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Thursday, November 30, 2017

The End of the PetroDollar-Is It Finally Here & What Will it Mean for Americans?

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The End of the PetroDollar-Is It Finally Here & What Will it Mean for Americans?

 A new financial instrument gives oil-exporting nations their long-sought alternative to the petrodollar.

China will soon introduce a crude oil futures contract denominated in yuan and convertible into gold, the Nikkei Asian Review reported on September 1. Analysts say that since China is the world’s largest oil importer, the move could deal a major blow to the global influence of the United States dollar.

The contract will allow oil-exporting nations such as Russia, Iran and Venezuela to conduct sales in yuan, instead of in U.S. dollars, and to then change the yuan into gold on both the Hong Kong and Shanghai exchanges. It will also allow these countries, which often fall afoul of American foreign policy, to circumvent sanctions based on the U.S. dollar.

The Chinese government has been developing the gold-backed futures contract for years, and reports that it is expected to launch this year. It will be China’s first commodities futures contract available to foreign entities. Analysts expect many oil-exporting nations and firms to find it appealing.

‘Black Liquid to Yellow Metal’

Leaders of oil-exporting nations, such as Russia, Iran and Venezuela, have often expressed the desire to bypass the U.S. dollar. But avoiding the greenback has proved challenging, largely due to the size of America’s economy, the dominance of U.S. markets, and the momentum of long-standing global finance practices. As much as these nations would like to close the curtain on the U.S.-dominated economic order, the Chinese yuan and other currencies have not garnered enough international confidence to be viewed as trustworthy alternatives.

But China’s new futures contract allays those fears by making the yuan fully convertible into gold.

“It’s a transfer of holding their assets in black liquid to yellow metal,” said Grant Williams, a finance expert who advises Vulpes Investment Management. “It’s a strategic move swapping oil for gold, rather than for U.S. Treasuries, which can be printed out of thin air” (ibid).

Alasdair Macleod of Goldmoney Inc. told the NikkeiAsian Review that the gold conversion option is “likely to appeal to oil producers that prefer to avoid using dollars and are not ready to accept that being paid in yuan for oil sales to China is a good idea either” (ibid).

The Asia Times said, “The new triad of oil, yuan and gold is actually a win-win-win” for China and the oil-exporting nations. “No problem at all if energy providers prefer to be paid in physical gold instead of yuan. The key message is the U.S. dollar being bypassed” (September 5).

The bypassing of the U.S. dollar would be a win for China and many oil exporters. For the American economy, it could represent a catastrophic loss.

Black Eyes for the Greenback

The dollar has dominated international markets since the end of World War ii in 1945. Since 1973, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (opec) has priced, quoted, traded and settled oil sales in U.S. dollars, also known as “petrodollars.” The widespread conversion of these petrodollars into U.S. Treasuries has been a vital artery for the American economy and has helped finance the nation’s vast deficit expenditures. The Chinese contract could dry up the flow through that artery, withering or possibly even severing it.

“In addition to reducing a major source of funding for the U.S. government’s enormous deficit spending, the introduction of a gold-backed yuan oil futures contract is an important step toward removing the dollar as the world’s reserve currency,” wrote Investment Research Dynamics. “More significantly, it reintroduces gold into the global monetary system” (September 3).

After such a reintroduction of the precious metal into the world system, the anemia of America’s fiat currency would contrast starkly with the ruddy currencies of economies that are healthier and/or backed by something besides consumer confidence. This would rapidly fade the dollar’s global reserve currency status.

Bolt From the Blue?

The appeal of the new Chinese futures contract may go beyond the usual suspects on the list of American adversaries.

Back in July, the Trumpet called attention to reports saying that China would become the main investor in the forthcoming initial public offering of Aramco, Saudi Arabia’s state-owned oil company. Aramco will be worth about $2 trillion; it will be the highest-valued firm on the globe.

If this sale goes through as planned, Macleod said the Chinese would be in a position to switch the pricing of Saudi oil from dollars to yuan. “[I]f China can tie in Aramco, with Russia, Iran et al., she will have a degree of influence over nearly 40 percent of global production, and will be able to progress her desire to exclude dollars for yuan,” Macleod said (Nikkei Asian Review, op cit).

Such a dramatic and unexpected shift by Riyadh would also erode the very foundations of the U.S.-Saudi Arabia relationship.

Red Flags for the Status Quo

Whether the Saudis sign up for the Chinese futures contract or not, the development is expected to be a game changer for the global oil industry.

Investment Research Dynamics said China’s new contract “is a significant step in removing the global reserve currency status of the dollar and resetting the global economic and geopolitical ‘landscape’” (op cit).

James Corbett, founder of the Corbett Report, called the development “earthshaking” and said it is “potentially ominous for what it portends for the near future.”

Corbett said: “If this really is the shot across the bow, then those kinds of shots can turn into real shots very quickly. … Over the course of the next year, I think we are going to be seeing some pretty tectonic shifts taking place monetarily, geopolitically and, as a result, potentially militarily. And, well, that could kick off any day presumably” (September 6).

A Golden Age

For five decades, the Trumpet and our forerunner magazine the Plain Truth have warned that a catastrophic financial crisis centered in the U.S. will send deep reverberations across the planet and help recolor the entire geopolitical landscape.

If China’s new oil futures contract succeeds in pushing oil-exporting nations away from the dollar and toward the gold-backed Yuan option—as numerous experts believe it is certain to do—this development will precipitate the dollar’s demise and set the international stage for this prophesied siege to take place.

Yours for smarter living,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’


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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Black Swan Events That Could Trigger [Very] Uncertain Times

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Black Swan Events That Could Trigger [Very] Uncertain Times

   There is still a war being waged against mainstreet and the little guy against cash and the so-called free market [which to the casual observer still looks fine].  Government bureaucrats and banking interests aim to replace paper cash with digital cash.  The head of Visa recently offered a “Cashless Challenge” $10k reward to merchants who stopped accepting cash…one motive is to make all economic transactions trackable and taxable.

Crypto-currencies have been in the news a lot recently, especially Bitcoin with JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon bashing it completely while on the other hand, some in government are talking about creating a government-backed Crypto currency to replace its fiat money in our era of digital money.

Even China recently took a shot at the U.S. petrodollar by paying for imported Arab oil with yuan [petroyuan] convertible into gold, remarkable as Chinese demand for imported oil outpaces American demand. 

Anti-citizen pro-globalist economist Ken Rogoff, formerly of the International Monetary Fund, recently argued in the Wall Street Journal for eliminating $50 and $100 bills in order for the Fed to implement negative nominal interest rates more effectively in the absence of these large bills…

We’re likely living in the most uncertain times of the past 225 years.

Many are predicting widespread uncertainty and potential “Black Swan” paradigm-shifting events in our near future.  These events are high profile, hard to predict, rare occurrences beyond the norm.  We’ve already seen several including the election of political maverick Donald Trump, Brexit and 9/11.

If you follow events in Europe it is likely that [if you believe as I do] we’re seeing a reemergence of Germany as its leading power, possibly joining forces with France to fill the vacuum being left by the United States.  Japan will be re-assuming a much more aggressive military buildup, including the possibility of nuclear weapons in light of N. Korea and China aggression not seen since its conquest at the end of WWII.

We’ve witnessed political and economic earthquakes throughout the world during the past 25 years including a strong increase of radical Islam.

We’ve seen a rise in the police state in the United States and a reduction of its Bill of Rights protections and complete elimination of privacy where the NSA now routinely spies on all citizens.  In fact, the U.S. has dramatically dropped to 13th place in terms of free enterprise and its favored nation status for freedom…even Singapore ranks above us!

Under the presidency of Obama more people became dependent on welfare than at any other time in history.

In the Near Future…

·         The State of IL will likely go bankrupt [a first for any state] due to its mismanagement of public worker pension funds.  Despite raising taxes and issuing IOUs for tax refunds and stopping all major road repairs, IL cannot pay its bills…years of Democratic ‘leadership’ have ruined the state and cities such as Chicago.  The state cannot even afford to pay its lottery winners or feed its prisoners – it has $251 billion in unfunded liabilities and $130 billion in pension debt alone!  Plenty of other states will be lining up right behind IL!

·         Massive Pension Crisis on the Horizon-While corporations dumped private sector pensions faster than dirty diapers, governments at all levels promised massive pension and health benefits to retirees and most will not be able to deliver…not when you have 10,000 baby boomers retiring per day!  States failed to contribute enough cash to their fund obligations and spent away like there was no tomorrow…the unfunded liabilities are too big to overcome and tax revenues are falling since decent paying jobs are falling too.  Nearly 70 years of financial malfeasance is coming home to roost.  Only a handful of states managed their pension funds well.

·         Overregulation is killing our ability to create jobs.  No president in history created more job-killing regulation than former president Obama…he almost single handedly killed of the coal industry, the lead industry and others.  The U.S. is now the most heavily regulated nation on earth and it discourages firms from setting up shop here which is why so many leave this country to start up in Mexico and elsewhere [even the Oreo cookie plant closed and went to Mexico killing 400 U.S. jobs…yet overweight citizens here were oblivious to this fact and continued buying truckloads of the calorie laden sweet].  At least President Trump is trying, despite the obstructionists in his party and in the opposition, to stop the job crushing regulation…

Here are a few other recent thoughts about the economy…

There are many obvious signs point to a gigantic financial bubble.

The prices of cryptocurrencies are soaring... Stocks are trading at record levels... Corporate bonds are paying record-low yields... Art is selling for $450 million... Consumer debt is at a new all-time high less than a decade after the biggest consumer-lending collapse in 50 years.

What's powering this bubble?

It's sovereign debt. Major governments around the world have gone mad with debt.

For a period of almost 20 years – between 1979 and 1998 – the 10-year average growth rate in U.S. federal debt was more than 100%. That first big "spurt" of U.S. debt growth peaked in 1991 (with a 10-year increase in federal debt of 228%) that saw total federal debt per person in the U.S. grow from $3,700 to $20,000 by 1998.

 The period between the early 1980s and the 1990s was generally fantastic for the stock market and for investors. At the beginning of a massive credit boom, everything seems great. That's because when credit growth far exceeds savings, it allows an economy to consume far more than it's producing….Consider:

 Bank of America’s Michael Hartnett originally thought that the coming correction would come a bit sooner, [so did I] but now he is warning of a “flash crash” during the first half of 2018

Having predicted back in July that the “most dangerous moment for markets will come in 3 or 4 months“, i.e., now, BofA’s Michael Hartnett was – in retrospect – wrong (unless of course the S&P plunges in the next few days). However, having stuck to his underlying logic – which was as sound then as it is now – Hartnett has not given up on his “bad cop” forecast (not to be mistaken with the S&P target to be unveiled shortly by BofA’s equity team and which will probably be around 2,800), and in a note released overnight, the Chief Investment Strategist not only once again dares to time his market peak forecast, which he now thinks will take place in the first half of 2018, but goes so far as to predict that there will be a flash crash “a la 1987/1994/1998” in just a few months.

Just so that there is no confusion, let me give you his exact quote

“A flash crash (à la ’87/’94/’98) in H1 2018 seems quite likely, in our view, as the major sedative of volatility, the central banks, start to withdraw liquidity.”

Bill Blain believes that the coming crash will actually originate in the bond market

The 2008 crisis, which was about consumer debt, was triggered by mortgages. We still have consumer debt crisis problems ahead, warns Blain, adding the next financial crisis is likely to be in corporate debt.

“More immediately, the realization a crisis is coming feels very similar to June 2007 when the first mortgage-backed funds in the US started to wobble.” He said it explains why “we’re seeing the highly levered sector of the junk bond markets struggle, and companies correlated to struggling highly levered consumers (such as health and telecoms) also in trouble.”

Stock markets don’t matter, according to the strategist. “The truth is in bond markets. And that’s where I’m looking for the dam to break. The great crash of 2018 is going to start in the deeper, darker depths of the credit market,” he said.

There are 20 different major retail chains that have closed at least 50 stores so far this year.  The following numbers originally come from Fox Business

1. Abercrombie & Fitch: 60 stores
2. Aerosoles: 88 stores
3. American Apparel: 110 stores
4. BCBG: 118 stores
5. Bebe: 168 stores
6. The Children’s Place: hundreds of stores to be closed by 2020
7. CVS: 70 stores
8. Guess: 60 stores
9. Gymboree: 350 stores
10. HHgregg: 220 stores
11. J.Crew: 50 stores
12. JC Penney: 138 stores
13. The Limited: 250 stores
14. Macy’s: 68 stores
15. Michael Kors: 125 stores
16. Payless: 800 stores
17. RadioShack: more than 1,000 stores
18. Rue21: up to 400 stores
19. Sears/Kmart: more than 300 stores
20. Wet Seal: 171 stores

If the U.S. economy was really doing well, then why are all of these major retailers closing down locations?

Of course the truth is that the economy is not doing well.  The U.S. economy has not grown by at least 3 percent in a single year since the middle of the Bush administration, and it isn’t going to happen this year either.  Overall, the U.S. economy has grown by an average of just 1.33 percent over the last 10 years, and meanwhile U.S. stock prices are up about 250 percent since the end of the last recession.  The stock market has become completely and utterly disconnected from economic reality, and yet many Americans still believe that it is an accurate barometer for the health of the economy.


   My recommendations include:

·         Diversify your sources of liquid cash.  Hold a paper stash of $100, $50 & $20s

·         Hold some precious metals including gold, silver, pre-1964 coins

·         Consider having a crypto-currency wallet

·         Consider holding foreign currency such as Swiss Francs or Canadian paper cash

   The way I see it Leftists are trying to make America fall, and a new post-American one world order.  They and their lame stream media [CNN, MSNBC, NBCUniversal, Hollywood, Global Citizen, etc.] are trying every smear tactic in the book [as I’ve reported since Jan. 2017] to bring Trump down including filing meaningless, obstructionist articles of impeachment articles against him all in an effort to destroy traditional America and to reinforce anti-traditionalist un-values.

As a prudent adult you probably have fire insurance on your home, collision insurance on your car and perhaps even health and life insurance.  This is because you know life is risky.  Trusting Big Government or Wall Street is risky too.  You should mitigate those external risks wherever possible.  My philosophy is simple.  Although you cannot prepare for everything life throws at you, it is important to GET STARTED. Take the first step, become the Boy or Girl Scout you once were [or should have been].  Make the changes needed to prepare even if they are baby steps to become self-reliant, to be RESILIENT.

You’ll find plenty of FREE resources below to get you started on your path to protect you and your family starting today.

[Note:  Suggested Reading:  The Crash Course by Chris Martenson – available on eBay, Amazon]


Ultimate Readiness Checklist! Click the link below to access your checklist:

Download the Checklist Here!

How to Survive the War on the Middle Class

14 of the best reports I’ve assembled on protecting your freedom…Here is the download link.


15 Ways Your Family Can Save Money This Holiday Season
If you try these tips, your family just might end the year with more money in the bank, a spirit of gratitude, and learn to enjoy the beauty of the season without spending any money.


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A Final Note…

Contributors and subscribers enable the Poor Man Survivor to post 150+ free essays annually. It is for this reason they are Heroes and Heroines of New Media. Without your financial support, the free content would disappear for the simple reason that I cannot keep body and soul together on my meager book sales & ecommerce alone.


Improve your brain & prevent Alzheimer’s

   Neuroscientists have pinpointed a few simple lifestyle changes which can protect your brain from Alzheimer’s and other diseases…

·         Stroll in the sun.  Walking outdoors for 10 minutes a day year-round is the top way to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s as exercise increases blood flow to the brain and when combined with sunlight it boosts the benefit by ensuring you have plenty of vitamin D in your system.

·         Challenge neurons.  Study after study shows that keeping your neurons active is another essential strategy for keeping your brain healthy for life.  Solving puzzles or crosswords fit the bill as does taking a dance class or painting course.  Reading books is another positive way to keep your brain active.

·         Toast to your health.  Enjoying 1-1/2 glasses of red wine each day is another good way to help keep your mind sharp for folks over 65.  Resveratrol reduces inflammation in the brain which can slow cognitive decline in patients…grape juice will work too.


>>Want to improve your brain?  Learn how here:


You Have a 16-Cylinder Brain-Learn How to Use it & Re-Awaken the Genius Inside You!


I know everyone is short on time in this hectic world so I’ve kept this PDF short and to the point with links to expert how-to articles and guides including:


·         How to Increase Your Intelligence

·         6 Step Brain Exercise Steve Jobs Used to Boost Creativity

·         6 Simple Habits to Boost Your Intelligence

·         The Best Vitamins to Increase Brain Function

·         How a Harvard Brain Specialist Keeps Her Brain Healthy

·         A Review of the Top 10 Brain [Limitless] Pills

·         How to Protect Your Cognitive Function



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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

DIY Hard Tack, Auntie Gaye’s Terrific Healing Skin Salve, Holiday Freebies


Poor Man Survival

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ISSN 2161-5543

A Digest of Urban Survival Resources



Auntie Gaye’s

True healing salve, used for anything and everything skin related.

How to make Auntie Gaye’s awesome healing skin salve

The ingredients below will make about 8 ounces of salve. This amount is easily doubled or even tripled.

1/2 cup Virgin Coconut Oil
1/2 cup
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 1/2 Tablespoons
Beeswax Pellets
Rosemary Essential Oil
Lavender Essential Oil
Peppermint Essential Oil
Ointment jars (I prefer glass but plastic jars work just fine as well)

Measure the coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil and beeswax into a heatproof glass jar or measuring cup. Set in a pan of water on a low simmer until completely melted. You can help things along by giving it a quick stir from time to time with a knife. This may take some time, up to 30 minutes.

While waiting for the oils and beeswax to liquefy, drop the requisite number of oils into the bottom of each jar. Add an equal amount of each oil in accordance with the following table. So, for example, I used 4-ounce mason jars which meant I used 40 drops of each oil in each jar.

Size of Jar in Ounces
Total Drops
Drops of
Each Oil

When the oils are completely melted, remove from heat. I like to give them one last stir with my knife before moving on to the next step.

Carefully pour the warm oil into each jar, leaving some headroom at the top. When all of the jars have been filled, take a stick (I use coffee stirs that I pick up at Starbucks) or a toothpick and gently stir the liquefied salve. Set aside to firm up. Depending on the temperature of your home, this could take up to 12 hours.

Notes:  For those of use that grate your own beeswax, I weighed the beeswax pellets (also called pastilles).  2.5 tablespoons weighed in at 0.8 ounces.  Also, as a reference, a 5 ml bottle of essential oil holds approximately 85 drops whereas a 15 ml bottle holds 250 drops.

Suggested uses

If I put some thought into it, I could come up with 101 uses for this awesome healing salve. Let us leave that for another day. Instead, I will give you my top ten favorite uses.

1.  Skin moisturizer

2.  Anti-itch ointment (darn those no-see-ums!)

3.  Burn cream

4.  Relieve sore, aching joints (arthritis anyone?)

5.  Muscle relaxer

6.  Relief for foot and ankle cramps (rub in nightly before bed no matter what)

7.  Scar preventative

8.  Headache relief (rub into temples and back of neck)

9.   Cuticle cream

10.  As a carrier oil for other essential oils (see below)

Healing skin salve — the perfect carrier oil

Something I have learned over the years is that this awesome skin salve makes a superb carrier oil for other essential oils. The three oils, rosemary, lavender and peppermint, blend well with other oils and seem to make everything work better.

Recently I had an infected earlobe that was red, angry and sore. Did I mention how much it hurt? I added a couple of drops of oregano oil to a dime-sized dab of this salve and rubbed it into my earlobe to fight the inflammation and what appeared to be an infection. The next morning my earlobe was mostly healed. To me, it was a miracle!

Sometimes I add a few drops of Frankincense to my jar of skin salve and use it as a face serum. On other occasions, I have added melaleuca (also known as tea tree) and clove oils to create a potent first aid ointment.

Where the formula originated

At this point, you might be wondering how I came up with the magical formula of rosemary, lavender and peppermint. It started back in the early 90s when my husband was suffering from tendonitis. I found the formula in Valerie Warwood’s book, The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy. Much to our amazement, we found that this synergy of oils resolved his pain. Later, when he had a knee replacement, I mixed these same oils with a bit of sweet almond oil and rubbed them over the scar to promote healing. To this day, the scar is barely visible.

Over the years I have played with many combinations of oils for this or that, but I always came back to this formulation as my go-to solution anything and everything skin related. For that I thank you, Valerie.

A word about essential oils

I prefer essential oils from Spark Naturals, an online company based in Utah. They are not the cheapest nor are they the most expensive, but they have a quality product I trust and some fantastic sales. You can purchase them directly from their website and also on where they have their own branded store.

Another brand of essential oils I have used is NOW Foods. This bargain brand works great in DIY cleaners. Feel free to experiment and always let your nose guide you. If your essential oil smells like paint thinner, return it. Good oils smell nice.

Note: For direct purchases from Spark Naturals, Personal Liberty readers get a 10 percent discount using this link and discount code “gayelevy” at checkout.  I am definitely a “Spark Girl“!

Other resources

The ingredients used in this healing skin salve are readily available locally in stores as well as online. Because of where I live, I find it more convenient to shop online. In the long run, shopping online saves me money because I can research prices and read reviews. But honestly it is a matter of personal choice.

Virgin coconut oil: The coconut oil I used comes from Tropical Traditions, where I purchase this fantastic product in 5-gallon tubs. I kid you not. For smaller quantities, I recommend either the Nutiva brand or the Naterre brand from Spark Naturals that is sold on Amazon with free shipping.

Extra virgin olive oil: I used to use “pure” olive oil to save money but have since learned that there is nothing pure about it. Even Costco has rebranded their pure oil to indicate it is highly refined. Go with EVOO. I get Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil at Costco because I know it is the real thing and chock-full of healing qualities with its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

Beeswax: I get my beeswax from Amazon and have never been disappointed. I recommend the yellow beeswax pellets since they have not been treated or bleached to turn them white.

Ointment jars: Over the years I have used both plastic and glass ointment jars. These days, I prefer 4-ounce mason jars coupled with these plastic storage caps that are super handy to have on hand. When I need a smaller amount of salve, or when I want to mix in an additional oil, I will transfer some salve to one a smaller 1/2 ounce or 1-ounce jar that I purchase in bulk for very little money from Amazon.

For someone just getting started, I recommend these inexpensive 2-ounce jars that run about $10 per dozen on Amazon.

Summing it all up

One of the joys of being retired is that I have more time to experiment with new things. But sometimes new is not better. That brings me back to the statement at the beginning of this article where I said I tend to stick with the tried and true. Tried and true is good but always leave room for refinement and improvement. That is the strategic living way of doing things.

Before closing, I ask you to do me a favor and give this awesome healing salve a try. There is a reason I call it “Auntie Gaye’s Awesome Healing Salve.”

Discover the difference it makes when you stop putting chemicals and petroleum-based products on your skin. Using this salve, you will find that skin heals quickly and it will become super moisturized and pleasing to touch. Dryness and itchiness become a thing of the past. Not only that, you will save a ton of money as you finally are able to toss out all of the over-the-counter skin remedies that never really worked in the first place!

— Gaye Levy

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600 Free University Courses

Some 200 universities just launched 600 online courses free. Here is the full list by subject matter.

This is one of the most cost effective long term survival foods that you can make.  Hard Tack-It dates back to ancient Egypt & to Our own Civil War

It just isn’t very carb friendly…

You can make hardtack almost identical to what sailors, troops, and pioneers have been eating (minus the weevils!) by following this simple recipe:

4-5 cups of flour

2 cups of water

3 tsp. of salt

Mix the flour, water and salt together, and make sure the mixture is fairly dry.

Then roll it out to about 1/2 inch thickness, and shape it into a rectangle. Cut it into 3×3 inch squares, and poke holes in both sides. Place on an un-greased cookie or baking sheet, and cook for 30 minutes per side at 375˚

As far as cooking goes, your done!

The next step is just to walk away.

You’ll want to let it dry and harden for a few days.

When it has roughly the consistency of a brick, it’s fully cured.

Then simply store it in an airtight container or bucket.

To prepare for eating, soak it in water or milk for about 15 minutes, and then fry in a buttered skillet. You can eat it with cheese, soup or just plain with a dash of salt.

This basic hardtack should keep for years as long as it is kept in an airtight container.


What about you? Got anything interesting to share?

Bruce, the Poor Man, free thinker, social critic & cynic

A Final Note…

License to Kill That Debt

Having student loan debt is
stressful enough.
Knowing the government could pull
your driver’s license if you can’t pay it off?
Way worse. And it’s real: These 20 states can revoke your
licenses if you default on student loans


Our Native American Princess Blesses
This Holiday Weekend!

Contributors and subscribers enable the Poor Man Survivor to post 150+ free essays annually. It is for this reason they are Heroes and Heroines of New Media. Without your financial support, the free content would disappear for the simple reason that I cannot keep body and soul together on my meager book sales & ecommerce alone.


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How to Survive the War on the Middle Class

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Have a happy, healthy, safe Thanksgiving holiday!



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