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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

'Too frail to work, too poor to retire'

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 'Too frail to work, too poor to retire' will become the new normal for many elderly Americans."

"We are on the precipice of the greatest retirement crisis in the history of the world. And that makes perfect sense because, first of all, we have the largest elderly population in the history of the world.

Just focusing on the United States: our elderly are woefully unprepared to retire… And in the decades to come we will witness millions of elderly American's, Baby Boomers and others, slipping into poverty. 'Too frail to work, too poor to retire' It will become the new normal for many elderly Americans."

So warns pension fraud whistleblower Ted Siedle.

Siedle's firm, Benchmark Financial Services, Inc. has pioneered over $1 trillion in forensic investigations of the money management industry. He's nationally recognized as an authority on pensions and investment management matters, having testified before the Senate Banking Committee regarding fund scandals and is an expert in various Madoff-related and other litigations.

In 2017, he secured the largest SEC whistleblower award in history of $48 million, and in 2018, the largest CFTC award in history at $30 million. 

Siedel rings a loud warning bell regarding the solvency of today's public pension system. Specifically, his investigations show that most of them:

·         Are much too under-funded to meet their future payout obligations (e.g., Kentucky's state pension plan is only 12% funded)

·         Are experiencing annual returns far below the required 7% average the plans assume in their forecasts

·         Have oversight boards making portfolio allocation decisions that are staffed by individuals with zero experience managing financial securities (e.g., policemen, kindergarten teachers)

·         Have little transparency. Many are rarely audited. And many have moved their capital off-shore without accounting for where it's been moved to.

·         Are heavily influenced by politics when making portfolio allocations. Pet projects, such as sports stadiums, get funded to disastrous results while making local politically-connected 'friends of the pension board' rich

·         Are paying much higher fees to Wall Street than they used to, whose advisors are putting them into riskier and poorer-performing vehicles (e.g. hedge funds) in a desperate reach for yield


Siedel's Top 10 Reasons Why Stealing From State And Local Public Pensions Is The Perfect Crime is reading certain to give nightmares to anyone depending on a public pension, or worried about being forced to bail out failed funds by paying higher taxes in the future:


I think there will be bailouts. The alternative is chaos, disaster, Armageddon. I mean, it's like when people say we should cut Social Security benefits. Well, the majority of people that get Social Security live on nothing but Social Security. If you cut Social Security  benefits people will die. People will get sick. People will not be able to get healthcare. Elderly people will be thrown out of their homes, their apartments, whatever

Wall Street will say "We've got a solution!" They'll offer pension obligation bonds, whatever. The solution Wall Street offers always is: Pay us more fees. Pay us to underwrite bonds. There will be many "solutions" offered. Taxing property owners is always popular as well. 


See the interview on Youtube using this link:





Chris Martenson:Pensions:

But, as bad as the pension nightmare seems on the surface, it's even worse below the covers. I recently had the chance to hear a true pension expert talk about how America's pension system is ripe for fraud and abuse and mismanagement.

Sure, pensions routinely overpromise, but it's actually worse than that. They … read more


As for personal savings, I'll make it simple: Most boomers have not saved nearly enough. In the worst case, it is really bad: 45% of boomers have zero savings for retirement.

According to the survey, 35% of Millennials who think they're worse off financially than they had expected to be don't have a savings account, and 33% of those who do have only $5,000 or less saved.

Retirement savings aren't faring any better for this group. Thirty-seven percent of millennials don't save for retirement at all, and 30% saves 10% or less a month, according to the survey.



There’s a generational breakdown occurring with increasing numbers of young people -- let’s define them as the under-30 crowd -- falling into despair, dismay and even outright demoralization over the state of the world.  Put bluntly, many of them see nothing to gain by preserving the status quo.

Conversely, the over 50 crowd has already paid into the system and desperately wants to preserve the status quo.  That’s where their retirement dreams exist.  With their finger now on the brass ring, it’s simply unthinkable to ponder that it could slip out of their grasp.

This demographic divide, between those with nothing to gain and those with everything to lose, grows wider every day.

What are your thoughts?  Feel free to leave a comment below…

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’


Free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom!


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2.        Fill a soda can with oil and insert a rolled up paper towel into the opening. Light the paper towel and enjoy and oil “candle” that will last for hours.

3.        Make a light out of the Coke can by cutting the side to make a “window” with the flaps that you cut serving as shutters. Place a candle inside of the can. As the candlelight reflects, it will be significantly intensified and you will have a relatively bright lantern.

Duct Tape Life Hacks

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1.        Your water bottle

2.        Hydration pack

3.        Backpack

4.        Tent

5.        Clothing

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Milk Jugs Life Hacks

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2.        One milk jug hack I saw recently relates to making a light. Fill the milk jug with water. Strap a headlamp onto it with the light facing in. Turn on. You will have a much brighter light.

Other Cool Survival Hacks

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3.        Use a coffee can to create a portable stove (cut an opening on the side towards the bottom to feed in branches and other fuel.) It creates a concentrated source of heat to cook your food.

4.        Apply some baby oil on the exposed skin to prevent (or at least delay) frostbite if you have to be out looking for food or supplies in freezing temperatures.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The Folly of Socialism, Bernie Sanders, Medicare for All, CA, WA, and OR

Poor Man Survival

Self Reliance tools for independent minded people…

ISSN 2161-5543

A Digest of Urban Survival Resources


The Folly of Socialism, Bernie Sanders, CA, WA, and OR

A friend of ours who sells antiques at our local flea market recently moved here from just south of Beverly Hills, CA.  He’s another example of someone who couldn’t wait to move away from “that socialist, anti-gun, high tax hell hole.”  He likes to tell us how overcrowded area jails are…to the point where people, including illegals, are no longer even charged with crimes if they  are lesser felonies or misdemeanors with fines of less than $1,000.

Meanwhile, we had watched Bernie Sanders deliver a half-hour presentation on Fox News from Pennsylvania.  It was apparent the room was packed with his supporters and anti-Trump people who seemed poorly educated when it comes to the math necessary for “Medicare for All” and other socialist policies Sanders offers.  [Mind you, I like Sanders but many of his theories won’t hold water due to affordability or access-even in Great Britain, veterans have extreme wait times to see a doctor].

In the past I did a comprehensive study of health care [which had been offered to the Democrats and never acted on for a glaring reason it is likely to fail to this day-it lacks Tort Reform, a key ingredient I feel is necessary to the success of any reform package…if you’re going to relegate doctors to a capped compensation package, which is what would happen under the Democratic health plan, you need to cap sky-high lawsuit proceeds and that is unlikely to happen under Democratic leadership as their mantra for decades has been “If you can’t legislate, litigate.”  Too many lawyers make up the Democratic party…another failing is their plan never includes the elimination of Workers Compensation, or the inclusion of dental, eye exams or hearing plans – all essential…and they ignore how many workers in the insurance industry would be laid off! 

Democrats today seem to operate in a paroxysm of ignorance and intolerance…acting as if Middle America and their values no longer exists or that we’re completely ignorant as to the premise of how many of their platforms fly in the face of mathematics or our heritage. They seem unable to grasp their inability to care for the homeless already here, let alone the illiterate hoards massing at our borders waiting to attach themselves to our welfare system.

Millions of people are moving away from our major cities on the west coast because of the hellholes that they have become.  A former Seattle police officer that was recently interviewed by a reporter from KOMO News  was very honest about the fact that he would never want to raise a family in Seattle because of the hellhole that it has become.  Every night he saw the worst of Seattle firsthand, and he finally felt forced to quit because city officials would not allow him to effectively do his job.  An explosion of homelessness in our major west coast cities has fueled a wave of crime, drugs and human degradation unlike anything we have seen before, and in many cases our law enforcement officials have their hands tied and are literally being prevented from cleaning up the streets.

Right now, more than half a million people are homeless in the United States.

Because of their ultra-liberal policies, some of the major cities on the west coast have become magnets for drug addicts, serial criminals, sex offenders, illegal immigrants and people that have simply heard about all of the “free benefits” that are being offered.  As a result, the streets of those cities have become a showcase for the social decay that is sweeping across our nation.

 San Francisco:  According to one report, it is home to more than 28,000 homeless people, and that would make San Francisco the city with the third largest homeless population in the United States.

As all those drug addicts aimlessly wander through the streets, many of them use those streets as their own personal toilets.  Over the past 8 years, more than 118,000 reports of human feces in the streets have been filed with city authorities

Since 2011, there have been at least 118,352 reported instances of human fecal matter on city streets.

New mayor, London Breed, won election by promising to clean things up. However, conditions are the same or worse. Last year, the number of reports spiked to an all-time high at 28,084. In first quarter 2019, the pace continued with 6,676 instances of human waste in the public way.

In addition to endless piles of poop, the drug addicts are also endlessly committing property crimes in order to pay for their drug habits.

Each year, there are more than 6,000 property crimes per 100,000 residents in San Francisco.  That is about four times the rate of property crime that New York City has reported.

Mayor Breed would like to get a lot of these homeless people off of the streets, but finding a place to put them has been problematic.  Residents of one wealthy liberal neighborhood are currently fighting like mad to keep a proposed homeless shelter away from their gated mansions…

A wealthy liberal neighborhood in San Francisco whose residents cast the most votes for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election is fighting against a proposal to build a new homeless shelter near their gated mansions.

Mayor London Breed has sponsored legislation to fast track a homeless shelter that would house 200 people. However, wealthy liberals living in the affected area have set up a GoFundMe to stop the project which has already hit $80,000 of its $100,000 target.

Things are certainly not any better in Los Angeles.

According to the same report mentioned above, L.A. has nearly twice as many homeless people as San Francisco

Los Angeles has the second largest population of people exploring homelessness, according to a new report.
The LA area contains 55,200 homeless people, according to data released by the Bay Area Council Economic Institute.

The homeless population in L.A. has surged 75 percent in six years, and this has happened during a time when the economy has been relatively stable.

Millions of people are leaving California and never looking back because of the utter hellhole the entire state has become.

Further up the coast, the city of Seattle is experiencing similar issues.  Not too long ago, a veteran Seattle reporter named Eric Johnson produced an hour-long documentary entitled “Seattle Is Dying”, and if you have not seen it yet I would strongly recommend taking the time to watch it.

Since it was first released, it has been viewed almost 2 million times on YouTube

In the past two weeks, Seattle Is Dying has garnered 38,000 shares on Facebook and nearly 2 million views on YouTube. The report has clearly resonated with anxious, fearful, and increasingly angry Seattle residents. Exhausted by a decade of rising disorder and property crime—now two-and-a-half times higher than Los Angeles’s and four times higher than New York City’s—Seattle voters may have reached the point of “compassion fatigue.” According to the Seattle Times, 53 percent of Seattle voters now support a “zero-tolerance policy” on homeless encampments; 62 percent believe that the problem is getting worse because the city “wastes money by being inefficient” and “is not accountable for how the money is spent,” and that “too many resources are spent on the wrong approaches to the problem.”

One of the moments in the documentary that really touched me was when a concerned resident described how drug addicts have been leaving needles and human waste in the graveyard near his home.  The homeless have erected tents all around the graveyard, and he can clearly smell urine whenever he walks down the streets.

He would like to fix things, and he is fed up enough that he has decided to run for city council.  But he is facing an uphill battle, because Seattle has been entirely taken over by socialists.  The following comes from Mac Slavo

The entire video is about an hour long, but it is pretty easy to see where Seattle continues to go wrong. A heavy tax burden, regulations that push out businesses, and a power-hungry group of totalitarian sociopaths have been slowly eroding the city. The decay of Western civilization can be seen up and down the entirety of the West coast. Some say it’s by design, others disagree. But the commonality is that all of the cities are being pushed into poverty by illusions and lies of socialists. Calling Seattle anything other than a leftist’s paradise would be inaccurate. The city has all of the laws the socialists want, yet it’s killing itself because of it.

In life, the decisions that we make have consequences, and San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle are now experiencing the consequences of decades of incredibly foolish decisions.

Socialism does not work but those who attended Bernie’s speech this week unaware-perhaps a week in one of these cities or Venezuela might provide some valuable lessons for them.



Yours in Self Reliance,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’


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