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Thursday, October 29, 2020



Poor Man Survival

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Don’t Let Socialist-Dems Steal Our Country!

America barely survived eight years of "You Didn't Build That"... but can we really survive eight years of "You Don't Own That"? – I doubt it.


The election of 2020 is perhaps the most bizarre affair in modern American history; not since the post-Civil War turmoil of reconstruction and the election of 1876 when the nation was divided completely down ideological lines. Questions of states' rights versus federal power were at the forefront, and the presence of federal troops in the south was a primary voting concern.

The Democrats at the time were the party of the South and the Confederacy, the Republicans were the party of the Union. Though they had lost the war, southerners were finding ways to strike back during the elections.

Today, we have a different dynamic — which outcome will lead to the biggest disaster, and who will take the blame? In contrast to 1876, I believe that in 2020 the elites are seeking to increase the level of instability, not calm the waters. The mainstream media has launched a massive fear campaign hinting at a potential contested election and both sides of the aisle are accusing the other of encouraging ballot fraud. I have no doubt that whichever way the election goes, millions of Americans will refuse to accept the results.

To be clear, I don't really view modern elections from the perspective of "winning" and "losing." It's hard for me to say exactly what was going on behind the curtain in 1876, but today I think it is foolish to engage in election analysis without first accepting the reality that the game is rigged. Biden is a full-blown globalist and is proud of it; Trump is surrounded by globalists and banking elites in his cabinet. Regardless of who loses, the elites win. The only question I am here to ask is, which candidate serves the globalist agenda most effectively right now?

My original prediction for the 2020 election this past summer was that the White House would go to Donald Trump, but under sharply contested conditions. I predicted Trump's win in 2016 based on the premise that the establishment needed a conservative scapegoat for the impending collapse of the U.S. economy as we know it along with the civil unrest and calamity this event would inspire. I stated unequivocally on numerous occasions that Trump would preside over America's rapid decline and that conservative ideals and principles would be blamed by extension.

And behold, in 2020 this is exactly what is happening, with a pandemic and the implosion of the "Everything Bubble" now in full swing and the media placing it all in the lap of conservatives.

Now, whether or not people believe this tripe is another matter. As it stands, the worst-hit states economically are states controlled by leftist politicians that are enforcing draconian lockdown restrictions on the population. States run by conservatives are faring much better overall.

The point is, which outcome serves the establishment narrative? Do the elites need Trump in office longer in order to crash the system completely on his watch? I believe this is the case. Like Clinton, Biden represents one of the worst possible candidates that could have been chosen as an opponent for Trump if the intent is to remove Trump from the Oval Office. His odd mental breaks, embarrassing gaffs, his habit of being creepily over-familiar with women and young girls and his exposure to corruption through foreign ties make him a poor contender.

To be sure, Democrats and leftists will vote for him anyway out of spite, but I have a hard time seeing him rallying a wide cross-section of Americans that would give him an edge. If the establishment wanted to be rid of Trump, they could have chosen better.

But what if I'm wrong and a Biden presidency is forthcoming? What if ballots are rigged to one side, as they were in 1876? What if a contested election leads to an "agreement" in which Trump steps down? What would it mean to have Biden in the White House?

Well, the U.S. system as we know it is going to fall either way, at least in terms of the economy. This is a process that was initiated many years ago, with the impetus of financial bubbles hitting disaster proportions in 2008. Nothing has improved since then; in fact, the central bank bailouts and stimulus measures only increased the likelihood of a collapse event by inflating corporate and national debt levels while simultaneously diminishing the buying power of the dollar. The only difference between Trump and Biden in this regard is how fast the collapse will happen.

With Trump, the crash will most likely happen slower and more methodically as the establishment takes its time building the narrative that conservative ideals, nationalism, sovereignty movements, etc. "caused" the calamity because such philosophies are "inherently selfish" and destructive. Meaning, at least with Trump, we have a little more time to prepare for the inevitable.

With Biden in office, the time frame changes completely, and the crash must move faster. Why? Because the globalists cannot allow a Biden administration (and by extension the globalists) to be labeled as the culprits behind the crash. They would have to expedite the downturn in the early months of Biden's first term so that the media can claim the crisis is an aftereffect of Trump's presidency.

If Biden does enter the White House in 2021, expect a hard plunge in economic fundamentals almost immediately.

Another factor of a Biden presidency would be the high probability of federally enforced pandemic lockdowns. Forget about the current state-by-state lockdown orders and nuances; Biden will attempt a national lockdown mandate because he is not held back by a need to appeal to a conservative and liberty-minded constituency like Trump is. Biden will go for broke, and the economy will take another massive hit as businesses go into bankruptcy at breakneck speed.

And again, this would have to be implemented quickly so that Trump and conservatives can be blamed. They will claim harsh lockdowns "have to be pursued" because conservatives refused to accept them during the early stages of the pandemic.

Furthermore, it is obvious that a second Trump term would be used as an invitation for mass demonstrations and riots by extreme leftists, but this threat doesn't go away with Biden in office. Actually, the riots may become worse under Biden. The social justice cult will see Biden as a "malleable" and easily controlled political figure who will do their bidding. Biden will placate the hard left; not because he fears them, but because he has a role to play in this great Kabuki theater and it serves the interests of the globalist agenda at the moment.

Finally, if the establishment puts Biden in the White House it means they want national gun restrictions or outright confiscation within the first couple of years of his term. Biden's anti-2nd Amendment views are hardly ambiguous. With Trump, the chances of a gun grab are much slimmer (though he has voiced support for Red Flag laws in the past). Under Biden, the gun grab will be swift. This threat along with Level 4 lockdowns on a national level would elicit the only logical response left for conservatives — armed rebellion.

A study from New Mexico State University and the University of Toledo found that 67% of people who said they bought a gun during the coronavirus pandemic worked in the health care industry ... Read More Here

I do not think this is what the globalists want at this point in time. I do not think they have the capacity to handle it, and I do not think they would be able to get a majority of law enforcement and the military to go along with such policies. This is why I continue to believe they prefer Trump in office and that they will use economic decline and the "failure" of conservative policies as a false rationale for the "global reset" the elites seem to be so excited about.

Be warned, however, that if Biden ends up in office, this should be treated as a warning sign that a high-speed collapse is on the way.

To truth and knowledge,

Brandon Smith

NOTE: This one in a series.  Next we’ll explore strategies for surviving a socialist take over.

It doesn’t take a fount of political wisdom to say that if Biden and the Democrats carry the Electoral College, America is lost, perhaps forever. The U.S. will become a Leninist country. Madness and ignorance will have triumphed.

America barely survived eight years of "You Didn't Build That"... but can we really survive eight years of "You Don't Own That"? – I doubt it.

Dems are demanding lawless cities with little policing. Demanding an end to any personal responsibility or accountability whatsoever. From a moratorium on evictions to emptying out our country's prisons, everything about the American way of life has been turned upside down.

My growing fear is that the mob, and the politicians who encourage them, will never allow America to be set right again.

But what bothers me the most is the growing demand that I abandon my beliefs in a free and just society. Instead, I'm told that I have to believe that the good life I've built with hard work and by serving my customers is in fact just an accident of birth.

 2020 Election Is a Choice Between Rule-Changing and Respect for Constitutional Norms


As Breitbart reported, the Biden campaign has dropped at least $582 million in digital and television ad spending since the announcement last year of his intentions to run for president, setting the record for the most money ever spent on digital ads for an election in American history.

7 Open Leftist Threats That Political Terror Is Coming To America Whether Trump Wins Or Not

Examples of hostilities toward Trump and his supporters abound, but leftists' threats of terror are even greater should Biden win the presidency.


Useful stuff      

If you love our freedoms, our way of life-STOP supporting the disgusting anti-American Left! These Marxist parasites will bite you on the arse. Read Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ to see what happens under socialism. A vote for Biden will be like shooting yourself.


DIY Flash Bang Devices



Peter S. is 97-years-old…

He’s one of the oldest Office of Strategic Services spies (the OSS was the predecessor to the CIA.)

Recently, he gave an interview where he talked about how the Russians have been targeting our political system for decades and how they also target high profile people like Trump.

My favorite quote from his interview is…

“One great advantage the Soviets always had over us is that they played the long game. We thought in terms of quarters, whereas they thought in terms of years or even decades.”

This quote is 100% true and every intelligence officer knows it.

The Russians, the Chinese, the Cubans play the long game and us Americans do not.

For instance, the Chinese will send some kid to a university here in the states.

That kids is supposed to get good grades and eventually get a job with the US government or Apple or Microsoft, etc.

That kid is supposed to climb the ladder in these organizations so he can pass along valuable intel.

It might be 20 years before he passes along good intel, but the Chinese will wait.

Americans don’t have that kind of patience.

My point in all of this is two-fold….

First, always beware of that Russian or Chinese kid who wants to become your best friend, if you have access to sensitive information.

Second, I’m a huge fan of playing the long game and I want to be the Tortoise in the Tortoise and the Hare.

In other words, my survival food, my water purification, my gear, is all for the long game.

I might have to use it tomorrow or I might not have to use it for 10 years.

You just never know.

Same thing with my financial outlook.

I live very conservatively and below my means just in case that rainy day comes – and it always comes.

So, play the long game in your personal life and with your preparedness, it’s definitely worth it.

Stay safe,

Jason Hanson


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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Our ‘normalcy bias’-how to move in the right direction


Poor Man Survival

Self Reliance tools for independent minded people…

ISSN 2161-5543

A Digest of Urban Survival Resources


Our ‘normalcy bias’-how to move in the right direction

Newton’s first law of motion, for example, is often summarized as something like “an object at rest stays at rest, unless acted upon by an external force.”

Makes sense. A rock isn’t going anywhere unless someone picks it up and throws it.

And this is true not only of objects in our universe, but of human behavior as well.

Human beings are creatures of habit; our species resists change and succumbs to the inertia of our lives. When at rest, we tend to stay at rest.

Think about it: do you ever wonder why so many people are in unhealthy, destructive relationships? Or why they remain in jobs that they hate working for bosses they despise?

It’s because of inertia.

We know deep down when we need to make a change. And often we know what we need to do. But inertia is the reason why we don’t do what’s necessary to improve our lives.

There are countless different forms of inertia.

For example, life gets in the way, and we procrastinate. We put things off and just never get around to taking action. This is a type of inertia.

Or, our ‘normalcy bias’ makes us believe that, no matter how much chaos we see before our very eyes, everything will get better soon… so we don’t take any action.

Or, we recognize that taking action might create conflict. And since most people prefer to avoid conflict, we take the easier road, follow the crowd, and abdicate our decision-making to other people.

Or, we have a great fear of the unknown. And we’d rather suffer a known danger than accept the risk of an uncertain outcome.

Or (especially these days), more and more people are being taught to think of themselves as helpless victims who have no control over the direction of their lives. We’re rewarded for coming up with excuses rather than for taking action.

Each of these is a form of inertia, and there are many more. But they each lead to the same place: inaction.

The funny thing about inertia, though, is that it is simultaneously one of the costliest aspects of our lives, yet one of the easiest to overcome.

Inertia holds us back. It prevents us from achieving what we really want from life.

But overcoming inertia is simply a choice. There’s no special skill… no privilege required.

Anyone from any circumstance or background has the ability to choose: today I’m going to start taking action. I’ll educate myself and gather every tool or resource available to me to improve my life.

Again, this is merely a choice… and only requires summoning the willpower to follow through on that choice.

No one needs to move mountains to get started. It only takes a few baby steps.

For example, I’ve long been talking about the need to set up a Plan B. This is something that makes sense. In light of everything that’s happened in the world lately, it’s only rational to have a Plan B.

Deep down I think most folks recognize this is completely sensible.

But then inertia takes over. For whatever the reason, days, weeks, and then months go by… and we still haven’t started.

This is not uncommon. But it’s easy to fix.

Remember-- baby steps. Any time you find that you need to overcome inertia, ask yourself, “What’s the most important thing I can do right now to get moving in the right direction?”

It’s a great question to ask about your business, your relationships, and your life in general… as well as with your Plan B.




Still reeling from the pandemic recession, greater challenges could beset the US economy if a stimulus package is delayed past the election. We say the country needs a little less politics/Pelosi and a little more stimulus action.

From a reader taking an AMAC survey…


 That includes all their allies and financial backers in the MSM, the Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable, as well as China who stands to benefit the most from any success they achieve.

Virtually every item in this weekly poll is simply one more example of how the left is continually trying to chip away, piece by piece, at our republic from all sides. At some point in the very near future, the American people will have to decide if they are going to demand their so-called Republican representatives in Congress do more than simply provide occasional lip service support to the President. So far very few members of the Republican party in Congress have stood up and offered real, tangible support.

Most have just offered a lot of empty talking point responses and then scurried away, fearful of the media and what Democrats will say about them. That’s NOT how you win the war we are in for our republic. If President Trump is going to be successful in his second term, he needs more people fighting along with him on a daily basis. So far, it’s largely just him and a handful of others.


Useful stuff      

If you love our freedoms, our way of life-STOP supporting the disgusting anti-American Left! These Marxist parasites will bite you on the arse. Read Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ to see what happens under socialism. A vote for Biden will be like shooting yourself.

Dystopian Mandates Coming if Biden Wins 2020 Election

Stop the Alliance of Bias Against Trump-Vote GOP!


From the Soviet Union to Indiana, Republican House Candidate Stands Against Socialist Future



In a recent talk, David Morgan succinctly summed up this evolving silver industrial demand dilemma, saying:

More than gold, silver is vulnerable to supply shortages due to its crucial role in our high-tech society. Consider the emerging technology of 5G phones. Most phones on the market today are not equipped to handle 5G technology, but as the global trend shifts towards integrating 5G infrastructures, it will not be long before new phones are produced to accommodate it.

And these new phones will need silver: approximately 88 Million ounces of it. Do not underestimate the demand for silver just because its supply now appears to be plentiful.

As much as we hear the gold story, it truly is silver that keeps the economy running. Oil may be far more important than silver, but that does not negate the fact that we need silver to continue to operate in today’s world. The banking system cannot run without computers as there is silver in their computers. And we cannot exchange information without the silver as it is required in all communication landlines or wireless.

Silver is more critical than most people ever consider because it is ubiquitous. It is everywhere, in a very small amount. Every day, we handle little silver fragments, and we never even think about it—food for thought.




Honey is one of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts and an important item to add to your urban survival cache. But it is more urgent that you start stocking up on honey now before other many other food items. Over the past several years the honeybee population has dropped up to 70 percent and the price of honey is on the rise.

 Scientists still don't know for sure why this is happening, but it is likely due to several factors such as the increasing number of toxins in our environment, especially pesticides.

 Whatever the cause, it is quite possible that honeybees could become extinct this century. The good news is that there is still plenty of honey available for purchase and it lasts forever. Archaeologists have discovered jars of honey in ancient Egyptian tombs, and it is still edible...

 12 Reasons You Should Stock Up On Honey

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 21 Brilliant Uses for Bacon Grease


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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

If Biden/Socialists Get Elected-Hard Times Ahead


Poor Man Survival

Self Reliance tools for independent minded people…


ISSN 2161-5543

A Digest of Urban Survival Resources


Buy Lots Of Food And Store It Some Place Safe, Because Very Difficult Times Are Approaching


I’m just going to be very blunt with you.  Things have already gotten quite crazy, but they are going to get even crazier.  Global food supplies have already gotten tight, but they are going to get even tighter.

  When even the UN starts using the word Biblical to describe the famine that the world is facing, that is a sign that the hour is very late.  Thankfully, we are not facing famine in the short-term here in the United States, but “temporary shortages” of certain items have already been popping up, and food prices are aggressively shooting higher.  Earlier today my wife stopped by the grocery store to pick up a couple of things, and one particular item that used to cost about 12 dollars was now 20 dollars instead. 

But thanks to the Federal Reserve, this is about as low as food prices are going to get.  The Fed seems absolutely determined to crank up inflation, and that is going to have very serious implications during the times that are ahead.  Right now we have a window of opportunity before the next wave of trouble comes along, and I would greatly encourage you to use this window of opportunity to buy lots of food and store it some place safe.

Some people seem to think that if they have stored up a couple months worth of food that they will be just fine.

Unfortunately, that is not the reality of what we are facing.  The truth is that you should have enough food to feed every single person in your household for an extended period of time, and many of you will need much more than that.  Because when things get really crazy, many of the friends, neighbors and extended family members that neglected to prepare will come knocking on your door asking for help.

There are some people that would turn away those friends, neighbors and extended family members, but I couldn’t do that.  Yes, they are at fault for refusing to get prepared, but I just couldn’t turn them out into the street.

If you also plan to assist those around you that are in need, that just makes your job even bigger.  In the end, there is a limit to what any of us can do, and so we will do what we can with what we have and we will leave the rest to God.

The overwhelming demand that we are witnessing at food banks around the nation right now gives us some clues about what we can expect as economic conditions get even worse.  In Alameda County, vehicles are lining up as early as 7am just to get a little bit of food from the local food banks…

“They start lining up as early as seven in the morning and this will run for six straight hours” said Altfest.

Hundreds of cars slowly snake their way through the parking lot across from the Acura dealership on Interstate 880. Folks from all walks of life driving everything from Toyota’s, BMW’s, to Mercedes, all coming to get food. Folks are grateful for the charity.

When I read that quote from a local CBS news report, it struck me that it sounded almost exactly like what Heidi Baker said when she saw people waiting in line to get food…

And I saw all these people and they had beautiful cars, 4 by 4’s and Lexus, Mercedez, BMW’s, Toyotas. There they were with fancy shiny cars, but they were standing in line.

On the east coast we are seeing similar things happen.

In fact, there was a quarter-mile line at the break of dawn at a food bank in Queens on Saturday

The line stretched a quarter-mile before the sun was barely up Saturday, snaking around corners like bread lines in the 1930s. But the hungry in Queens are today’s New Yorkers, left jobless by the coronavirus.

Until the pandemic struck the city, La Jornada food pantry used to hand out groceries to roughly 1,000 families a week. Now, the figure tops 10,000. And volunteers serve lunch every day to 1,000 — many of them kids with growling stomachs. Across the five boroughs, the hungry number in the hundreds of thousands, the Food Bank of New York estimates.

I found it quite interesting that the New York Post is comparing what is happening now to the “bread lines in the 1930s”.

This is the reality of what we are facing people.  So many people are already in desperate need, and this “perfect storm” is just getting started.

In the Richmond, Virginia area things are even worse.  According to one recent report, vehicles have been lining up at one food bank “as early as six hours” before it opens…

Every Friday, cars line up as early as six hours before the food bank on Iron Bridge Road opens the drive-thru. At noon, the first 20 cars or so are allowed to park in the parking lot where they wait another three hours. Once 3 p.m. hits, the operation begins with a slew of volunteers working in the warehouse to fill grocery carts with fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, meat, prepared foods and nonperishable items.

Can you imagine sitting in your vehicle for six hours waiting for a food bank to open?

This is how desperate some people in America have already become.

And as I noted at the beginning of this article, the United Nations is using the word “biblical” to describe the famine and starvation that are coming all around the world.  The following comes from CNBC

Famines of “biblical proportions” are becoming a serious risk as the coronavirus crisis threatens to double the number of people nearing starvation, a U.N. body has warned.

In projections released Tuesday, the UN’s World Food Programme (WFP) predicted that the number of people facing “acute food insecurity” stood to rise to 265 million by the end of this year, up from 135 million in 2019.

I don’t know about you, but I find that warning to be quite sobering.

In a “worst-case scenario”, the UN projects that …nearly one-tenth of the world won’t have enough to eat.

Initial United Nations forecasts show that in a worst-case scenario, about a tenth of the world’s population won’t have enough to eat this year. The impact will go beyond just hunger as millions more are also likely to experience other forms of food insecurity, including not being able to afford healthy diets, which can lead to malnutrition and obesity.

Sadly, even though we have already seen so many crazy things happen in 2020, most Americans are still not prepping.

And so when things really start to unravel in a major way, most of them are going to be short on food and supplies very rapidly.

The other day I was interviewed by Dr. Steve Greene, and we discussed some of the reasons why the troubles that we have experienced so far are just the tip of the iceberg.

So much more is coming, but most people don’t want to hear that.

Most Americans still want to believe that the future is going to be just wonderful, and so they see absolutely no need to prepare for the chaotic times that are approaching.

***Michael’s new book entitled “Lost Prophecies Of The Future Of America” is now available in paperback and for the Kindle on***


You can have all the survival food in the world…

But, if you don’t have a way to cook it, you’re up the creek without a paddle.

This is why I have multiple ways to cook my family’s food storage in the event the grid is down and there’s no power.

I want to share these ways with you today, so you too can have plenty of backup options.

The first and easiest way to cook your survival food is using a propane stove.

I actually own three propane camp stoves.

I own the Coleman Single-Burner propane stove that is lightweight and easy to carry around.

I own a Stansport propane stove, which is still relatively portable.

And then I own one of the large Camp Chef stoves that weighs a million pounds.

Of course, I have plenty of propane too, both the 20-gallon tanks and small green canisters.

The next way I cook my survival food is over a fire.

I have a portable fire pit with grate in my backyard.

I can throw some logs on the fire and boil water, cook food, and whatever else I need to do.

The fire pit didn’t cost that much, only about $60 at Home Depot.

And finally, I have generators.

I have a solar generator.

A propane generator.

And a gas generator.

I have an electric “hot plate stove” that my generators can easily power.

I just plug the hot plate into my generator and can cook food as if I had normal electricity.

So, there you have it…

Plenty of ways to cook your survival food when the lights go out.





There Are Still Some Shortages of Flour At The Grocery Store, But Your Pantry May Have Some Flours You Simply Haven’t Seen.

 An old pioneer method for making flour was to use a hand-cranked flour mill to grind wheat grains into flour. That works. But a flour mill can turn lots of things into flour, from beans or rice to acorns and amaranth seeds.

 And you don’t need a flour mill to do it. A food processor can convert a lot of things into dust, from corn flakes to chickpeas. That’s essentially what defines any flour—something pulverized to dust...

How to Make Flour from Beans, Nuts, Seeds and Even Corn Flakes

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How to Make Hardtack: A Cracker That Will Last A Century

Ever since the great financial crisis of 2008, the big question has been: What will the ultimate outcome be from all this money printing and Fed interventionism? Will it be another deflationary collapse — or an inflationary storm?

Some 12 years later… we finally have our answer… it will be an inflationary storm.

Last week, the Fed announced that:

  • It is changing its inflationary target from 2% to an average of 2% (meaning inflation could overshoot to the upside).
  • It was comfortable with inflation going as high as 3% as long as it does so at a manageable rate.

Remember, this is the Fed we are talking about, not some gold bug. So, the mere fact that the Fed is even suggesting that it is OK with higher rates of inflation has systemic implications.

  • When asked about the spread of misinformation, 83% of respondents said it is a major problem in today’s society.

Read more about how Americans feel about data and elections here and COVID-19 here.


Hackers linked to the Communist regime in China are once again targeting American military and security networks, according to a warning from the National Security Agency this week.

The warning comes just weeks ahead of Election Day which will either see President Donald Trump, who has been harder on China than any U.S. president in decades, reelected, or replaced by former Vice President Joe Biden, someone widely viewed as being too soft on Beijing because he and his son are financially compromised by the regime there.

See the full story here. the best and worst tactical lights for your survival rifle. See the video at

Our phones are extremely important in a crisis.

They hold information and special functions that are essential for survival.

Essential information like important contacts, incoming public alerts, and they give us online access to survival strategies and life-saving techniques.

Your phone also has special functions like digital compasses, levels, and even the tiny flashlight that can be the difference between life or death in a crisis.

Your phone is that important, and should not be overlooked as an essential survival device.

THE MAJOR PROBLEM: Your phone’s power fails quicker than any survival tool you own.

THE SOLUTION: Fortunately, when you grab this "forever charger," your phone will always be charged…available at our storefront!



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Free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom!


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You Can’t Buy Life Insurance After You’re Dead

Not Prepared? 

That's Bad News...

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