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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Discussing guns- why you must always be prepared


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Discussing guns- why you must always be prepared for anything

People often ask why I'm such a staunch advocate for gun rights, why I believe so strongly in the 2nd Amendment, and why I close my preparedness letters to you with the words, "store ammo and guns."

[[Like thousands of others, the Poor Man served our nation to protect our rights from enemies both foreign and domestic and that includes our 2nd Amendment]

The easy answer is that looting, gangs, large mobs, home invasions and even usually innocuous situations like traffic jams put innocent people in dangerous situations. Without warning, individuals and families can easily and all-to-quickly find themselves surrounded, or in a dangerous spot.

A gun is an equalizer.

Martin Luther King Jr., upon whose Bible President Obama swore to uphold the Constitution, agreed. He reportedly kept an arsenal of firearms in his home to ease his mind about the near constant death threats that he received. The peace-promoting civil rights leader even applied for an Alabama concealed carry permit, but was denied due to racism on the part of the police that had the authority to issue the permit.

Even a so-called pacifist like King knew that when people have no arms, they have no security and no hope of security.

The anti-gun crowd doesn't care.

They continually try to foist all kinds of specious "research" on us, stating that guns in the home are supremely dangerous (so are household chemical cleaners and pesticides). And they use their adjuncts in the lamestream media to insist that there are often "mass shootings" in the U.S.

The truth is that despite the shootings in California and Buffalo recently, these incidents are mostly either murders (tragic, but not "mass shootings"), gang-related shootings, or arguments in public places gone wrong. This is the case with the Houston flea market shootings, which you may not have heard of because it doesn't fit the media's narrative, no bystanders were injured, and the sheriff's office emphasized that the shooting was "not a random act of violence."

Actual statistics on gun deaths in America are hard to pin down because there is no central source or common methodology for tracking them. Also, the numbers published by various sources sometimes tend to be skewed (or outright manipulated) to reflect the point of view of the source regarding guns.

However, in 2019, the latest year we have statistics for, The FBI's "Crime In the United States" reports tells us that rifles — including ones like the "scary" Bushmaster XM-15 rifle used in Buffalo that gun grabbers are constantly trying to ban — were used to commit 364 murders.

Hands and feet were used in 687 murders.

A ban on hands and feet would be far more effective in reducing homicides than would banning any gun.

This is only one piece of statistical evidence that shows us why it is critical that we know the real facts and stand at the ready to set the record straight in any discussions we are party to where the misinformation and disinformation gushing from liberal politicians and media wonks takes center stage.

Gun hysteria

Despite any evidence contrary to their beliefs, the anti-gun crowd wants you to believe "mass" shootings are committed because guns are available, and because of the weapon used. Anti-gunners desperately want you to think that there aren't enough gun laws and that we need more bans on more weapons because "weapons of war" are being used to kill masses of people.

President Biden and his gun-grabbing followers call every weapon that isn't a handgun an "assault" weapon, as is the case with the recent Buffalo shooting. But as I mentioned earlier, those tragic murders were perpetrated with a Bushmaster XM-15. It's not an assault weapon, and not a weapon of war. It isn't even automatic. It's a rifle, tragically used for a terrible purpose, but not because it's a rifle. The murders occurred because of the perpetrator.

The media piles on by managing the message to create the illusion that what "the people" want is more gun bans. Take a look at this interview by CNN. Notice the video cuts video off after he says "But it is a shame, something needs to happen, 'cause this is ridiculous" leading the viewer to think that he means we need to ban guns. This video from Fox News shows the actual interview continues, as the man adds that there need to be more armed good guys who "know what they're doing" with a gun.

'Need' for guns

A key statistic to know about gun deaths, in general, is that most of them are not murders, but suicides. Dr. Scott Bonn wrote in Psychology Today that there are now nearly three suicides for every murder in America. Many of the suicide deaths are attributed to the use of anti-depressants (and as I have written to you before, many of the "mass shootings" are also committed by young people who are taking prescription medication).

The Buffalo shooter had been sent for mental health treatment the year before after threatening to shoot up his high school. Is the failure a lack of gun laws? That we don't "need" guns? Is our Constitution flawed? Or is the way America treats mental health flawed?

It is critical to remember that the 2nd Amendment was not included in the Bill of Rights to only ensure Americans could defend themselves against criminals, so the argument that we "don't need" guns is a non sequitur.

There will be a renewed push by the Left to create more anti-gun laws that will also not stop these random and infrequent mass shootings. For the gun-grabbers, if one law is in place to prevent a thing and the thing occurs anyway, two more, three more, six more will certainly do the trick.

This is the way liberty is lost, one law at a time. And then, one day, a once-free nation finds itself in bondage. When the state has "a monopoly on legitimate violence," as Congressweasel Jerrold Nadler of New York once claimed it does, Americans are no longer citizens; they are subjects.

Americans will not become subjects. With hundreds of millions of guns in American homes, a gun-free future is not going to happen; if it is forced, a bloody and unwarranted fight is likely in the cards.

Still, we supporters of 2nd Amendment rights must not, under any circumstances, let our guard down. We must remain vigilant to repel the attempts by Biden and his horde to take away our guns or, barring that, to take away our ammunition to render our guns useless. Also:

  • You can become a member of a pro-gun organization like Gun Rights for America. What about the NRA? Well… that Alabama permit law under which MLK was denied? It had been an NRA-backed initiative.
  • Learn about District of Columbia vs. Heller and your right to bear arms.
  • Keep tabs on your state's gun laws with this state directory.
  • Monitor lawmaker activities, not only in Congress but at your state and local levels as well. Attend the town hall meetings and speak up.
  • Buy a gun, get trained in its use and practice, practice, practice. Have a spare magazine handy. Don't be a helpless victim.
  • Check out the list of gun laws, alphabetically by state so that you know everything you need for purchase.
  • If you need a conceal-carry license, go here for one that works in multiple states.
  • Support candidates who vow to stand up for gun rights.
  • Participate in social media discussions on gun control in rational terms with proof from crime statistics databases like the FBI's (Read the reports and you'll see that gun violence is going down, not up).

In years gone by that many people reloaded spent ammunition. This would be a great opportunity for you if you would like to learn a secondary trade for a post-collapse society, or if the gun-grabbers succeed in making ammunition difficult to buy.

Make no mistake about it: the ultimate goal of the gun control gang is not to limit gun ownership to law-abiding citizens but to eliminate the presence of guns in citizens' hands entirely.

Yours for the truth,

Bob Livingston
The Bob Livingston Letter®



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Thursday, May 26, 2022

What Causes A Food Shortage?



Poor Man Survival

Self Reliance tools for independent minded people…

ISSN 2161-5543

A Digest of Urban Survival Resources


What Causes A Food Shortage?

In the West, we’re so accustomed to aisles full of abundant choices, it’s hard to imagine a food shortage. We got a glimpse of what empty shelves look like during the pandemic, though, didn’t we?

Still, we can’t help but wonder what would and could cause a food shortage in our time… 

From yesterday’s Daily Proof:

The German Foreign Minister has declared that “sanctions against Russia will only be lifted after a complete withdrawal of its troops from Ukrainian territory.” Well, there’s no way Russia is withdrawing entirely from Ukraine. They have built a land bridge from Russia to Crimea at a high cost and are not giving it up.

This means the sanctions will never be lifted (unless the official policy changes). It also means there will be enormous destruction to global supply chains and possible mass starvation by late this year due to the ban on Russian exports of wheat and other grains and the impossibility of exports from Ukraine.

While you’re reallocating your portfolio to account for this new reality, you may want to buy an extra freezer and stock up on beef, chicken and frozen vegetables. The food shortages are coming.

Chock it up to war, inflation, supply chain disruption… all of these things are, umn, happening. But there’s also a shift in policy that is causing a disruption: “government” pushing its will rather than trying to solve problems. 

We noticed a short bit of political wrangling in the news this week that could impact the delivery of fertilizer to farmers during the spring planting season. 

“Union Pacific informed CFI,” reads a nugget in Michigan Farm News, “without advance notice, that it was mandating approximately 30 shippers, including CFI, to reduce the volume of private cars on its railroad effective immediately. CFI was told to reduce its shipments by nearly 20%.” 

CFI is the largest producer of urea, UAN and DEF – all necessary types of fertilizer – in North America. 

“The timing of Union Pacific’s announcement couldn’t come at a worse time for farmers,” Tony Will, president and CEO of CFI, says. 

To the uniformed observer, Union Pacific’s announcement sounds like a private dispute between private companies. Fair enough, but for the fact that CFI “intends to engage directly with the federal government to ask that fertilizer shipments be prioritized so that spring planting is not adversely impacted.”

Details of the dispute read like a long chapter torn from the pages of Atlas Shrugged. A rail company issuing new regs on private use of its rail lines. The offended company petitioning the Secretary of Agriculture for redress. Secretary Tom Vilsack then gets to apply Green New Deal policy to adjudicate the dispute. 

“US food security is under threat as never before since the 1930s Dust Bowl,” writes F. William Engdahl on the current state of food supply chain issues, “and the Biden Administration Green Agenda is doing everything to make the impact worse for its citizens.In recent comments US President Biden“remarked without elaborating that the US food shortages are ‘going to be real’.” 

Engdahl continues:

The Biden administration… is deaf to pleas of farmer organizations to allow cultivation of some 4 million acres of farmland ordered left out of cultivation for “environmental reasons. However this is not the only part of the world where the crisis in food is developing.

These deliberate Washington actions are taking place at a time when a global series of food disasters create the worst food supply situation in decades, perhaps since the end of World War II.

We don’t pretend to know the details of the dispute between CFI and Union Pacific or the conclave of bureaucrats that's sequestered in some court somewhere to forge a deal. We don’t pretend to know the motives of the German Foreign Minister. 

We’d still like to know how food shortages are a topic of concern in our day and age. 

Frankly, scratch that…We’ve always been suspicious of the phrase “in our day and age” because the history books are replete with political policies, decisions, decrees, rules, regulations, fees, fines, taxes, permits, bribes, coercion, corruption… there’s probably at least one word for every letter of the alphabet that would apply. 

How do food shortages happen? The details matter. Therein also lie the opportunities. That’s why we are talking to Mark Rossano this week, click here for his analysis that predates the war, the pandemic, floods and famine.

Follow your bliss,

Addison Wiggin

Addison Wiggin


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