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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Failure of Public Schools

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Our Poorly Educated Young

Several years ago on a history test given to 31,000 pupils, most fourth-graders could not identify a picture of Abraham Lincoln or why he was important. Most eighth-graders could not identify an advantage American forces had in the Revolutionary War, most 12th-graders did not know why America entered World War II or that China was North Korea's ally in the Korean War.

One of the questions on the test showed a poster put out by the Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies in 1940 that depicted a boot with a huge swastika on its sole about to trample the Statue of Liberty and asked which country the boot represented. Four countries were listed as possible answers. But a majority of students failed to pick Germany.

"We're raising young people who are, by and large, historically illiterate," historian David McCullough told The Wall Street Journal. "History textbooks are [poorly] written." Many texts have been made "so politically correct as to be comic. Very minor characters that are currently fashionable are given considerable space, whereas people of major consequence" — such as inventor Thomas Edison — "are given very little space or none at all."

Trendies and minorities have their sensibilities massaged in the new history, which is, says McCullough, "often taught in categories — women's history, African American history, environmental history — so that many students have no sense of chronology ... no idea of what followed what."

Author, commentator and former presidential candidate (what child has been told of that?) Pat Buchanan wrote at the time, "If the generations coming out of our schools do not know our past, do not who we are or what we have done as a people, how will they come to love America, refute her enemies, or lead her confidently?"

This ignorance of history is a plague that is leading America down the road to ruin. Socialism (and its related "isms" communism and Marxism), which just 30 years ago was rightly considered a danger to America, has not just become an acceptable alternative to a growing number of today's youths, but is actually something many are striving toward.

Few are the people today younger than 40 who appreciate the Constitution and the wisdom of the Founding Fathers, and fewer still are those who have ever read it, much less understand what it means and says.

An even smaller number know that the tyranny of the British Empire the Founders rejected and defeated is no less than the tyranny our own government now imposes upon us.

The result is an acceptance — even an embrace — of the growing police state in exchange for a life of government handouts.

Noah Webster (who authored the first American textbook and dictionary) once said: "Every child in America should be acquainted with his own country. He should read books that furnish him with ideas that will be useful to him in life and practice. As soon as he opens his lips, he should rehearse the history of his own country."

Parents who expect their children to learn the real history of America in a government school are deluded. Our true history is something that must be read and taught at home, by both adults and children. And that knowledge will be vital to restoring the American Republic.

The first step is to know and respect the constitution, the law of the land, which should defend our liberty from the imperial presidency and an enabling Congress. Executive orders and so-called "authorities" who impose regulation through unconstitutional government edicts have usurped the Constitution, as has legislation. Most of it is enacted in matters that are not enumerated under Article I, Section 1, which says: "All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives."

The result is endless wars and a growing tyranny.

In an essay in the American Daily Advertiser, Alexander Hamilton succinctly summed up how best to preserve our liberty. He wrote, "If it be asked, 'What is the most sacred duty and the greatest source of our security in a Republic?' The answer would be, an inviolable respect for the Constitution and Laws — the first growing out of the last. ...A sacred respect for the constitutional law is the vital principle, the sustaining energy of a free government."

It's easy to spot those of the elected class that don't hold "An inviolable respect for the Constitution and Laws." After what we have witnessed over the last few months, it should be recognizable that it is our duty as citizens to purge the government of them and elect a new class that does.

Yours for the truth,

Bob Livingston
The Bob Livingston Letter


Other Bits n Pieces

Big Tech is now actively hiring communists to police speech in America. Twitter, Google, Facebook and YouTube are all increasingly run by active communists who seek to use their tech platforms to undermine America and destroy human freedom around the world.

Finally today: I've posted a fascinating interview with Chinese dissident and human rights advocate Jennifer Zeng. Facebook immediately banned the interview to crush women's voices of human freedom. Zeng was tortured in a communist China slave labor camp. Facebook thinks that's awesome, and they want the same thing to start happening in America, starting with Christians and Trump supporters, no doubt.


Here's a fun DIY project: bottle blasters. These things explode with a loud sonic boom when you hit them. They're great for target practice with slingshots, blowguns, BB guns, and more. In this video, The King of Random demonstrates his bottle blasters and shows you how to make them.

Here's what you need:

  • Tubeless tire valve
  • 1 1/2 inch steel end cap
  • Water bottle...


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The average basement in a single-family detached home can easily be modified for all sorts of purposes. In the event of a tornado or similar type of weather disaster, basements make acceptable living quarters.

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$370-Average weekly unemployment benefits in 2019.

$970- Average weekly unemployment benefits in 2020 (owing to Congress’ coronavirus Paycheck Protection Program).

68%- Of the people who are unemployed, what percentage of them are now receiving benefits that exceed their lost earnings. Sources: Politico, University of Chicago.

GOVS GONE WILD: Naughty Dems Keep Breaking Their Own Lockdown Rules


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Wednesday, May 27, 2020


Poor Man Survival

Self Reliance tools for independent minded people…

ISSN 2161-5543

A Digest of Urban Survival Resources



My last analysis focused on the unfolding economic consequences of the corona catastrophe that really should never have happened. Instead due to gross incompetence and negligence of our governments we are rapidly descending down a black hole the depths of which we can only guess at, as economic contraction numbers for Q2 range from -20% to -40% for the UK and the US. For worse than anyone could have imagined even a few weeks ago as the gauge of possibilities were mostly centered around the Financial Crisis of 2008. Where this crisis apparently looks set to be many times worse! ALL courtesy of the headless chickens in charge with their mad scientists advising them.

If you think the TV talking heads are there to inform you of the truth about what’s going on during this health crisis…

Or if you expect our media to be fair and balanced regardless of who’s in the White House…

Please do us both a favor and stop reading now.

The liberal media would have you believe that we’re in the midst of some horrifying medieval plague that will leave tens of millions dead.

But what if it was all just an overhyped “crisis” cooked up by desperate liberals to destroy President Trump?


How does one define an economic "reopening"?

I think most people would say that a reopening means that everything goes back to the way it was before the crisis... or at least as close as possible. Simply saying "America has reopened" while keeping many restrictions in place in certain parts of the country, continuing to inject bailout after bailout and continuing to see a steady number of deaths from the coronavirus seem to me to be a bit of a farce.

For example, both New York and Los Angeles have extended their lockdown; with Los Angeles's extension remaining ambiguous after they initially declared restrictions for another three months. New York's lockdown is extended to the end of May (so far). This is the case in many major U.S. cities, while rural areas are mostly open. This is being called a "partial reopening," but is there a purpose behind the uneven approach?

As I predicted in my article "Pandemic and economic collapse — the next 60 days," the restrictions will continue in major U.S. population centers while rural areas have mostly opened with much fanfare. The end result of this will be a flood of city dwellers into rural towns looking for relief from more strict lockdown conditions. In about a month, we should expect new viral clusters in places where there was limited transmission. I suggest that before the 4th of July holiday, state governments and the federal government will be talking about new lockdowns, using the infection spike as an excuse.

This is happening in Northeast China right now — another resurgence has occurred, and 100 million people are now subject to quarantine restrictions. China's reopening is barely two weeks old, and concerns of infections "flare-ups" were widespread when the announcement was made. Now the mainstream media seems to be confused; is China open or locked down? Of course, we may never know how bad the problem is and was in China as their numbers have been shown to be utterly rigged, but the point is that the term "reopening" is meaningless there, just as it will be meaningless here in the U.S.

This is part of the plan. The farce of reopening has a purpose. I discuss this in great detail in my article "Waves of mutilation: Medical tyranny and the cashless society" published in April. The globalists are clearly the only beneficiaries of this event; with a worldwide surveillance state now openly on the table along with an accelerated shift into digital currency systems, the globalists are either taking advantage of this crisis to push their agenda or they created the crisis to push their agenda.

white papers published by globalists at the Imperial College of London and MIT, the plan is openly admitted. They suggest using "waves" of economic openings and then lockdowns to control the spread of the virus. The timelines seem to vary, but in general the models call for a one month open/ two months closed cycle. The goal is to deliberately increase infections every couple of months in specific regions of a country, then declare economic shutdown and quarantine measures once the spread reaches a certain level; this is meant to continue until a vaccine is developed, which could take years.

When the globalists at MIT say "We are not going back to normal," this is what they mean. Right now, the general public is cheering the reopenings, but what they don't realize is that the reopenings are an illusion. Restrictions are going to remain in place in some states and cities, while they will be lifted and then re-instituted in others. In fact, the situation is going to become much worse over time, by design.

The next lockdown, whenever it is announced, will be absolutely devastating to the U.S. economy which is already in a downward spiral. The mitigating factors will be how effective central bank stimulus is at stalling the freefall (not very effective so far), what percentage of small businesses survive the first lockdown and how many jobs those businesses can bring back to the economy. The first lockdown may be survivable for a large percentage of Americans and businesses; the second lockdown will financially destroy all but the most prepared. And make no mistake, there will be more lockdowns.

In the meantime, international banks like Wells Fargo and JP Morgan have seen to it that small businesses are hit hard by the crisis by funneling bailout money and paycheck loans to their larger clients over the smaller businesses that the money was intended to go to. Of the 300,000 clients of JP Morgan that applied for an emergency loan through the government bailout program, only 18,000 actually received one and many of these clients were not small businesses.

If the cycle of lockdowns continues, small businesses will be wiped off the map. The elites have rigged the game; they control where every dollar of the bailout money goes, and many of their corporations are the only institutions that are equipped to survive the onslaught. Some of these companies will go down, but in the long run the goal, in my view, is the total centralization of production and distribution.

This is exactly what happened during the Great Depression when JP Morgan and other major banks devoured thousands of small local banks across the country and removed them as competitors from the system. After the depression, banking was completely centralized into the hands of a select few mega-companies. Today, they are attempting to erase all localized small business competition to international corporations.

Taking over the business infrastructure of entire nations and removing all independent competition is only one incentive for the lockdowns to continue. There is also the process of acclimating the public to the idea that lockdowns are the "new normal." While I do see resistance in certain parts of the world, including the U.S., many countries in Asia and Europe have witnessed a rather sheepish response to the idea of medical tyranny. I also see an immense flashfire of unconstitutional legislation and illegal state measures being rolled out in the U.S. while the public is distracted by financial circumstances and the virus threat.

Certainly, it appears that most Americans hate the lockdowns. But will they be fooled by the "reopening" into complacency for the next several weeks while the government gets ready to hit them with the next round of restrictions? Will they be so caught off guard they won't know how to react? Imagine the economic devastation of just one more nationwide lockdown event? It will be carnage and a lot of hope within the population will be lost.

This will lead to two possible paths: submission or rebellion. Either the majority of the American people will accept the lockdowns as a new fact of everyday life or they will become so enraged by the destruction of their economy that they will revolt.

If the intent is to keep the cycle going until a vaccine is introduced and elitist publications assert, then we have a long way to go and this first lockdown was child's play compared to what comes next.

The excuse for the wave model will be that they need to control and slow the spread of infection over time to avoid overwhelming our medical infrastructure. But this makes very little sense to me at this stage. Perhaps within the first month or two of the pandemic this makes some sense, so that we could gauge the threat of the virus. What we know right now is that the virus is at least three times more deadly than the annual flu, which is something to be concerned about... but not something we should be destroying our economy over.

Frankly, there's no logic to the wave model unless the agenda is to destroy the economy. If the goal is to continue infecting the population until everyone has developed an immunity or a vaccine is offered, then why not simply remove all the lockdowns permanently and get it over with now? This would result in far fewer deaths in the long run compared to economic collapse. If the goal is so-called "herd immunity," then we can achieve that much faster through viral transmission than waiting years for a vaccine that may or may not work.

But the elites don't care about "herd immunity." What they care about is control. The vaccine narrative itself is a form of control. You have to wait for the establishment to save you. You have to wait for them to allow the economy to be opened, even for a short period of time, so that you can then be allowed to work or run your business. You have to wait for permission to live your normal life. And, if the elites get their way, you won't be given permission until you accept immunity passports, tracking apps and a vaccine.

I will be covering the vaccine issue in a future article, but the underlying message that the public is hearing daily is that you no longer have the power to make decisions for yourself, you must wait for instructions. While the coronavirus is something that should be taken seriously (to a point), the wave model is not an acceptable solution to the problem.

Do not be fooled by the reopening. It is not real because it is not meant to last. It is a steam valve to calm public outrage and to condition us to periodic tyranny. The elites believe that we will eventually acclimate to lockdowns as long as we have a reopening to look forward to a couple of months down the road. They believe that our tendency to rebel will be suppressed by false hopes that the next reopening will be a permanent reopening. They believe that after 18 months or more of the wave model we will be so desperate for normalcy that we will do anything to get it, including willingly giving up every last ounce of freedom we have left. This is the true purpose of the pandemic.

To truth and knowledge,

Brandon Smith

P>S.   When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.”  That is a direct quote from Benjamin Franklin


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 Making the most of what you have on hand... and for right now, what you have on hand might be time.

 Right now, I've got some time on my hands... I previously mentioned that I've been developing my woodworking skills. I've also been brushing up on some traditional food preservation techniques.

 Our ancestors lived this earth over many centuries before us, even back when there was no oven, no electric meat dryer, freezer or refrigerator.
They survived despite not having the tools for modern food preservation. The lack of all this comfort we have surrounded ourselves with today didn’t stop them from surviving. They made the best of what little resources they had available at the time.

With simple tools like a piece of metal or sharpened wood they were able to hunt animals and preserve meat for extended periods through a process of drying or smoking meat.

The art of smoking meat as a way of preserving it probably started many thousands of years ago. An early tribesman would simply hang out meat to dry. The lack of chimneys in ancient caves and huts often made their shelters smoky. Early people realized soon enough that hanging out meat in such smoky places made meat acquire a different flavor and meat was also preserved for longer periods of time, avoiding spoilage.

 Smoking as a way to flavor and dry out meat and extend it's life became preferred. 

Over time, early people also discovered that adding salt (curing) to the meat also increases its shelf life dramatically. Thus curing and smoking became popular and passed on from one civilization to the next.

 This curing and smoking process continues to today - ham, bacon, and many forms of charcuterie still follow this basic process to this day.


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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Modern Day Slavery-US Style

Poor Man Survival

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ISSN 2161-5543

A Digest of Urban Survival Resources


Modern Day Slavery-US Style

When a marriage becomes untenable for either the husband or wife, or both, the marriage is dissolved. They get a divorce, and few — outside of religious circles — would argue against their right to divorce or its necessity if one or other of the parties determines there are "irreconcilable differences" and a legal dissolution of the marriage is in his best interest.

Yet when secession — which is the divorce of a state from the nation or divorce of one part of the state from another — is mentioned, people seem to lose their minds. But make no mistake; secession is in the air.

You heard it in Virginia as the General Assembly discussed the very real possibility it would pass legislation to disarm the commonwealth's citizens.

The governor of West Virginia offered liberty-loving Virginians safe haven if they wanted to divorce themselves from dark blue gun-grabbing Richmond and it surrounding statist suburbs. Secession talk is also rife in Oregon, where rural Oregonians are seeking to become part of Idaho, and in Illinois, where Illinoians would like nothing better than to separate from Chicago — or separate Chicago from Illinois. There remains an active Calexit movement where factions are alternately trying to either separate entirely from California to form a 51st state, or break the state up into as many as six smaller states.

More and more, American people are becoming fed up with the elected class in both the Washington, D.C., cesspool and their heavily blue state capitols.

It seems that once elected and after sniffing the wine at the altar of power, most politicians lose whatever humanity they ever had. They quickly begin to ignore the will of their constituents, bowing instead to the will of their corporate masters, forgetting (or ignoring) the promises they made to get elected.

Once entrenched in office and buttressed by the crony/fascist system, they become almost impossible to unseat. This is occurring in state governments and the federal government.

What's more, these urban centers seem to concentrate statist bureaucrats who make their living off government, lawyers and minorities which seek to leach off it. Politicians, bureaucrats and lawyers love socialism for everyone else, but not themselves. Lawyers write the laws that channel all power, authority and wealth to the government. They create confusion so the people can't understand the law and can't understand esoteric (hidden) political and "legal" manipulation of the public.

So lawyers create socialism and label it democracy. Socialism is a disguised system of stealing the wealth and production of the producers of wealth with spurious laws. Stealing or taking from producers and transferring it to nonproducers make for very sophisticated and concealed class warfare. In other words, it is a parasite system with the parasites ruling and fleecing their host through deception.

In the halls of power there is a hostile movement against the people and toward more government centralization. While this idea sits well with much of the parasite class found in mostly urban areas of the country, it is disagreeable to many — if not most — in the more rural "red" portion of the country. Manipulated minorities love government intervention and intrusion (socialism) as a net for perceived social inequality, poverty and underachievement.

This is the exact opposite of what a free people want and need.

The American Union was formed as a confederation of States that joined together voluntarily. It was the States that joined together, not the people.

The Founders saw the states as checks on the Federal government. They understood that the federal government would attempt to assume more power than it was granted by the Constitution. So the senate was devised in Article I, Section 3 in such a way as to give the State legislatures Senate-appointing powers. This made the senators accountable to the States rather than special interests.

The War of Northern Aggression (aka the Civil War) took away one check the states had on federal overreach: secession. It also forever linked the idea of secession to slavery and/or white supremacy. Thanks to indoctrination from the public (non)education system, most people have no idea that secession has nothing to do with racism or slavery and everything to do with preserving liberty.

The Constitution drafted by the Founders was not intended to form a strong "national" government with heavily centralized power, but as a means to represent a group of states only on matters that concerned them all. The government was given a list of enumerated powers in Article I, Section 8.

The Constitution was not a document designed to restrain the people or the states, but to place restraints on the federal government the Founders were creating. This is an important distinction. It would not have been ratified if not for the promise of a bill of rights to further check the federal government. That's because most of the Founders — particularly the Anti-Federalists — feared the Constitution wasn't strong enough to prevent the Federal government from stealing power from the states.

To that end, the Bill of Rights established a set of restrictions on federal government. The preamble to the Bill of Rights expresses this quite plainly:

THE Conventions of a number of the States, having at the time of their adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added: And as extending the ground of public confidence in the Government, will best ensure the beneficent ends of its institution.

The first eight amendments were checks on federal power. The 9th and 10th Amendments state the Founders' intent that all power not granted the general (federal) government in the Constitution was reserved to the states and to the people.

The Constitution was based on Federalism, or the concept that authority for governing local matters should be left to the purview of local and state governments, and authority for big items affecting the whole (trade, war, disputes between the states, etc.) was held by the federal government and determined through representatives of the people (House of Representatives) and the states (Senate).

The Founding Fathers understood that states joining the compact voluntarily were free to leave. They believed in the words of the Declaration that governments derived their just powers from the consent of the governed, and when government becomes destructive of those ends it is the right of the people to change or abolish it.

In fact, it was New England states, or at least Federalists from those states, who first broached the idea of leaving the United States as early as 1800. They called it disunion.

Timothy Pickering of Massachusetts (who was George Washington's adjutant general during the Revolution and served as Washington's secretary of state and secretary of war), along with his Federalist cohorts, sought to separate after Thomas Jefferson was elected president.

Pickering called separation the remedy pointed to by "the principles of our Revolution."

"I will rather anticipate a new confederacy, exempt from the corrupt and corrupting influence of the aristocratic Democrats of the South," wrote Pickering. "There will be a separation… [and] the black and white populations will mark the boundary."

Senator James Hillhouse, a Revolutionary War captain who went on to serve in the second, third and fourth congresses, said, "The Eastern States must and will dissolve the union and form a separate government."

New England Federalists believed that Virginia was gaining too much power and would act against the interests of New England states and in the interests of Southern ones. After Jefferson's election, Federalist Stephen Higgenson claimed the federal government "had fallen into the hands of infidel, anti-commercial, anti-New England Southerners" who would "govern and depress New England."

Federalist John Lowell Jr. expressed state's rights sentiments of the New England secessionists when he stated, "[I]t is our duty, our most solemn duty, to vindicate the rights, and support the interests of the states we represent."

Their complaints mirrored those made by Southerners advocating for secession in the 1860s, including Robert E. Lee, who told General Winfield Scott, "If the union is disrupted I shall return to my native state and share the miseries of my people and save in defense will draw my sword on none."

In 1804, Federalists began plotting their strategy to begin "disunion." Massachusetts was to take the lead by seceding first, Pickering wrote in a letter to Theodore Lyman, followed by Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Their cause disintegrated when Aaron Burr failed to win the governorship of New York and Burr was then tarnished after he killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel.

In the 1830s and 1840s, abolitionists, chief among them William Lloyd Garrison, called for "disunion." The New England Anti-Slavery Convention voted in favor of secession by a margin of 250-24.

The Civil War — aka the War to Prevent Southern Secession or the war of Northern Aggression — essentially neutered the 9th and 10th Amendments. The war was not started by President Abraham Lincoln to end slavery. It was fought to reign in a "rebellion" of states who were exercising their rights as outlined in the Declaration of Independence.

Abraham Lincoln, the war's chief prosecutor, himself said, "My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or destroy Slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave, I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves, I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone, I would also do that." In fact, the official government name for the war is the "War of the Rebellion."

To "save the Union," Lincoln trampled on the rule of law. He suspended habeas corpus, ignored Supreme Court rulings, sent federal troops into state legislatures to prevent them from voting, arrested politicians, shut down opposition newspapers and held their editors without trial and signed illegal executive orders and congress-passed laws.

Americans are as politically divided today as they were in the mid-19th century. On the one hand are progressive/socialist/communists who long for stronger federal government and control over every aspect of life. They inhabit the corridors of power on the east and west coasts and the urban centers of the states — primarily state capitols. On the other hand are the people who desire liberty and a small government that doesn't seek to control them but instead seeks to stand aside so they can prosper.

These two philosophies are diametrically opposed. Why shouldn't there be a separation so we can determine which works best for the people?

Yours for the truth,

Bob Livingston
Editor, The Bob Livingston Letter®

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 A lot of people are buying a little extra. While I am not advocating hoarding, I do think it is wise to put back a little extra to have on hand while the pandemic does what it is going to … Continued


$370-Average weekly unemployment benefits in 2019.

$970- Average weekly unemployment benefits in 2020 (owing to Congress’ coronavirus Paycheck Protection Program).

68%- Of the people who are unemployed, what percentage of them are now receiving benefits that exceed their lost earnings. Sources: Politico, University of Chicago.


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