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Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Why young people are targeted by the political left


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Three big reasons why young people are targeted by the political left


Governments don’t want a population capable of critical thinking, they want obedient workers, people just smart enough to run the machines and just dumb enough to passively accept their situation. You have no choice. You have owners. They own you. They own everything. They own all the important land. They own and control the corporations. They’ve long since bought, and paid for the Senate, the Congress, the statehouses, the city halls, they got the judges in their back pockets and they own all the big media companies, so they control just about all of the news and information you get to hear.”
~ George Carlin


We hear it often these days... millennials are breaking the political mold and refusing to become more conservative as they age. Not only that, but Gen Z is socially obsessed and could be the "key" to flipping elections in the U.S. in favor of the political left forever. But is this really true?

I was born on the very edge of the cutoff point for Gen X and the start of the millennial generation, so I could perhaps offer some insight into why younger generations are clinging so desperately to leftist ideology as some kind of solution to their fears. And believe me, they are driven by many fears. First and foremost, let’s get something straight in terms of numbers...

Both millennials and Gen Z tend to remain more party neutral, at least in polling, with only around 30 percent affiliated with the Democratic party. However, in voting, the Gen Z demographic tends to vote in favor of leftist policies by a 60 percent or greater margin. Meaning, just because young people are more likely to identify as "independent" doesn't mean they actually are independent. In many cases, they see Democrats as not socialist enough but vote for them anyway because they see the party as more malleable to their interests.

Millennials on the other hand vote evenly, with 47 percent voting Republican and 51 percent supporting Democrats. After the age of 40, Americans increasingly vote conservatively. The eternal conundrum for establishment elites that want an exponentially progressive and collectivist world is how to trap the youngest generations into supporting leftist policies well into old age.

There are hints that a statistical shift away from conservative ideals and traditional American principles is underway, with Gen Z and millennials far more progressive than Gen X. Not by as big a gap as the mainstream media likes to suggest, but enough to take notice of. There is now a subversive campaign underway within popular culture, public schools and social media to hook the next generations into the leftist fold forever. It is so aggressive and egregious that pop culture is now replete with critical race theory and LGBT propaganda, while many public school classrooms teach woke cultism more than academics.

The trend is pervasive enough that it is even dramatically changing the sexual demographics of Gen Z. Americans have normally polled at around 3 percent LGBT in past decades, but today some polls claim 20 percent LGBT for Gen Z. It's a scientific and statistical impossibility. Generation after generation of people with a 3-4 percent gay community, suddenly skyrocketing to 20 percent? The reason for this jump is mainly due to the "trans trenders"; people who have jumped onto the trans bandwagon, not because of legitimate sexual proclivities, but because they see it as a political rebellion that they want to be a part of. This is only possible because of deliberate social engineering.

To be sure, the woke cult is losing steam lately. Even school children are starting to fight back against it, but there are several reasons why they are the primary target of leftist psychological warfare. Let’s examine what I feel are the top three...

Reason #1: Young People Are The Most Economically Vulnerable

The political left relies on economic disparity in order to maintain power. The better the national financial situation is, the less leverage they have to keep the population in line. They rail against issues like "class inequality" all the time, but really, the greater the wealth gap, the more power leftists often have.

Millennials and Gen Z have been thoroughly sold on the idea that they were born into a time of historic economic despair that generations before them never had to deal with. Many of these kids are in their 20s and just exited college only to discover they have a useless degree in a field with low employment prospects, and on top of that they owe tens of thousands of dollars in student loans. They feel like they've been conned, and in a way, they were.

They have been fed a narrative that tells them that once you hit adulthood, you're entitled to a living wage and solid career prospects. They think that they're supposed to jump into home ownership quickly and that life simply adjusts to their needs. They think that this is how it was for Baby Boomers and Gen X, and that they've been handed the meager leftovers of a more prosperous era that previous generations squandered. This is nonsense. They've been lied to.

The fact is young people from every generation are economically vulnerable simply because they have little life experience and have had no time to accumulate savings and property. Most people in their 20s don't jump right into a career and a home or a livable wage. Every single generation had to deal with financial strife. Gen Z and millennials are not special.

But what about inflation? What about economic crisis? Yes, there are numerous fiscal threats prevailing over the past several years and stagflation is making life difficult for everyone, not just young people. These conditions are not unprecedented, though.

Baby Boomers and Gen X saw a decade-long stagflationary crisis through the 70s and early 80s along with the Vietnam War. My own grandfather lost millions in his freight business due to exploding interest rates in the late 70s. The Greatest Generation dealt with the Great Depression, WWI, WWII, and the Korean War. Young people today need to get a grip on reality and understand that they don't know what true struggle is, at least not yet.

At bottom, some people are born into times of uncertainty. Previous generations sought to rise to the occasion. Gen Z and millennials are the first generations to suggest that they are owed something. This isn't an attempt to diminish their problems, just put those problems in historic perspective. Leftists use predatory tactics to lure the young in with claims that their lives are unfair — but life is unfair and always will be.

You don't go into the working world with no skills and no experience and a worthless college degree expecting to become an immediate success. You live paycheck to paycheck, grow as a person and eventually find your niche. If you are smart, resourceful, responsible and are willing to put in the effort you will find a way. If not, well, then you don't deserve prosperity.

Reason #2: Young Adults Are Sex-Driven, Not Accomplishment Driven

I should specify that young people in the Western world are sexually oriented more than accomplishment oriented. In many other societies, the young are pushed to strive for personal success before pursuing relationships, marriage or sex. In the West, sex is purely recreational and is the driving force for 20 and 30-somethings. Specifically, sex without consequences.

I suspect this is why American innovation, work ethic and academic excellence have been on a perpetual downslide. Technology has taken up some of the slack in terms of productivity, but the newest generations seem to be the most unimpressive in terms of ambition and excellence. There will be no Albert Einsteins or Carl Sagans or Richard Feynmans produced by Gen Z. They are too preoccupied with other things...

The political left is eminently aware of this dynamic. They know that the minds of young people are easily manipulated with thoughts of sexual revolution, generally because they think it means more easy access to sex without responsibility.

Young people are more likely to support sexualized policies for this reason, and they are more likely to support abortion. Leftists know that sex sells and making it easy for people to kill off unwanted pregnancies is one way to sell sex.

The interesting thing that is happening recently, though, is that the political left is growing more and more hostile to straight sex. Free love for everyone used to be the progressive mantra, but not anymore.

Masculinity is now admonished as predatory, and women are encouraged to treat male advances as a threat. The left is systematically de-sexualizing straight people. At the same time, they are hyper-sexualizing LGBT people to the point that Pride Parades are applauded for grotesque displays in the streets, even in front of children.

I suspect that this trend has a design. The goal is to maneuver young people into the LGBT fold as the only place where sexual "freedom" is accepted. As long as you don't want kids or can't have kids, the leftist establishment is happy to promote a world without restraint.

Reason #3: Young People Are Desperate To Find Meaning

For those that can remember back to their teens and twenties, it's common to be obsessed with destiny almost as much as sex. In Western society a lot of value is placed on celebrity as well as legacy. Everyone has dreams of being well known, well liked, leading a movement that changes things for the better, making their mark. The truth is, statistically speaking, the vast majority of people will do very little to make a mark on the world in the way they imagine.

Probably one of the most terrifying realizations for the average person in their 20s and 30s is the fact that they are not special. They are not born with built-in greatness and are not fated for messiah status. If they want to do something extraordinary as individuals, they will have to work hard for it. In fact, most people that do great things are not necessarily smarter than the common citizen, they just put in the work that others refuse to do.

Of course, there are also those that cut corners. The allure of instant purpose and instant attention has never been more powerful than it is today in the digital age. Rebels without a cause used to be isolated from each other and thus less inclined to do anything stupid. Now, these people are connected to each other within microseconds and can organize into mobs at the drop of a hat.

Leftists make finding a purpose easy. You don't have to build anything. You don't have to struggle or persevere. You don't have to be creative or inventive. You don't have to compete or climb to the top of the heap. All you have to do is destroy. All you have to do is stand on top of the structures that other people built and burn them down. That's it. It's simple.

A political movement with no shame is a difficult movement to defeat, if only because right and wrong are no longer a factor in participation. When justification is based on subjective feelings, impulse and self-aggrandizement rather than reason, moral compass and conscience, there is no way to persuade or dissuade those activists from their goals. When destruction is the only ideal, diplomacy and debate are unthinkable. It's like trying to negotiate with a time bomb.

Destruction is the easiest motivation for a movement. Creation and conservation are hard. Leftists know that the young are not inclined to ponder 10 moves ahead on the chess board. They would rather throw the chess board to the ground and then strut around like they won the game.

The problem is, if meaning is only found in derailing and burning and narcissistic desire, the arson must continue into infinity. What happens when there's nothing left to destroy? There are only two possible outcomes: The leftists destroy each other and themselves, or the establishment uses the next generation to build their own gulag. The latter seems to be the end game for progressive elites and globalists — Use young useful idiots as a weapon to forcibly introduce massive social upheaval, then lock them up in a slave camp and call it a utopia.

To truth and knowledge,

Brandon Smith





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Rhonda said...

Teacher unions are in league w/ the left; keeping kids dumb & unable to think for themselves.

William said...

Historically, youth starts out life as liberals; as they wise up, they become conservative.