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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Doom Index: Surviving a Collapse+How to Protect Your Gun Rights

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Doom Index: Surviving a Collapse+How to Protect Your Gun Rights

We Are Sitting On Top of the Biggest Bubble In History…There’s not a single person or economist (that I’m aware of, at least) that denies 1995-2000 was a bubble. It was the most extreme in U.S. history…

And when you compare that period to what’s happened between 2009 to today…

The only significant difference is that the newer bubble has lasted a year longer due to artificial stimulus.

When this bubble finally popswe’re going to witness the worst market crash in history.

So far, the big, fat, ugly Dow has sat on the wall and stubbornly refused to tumble. But last week, Donald J. Trump gave Humpty a shove.

He turned up the Trade War Dial, from 1/2 crazy to 3/4 crazy. China retaliated with its own version of crazy, cutting agricultural purchases from the U.S. and letting the yuan fall.

Inflate-or-Die Trap

China, like the U.S., is in an Inflate-or-Die trap. Its economy is even more grotesque and distorted than the U.S.’

It has millions of empty apartments … silent factories … roads to nowhere … bridges that connect nothing to nobody … and whole ghost towns, put up to satisfy a demand that wasn’t really there. It has excess capacity in almost every sector.

Now, it can’t just sit back and let Mr. Market correct Mr. Party Functionary’s mistakes. It must keep the money flowing, or the economy may collapse … and drag its communist rulers down with it. A weaker yuan helps it inflate domestic prices … while making its exports even harder to resist.

Almost all major countries are stuck. They’ve all built their economies on fake money and phony interest rates. Soon, they’ll all be competing to debase their currencies to keep the fake money flowing and the whole fandango going.

The E.U. and China will further lower interest rates and pump money into their systems, making it much easier for their manufacturers to sell product. In the meantime, and with very low inflation, our Fed does nothing…


Undermining Capitalism

Labor costs about $5 an hour in China. In the U.S., it’s about $25. With a 5-to-1 advantage, China is the world’s go-to source for many manufactured items.
The U.S. can’t compete on raw labor costs. It has to use capital — money, machinery, knowledge — to produce higher-quality/luxury brand goods with less labor input. No trade agreement is going to change that.
But instead of even trying to understand the real challenge, the feds make the problem worse. Like the commie leaders in China, they pretend to stimulate, manage, and improve the economy.
But the typical Democrat or Republican knows no more about economics than the typical communist. Maybe less.
So, instead of letting capitalism do its work, the feds undermine it with phony prices and ersatz capital.
Capitalism needs real capital — savings. But the geniuses at the Fed have been punishing saving and rewarding debt (anti-capital) for at least the last 10 years. That’s why growth rates are falling and almost all the new jobs created in the last 20 years are in the low-wage, low-productivity service sector, rather than high-value-added manufacturing.
And the trade war is just another capital-killing move by the feds. Deep State grifters want to tell us with whom we can do business … and on what terms.
So, instead of buying from the most efficient producer — China — American firms are forced to turn to Vietnam or Mexico to get what they need at higher prices.

Or, they can hire lobbyists and spend time trying to get special exceptions, dispensations, and indulgences from Washington. Either way, it is time (and capital) down the drain.

For the moment, Humpty is still comfortably high on the wall. But the wall may give way from under him. And while we have no way of knowing what will happen, or when, we try to stay alert. And when we judge that the odds of a major fall are high, we run our old, tattered Crash Alert flag up the pole.

Doom Index Update

The poor old black-and-blue flag has seen better days. It’s been up and down so often over the last three … and it stayed out in the rain, wind and weather for so long … we’ve begun to feel sorry for it.
“You keep warning about a crash. If you keep it up, you’ll be right eventually. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day,” writes a skeptical reader.

Our reader is right. But it’s better to be right eventually than never. And twice a day seems like plenty. So, we’re leaving the damned flag up. Besides, our research department, led by the capable Joe Withrow, tells us this is no time to take it down.
Joe’s report on the Doom Index in detail can be found below. But here’s the CliffsNotes version:
We got another 8 reading, keeping us at crash levels. The economic numbers show a clear slowdown … Stocks valuations remain stretched … We are seeing twice as many bond downgrades as upgrades, which is concerning given the sheer amount of debt coming due over the next four years … And credit growth slowed by 80%. No wonder the Fed is rushing to cut rates …

The Dow hit an all-time high on July 11. But remember, according to classic Dow Theory, a new high in the Dow 30 industrials must be confirmed by a new high in the Dow Transportation Index.
The transports — trucks, ships, rails — tell us when the goods are moving. If the transport stocks don’t go up, something is wrong. No new high in transports, no real new bull market.
The industrials hit a new high. But we never got confirmation from the transports.

“If it can’t go up,” say the old-timers, “it must go down.”
Regards, Bill
• This article was originally published by Bonner & Partners. You can learn more about Bill and Bill Bonner’s Diary right here.


While the mainstream media is breathing heavy about Trump’s “maniacal” tweets… 
There’s a story that’s slipping through the cracks.

 Graham Summers, author of the bestselling book The Everything Bubble, believes Trump’s now going in for the killshot.

And, according to Graham, it’s going to cripple the Deep State.

As you’ll see, a Washington insider has already confirmed this major move…

“This event will rock global financial markets,” Graham wrote this week, “and it will change how you retire and save... 

And it will cement Trump’s legacy as the biggest proponent of the stock market in history... 

Trump has already tipped his hand.

And when he executes his plan, you’ll want to be ready.

Everything you need to know is in a 
brand new PDF report Summers just finished up this week

Yours in Freedom,

Bruce ‘the PoorMan’

Additional News of Note…

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That Re-Grow From Scraps

The next time you make dinner for yourself and your family, you may want to think twice before you toss your kitchen scraps into the trash or compost pill. Did you know that there are a good deal of commonly used vegetables and herbs that will actually regrow from the scraps that you normally throw away? I had heard that you could do this with pineapple, but I was surprised to see some of the other plants that will actually regrow.

Make no mistake about it: the ultimate goal of the gun control gang is not to limit gun ownership to law-abiding citizens but to eliminate their presence entirely.

The elitist socialists fear a citizenry capable of rising in armed resistance to their Big Brother dream of dictating behavior for all Americans.

What can we do to stop the gun grabbers?

Supporters of 2nd Amendment rights must not, under any circumstances, let our guard down. We must remain vigilant to repel the attempts by anti-gun zealots like Michael Bloomberg and his horde to take away our guns or, barring that, to take away our ammunition to render our guns useless.

  • You can become a member of a pro-gun organization like Gun Rights for America or the NRA.
  • Learn about District of Columbia vs. Heller and your right to bear arms.
  • Keep tabs on your state's gun laws with this state directory.
  • Monitor lawmaker activities, not only in Congress but at your state and local levels as well. Attend the town hall meetings and speak up. 
  • Buy a gun, get trained in its use and practice, practice, practice. Have a spare magazine handy for situations like this one. Don't be a helpless victim.
  • Support candidates who vow to stand up for gun rights. 
  • Discover the truth about guns from crime statistics databases like the FBI's (Read the reports and you'll see that gun violence is going down, not up).

It’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when... 

When will another law be signed or directive given to disarm American citizens?

When gun control was brought up at the second Democratic presidential debate this week, South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg rattled off the usual list of gun-control restrictions... Read More

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Derek said...

Frightening stuff but all accurate. There's a rumor floating around that seems to indicate the mass shootings are being staged by the Left, using 'Manchurian Candidate,' losers to carry out the shootings; in an effort to remove our guns. Would it surprise me-NO!

Bob said...

Always spot on!

Tammy said...

Spot on! Plus a basket of useful goodies. thanks!

Mandy said...

I too am beginning to question just how these shooting are being orchestrated; anyone with a half a brain can see these incidents [regardless of the political bent of the shooter] falls right into the hands of Left leaning gun grabbers...I've read every single one of these shooters has been on psychotropic drugs most of their lives...hmm, any connection?

yvonne said...

I don't trust demo-rats...they ignore big threats like China...they want to erode rights and make citizens subservient to the state. Screw that!