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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

China’s ‘Social Credit’ system has arrived to America


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China’s ‘Social Credit’ system has arrived to America

As a journalist in China, Liu Hu was no stranger to punishment.

For reporting on corruption among government officials, Hu was arrested, accused of “fabricating and spreading rumours,” and fined.

But then one day in 2017 he suddenly found that he was unable to buy a plane ticket. The system just rejected him. He also found he couldn’t purchase certain train tickets.

Then he discovered that he was unable to acquire a loan from any bank, and even forbidden from buying property at all.

Eventually Liu Hu discovered his name on a government “List of Dishonest Persons Subject to Enforcement.” And there was no obvious way to appeal the designation, or have his name removed from the list.

Hu was one of the early victims of the Chinese social credit system which blacklists citizens who are found to be untrustworthy— in the sole discretion of the Chinese government.

Others on the list have been prevented from renting certain apartments and holding particular jobs. They’ve even had their bank accounts frozen.

Sometimes, all it took to become blacklisted was an accusation from a disgruntled business partner, or a social media post critical of the government.

It’s almost like an official version of the Twitter mob’s habit of “canceling” people for wrong-think.

The Twitter mob may be easy enough to ignore for most of us. But now it’s become more mainstream to purge US residents who have bad social credit.

For example, PayPal has announced an inquisition in partnership with the Anti-Defamation League to research funding for extremism on its payment platform.

“PayPal and ADL will focus on further uncovering and disrupting the financial pipelines that support extremist and hate movements. In addition to extremist and anti-government organizations, the initiative will focus on actors and networks spreading and profiting from all forms of hate and bigotry against any community.”

They are extremely vague about what exactly they will consider extremist content. But we have some idea...

The New York Times, for example, considers the word “freedom” to be an “anti-government slogan,” according to a recent article on the protests in Cuba. [NYT is a shill for Communist China]

Twitter considered it hate speech and banned a Spanish politician for Tweeting, “a man cannot get pregnant.”

If you protest lockdowns, you are an extremist putting lives in danger. If you burn down police stations and flip cars in the name of social justice, you are a mostly peaceful protester.

And these days, anything from the “Ok” hand gesture to cheese is considered racist.

PayPal is not going to keep this research to itself. It intends to be the tip of the social justice warrior’s spear:

“The intelligence gathered through this research initiative will be shared broadly across the financial industry and with policymakers and law enforcement.”

So the Big Banks will be able to use this same intelligence to blacklist “extremists” peddling “hate speech.”

Just last month Wells Fargo closed the accounts of two different conservative activists, without explanation. In 2019, JP Morgan Chase did the same thing.

And the CEO of the alternative social media website Gab had four banks in four weeks ban the company’s account, allegedly because the platform harbors “extremist content.”

All of this looks eerily like a back door for a Chinese-style ‘social credit system’ in the United States.

Vaccine passports are an obvious example.

If certain people have their way, the unvaccinated will be unable to board an airplane and banned from restaurants. Some people even say the unvaccinated should lose their health insurance for making an unpopular personal health decision.

During the pandemic, governments across the world set up reporting systems to rat out your neighbors for having family over for the holidays. Bad Citizen!

Vermont’s governor even asked students to snitch on their own parents who might have invited extended family over for Thanksgiving 2020.

And now the US government is leading the charge— with the help of the Big Tech companies, of course— by providing new, easy ways to report your ‘radical’ friends and family to the government.

What exactly constitutes radical? Anything they don’t want you to do, or believe.

This is the problem when just a handful of powerful centralized institutions control society.

And it is the reason a solid Plan B gives you options to ensure that you’re not entirely reliant on one country’s government, one country’s banking system, or one country’s public health policies.

I’m actually an optimist, and I have strong hope that humanity will overcome authoritarianism, as it always has before.

But hope is not a course of action. Optimism is not a viable strategy.

To truly become more secure from threats like America’s version of the Chinese social credit system, it’s important to give deliberate consideration to Plan B options that will put you in a position of strength.

To your freedom,



Simon Black,



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John Catsimatidis has a better handle on what's really happening in the economy and with the American consumer, compared to just about anyone else out there.

And recently, Catsimatidis went public with an alarming prediction...

He says a huge shift is looming in the U.S. economy and financial system, which will reveal itself in a dramatic way, this October... just two months from now. (To see why Catsimatidis is so concerned, click here.)

A wealthy former Goldman Sachs banker agrees with Catsimatidis and says:

"Most Americans are completely unprepared for what's about to take place in our country."

Russia is joining China in a series of military exercises in August, a sign of growing coordination between the two countries that experts say threatens American security. [READ MORE]




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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

August Will Be A Turning Point – Welcome To The Eviction Horror Show


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August Will Be A Real Turning Point – Welcome To The Biggest Eviction Horror Show In U.S. History

It is the beginning of August, and a day of reckoning has finally arrived for renters all over the nation.  Since last September, a moratorium that was issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been protecting millions of renters that have been unable or unwilling to make their monthly rent payments.  But now that moratorium is officially over, and all of that back rent is due.  For some renters, that will mean that nearly a full year of rent will need to be paid.  The millions of Americans that cannot or will not pay what is owed can now be legally evicted.  This is a major national disaster that has been building up for many months, and now it is finally here.

Welcome to the biggest eviction horror show in American history.

It is going to be a doozy.

Some are still desperately hoping that members of Congress will do something once they return from their August vacations.  At this point, that does not appear likely.

So for now, there doesn’t appear to be any hope of averting the largest eviction tsunami that any of us have ever seen.

Of course it was inevitable that this day was going to come sooner or later.  After all, what else could we do?  Did anyone out there actually think that it would be possible to tell landlords that they could never collect rent ever again?

If we did that, there wouldn’t be any more landlords.

So many landlords out there are really hurting financially right now.  In fact, some of them have not been able to collect rent from certain tenants since the eviction moratorium was first put into place last September

Due to widespread job loss and the health risks of the Covid-19 pandemic, many renters in the US faced difficulty making their rent payments every month when the pandemic began in early 2020, and the federal government stepped in to prevent people from getting evicted in the midst of it. As part of this response, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention instituted a moratorium in September 2020 that prevented landlords from evicting their tenants regardless of whether they could pay their monthly rent in full or at all.

Now the wait is over, and landlords have nearly a year’s worth of eviction notices to file.

During the early part of this week, landlords are going to be racing to take advantage of the opportunity that they suddenly have.  There is still a possibility that Congress could decide to do something in a few weeks, and so landlords will want to evict people as quickly as they can.

And we are talking about a massive number of people.  According to to USA Today, this eviction moratorium “was the only tool keeping millions of tenants in their homes”…

A federal freeze on most evictions enacted last year expired Saturday after President Joe Biden’s administration extended the original date by a month. The moratorium, put in place by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in September, was the only tool keeping millions of tenants in their homes. Many of them lost jobs during the coronavirus pandemic and had fallen months behind on their rent.

In this particular case, “millions” is not an exaggeration at all.

According to the Census Bureau, approximately 3.6 million Americans are potentially facing eviction within the next two months, and the Aspen Institute says that over 15 million Americans are currently behind in making rent payments…

More than 15 million people live in households that owe as much as $20 billion to their landlords, according to the Aspen Institute. As of July 5, roughly 3.6 million people in the U.S. said they faced eviction in the next two months, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey.

Others have come up with similar numbers.

On his website, Mike Shedlock shared numbers that he pulled from official U.S government data…

§ 7.43 million in rental properties are not current

§ 5.95 million owner occupied housing are not current

§ 8.71 million live in owner occupied homes where the homeowners have little or no confidence in ability to pay their mortgage

§ 12.71 million live in rental properties where the heads of household have little or no confidence in ability to pay their rent

This is a tragedy of unimaginable proportions.

And the fact that the deadline was pushed back several times just made the scale of the tragedy even larger.

In addition, we need to remember that enhanced federal unemployment benefits are ending in the majority of states in September.

A whole lot of people will soon be hit by a “double whammy”.  Their federal benefits are ending at the same time they are suddenly faced with a bill for all of their unpaid rent.

So what is this country going to look like when millions of impoverished Americans are suddenly thrown out into the streets?

Personally, I think that the stage has been set for civil unrest and riots.

Sadly, this is what can happen when we give people free rent for almost a year and then suddenly take it away.

Our system is simply not designed to handle a sudden disruption of this magnitude.  Public and private organizations will attempt to help those that are suffering, but they will be overwhelmed very rapidly.

Already, more than half a million Americans are homeless on any given night.

What will the number be after this unprecedented wave of evictions is over?

We are moving into deeply troubled times, and this wave of evictions has the potential to be a huge destabilizing force in our society.

Congress spent trillions and trillions of dollars to lift people out of poverty, but it didn’t work.

Day after day, our corporate media outlets will be filled with tragic stories about the people that are getting evicted, and we will be told how evil the landlords are for throwing them out.

But if landlords are not allowed to make money, there won’t be any rental properties at all.

Unless we just have the government own all of the rental properties, and that is called communism.

Ladies and gentlemen, August is going to be a real turning point, and the end of this moratorium is going to unleash a lot of chaos.

Unfortunately, I am expecting a whole lot more trouble to erupt as we steamroll toward the end of this calendar year.

***It is finally here! Michael’s new book entitled “7 Year Apocalypse” is now available in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon.***



If you’re wondering why corrupt, criminal governments of the world seem to be in such a hurry to mass "vaccinate" everybody with a deadly, experimental, non-approved gene therapy injection, one of the most shocking answers may be simpler than you think.

According to my interview guest, who has many contacts with high level U.S. Navy officers and scientists, a global extinction level event is approaching and the globalists are desperately trying to cull the human population before people figure out what’s about to happen.

See the full article and interview here.

By the summer of 1849, Karl Marx was still an obscure writer struggling to make an impact.

He had published The Communist Manifesto-- a short, 23-page pamphlet-- the previous year in 1848. But as yet it had failed to catch on.

Marx was operating a fledgling newspaper in Germany at the time. But he kept getting in trouble with the German tax authorities for failure to pay taxes.

(This taxation double-standard still exists today. Marxists LOVE high taxes… but only if they’re not the ones paying.)

That’s why Marx was forced to leave Germany (technically Prussia) in 1849-- after having also been previously expelled from France and Belgium too.

Marx infuriated the local authorities so much, in fact, that he was also denied Prussian citizenship. This made him officially stateless.

And in an ironic twist of fate, Marx ended up in Great Britain-- the wealthiest country in the world at the time, and the birthplace of modern capitalism.

The reason was simple: Britain had few barriers to entry for immigrants-- something that was quite rare in the 19th century.

Thousands upon thousands of refugees, exiles, and radicals immigrated to London as a result. Marx was among them.

Yet the fact that he had benefited from the laissez-faire policies of this free market society did not change Marx’s views on capitalism. He still hated the system and blamed it for everything that went wrong.

Marx and his family lived in abject poverty in their earliest years in London. He constantly had debt collectors knocking on his door, and landlords routinely evicted him from his home.

Of course, people don’t realize the real cause of Marx’s financial troubles was that he almost never had job. He thought it was degrading to work so that someone else could profit from your labor. So he simply refused to work.

Marx subjected his family to live in filthy, squalid conditions, and his children often went without food. In fact only three of his seven children even survived to adulthood.

Yet Marx still refused to work. And he continued to whine that capitalism was the source of his economic hardship; not once did Marx turn the lens onto his own fanaticism as the root cause of his poverty.

This is also ironic, because modern day socialist and communist parties love to praise workers and talk about giving benefits to the working class.

It’s just like taxation: Marxists love work… as long as they’re not the ones actually doing it.

Honestly the entire Marxist philosophy is complete hypocritical. And there are people today who call themselves Marxists (like the BLM co-founders, who are self-avowed Marxists).

Yet they probably don’t have the foggiest idea that their patron saint literally watched his children go hungry because he’d rather complain about capitalism than go get a job.

Socialists are the same way; even though (according to a recent Axios poll) 41% of Americans view socialism in a positive light, most of these people don’t actually understand the first thing about socialism.

When they say ‘socialism’ they think it means Sweden, free university, and six weeks of paid vacation. They have no idea how wrong they are.

One key difference that people fail to understand is that, while Marx despised capitalism, he never made it personal. He didn’t shame individual people for their success, or automatically assume that rich people were evil.

The only reason Marx was lifted out of poverty, in fact, was because a wealthy capitalist gave him money.

In our modern world, however, so-called socialists love to make it personal. They ridicule people on social media because of their success. Activist newspapers illegally leak confidential tax information in an effort to ‘name and shame’ wealthy people.

Even Marx didn’t stoop to that level.

This is the topic of our podcast today: Marxism, socialism, and communism… and why most people who claim to embrace these ideas don’t have a clue what they’re talking about.

You can listen to it here or watch it here (on YouTube) or here (on



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Compliments of: The PoorManSurvival team!AgMpmQI6plfXiBqUHg-8SkA59L8f?e=YJZavA

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Monday, August 2, 2021

Open Letter-Impeach Biden


Poor Man Survival

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ISSN 2161-5543

A Digest of Urban Survival Resources

 Open Letter to Our Elected Officials

Stop the Dismantling of America

Sen. Gary Peters, Sen. Deborah Stabenhow, Rep. Lisa McClain  [This letter was sent more than a week ago & if you agree, send it to your elected officials]

Under Pres. Biden America has become the laughing stock of the world and the bane of citizens.  In six months his policies have done more damage than a foreign invasion.

He’s ruined the oil & gas industry. Fuel in MI has gone up more than $1.10 per gal which has driven up the inflation rate dramatically on everything from food to diapers-hitting consumers between the eyes.

·         His lack of border enforcement is bringing in hoards [est. at 1.8 million in 2021] of illegals.  These undocumented people [188K in June alone] will overwhelm our welfare/medical/school systems while spreading Covid. [Welfare should not be allowed to illegals for at least one year until they’re vetted/documented/vaccinated]. Taxpayers are forced to transport, feed and house them when we don’t even adequately provide for our own homeless veterans. THIS IS AN INVASION and against the law!

·         Biden and teachers unions promote the anti-America Critical Race Theory; undermining/indoctrinating children to hate America.

·         Biden’s DOJ has been AWOL on the crimes by Antifa/BLM:  Out of 7,750 protests last summer associated with BLM and Antifa, 570 turned into violent riots that killed 25 people and caused $1- $2 billion of property damage.

·         Biden’s recent Town Hall on CNN was a national embarrassment; his cognitive challenges on full display.

He’s the most divisive leader in modern history and deserves to be impeached and/or a vote of ‘No Confidence,’ is in order.  His extortion of the Ukraine government should be grounds enough for his removal. His so-called infrastructure bill is a bad joke and will send our national debt into the stratosphere; fueling inflation even more.


   We received a reply from Rep. Lisa McClain within 12 hours supporting our view about bumbling Biden while Se, Peters NEVER responded [in true leftist fashion] and Stabenow provided a meaningless answer regarding how they’r e ‘looking into the illegal immigration’ challenge.



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A portion of our proceeds is donated to charitable Veterans groups such as Wounded Warriors & the VFW!


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