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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Think Spot, Censorship and the Myth of Collective Power

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 Think Spot, Censorship and the Myth of Collective Power

>Our nation was built on the values of individual freedom, private property and limited government...Learn about ThinkSpot!

   Dems seem to stoke racial and class warfare as part of their divisive strategy to win the next election…while sowing the seeds of socialism.

In the America I grew up in, only opportunity is assured, not the outcome.  Dems want to impose their brand of an even bigger Nanny State and an erosion of your rights which is not what our founders intended.  Property rights and individualism would take a back seat to the state; they discourage self reliance and want people to be dependent on the state.

They forget citizens are sovereign and the state works for us.

Whenever someone sticks up for themselves against local, state and the federal government, it goes into action weaponizing itself against individuals, something that is  popular in Communist regimes.

As the burden and cost of government continues to grow, it will eventually die of obesity before it ever stops gorging itself on debt.

The Myth of Collective Power

Many today are under the impression that the problems we face in our world today will only be solved by collective action.

History, however, again and again, tells a different story.

While collective power is great at building things, moving things, and acting under a clearly-defined framework and hierarchy… 

(And also forcing people to do what they don’t want to do… and killing them if they don’t comply)

It’s very poor at creative problem-solving, inventing, and discovering new things.

Statistics come from the impersonal institution, the “collective,” or the groups…

Great insights and strokes of brilliance come from individuals who, in wanting to solve a particular problem, with the ability of deliberate focus and reflection, come to a realization.

This, at its most basic, requires that individuals be untethered from the collective, allowing their thoughts to roam freely outside of “the box.”

(After all, if the answer was obvious, the collective would’ve already picked it up.) 

Sometimes, the realization has little to do with the particular problem-at-hand. But what ties all great discoveries together is that it came from an active, open, and searching mind.

There’s been exactly zero cases of a spontaneous collective “Aha!” moment leading to a great invention, discovery, or insight. 

It always took root in an individual mind first.

Brilliance, in other words, is a product of what makes us unique as individuals, not what makes us the same.

The seed always begins with the individual, then is tempered and shaped and elaborated on by others.

This is a liberating realization because individual brilliance doesn’t discriminate…

Every single individual with the capacity for insight has the ability to ruminate on a specific problem. And, flipside, the problem can be seen through a billion lenses that are all entirely unique.

We have billions of potentially brilliant solutions whirling around at this very moment, screaming to be let out.

Quietly. In a Bath. On a Solution. 

Tragically, we seem to be mired in the idea that only groups are capable of affecting change.

Or, that the louder we are, the closer we must be to a solution.

Many, perhaps under the impression of democracy is a one-size-fits-all kinda’ thing, believe placards, movements, voting, and “power in numbers” is the way to solve all problems.

And yet -- after the cheers, jeers, highs, and hangovers are gone -- the results are always lacking, dubious, unspecified, and unclear.

In this mode, change is perpetually one protest, waiver, or signature away…


All the energy directed at “raising awareness,” shouting, demanding, and soapboxing about a problem, could’ve been spent… say...

Quietly. In a bath. On a solution.

Michelangelo once gave humanity the key to really changing the world, and he did so in only three words:

“Criticize by creating.”

Here’s one example:

Enter ThinkSpot.

Jordan Peterson recently announced the launch of a project he’s been working on for a while behind the scenes.

It’s called Thinkspot.

Thinkspot is a hybrid social media platform that mixes what’s great about Patreon, Youtube, and Twitter…

Without what all three of these platforms have become known for: censorship.

As you may know, Jordan Peterson’s fame really took off when he stood up for the freedom of speech.

More precisely, some say he got famous for opposing mandated speech in Canada (See: Bill C-16)…

Others say he got famous for being a “transphobic” bigot who refuses to program pronouns into his phone… (and that the whole draconian “say this or get thrown in a cage” thing is beside the point).

Whatever the case, Peterson is worried about two things:

Censorship on the Internet and the preservation of free speech.

Rather than advocating for government intervention, Peterson is criticizing by creating…

Enter ThinkSpot, a radically free social media platform. 

Jordan Peterson’s Thinkspot Is a Welcome Social Media Option. Will It Work?

Tyler Curtis

Last month, the controversial psychologist and popular public speaker Jordan Peterson announced that he is creating a new social media site. Billed as an “anti-censorship” platform, “Thinkspot” would allow users to post virtually whatever they want. “Once you’re on our platform we won’t take you down unless we’re ordered to by a US court of law,” Peterson promised.

Free Speech Under Attack?

For those worried that large social media companies are unfairly discriminating against conservatives, Thinkspot is a welcome development. What were once seemingly bastions of free speech, platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube have shown increasing willingness to silence and ban users who express opinions deemed offensive (though, often, this merely means that it was inimical to the progressive orthodoxy).

Examples of “de-platforming” are legion. Specifically, Peterson calls attention to users who have been suspended from Twitter for “misgendering” a trans person and mocking laid-off journalists by telling them to “learn to code.” But the issue came to a head recently when right-wing comedian Steven Crowder found that his YouTube channel had been demonetized—but not suspended—after mocking Vox journalist Carlos Maza, who is gay, as a “lispy queer.”

Many conservatives and Republican lawmakers saw the Crowder-Maza incident as a warning sign that large tech companies would kowtow to progressive mobs and continue to silence conservative voices. They noted that several other comedians have made similarly coarse statements online (including a comment by Maza in which he implicitly called for violence) but have not suffered any repercussions.

To combat “censorship” by politically biased platforms, Senator Josh Hawley just introduced legislation to regulate social media companies by forcing them to prove to the government that their content removal practices are “politically neutral.”

But as Michael Rieger has pointed out here at FEE, free speech did not begin with Facebook, and we would be no less free if Facebook ceased to exist. Far from protecting free expression, government regulation would likely politicize internet speech even further and only increase the powerof established social media platforms.

Will Thinkspot Be a Neutral Platform?

Rather than advocating for government intervention, Jordan Peterson has an entrepreneurial solution to the problem of social media bias. Thinkspot, he says, will be radically pro-free speech. The site will be subscription-based, and creators will be compensated directly by other subscribers. Unlike Patreon or YouTube, members will not have to worry about their content being taken down or demonetized simply because they hold unpopular opinions or if a vocal group of people decides to make them a target.

That doesn’t mean Thinkspot won’t have rules, however. Similar to Twitter’s 140-character maximum, Thinkspot will have a 50-word minimum. The purpose is to encourage users to post thoughtful opinions. “Even if you’re being a troll, you’ll be a quasi-witty troll,” Peterson said. The intention here is noble, but unfortunately, the idea is woefully naive. A long comment on any social media site is more likely to be verbose than insightful. And to put it nicely, trolls are not known for their brevity.

More puzzling is Thinkspot’s voting feature. Users will be able to “upvote” or “downvote” a comment, and if your comment falls below a certain ratio (Peterson has suggested 50/50), then it will be hidden. The comment won’t be deleted, but users will have to click on the comment in order to see it, much like how one must click on a tweet from an account that one has muted or that Twitter has designated as “offensive content.”

This poses a problem for those who want a “politically neutral” social media platform. After all, what’s to stop a right-wing mob from downvoting every comment they see from a progressive? Make no mistake: Thinkspot will almost certainly be predominantly populated by conservatives. As NĂ©stor de Buen persuasively argues, a website designed by Jordan Peterson and backed by other members of the so-called “Intellectual Dark Web” will undoubtedly discourage liberals from joining, while the downvote system “will all but ensure no left-wing ideas are ever discussed on the site.”

Thinkspot may not become the pluralistic hub of free thought and honest debate envisioned by Peterson, but that doesn’t mean it won’t have value. As the major social media companies crack down on unprogressive speech, Thinkspot may become a refuge for dissenters.

What’s more, an innovative Patreon-YouTube-Twitter hybrid could apply competitive pressure to other platforms, incentivizing them to relax their censorship policies. Once again, the market is doing a better job at encouraging free speech than more regulation ever could.

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All of a sudden, it seems like the mainstream media just can’t stop talking about “the coming recession” -  Democrats are drooling over the prospect as they don’t give a damn about people, only damaging Trump

Right now, the main reason voters approve of Trump’s job performance is the economy. A CNN poll from late May found that 26% of those who approve of Trump’s job performance said it was mainly because of the economy. That was more than double the next most commonly given answer. Additionally, 8% said jobs/unemployment was the main reason for why they approved of Trump. Among those who disapproved, few said anything related to the economy was the main reason why they disapproved of Trump. For example, only 1% said the Trump tax cuts.

But if the U.S. economy plunges into a painful recession, the game completely changes.

For those on the left that would like to see Trump voted out in 2020, the timing of the next recession will be key.  If the next recession doesn’t begin until the second half of 2020, there may not be enough economic pain before November to swing the election in the favor of the Democratic candidate.  So what the left really needs is for a recession to begin during the second half of 2019 or the first half of 2020 so that Americans are really suffering by the time election day rolls around.

Truly a sick way for the Left to think but it is not surprising!





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“Government’s around the world are becoming increasingly wary of the dollar’s hegemony in international trade,” says Moore. “And they’re doing their best to distance themselves from it by using their gold reserves to buy more gold instead.”


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The cover-story for all that is the completely insane doctrine called Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) which states that a nation with the world’s reserve currency can never go bankrupt as long as it can keep “printing” more money — or punching computer keystrokes into the “systemically important” (Too Big to Fail) bank accounts. When that train goes off the rails — as it must, because it’s at-odds with reality — it will be the biggest wreck in history, and it will bring all the operations of advanced societies to a stop, including raw materials supply lines, manufacturing, global trade, and industrial-scale Agri-Biz. The last of these will be especially punishing in a world where bad weather is hammering this year’s grain production

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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Is it Time to ‘Get Out of the System’? – Your Right to Farm & tips…

Poor Man Survival

Self Reliance tools for independent minded people…

ISSN 2161-5543

A Digest of Urban Survival Resources


Is it Time to ‘Get Out of the System’? – Your Right to Farm & Tips…

   The Lunatic Left fringe elements are placing our nation under siege.  We see it with their Antifa-style protests against ICE, the Border Patrol, politicians, and even local police as witnessed recently in NYC, Dallas, and Philadelphia.

Left wing rabble rousers such as ‘Mad’ Maxine Waters, encourage violence and hateful actions [such as violating their privacy at public eateries] against White House staff and family members of Donald Trump.

As I’ve pointed out previously, they are using Communist tactics straight out of ‘Rules for Radicals” by Communist agitator Saul Alinsky [of which Ms. Clinton & Obama were acolytes].

Those on the Left, including the Communists in Congress [AOC, Rashid, Omar, Bernie, etc.], deliberately lie about conservatives and POTUS and mislead the public about gender equality, border security [AOC’s stupid ‘concentration camp’ nonsense and bashing ICE, etc.] and lame-stream media supports their bile…they’re just like the radical Muslim extremists hell-bent on destroying America.

As I wrote the month Trump was sworn in, the Deep State would use every dirty tool available to undermine his presidency…sewer sludge like Nasty Nadler and his co-conspirators have ignored real issues and have devoted 100% of their time to investigate/persecute POTUS.

These socialist-democrats are a sickness spreading like cancer.

I fear these vindictive socialist-sociopaths may actually come to power in 2020 or 2024…the next election promises to be a show-down in America between us surviving the Deep State anti-America push and retaining our Republic from this onslaught against individuals, the Bill of Rights, property rights and more.


Like Hitler said “tell a big lie often enough and people will believe it.’ This seems to be the strategy of the Democratic-Socialists.

Either way, you should plan now for when their takeover begins…reduce your exposure to the Deep State, its financial systems and more.  If Trump wins the next election, hopefully, the Deep State will face prosecution for its treasonous moves via the false Mueller Investigation and Silicon Valley/Big Tech.

Legendary gold bug, Jim Sinclair is a strong proponent of what he calls “GOTS” – Get Out of the System.  He suggests the following steps be taken now, while you can.  I don’t agree with each step but I felt them worth sharing:


1.   Equities are held in certificate form or direct registration.

2.   No Federal sponsored retirement funds such as 401K, etc.

3.   No CDs and investments in bonds.

4.   Modest money deposited among selected BRIC nations such as Singapore.

5.   Store your own precious metals.

6.   No mortgage obligations.

7.   Keep enough cash on hand to cover six months of expenses.

8.   No consumer debt of any kind-pay it all down.

9.   Own a small hobby farm outside of where you currently live-learn to garden and/or raise small livestock.

10.                Have a gas, electric or diesel car with high fuel mileage.

11.                Own a generator w/ a high fuel capacity.

12.                Put one-third of your liquid net worth in gold or silver.


During [before it hits] a recessionary cycle stock up on consumer staples that you can use to ride out an uncertain road…during rising inflation and shifting economics, your food stockpile, cash and not having debt will reward you and your family.




Your right to farm is protected by law in all 5 states.  According to the National Agricultural Law Center,  All 50 states have enacted right-to-farm laws that seek to protect farmers and ranchers from nuisance lawsuits filed by individuals  who move into rural areas where normal farming operations exist.


If you want to learn more about homesteading, visit:


The Agricultural Law Center’s database to learn more about your rights.


Prior to purchasing a farm – get advice from others in the area or from the Farm Bureau in your county.  Hey, Ivory Soap shavings will keep deer away-you can cut them into squares, drill a hole in them and thread a string through them & hang about 10’ apart & tie them to stakes to secure them!


We have two fawns which have our back yard their new home-we see them daily but no sign of a mother!  Very cute-See them on this quick video…



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Yours in Freedom,

Bruce ‘the PoorMan’

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