couple of extra cans of long-term storage seeds. People want to eat, and there is nothing better than fresh organic fruit, herbs and vegetables.
  8. Toys. People go to great lengths to keep their kids happy. While people will likely have toys immediately post-collapse, sooner or later, they will want more. You can make some good trades for LEGOs.

Invest into creative things people might want, too, such as musical instruments and art supplies. Life after a crisis is about survival, but it doesn't have to be boring and I don’t mind being the "cool guy" once in a while. If you wonder what else you should or shouldn’t stash, or if you have some particularly interesting barter items of your own you want to share, feel free to drop me a line!



   It's inexpensive, easy to store, and you can use it in many survival scenarios. Rubbing alcohol is a powerhouse multi-purpose liquid that you should stock up on for emergencies.

Rubbing alcohol is a mixture of denatured alcohol, water and other agents that are added to make it unpalatable to drink. Although it is usually clear, some rubbing alcohols may contain colorants. Nicknamed "surgical spirit" in the United Kingdom, rubbing alcohol has a strong smell that is similar to fingernail polish remover.

 The rubbing alcohol commonly sold in grocery stores and pharmacies in the U.S. comes in two grades -- 70 percent isopropyl alcohol and 90 percent isopropyl alcohol. The 90 percent solution has a lower water content and is a bit more expensive...

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Thursday, September 26, 2019

CA Destroying Gig Economy

Poor Man Survival

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Nanny State CA Undermining Freelancers, Contractors?

The Left seems to be bent on overthrowing what’s left of the Middle Class.  They hate our guns, our jobs [they’d rather allow hoards of illegals into our nation unfettered], small businesses, etc.

Dems have bankrupted Detroit, & virtually destroyed Chicago, Baltimore, LA, San Fran, Portland, St. Louis, etc. & now they want to remove the one man who has actually accomplished positive things for America-yeah, Obviously poor stewards of public trust.

California’s state senate just passed a law — expected to be approved by the house and signed by the governor — that would reclassify the rights of 1 million workers in the state.

And, potentially, lead to similar changes across the country.

It’s a fight that’s been ongoing — as the rise of the gig economy attracts more and more workers...

When is an employee an employee, and when are they just a contract worker?

Companies like Uber and Lyft have long argued that the vast majority of people who work for them are independent contractors — they choose their own hours, usually drive their own cars and are free to work with anyone else whenever they like.

That might have flown before. But the rise of the gig economy has led to a rethinking of what it means to be an employee.

California’s Supreme Court — following the examples set in New Jersey and Massachusetts — has simplified the definition. Now an employee is anyone who contributes to the “usual course” of business by performing a job.

The example given — if a widget company has a leak in a bathroom and hires a plumber to fix it, that’s an independent contractor. Plumbing is not part of the “usual course” of making widgets.

But if a clothing company hires a seamstress to sew dresses at home — even under little to no supervision and working undefined hours — that person is now considered an employee.

Sewing clothes for a clothing company is part of the “usual course” of business, so those employees would be entitled to a raft of benefits and protections under the new California law.

Things like paid leave... access to health care... and unemployment insurance.

This redefinition has been a long time coming as governments struggle to figure out how to deal with gig employees — which are really a new class of worker. And we’re nowhere near the end of this saga...

California is huge — but it’s just one state. The new law is liable to be argued over for years. Other places will come up with different solutions.

But in the meantime, the rule change is likely to go into effect for about 1 million Californian workers next year. And the ripple effects could be enormous.

What does that mean for you? Glad I asked.

From Freelancer to Full-Timer

For starters, if you happen to live in California and work as an independent contractor, you might be getting a lot more benefits thrown your way soon.

And not only if you drive for a company like Uber or deliver for DoorDash...

Between 2005–2013 — through the thick of the recession — the jobs that came back weren’t traditional. Only 15% of new hires became full-time. The other 85% were part-time workers, independent contractors and other types of contingent jobs.

The number of full-time jobs has increased slightly since then. But today, something like 40% of the workforce doesn’t have a traditional full-time job.

And the majority of contractors aren’t working for the famous new tech titans. Instead, they’re folks like landscapers, barbers and childcare workers.

All these jobs could be affected. First in California — but also in waves across the country as other cities and states come up with their own ways to address gig work.

That could be very good for you if you like the idea of picking up some side work outside the traditional office. Or if you already work in an industry that relies on contractors.

On the other hand, it could be very bad for companies that rely heavily on the gig economy. Uber is already losing money hand over fist... is dealing with workers who feel underpaid... and just laid off 8% of their staff.

A big increase in labor costs could drive the company out of business. Or cause the cost of rides to skyrocket.

Of course, another possible repercussion could be a lot of the jobs that went to contractors dry up… or a few full-timers are asked to take on more duties.

Bottom line — this change is so radical it’s hard to predict precisely how it will shake out. I feel confident there will be winners and losers… but who winds up with the short straw will take years to play out.

In the meantime, if you’ve been thinking about picking up extra work for some extra cash, keep your head on a swivel. The playing field is evolving… and the surest way to wind up on the winning team is to nimbly change with the times.

Ryan Cole
Editor-in-chief, Unconventional Wealth


As you can see America is much more lopsided on National Security Needs than the “Fake News,” media reports.

It’s because they want 100% of the control & power over us.

Control our government.
Control our guns.
Control our views.
Control our finances.

…and then the power is all theirs.

-The Capital Hill Team


If you're reading this, you probably already know the basics: water, food storage, first aid, etc. But even hardcore survivalists can overlook things. In this post, I'm going to list 100 survival items you might have forgotten to buy.


Originally, this was a list of 50 survival items, but since then, I've gotten all sorts of comments and messages from people telling me about other things preppers often forget. Once I had 50 more, I added them to the list. Now there's a total of 100.

 To be clear, this isn't meant to be a comprehensive list of every survival item you'll need. It's just a list of the ones that are often overlooked. Hopefully, it will help you fill in any gaps in your survival plan. For everything on this list that you already have, give yourself a pat on the back...


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