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Thursday, November 9, 2017

“What worries you the most right now?”


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“What worries you the most right now?”

If you're like us, you can't open a newspaper [provided you’re one of the few who still read one] or turn on the nightly news without feeling as though the fabric of civil society is being torn apart. You find it more and more challenging to afford the rising cost of living.  Everyone, especially local governments, who cannot seem to live within their means or afford their overly generous pensions [whereas the private sector has largely given up offering them], seems to have their hands out asking you for more money – even if you’re on a fixed income.


Sure, there are more jobs available but the average American lacks the training or skills to take advantage of them…seems those high priced college degrees did not prepare folks for what the labor market needs in many cases.


 As I write this today, Saturday, another domestic terror group, Antifa, is supposed to hold riots against President Trump and mainstream America in multiple cities.


Consider these responses I saw on facebook, for example ...

“Socially, we’re a mess and getting worse by the day.”

“Politicians are preparing for the inevitable collapse of our currency and ultimate chaos in the streets. Everyone is arming themselves to the teeth, government and private citizens alike!”

Responses to a recent appeal for more financial donations to the GOP were met with: “I simply cannot afford it…our local governments are already squeezing us for more than we can now in terms of property taxes, forced higher auto insurance premiums, medical costs, auto registration fees, local school taxes, etc., etc.”

A new study from Credible found millennials fear credit card debt more than death, war or climate change. Apparently we’re only #fearless on Instagram. Here are a few ways to get out of debt and put your mind at ease.


 Most of this consumer debt has been concentrated in the poorest segments of our society. More from a recent issue of Credit Suisse...

Credit Suisse Chief Global Strategist Jonathan Wilmot published some debt research that looked at debt-to-income ratios across different segments of the population. In the late 1980s, the 20% of Americans with the least amount of income held little debt, when measured against their income levels. Today, however, this segment of the population is the most in debt when measured against income.

The poorest Americans now hold debts in excess of 250% of their incomes, or about five times more debt than the wealthiest 20%.

This massive change in the character of our household debts came about because of "innovations" in lending – like subprime auto loans, payday lenders, and, most important, student loans. Today, total household debt is almost $13 trillion. That's higher than the previous all-time high of $12.6 trillion, set in the third quarter of 2008 – immediately prior to the last crisis.

In other words, a huge number of Americans have borrowed more money than they can ever dream of repaying... They have little of value to show for it…Meanwhile:



It’s being predicted that the skeleton of the “new world order” economy is right in front of us. The triggers for explosive change have already been planted.  It’s going to start melting down from the top…



…From the tell me something we didn’t already know department-why do you think many in the Southwest like illegal immigrants!





Here are several careers that are slated to boom over the next few years that you can get without a bachelor’s degree. We also made sure the jobs pay well — because we figured you could find low-paying jobs on your own. You just don’t want them.


Here are a few jobs to consider:


·         Physical therapist assistant: You’ll likely need a two-year degree and earn about $57,000 a year.


·         Sonographer: Look at babies and other stuff. Earn $70,000 a year with just an associate degree.


·         Bicycle repairer: The pay isn’t great ($27,000 a year), but this position is growing at a surprising rate, and certification only takes about a month, so it’s great for bike-lovers.


·         Oil, gas and mining service operator: Manage the machines that bring us energy. Earn $49,000 a year with a high school degree and some certification.


Bruce, the Poor Man, free thinker, social critic & cynic


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I just read a troubling report from the world's leading paleoanthropologist.

It appears human brains are shrinking in size.

According to skeletal evidence, the average human brain has lost 150 cubic centimeters in volume from its peak.

That's enough grey matter to fill a tennis ball.

And it's why one expert says we're no smarter today than Cro-Magnons who lived 20,000 years ago.

In a lot of ways we're a LOT dumber…


>>Want to improve your brain even more?  Learn how here:


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I know everyone is short on time in this hectic world so I’ve kept this PDF short and to the point with links to expert how-to articles and guides including:


·         How to Increase Your Intelligence

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·         A Review of the Top 10 Brain [Limitless] Pills

·         How to Protect Your Cognitive Function




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Larry said...

Although I like Trump the previous administrations have done so much damage and there is so much backstabbing in DC that Trump has no chance of digging us out of the mess we're in...the little guy gets crapped on while special interests and those in power steam ahead trampling the rest of us. It started with the income tax and got full throttle when they started off-shoring jobs and benefits while allowing our infrastructure to rot.

DAR said...

Part of what worries me is the continuing decline of education in this nation AND the teachers unions FIGHT it! The US is running behind most other nations and yet spends more than any other country...something isn't right about that.

MaeWest said...

Chuckle, chuckle...most of the stupid people I run across are more like Mad Magazine's Alfred E. Neuman & his famous "What, Me Worry" line. It continually amazes me how fricking dumb people are, befuddled by everyday life, still watching the idiot TV show 'Survivor' and thinking it is reality...too many need helping wiping their ass.

Mary Ann said...

LOL @ MaeWest