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Monday, June 14, 2021

Oregon is proof that leftist politics ultimately lead to decay


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Oregon is proof that leftist politics ultimately lead to decay

 I used to live right across the state border from Portland, Oregon, through the 1990s, and while the place was always considered a bit of a haven for washout hippies, reject grunge bands and limp-wristed, wine-sipping progressives, the city was still relatively clean and well-kept and peaceful. You rarely heard of crime, poverty or unrest; those were problems reserved for California, a state where the inner rot was just becoming visible on the surface.

I can't recall any moment during that time when people said they felt "unsafe" in Portland, or when they were desperate to leave Oregon for greener pastures. It used to be a decent place to start a life. Well, a lot has changed since then...

As the political left and the Democratic Party have become increasingly militant in their Marxist ideology and collectivist underpinnings the states these people control have become increasingly dismal financial and constitutional failures. Perhaps it was always there under the skin, but in the past few years the cancer has grown terminal. I really have no interest in ever going back and no one I know has any interest in visiting the place either. When I research local news in the region, this is what consistently pops up.

The place is now a homeless tent city with walls of garbage in the streets and riots on a regular basis. Portland has reported a 2,000 percent rise in homicides, specifically after taking measures to defund local police precincts. Oregon also has a total debt of around $43 billion, which is dramatically higher than red-state neighbors like Idaho and Montana. Data for 2020 to 2021 poverty and homeless rates have not been released yet, partially because cities like Portland sought to stall the federally mandated count back in January.

But it's not just the economic decline that is the issue in Oregon, it's also the rampant suppression of individual rights through medical tyranny, along with the special government treatment of Marxist extremist groups like Antifa and BLM. Thousands of businesses have closed in the state because of pointless lockdowns which did nothing to stop the natural spread of COVID, and the businesses that try to defy the mandates in order to survive get harassed or fined into oblivion by state health officials. At the same time, local politicians have barely lifted a finger to stop leftist civil unrest; some people say they are too weak to take action, but I suspect they want the riots, at least to a certain extent.

The future implications of all of this are disturbing, but this is the inevitable result when leftists and collectivists are allowed to gather political and social power. As I have noted many times this year, leftists are the only subset of the population seeking and supporting government dominion over American lives. Not only that, but they have consistently partnered with global corporations that they supposedly despise. They are the only people supporting mass censorship, mob intimidation of those with different political views, mass violence against innocent people and businesses, they supported government lockdowns and extensive violations of the Bill of Rights, and now they are supporting vaccine passports which would destroy all personal liberty in this country for all time.

If you think I am falling into a "left/right" paradigm trap, then consider this: let us compare Montana, the leading Red State in COVID legislation vs. Oregon, which I would now consider the leading Blue State in COVID mandates. Who are the real fascists? Leftists or conservatives?

Oregon is still under "partial" lockdown, mandates are enforced using bureaucracy and fear instead of law and voter participation and the largest city in the state is awash in poverty and crime. Things have gotten so bad that at least five counties in Eastern Oregon have voted to leave the state and join conservative Idaho.

In Montana, the state government has passed multiple laws and set multiple precedents which now protect the public against COVID restrictions. These include:

Court orders which prevent local health departments from forcing businesses to require that customers wear masks. (Five businesses took a stand in Flathead County and the courts sided with them).

A law has been passed which protects businesses from lawsuits related to COVID if a business does not enforce mandates. A similar law is being forwarded which also protects government buildings and health care facilities.

Executive orders by Governor Gianforte are being established which stop city governments from enforcing mandates while the state government has lifted them.

Montana has seen a rush of people relocating to the state and seeking to escape the suffocating restrictions. I have spoken with many of the people that have moved to my area and most of them are conservatives that can no longer tolerate the path to Marxism that their original states are following.

As it stands right now, Montana, a majority conservative state, is one of the freest states in the U.S. Oregon is one of the most oppressive states. The fact of the matter is the left/right paradigm is a reality. The political elites at the top of the pyramid have no loyalties to either side, but the regular people at the bottom of the pyramid are indelibly separated. The political left wants tyranny, and conservatives want freedom. There is no debating this. The proof is in the actions of blue states vs. red states.

Perhaps there are many Democrats out there who do not necessarily agree with the cultism of social justice warriors and the insane thirst for power of the virtue signalers, but if there are, they are not saying much about it out loud. The time for sitting on the fence is over; one side is clearly right, and the other side is clearly wrong. Conservatives are for freedom, and leftists are not. Which side are you on?

To truth and knowledge,

Brandon Smith



An actual medical journal says whiteness is “a malignant, parasitic-like condition”

“Whiteness is a condition one first acquires and then one has—a malignant, parasitic-like condition to which ‘white’ people have a particular susceptibility.”

Sadly, this is not an Onion or Babylon Bee satirical news story— but it’s becoming harder to tell the difference.

The Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, is a real academic journal which published a research article called On Having Whiteness.

The author is Donald Moss, Dean of the College of Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences, at Saybrook University.

He wrote:

“Parasitic Whiteness renders its hosts’ appetites voracious, insatiable, and perverse. These deformed appetites particularly target nonwhite peoples. Once established, these appetites are nearly impossible to eliminate. Effective treatment consists of a combination of psychic and social-historical interventions.”

The abstract notes that “There is not yet a permanent cure,” but perhaps scientists are developing a final solution...

Click here to read the study’s abstract.


People Fleeing Collapsing Economies of Blue States Advise Those Who Remain: ‘Start Making Better Decisions on Who You Vote For

 ‘Start Making Better Decisions on Who You Vote For’

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When you read about what to stockpile for an emergency, you tend to see the same recommendations. Water tops every list, and rightly so since water is essential for survival.

 In terms of food, however, rice, beans, pasta, and canned vegetables show up frequently as staples to have on hand. Then, you usually see sugar, flour, and other long-lasting foods. These are good options, but many other choices are often overlooked.

 Here is a list of foods and ingredients that offer a long shelf life as well as nutrition that you will need in an emergency scenario...

 23 Most Overlooked Survival Foods

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Stockpile Gasoline Via Off The Grid News

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Stockpiling supplies for an emergency is at the very core of survival.


Unfortunately, though, not everything stores well, especially when we’re talking about months and years. Most food items don’t store well, but we are able to make up for that by the way we preserve and package them. Other items aren’t quite as easy.


Gasoline is one of these items. I think we all would agree that a good stockpile of gasoline will be extremely valuable in just about any survival scenario. The problem is in finding a way that we can store gasoline without it going bad.


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Over the last century, free-market capitalism and socialism have provided the dominant interpretations, and conflicting visions, of political and economic freedom. In the past few years, we’ve seen a growing trend among young Americans in favor of socialism and against capitalism. 


But do they truly understand the history and outcomes of socialism and capitalism?


This is precisely why we put together this brand new eBook, The History Of Socialism And Capitalism, from Hoover Institution senior fellows Niall Ferguson and Victor Davis Hanson. 


Out of 7,750 protests last summer associated with BLM and Antifa, 570 turned into violent riots that killed 25 people and caused $1- $2 billion of property damage…Biden AG pick says Antifa, BLM attacks in Portland not domestic terrorism



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A Smoking Frog Feature, Shallow Planet Production


Wednesday, June 9, 2021

UFO Updates: Exotic Materials, Whistleblowers, Reports


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Self Reliance tools for independent minded people…

ISSN 2161-5543

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A Digest of Urban Survival Resources



   Whistleblower Who Made Public UFO Reports Accuses Pentagon of Coordinated Campaign to Defame Him


Editors Note:  Are we alone?  This has been a question humans have asked for thousands of years.  My take-Probably not. The odds are other life is out there and likely that an advanced race has visited us. As indicated last week, here's another installment of our UFO series.  feel free to share your story with us.


Lue Elizondo, a former Pentagon official who made public UFO reports, says that the U.S. military, including a top official, underwent a cooperated campaign to intimidate and defame him.

He is the former head of the U.S. government’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) which was disbanded in 2012.

Former U.S. Official On UFO Reports: U.S. ‘Is In Possession Of Exotic Material’ From UFOs


Lue Elizondo, former director of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), the man at the center of the recent news reports about the U.S. Military’s sightings of UFOs in restricted airspace, told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that the U.S. government is in possession of “exotic material” from UFOs.


Big Alien Lies Revealed – Steve Quayle


Renowned radio host, filmmaker and book author Steve Quayle contends the recent revelation about alien encounters on the CBS show “60 Minutes” is nothing more than theater to fool and set up the masses on the coming alien narrative.  Steve Quayle explains, “The plan has always been in the elite world to destroy humanity.  Even the Georgia Guidestones say this.  Quayle says, “When 60 Minutes took this on, you have to ask yourself how does something so concealed and so hidden all of a sudden have F-18 fighter pilots locking on to advanced technology. . . . The whole reason they are going to reveal it now is they are going to bring on the aliens as the world’s saviors.


All The Most Convincing Evidence That UFOs Actually Exist

With shocking new footage being released by the Pentagon and high profile government officials finally acknowledged the existence of UFO’s many Americans are wondering just how real UFOs might actually be. Here are some of the most convincing evidence that UFOs might actually be real:




New Footage: UFOs swarm Navy Vessel

UFO Disclosure Full Length Documentary

UFO Disclosure - Full-Length FilmIn anticipation of the Pentagon UAP Report coming out next week, this is an interesting documentary to watch.UFOs have gone mainstream! There was a report on "60 Minutes" where it was stated that the US government has verified that UFOs are real. On Fox News, Tucker Carlson has had a series of guests discussing the validity of the phenomenon.


UDO Report Will Be Inconclusive


What Should You Expect From The Pentagon UFO Report

The Pentagon UAP Report - What Will it Tell UsWhile the report isn't expected to confirm the existence of extraterrestrial life, the mere fact that the intelligence community is set to acknowledge these incidents represents a remarkable shift in how much information the government is willing to share with the public. The US government has long been reluctant to disclose any information related to



When you are building an emergency stockpile, you review and make a lot of checklists. The number of things you need, and their cost, can be overwhelming. Fortunately, most of the more expensive items—such as generators, radios, rain barrels, weapons, tents, and tools—last a long time.

 Some necessities do not fall into the one-and-done category, though. In fact, there are some preparedness items you should have on your shopping list each month to make sure you never run low on them.

 If your budget is tight, you can spread the costs out over the month and shop for bulk sales online and in stores. Of course, food and water are key to survival, but for this list, we will focus on non-food preparedness items you should buy every month...


17 Preparedness Items You Should Buy Every Month

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Compliments of: The PoorManSurvival team!AgMpmQI6plfXiBqUHg-8SkA59L8f?e=YJZavA


How to Build and Stock a Pantry

Design, build and fill a pantry that will provide your family with enough food to get through an emergency, a snowstorm, or just day-to-day life.



Compliments of: The PoorManSurvival team!AgMpmQI6plfXiBqUHg-8SkA59L8f?e=YJZavA





In today’s atmosphere, where a social media post can damage a career or cause a “cancel culture” backlash, free speech is being called into question. 


In response, Free Speech in America gives you clear, succinct answers to questions such as:

  • What is freedom of speech?
  • What kind of speech isn’t protected and where do we draw the line?
  • What about private restrictions on free speech?
  • What are the benefits of free speech?
  • How do we preserve freedom of speech?  

Please click here now to get your free copy. And feel free to share this important information with anyone who could benefit from the material. 



ONE OF THE National Security Agency’s most powerful tools of mass surveillance makes tracking someone’s Internet usage as easy as entering an email address, and provides no built-in technology to prevent abuse. Today, The Intercept is publishing 48 top-secret and other classified documents about XKEYSCORE dated up to 2013, which shed new light on the breadth, depth and functionality of this critical spy system




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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

How to Survive Hyperinflation-You might be a racist if…Uses for coffee cans


Poor Man Survival

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A Digest of Urban Survival Resources


How to Survive Hyperinflation-Plus: You might be a racist if…Uses for coffee cans

Many say Biden is hanging America...

I’m not saying a hyperinflationary period is happening in the U.S., but I’m also not denying it.”

Romanian Youtube vlogger Lehel recently did a series of videos on how his family survived hyperinflation in Romania in the ‘90s.

While financial pundits and academics have their reckonings and theories… there’s nothing quite like hearing from someone with experience going through a currency collapse.

Moreover, to understand what happened, Lehel’s also studied hyperinflation and understands a good deal about economics.

Today, we’ll roam through the larger points in his video series.

His biggest takeaway?

“Things that were important before were not so important…. and things that were not important became very important.”

It Begins

Starting in 1889, and then really kicking off throughout the ‘90s, Romania went through severe hyperinflation.

“We had a four zero inflation,” says Lehel. In ‘89, a loaf of bread was around 1 leu (pronounced “lay”). In the span of five to seven years, a loaf of bread was 10,000 leu.

(If you have $10,000 in your checking account right now, imagine only being able to buy half a dozen eggs with that amount.)

Lehel tells of his relatives who had enough in the bank to buy three houses before inflation kicked off. “After this period,” he said, “they were only able to buy a television set. And I think it was a black and white television set back then.”

That’s hyperinflation. And it’s also why moving your money out of the dollar and into inflation hedges is so important.


“You might think that this could not happen, but it does. It does all the time. It’s just a different country every 10 or 20 years. And that’s your reset. Your bank account gets reset to zero. Everything you saved for gets reset.”

And what of those saddled in debt? Technically, he says, your debt would become worthless. But that’s not set in stone and depends on the political situation. If you have fixed long-term debt and you’re confident everyone will keep their promises and the political situation will remain the same… then your debt could go away.

But that’s not guaranteed.

“Inflation,” says Lehel, “is a transfer of wealth. Your rich uncle who saved a lot of money in the bank will get wiped out and he will become poor if he doesn’t do anything. And you, if you have a lot of debt, you’ll be able to pay the debt off with bread money… as long as the political situation doesn’t change.”

Problem is, dramatic political changes usually do take place: “The government wants to wipe out their debt, but not necessarily your debt. So don’t bet on that.”

Like student loan debt, it could become unforgivable, putting you under the thumb of the government. (In short, get out of debt.)

The Timeline

Lehel outlines how hyperinflation hit Romania:

→ The cost of raw materials starts to rise
→ Other things begin to rise in staggered waves
→ Supply chains begin to break down
→ Salaries begin to rise to compensate
→ Rationing begins at the supermarket
→ The value of savings is destroyed
→ Loss of confidence in everything
→ Social collapse

“The first thing you’ll see in hyperinflation or high inflation is starting to happen is that the cost of raw materials is rising… you would think that it’s just some supply chain issue or some other issues, but actually the cost of everything is rising. Absolutely everything is rising. It just happens in waves. First, it’s this, then it’s that, then it’s that… everything gets its turn. Usually, it’s raw materials at first.”

While everyone believes things will normalize, they don’t. The cost of simple tools started rising. Then, the cost of other staples and necessities. Shortages begin popping up. Eventually, once employers realize this is the new normal, the salaries begin to rise, too.


“Also somewhat last but not very last is food prices. Governments or authorities cannot let food prices go up too high because society becomes unstable so there’s either some subsidy or something that will happen that food prices need to be a certain level.”

And then, the shortages really ramp up: “There will be shortages in eggs, and then shortages on this and that.” Then, rules will be put in place that you can only buy a certain amount as rationing is normalized.

Then the social deterioration.

“People make fun of Russians or Eastern Europeans and say, ‘Oh those Russians, they drink a lot.’ Well, that was a coping mechanism. Life was hard. You had to deal with it somehow.”

Eastern Europe has one advantage over America and Western Europe: strong communities.

“People don’t tend to move a lot,” Lehel explains. “If they bought a property it was probably their grandparent’s property and the neighbors were usually family. Everybody knew their neighbors. Everybody knew if someone needed help. Having a community was a must. In Western Europe and in the United States people move a lot and they don’t tend to build strong relationships. That value saved everyone. Everyone knew someone who could help out and everybody would help out someone who would need help.”


“The key thing to remember is that whatever you have before this period, you don’t want to sell it during this period.” During a time when there’s the most suffering, things that most people think are valuable become worthless and things you thought were worthless become highly valuable.

The obvious: food, shelter, and practical manual skills.

The non-obvious: Honesty and being a good person. Being a trustworthy person will get you far in times of crisis.

“We got to know who we could rely on. In the worst of times, you will see the best of people and the worst, but you will know.”

What assets best helped Romanians weather the storm?


Real estate was OK. It didn’t necessarily appreciate in value.” Rather, said Lehel, it was more of a store of wealth. “If you had the house before, you still had a house after.”

But more isn’t always better. “If you had too many houses… political stuff could happen where you would be taxed at higher rates because you were the bad guy and all of this is because of you.”

Playing By New Rules

While many people fell to a perma-underclass… many people got rich. Many of them got super rich.

The vast majority of them understood one thing: the game is rigged… and the powers at the top keep getting richer.

The secret, then, is to do what they do.

The same thing’s happening again, right here in the United States.

Wall Street has the market rigged… and those in D.C. benefit the most.

If you want to get ahead and stay there, you’ll have to play by their rules… for now.

House prices are going up, but only if you’re measuring them in dollars. Measured in gold, they’re falling.

This is how you can have both inflation and deflation simultaneously. Prices can go up in paper currency while they go down in real money, gold or silver.

In the ‘90s, savvy Romanians got rich during hyperinflation because they broke the habit of measuring things in terms of the paper currency.

Once they realized what was happening with their savings, they learned to measure things against assets. That way, they could anticipate what would rise in value as the currency fell.

And, eventually, they found ways to bypass the volatility of the national currency entirely.

Why Gold Isn’t a Cure-All

When cash-rich people in Romania began realizing what was happening to their savings, they began buying up assets.

The (unofficial) price of precious metals rose in paper currency, but then, after a while, normalized when the price of basic necessities began rising exponentially.

Though gold was up when compared to paper currencies, it actually started to go down compared to staples.



As Trust In The Government Erodes, Many Americans Are Discovering That It Is TOO LATE To Fully Implement Their Backup Plans

Go To The Stores And Stock Up Now Because Things Are About To Get Really Crazy

 How to Stock a Prepper Pantry

7 Kitchen Essentials That Deserve To Be On Your Preparedness Shelves

  Don’t Lose What You Store: 6 Tips To Protect Your Prepper Pantry

Four Reasons Why You Should Stash the Cash!




·         20 Genius Ways to Recycle Coffee Cans

·         Separate hamburgers. Before you put those hamburger patties in the freezer, stack them with a coffee-can lid between each and put them in a plastic bag.

·         Hold kitchen scraps. ...

·         Bake bread. ...

·         Make a bank. ...

·         Keep the laundry room neat. ...

·         Make a dehumidifier. ...

·         Create luminaries. ...

·         Keep carpets dry. ...

·         Create a canister for pet treats. ...

·         Keep toilet paper dry when camping. ...

Genius Ways to Recycle Coffee Cans | Reader's Digest



You might be a racist if…

A waitress asks you how you want your coffee and you say “black.”

You voted for Donald Trump.

You are a conservative or, God forbid, a card-carrying Republican.

You support the police.

You’re proud to be an American.

You believe in any form of meritocracy.

You believe that the nuclear family should not be disbanded.

You respect the Founding Fathers, you are racist.

You want to teach American history without including “The 1619 Project,” you are racist.

You like classic films like “Gone with the Wind.”

You read your children or grandchildren Dr. Seuss books.

You like classic Disney films like “Song of the South” and “Dumbo”—or even if you’ve so much as seen them.

You think Colin Kaepernick doesn’t deserve another shot in the NFL because he is a crappy quarterback,

You think Barack Obama was anything less than the best dang president we’ve ever seen.

You like Aunt Jemima syrup on your pancakes.

You were born in the suburbs…or currently live in the suburbs…or live near the suburbs…or even drove through the suburbs one time.

You think that students should be told to show their work on a math problem.

You don’t believe in race-based hiring quotas.

You don’t support Affirmative Action.

You say you have black friends when someone accuses you of being racist (in which case you’re just using them as a token because obviously you can’t really be friends with a person of color).

You once said that you don’t want your kids to grow up in a “racial jungle.” Oh wait…that was from Joe Biden, and since Democrats can’t be racist, I guess this one’s okay.

You tell a black podcast host that he “ain’t black” if he doesn’t vote Democrat. Dang it…Biden again. This one’s fine too.

You say that “poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids.”  Wait…what is that? Oh, another Joe Biden statement? Man, this guy sounds like a racist if there ever was one. But can’t be because he is a Democrat. My bad.


Nature's Generator Elite

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Getting started prepping and building a food stockpile is overwhelming; I found it hard to get started. The best place to start is to build a two-week emergency food supply for yourself and your family and then expand from there.

 To be honest, figuring out what to include in your emergency food supply is frustrating because you have no idea what your situation will look like. Will you have electricity? Do you have a means of cooking if the grid goes down? Will you have to bug out?

 It’s impossible to know the answer to all of these questions, so you have to do the best that you can. I will give you a list of foods you can buy to build a two-week emergency food supply...

 How To Build A Two-Week Emergency Food Supply

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Compliments of: The PoorManSurvival team!AgMpmQI6plfXiBqUHg-8SkA59L8f?e=YJZavA

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Staying informed could be a matter of life and death.

That’s why federal and state agencies advise that every American home should have an emergency radio.

Don't get caught off guard during a lengthy quarantine or natural disasters. Preparation is, as usual, the absolute key...


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