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Monday, July 3, 2023

U.S. dollar is going to take a big hit this year.


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U.S. dollar is going to take a big hit this year. 

 With the reported rollout of the new BRICS currency (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) on August 22, 2023, it looks like that is going to happen.

Three-quarters of consumers expect rising prices to impact their 4th of July spending, including the 17% who expect a significant impact, according to Numerator’s Q2 2023 Holiday Preview survey. Among the findings: 27% will use more coupons, and 20% will shop at dollar or discount stores.


Fourth of July celebrations in our area began Friday and run through Tuesday, culminating on Tuesday the 4th when the Boston Pops will put on a concert on the Charles River accompanied by a fireworks display. 


Have a safe and happy holiday, thanks for reading


Several weeks ago, Biden issued an Executive Order for the government to start laying the plans for a central bank digital currency.


This currency will not be like bitcoin or other crypto, which is decentralized and not owned or controlled by a government.


The Biden digital dollar will, of course, be controlled by the government, be fully traceable, and the allotment of dollars can be restricted.


Yes, the government has actually said that it can restrict the amount of digital dollars a person could have.


Basically, it’s what China is already doing.


If you tick off the government, they can control how much money you have and how you’re able to spend it.


Get this…


A reporter asked a top government official how the American public can be sure that this new Biden dollar won’t be used against us.


Do you know what this government official said…


“In life, one can’t give absolute assurances of anything.”


Yes, those are his exact words.




Getting started in prepping can easily become overwhelming. There are so many things to do and so many people telling you different things to do, that it can become impossible to set your priorities. Many new preppers start out with the right intentions, but waste a lot of time at the beginning, chasing every new idea, product, or theory that they see and hear.

What makes this worse, is that the prepping market niche has become filled with people who aren’t truly experts, but try to portray themselves as if they were. Prepping isn’t the only place that happens, but it’s the one we’re concerned about. 

I mention all that, mostly to say that it might not be your fault if you make some of the rookie mistakes I’m going to talk about. In many cases, you were led along that path by someone who was trying to sell you something, rather than someone who was just trying to help you learn. The two ideas should go hand-in-hand, but they unfortunately aren’t always compatible...

12 Worst Rookie Prepper Mistakes

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Jim said...

“If accepted, the new proposed BRICS members would create an entity with a GDP 30% larger than the United States, over 50% of the global population and in control of 60% of global gas reserves,” according to Silk Road Briefing

Sally said...

Postage Going Up (Again) July 9th

Al said...

Biden's Plan to Take Control of U.S. Citizen's Bank Accounts

Every American who cares about freedom, privacy, and money that's actually worth something... needs to see this. Numerous government agencies and private banks have been working together to take away your financial privacy and control. Specifically, they've run a program called Regulated Liability Network U.S. Pilot. They openly call it an experiment, meant to completely change the United States dollar... and give them the ability to rip all your savings away from you. When the system is ready, Biden will be able to destroy your money with the push of a button.

Mike said...

The BEA's personal income and spending report for May shows significant weakening in consumer spending and stubbornly high core PCE price inflation.

Walt said...

Economic activity in the manufacturing sector contracted in June for the eighth consecutive month following a 28-month period of growth according to the Institute for Supply Management.

Sam said...

at the rate that America is falling we may not have too many July 4th celebrations left. Just about every major decision that our leaders make is self-destructive, and if we stay on the road that we are currently on our nation is not going to survive