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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Bolsheviks began as a small, violent minority of communists

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The Bolsheviks began as a small, violent minority of communists.

But they quickly grew their support among the mass population of Russian peasants.

And the reason they were able to accomplish their goal is the same reason why the government, the corporate press, Hollywood, Universities, and radical leftist movements like BLM can gain public support for their insane ideas and policies. 

Whether it’s mass mask wearing, mass denunciation of “whiteness”, mass acceptance of police state lockdowns… all hinges on one thing missing from the minds of the general public. 

This secret can be found in one of the first actions taken by Lenin after seizing power.

Lenin and his Red Guards proclaimed Soviet rule at the end of 1917, and Lenin became the first dictator of the first Marxist State in history. 

At the time, most of the peasant society in Russia was illiterate. 

Lenin knew he had to gain the support of the peasants if he hoped to maintain his new rulership. 

So he created the People’s Commissariat of Enlightenment and in 1919, sent out trained instructors into the countryside to create a network of literacy centers. 

The plan was simple:

Teach peasants to be literate and inundate them with Bolshevik ideology and literature. 

This morphed into its own department, called the Department for Agitation and Propaganda in the early 1920s. 

Oral-agitation groups were sent around the country to persuade ex-tsarist soldiers to join the Red Army. 

Agitational trains and ships were sent deep into remote parts of Russia carrying leaflets, posters, and other forms of propaganda for the peasants who lived far from any major cities. 

The Bolsheviks even created plays, films, and other art forms that were explicitly political and pro-communist. 

All of this came to be known as “Agitprop.” 

Fidel Castro also undertook a massive literacy campaign in Cuba. 

Prominent (dishonest) leftists like Michael Moore even point to Cuban literacy rates as an example of socialist success.

When, in fact, Castro used literacy to spread propaganda and gain support for his regime. Nothing more.

He wasn’t actually interested in uplifting the minds of his people. 

And neither were the communists in Russia. 

But why did it work?

The same reason propaganda peddled by the corporate press and government work. 

Because literacy is slavery…

WITHOUT critical thinking. 

Neither the Bolsheviks, nor the Cuban socialists, nor American public schools for that matter, teach people how to think and reason in any meaningful sense.

You can be literate and still be hopelessly mentally enslaved if you don’t know how to critically think and analyze the information being crammed into your head

Most people can comprehend what the technocrats in the CDC and WHO say…

But they don’t know how to THINK about what they hear. 

They simply trust.


And OBEY. 

That’s why we call these types of people “sheep” or “NPCs.” 

They don’t have a mind of their own - they’ve abdicated their minds to the shepherds on TV, in their political party, and the mobs on the streets. 

The antidote to mental slavery isn’t mere literacy…

It’s critical thinking and principled action.

Most people are pawns in a grand chess game that they don’t realize is being played with their lives. 

You recognize the rigged game being played against you.

You can spot the propaganda. 

And unlike the unthinking herd, you have an opportunity to do something about it. 

The Counter Markets Newsletter is an antidote to the pervasive disease of propaganda infecting the minds of so many worldwide. 

There are over 3 dozen issues fully loaded with techniques, tactics, strategies, and methods for OPTING OUT of the rigged system you find yourself trapped in. 

It requires literacy to consume...

But it demands critical thinking to apply what we teach intelligently and consistently in your life. 

By the way, these emails you get from me are a form of propaganda. 

All advertising is.

But my goal isn’t to persuade you to follow and comply.

It’s to reveal hidden paths to self-liberation that NO ONE else is telling you about. 

And as the saying goes, “I can only show you the door...”

While the rest of the world is endlessly propagandized into puppets for corporate and State interests…

You can hop off the rigged game board and set up your own system for better health, more wealth, and increased liberty. 

The first step is opening the door and seeing what’s inside:


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Monday, August 10, 2020

Underground Bunker Sales Booming

Poor Man Survival
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ISSN 2161-5543

A Digest of Urban Survival Resources

his is a really good time to be selling underground bunkers.  The COVID-19 pandemic, civil unrest in major U.S. cities, and concern about what else may be coming have combined to create a tremendous amount of demand for “survival real estate”. 

 In all my years of writing, I have never seen anything like this.  I have been hearing from so many people that suddenly feel a great urgency to prepare for the total collapse of society, and quite a few of them have either recently relocated or plan to do so in the near future.  For some, moving entirely out of the country seems like the best option, but for most others the goal is to find a way to survive the coming chaos here in the United States.

Of course a lot of people are still tied to major population centers by their jobs, and for a lot of those individuals a “survival bunker” in a remote location that they can bug out to if things get crazy enough is an attractive option.

In South Dakota, one company has established the “largest survival community on Earth”, and the New York Post recently interviewed a 69-year-old man named Tom Soulsby that purchased one of the very first underground bunkers in that community…

Tom Soulsby, 69, and his wife, Mary, were one of the first to buy a bunker at Vivos xPoint — the self-proclaimed “largest survival community on Earth” — near the South Dakota town of Edgemont. In 2017, he made a $25,000 down payment and signed a 99-year land lease (with fees of $1,000 per year) to occupy an elliptical-shaped, 2,200 square-foot 
underground concrete bunker once used as a military fortress during World War II to store weapons and ammunition.

For a while there, sales were not happening too briskly.  But then 2020 happened, and at this point sales of underground bunkers at Vivos xPoint are “up over 600 percent”
When Soulsby signed on the dotted line, he was one of a handful of new owners. But in 2020, Vivos xPoint has become hotly sought-after real estate. The price has jumped to $35,000, says Robert Vicino, the California developer and CEO of the Vivos Group, which launched in 2008, and bunker sales are “up over 600 percent.”

I really admire what they are trying to do, and I am sure that having major news stories done about your community helps sales, but it will also make the community a target when things really do hit the fan.

Another project that has been making a lot of headlines is “the Survival Condo” in central Kansas.  It is completely underground, and it was originally designed to survive a nuclear war

The Survival Condo has a lot of the hallmarks of your standard fallout shelter. It’s underground (200 feet underground, in the middle of rural Kansas, 200 miles from Kansas City). It was built during the Cold War (as a nuclear missile launch facility). It’s also been retrofitted with nine-foot-thick reinforced concrete walls designed to survive everything from tornadoes to 12-kiloton nuclear warheads dropping half a mile away.

This converted nuclear silo has been described as an “underground skyscraper”, and this is how author Bradley Garrett described his visit to “Level 11”

On level 11 of the Survival Condo, about 50 metres underground, Hall and I visit a 1,800 sq ft home. I have had the same feeling as walking into a bedroom in a hotel chain. The apartment has never been used. It has a Navajo print rug, a cushy white sofa set and a stone electric fireplace with a flat panel TV over it. A marble countertop extends to a bar separating the living room from the kitchen, which is filled with high-end appliances.
It sounds quite lovely, but the units are not cheap.

In fact, prices start at more than a million dollars

Half-floor apartments here are $1.5m (£1.2m); full-floor apartments $3m (£2.4m); and a two-level, 3,600 sq ft penthouse has sold for $4.5m (£3.6m). In total, 57 people will be living in 12 apartments, each paying an additional $5,000 (£4,000) a month in residents’ association fees. One apartment, bought with cash, is designed to feel like a log cabin, with a loft looking down on a fake fireplace flanked by a six-screen display of a snow-capped mountain range.

The company selling the units insists that the location is super secret, but if that is actually the case it probably is not a good idea to let reporters roam around inside the facility with a film crew.

In any event, only the ultra-wealthy will get to live there, because most Americans could never even dream of being able to afford such an elaborate bug out location.
But all of us should be doing what we can to get prepared for the hard years that are ahead, because things are about to get really, really crazy.

We live in truly unprecedented times, and what we have experienced so far is just the beginning.

As global events spiral out of control, many among the elite will be heading for their underground bunkers, and some are already there

As coronavirus infections tore across the U.S. in early March, a Silicon Valley executive called the survival shelter manufacturer Rising S Co. He wanted to know how to open the secret door to his multimillion-dollar bunker 11 feet underground in New Zealand.

The tech chief had neve­r used the bunker and couldn’t remember how to unlock it, said Gary Lynch, general manager of Texas-based Rising S Co. “He wanted to verify the combination for the door and was asking questions about the power and the hot water heater and whether he needed to take extra water or air filters,” Lynch said. The businessman runs a company in the Bay Area but lives in New York, which was fast becoming the world’s coronavirus epicenter.

It sure must be nice to have a luxury underground bunker in New Zealand.
Unfortunately, most Americans are going to have to deal with whatever is ahead right where they are currently located.

But whether you have an underground bunker or not, the truth is that challenging times are coming for all of us, and no amount of money is going to change that.

***It is finally here! Michael’s new book entitled “Lost Prophecies Of The Future Of America” is now available in paperback and for the Kindle on***


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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Poor Man's Gold is Silver-Prices Rising Fast

Poor Man Survival
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ISSN 2161-5543
A Digest of Urban Survival Resources

Dear Fellow Survivalists,

Last week I sent you an article about how gold and silver should be a part of your overall survival plans.

This week... I'm asking you - do you think there is an economic crisis on the horizon?

Personally, I don't think it's on the horizon. I think we're already in it.

All I know is that walking around in the small "downtown" area where I am, small businesses are closing left and right. A couple of restaurants and cafes are still struggling to stay alive, but pretty much everyone else has gone out of business. That tells me everything I need to know about the state of the economy.

The bankers and financiers think that they can keep the "markets" strong by pumping money through the financial system, but I can see the truth with my own eyes.

If businesses are failing and real people are suffering, it's only a matter of time before "the market" follows suit.

Meanwhile, they keep printing money, which hurts the value of our hard earned dollars and damages what retirement savings we're lucky enough to have.

The way to protect your hard earned retirement savings from the Wall Street money printing machine is by accumulating gold and silver.

Oh, by the way. We sent the previous email out about gold and silver for survival last Thursday (30th of July).

On July 30th, the close price of Gold was 1957. The price of Gold right now is 2042. That's a 4.3% increase in just a week. Silver is up even more

Even I didn't expect that article about buying gold and silver to be so timely.

The good thing is if you're a real, hardworking American who's got eyes and ears on the ground level of this economy, you're also seeing what's happening in real time. Which means that you can prepare yourself financially to weather the storm that's coming.

I won't say that you should definitely invest in precious metals. I won't say that I know for sure that the price of gold and silver will rise.

All I'll say is if you're seeing what I'm seeing in the economy, then Gold and Silver are probably the right bet to make. Historically, the worse the recession, the better gold and silver perform.

Again, this isn't investment advice. This is about survival. If you can see with your own two eyes that things are going badly - for the hard working folks and the small businesses around you... Then you know what's coming. It's up to you what course of action you take next to protect yourself and your family. 
The money printers at the Federal Reserve are heating up…

And the Federal Reserve Notes in your pocket are going to be worth A LOT LESS in the coming months and years according to Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. 

He’s come out and admitted 
they’re going to keep interest rates near-zero until their arbitrary employment and inflation rates are hit. 

But since the jobless rate is higher than the great depression…

And stated inflation is at 1%...

It may be YEARS before they even consider raising rates again while continuing to pour new “stimulus” money into the economy. 

You know what all that means for you?

You’ll LOSE money on the US dollars you’re saving in the bank year after year. 

At the same time, you’ll be incentivized to borrow more money and dig yourself deeper into debt as the value of the dollar will continue falling - causing a rise in prices on consumer goods across the board, and a higher cost of living. 

The theory is that by lowering interest rates and injecting more cash into the economy, consumers will spend more, prompting producers to produce more. 

But it’s precisely because consumers are spending instead of saving, and producers are borrowing more credit and producing too much, that a devastating economic crash is on its way. 

The strategy of “inflation targeting” only benefits creditors, lenders, and banks. 

Not you. 

It sustains the bubble we’ve been in. 

But that bubble will pop. 


Which is why gold and silver prices have been skyrocketing. 

Same with many cryptocurrency assets. 
In March, we told readers that gold and silver were going to take off. 

At the time, silver prices were at a 6-month low. Today, silver is over $26 an ounce!

Those who took our advice are profiting right now. And will continue to do so. 

In  April we warned that you were going to see inflation at levels we haven’t witnessed in decades. And right on cue, 
the Fed is admitting our prediction will become reality
Yours for a Socialist-Free America!
Bruce ‘the Poor Man’


 How to See (and Delete) All of Your Google Activity

Internet users, beware: Google is always watching.

What are your thoughts about the possibility of the U.S. going to a cashless society? I have been hearing about this for about a year now becoming concerned that my own cash stash will be worthless overnight.
- Jan H
Answer: I don’t think this will happen anytime soon because there’s a reason they say cash is king. Cash is still the second-most-used form of payment in America today after debit cards.
Approximately 6.5% of U.S. households don’t use a bank. Another 18.7% of households are underbanked, which means they have at least one account at an insured institution.
A cashless society would surrender privacy. Cash allows you to be anonymous. Besides, cash will always be there when technology fails.
In a disaster scenario, where we have no access to the Internet, how would we access our money? We need to have cash for emergencies
PSA: If someone asks you to open a bank account or conduct financial transactions for others, beware - it may be a money mule scam. Online sellers may be more susceptible to this scam, since it can appear to come from a legitimate company that wants to do business with you - a product supplier. Or a merchant who says they can't set up a payment account in the US but will compensate you for facilitating their payments. 

We've written about that type of scam involving ecommerce, and this is a reminder: #DontBeAMule. Even if you participate unknowingly, the consequences are severe.
Something that's bugged me over the years is how much we spend on education and yet so many people are uneducated about the simplest (and most important) financial facts of life. How is it possible to earn a high school diploma (much less a bachelor's degree) and not understand things such as our own history, basic economics, etc.
And, to make matters even worse, so many adults don't even realize that they're uneducated…
 Not only the basics like how compound interest works, but also how to shop for a car or your groceries.

So enjoy some free learning in this week's issue. Maybe about how an economic theory affects your personal finances. Or where to find some savings each week. Or a DIY project that'll save you some money. 
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Silver’s Days as the Poor Man’s Gold Are Numbered



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They hold information and special functions that are essential for survival.

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