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Monday, April 1, 2019

The War on Your Personal Privacy by Government & Wall Street is Never Ending

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The War on Your Personal Privacy Being Waged by Government/Wall Street

governmental system led by dictator[s] having an all seeing eye over its citizenry, complete power,forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, social media, etc., and emphasizing control beginning from birth.

1984’ Became Firmly Entrenched w/ Passage of Patriot Act

   The United States began spying on its citizens long before the Patriot Act.  It is one of the reasons I don’t use ‘smart’ phones, devices such as Alexa or Facebook. It begins at birth with the now mandatory issuance of your Social Security Number [aka: socialist slave number] which used to be optional and at the discretion of parents if they decided to claim you as a tax dependent. [I was the last of my generation, for instance, to be issued a military ID number on my Dog Tag; now the military uses your SSN].

Today that number is virtually required for entrance to schools, getting a drivers permit, obtaining social services, or even turning on your utilities or as some have said, it is the mark of the beast. [Unless you’re an illegal of course…they seem to be able to obtain services regardless thanks to Left-leaning government agencies].

 The days of zero privacy [ex-CIA director, former Communist supporter, liar to Congress, etc., John Brennan told everyone this when he went before a Senate hearing] for citizens began in earnest with our Echelon program where our government effectively lied to the public about its covert spying program.  In reality, its allies, Great Britain and others, did the spying and turned over its files to US agencies.

Americans used to enjoy the protection of the Privacy Act of 1974 but our government effectively threw those acts out the window with the violations included in the so-called joke we’ve re-named ‘the un-patriot act’ which eliminated all protections citizens once enjoyed.

Domestic digital surveillance has often seemed to be a threat endured mostly by the social media generation, but details have continued to emerge that remind us of decades of sophisticated, automated spying from the NSA and others.

Before the government was peering through our webcamstracking our steps through GPS, feeling every keystroke we typed and listening and watching as we built up complex datasets of our entire personhood online, there was still rudimentary data to be collected. Over the last fifty years, Project ECHELON has given the UK and United States (as well as other members of the Five Eyes) the capacity to track enemies and allies alike within and outside their states. The scope has evolved in that time period from keyword lifts in intercepted faxes to its current all-encompassing data harvesting.

1988: The NSA and its partners had arranged for everything we communicated to be grabbed and potentially analyzed.

The program reportedly utilized massive ground-based radio antennas to intercept satellite transmissions containing the digital communications of millions. It then relied on its content-sensitive dictionaries of keywords and phrases to scour the communications for relevant information.

In February of 2000, 60 Minutes published a report detailing the existence and scope of ECHELON. Mike Frost, a former spy for Canada’s NSA-equivalent, CSE, told the host just how large the program’s reach really was, “Echelon covers everything that’s radiated worldwide at any given instant.”

It’s important to frame automated government surveillance as an issue of our lifetimes rather than short-sightedly confining its influence to the advent of the mainstream internet.

It is now abundantly clear, thanks to internal documents leaked by Snowden, that the program exists, but what is unclear is what that means. PRISM and XKeyscore certainly represent a more shocking invasion of the information we have digitally presented, but ECHELON shows us that the privacy of our communications have indeed always been under attack…

Pres. George Bush Jr. simply put the final nail in our collective coffin to ensure no US citizen had any privacy left…”terrorism” was lame excuse-a dozen Saudi’s screwed over nearly 300 million Americans in more ways than one and the political elite and technocrat-industrial community have pushed for and profited from this encroachment ever since.

Public Safety Tax

You and I have been paying various taxes for the invasion to our privacy too-don’t forget all the extra fees you fork over each time you “get your junk” groped by friendly TSA folks at our airports…who by the way, despite an $8 billion budget have never caught a single terrorist!

Below you will find several reports and resources I think you might find useful in the government/special interest’s war on your privacy:

Recording Everything: Digital Storage as an Enabler of Authoritarian Governments

Within the next few years an important threshold will be crossed: For the first time ever, it will become technologically and financially feasible for authoritarian governments to record nearly everything that is said or done within their borders—every phone conversation, electronic message, social media interaction, the movements of nearly every person and vehicle, and video from every street corner. Governments with a history of using all of the tools at their disposal to track and monitor their citizens will undoubtedly make full use of this capability once it becomes available.

What does the panopticon mean in the age of digital surveillance?

The parallel between Jeremy Bentham’s panopticon and CCTV may be clear, but what happens when you step into the world of data capture?

The parallels between the panopticon and CCTV may be obvious, but what happens when you step into the world of digital surveillance and data capture? Are we still “objects of information” as we swipe between cells on our smartphone screens?

Unlike the Panopticon, citizens don’t know they are being watched

Jake Goldenfein, researcher at the Centre for Media and Communications Law, University of Melbourne, tells me it’s important to remember the corrective purposes of Bentham’s panopticon when considering it as a metaphor for modern surveillance.


Future Attribute Screening Technology Fact Sheet

With the Future Attribute Screening Technology (FAST) system, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) seeks to improve DHS’s ability to quickly and objectively screen individuals for malintent. FAST combines cutting-edge behavioral and physiological science with deception detection theory and state-of-the-art sensor technologies. It is designed to be used at checkpoints to help security officers identify individuals for secondary screening.

State-of-the-art biometric identification system to keep Americans and their families safe.

NGI affects all FBI criminal history programs, including the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). With the Interstate Photo System, part of NGI, the FBI has improved image-searching capability of photographs associated with criminal history. The system supports better facial recognition and identification of scars, marks and tattoos.

Data Scraping.

It involves tracking people’s activities online and harvesting personal data and conversations from social media, job websites and online forums. Usually, research companies are the harvesters, and sell the compiled data to other companies. These, in turn, use these details to design targeted ad campaigns for their products. While one might argue that people are knowingly sharing personal details on social media and thus, it’s free for everyone’s use, data harvesters don’t ask for the owner’s consent. And this raises an ethics as well as an online privacy problem.


One strong case for serious online privacy violation took place in May 2011. Nielsen Co., a media-research company, was caught scraping every message off PatientsLikeMe's online forums, where people talk about their emotional problems – in what they think is a safe, private environment. As you can imagine a lot of people felt their web privacy was violated.


Facebook apps leaking personal data.

It has been reported several times that certain Facebook apps are leaking identifying information about those who are using them, to advertising and Internet tracking companies. And without the users having a clue!


Here’s how the “leakage” works: during the app’s installation process, you are prompted to accept certain terms, and once you click “Allow”, the application receives an “access token”. Some of the Facebook apps are leaking these access tokens to advertisers, granting them access to personal-profile data such as chat logs and photos. However, no disclaimer is showed announcing you your data is being transferred to third parties. Thus your online privacy and safety are put at risk.


Examples of apps that have been found to leak identifying information include FarmVille and Family Tree.


Online social tracking.

We all use the “Like”, “Tweet”, “+1”, and other buttons to share content with our friends. But these social widgets are also valuable tracking tools for social media websites. They work with cookies – small files stored on a computer that enable tracking the user across different sites – that social websites place in browsers when you create an account or log in, and together they allow the social websites to recognize you on any site that uses these widgets. Thus, your interests and online shopping behaviour can be easily tracked, and your internet privacy rudely invaded.

Pre-crime Detection

 A Japanese company has developed artificial intelligence software that hunts for potential shoplifters in order to head them off before they commit a crime. The program scans video surveillance footage looking for certain factors—fidgeting, restlessness and other potentially suspicious body language—in order to spot potential criminals. This would allow store personnel to approach the potential thief and engage him or her with a question. Knowing he’s being watched is often enough to deter a potential shoplifter. It’s currently testing its product in “a few dozen” stores in Tokyo. The company, Vaak, is looking to expand into other markets. Vaak is also working on a video-based self-checkout system that would scan consumer behavior in order to better market products to them.

“The study shows, on the one hand, that the permission model on the Android operating system and its apps allow a large number of actors to track and obtain personal user information,” it writes. “At the same time, it reveals that the end user is not aware of these actors in the Android terminals or of the implications that this practice could have on their privacy. Furthermore, the presence of this privileged software in the system makes it difficult to eliminate it if one is not an expert user.”


From warrantless wiretapping, your so-called Smartphones which track you with GPS, your online automobile GPS systems [anything built after 2010 can be monitored by the government] RFID tag implanting to track casino chips, livestock/pets and even children plus our secret FISA courts [favored by Obama to target Trump and eventually launch the Mueller Investigation] we are no longer the land of the free…

Advance Question Answering for Intelligence of AQUAINT is an AI system being groomed to think like a human being and will be fused into another technology called FAST or FUTURE ATTRIBUTE SCREENING TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM which is secretly being tested at sports stadiums, airports, malls, etc. to “identify terrorist activity before it takes place.”

But as most of us know-nearly everyone, especially our own citizens according to edicts from Homeland Security…including returning Veterans, fundamental Christians and others are now suspect!

With no regard to the Constitution FAST tech devices monitor folks who walk by establishing an electronic “handshake” with their mobile devices and copy whatever data is on that device without their knowledge.  MI State police got caught using a similar technology on highway motorist pullovers.  Drivers were justifiably angry to learn their cellphones had been scanned without their permission and all of their private contacts had been downloaded to police files!

Finally, I sure would urge citizens to avoid purchasing any of the DNA kits being advertised on TV.  Despite promoting “privacy” there have been several instances where police agencies pressured these firms into handing over private data to allow law enforcement to proceed against suspects…

The US Government is monitoring us in 7 more ways than we ever imagined...

Ever heard of a Stingray?

It's a tiny suitcase-size device that acts as a fake cell tower.

The system, installed in a vehicle, (so it can be moved into any neighborhood) tricks all nearby phones into connecting to it.

Once connected it tracks your every move and steals ALL of your data. In many states, these devices are available to ALL local law enforcement via  state surveillance units.

They CAN and ARE watching you.

There is only one way to stop them...

The right to personal privacy is a right held by all American Citizens…

But that right has been COMPLETELY IGNORED by the very people sworn to protect it.

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Yours in Self Reliance,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’


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Although there is a widespread belief that the Chinese only used gunpowder for fireworks, they also used it in battle and for weaponry. While the Chinese did not put together the rifle as we know it, they were using the explosive nature of the gunpowder to create weapons to kill. There were incendiary arrows and exploding spears, but my favorite was the box of fire arrows that was held by a soldier.

In other words, it wasn’t as benign as the ‘just for fireworks’ claim that often gets thrown around. The mix was created by alchemists looking for an elixir of immortality...


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Lance said...

Most people, especially the younger generation, have been socially conditioned not to care about having their privacy violated. They walk around with their head in the sand & their ears glued 24/7 to a so-called 'smart' phone and if that phone is stolen or compromised, their world falls into a sinkhole, they are reason I never use one.

Mark said...

We truly live in a world where the government resembles China more than a free nation-frightening.

Stephanie said...

Hopefully, folks will read this useful blog AND what I've shared with others...this freebie to help protect your privacy:

Phil Zimmermann was deeply concerned about the state’s growing ability to spy on the average person.
He’d discovered a clause in Senate Bill 266 that allowed the government to engage in mass surveillance of the American people. That’s why he released his email encryption software for free online.
He also made the computer source code public, so other people could publish the software on their own websites as well:

Frank said...

Helluva an outline of burrs under our collective saddle-the gov/industrial complex has been sticking it to us in the name of profit & control regardless of our Constitution and I am afraid it is beyond redemption. Nonetheless, I do my best to keep my head low!