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Monday, March 31, 2014

Our Annual Tax Scam

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The Power to Tax is the Power to Destroy.

Chief Justice John Marshall


Tax Day is April 15. It's a reminder of a grim fact: you're surrendering a portion of what you have rightfully earned to Washington lawmakers, who squander it on wasteful government programs.


The Annual Tax Scam-Let’s Nickel and Dime Citizens

Liberty -- libertas.

In ancient times, the word simply meant freedom from taxes…

For many, the government is their biggest dependent & expense!

What is the number one obstacle to:

·         Saving money or building wealth

·         Job creation

·         Starting a small business

If you guessed government, you’re right.  Financial planners have long told us the number one obstacle in wealth preservation for clients is the tax man.

And you’d probably never guess which entity is considered the worst at keeping financial records according to generally accepted accounting practices…our government takes that prize too. The IRS, despite repeated requests from Congress, cannot account for over $100 million in expenses.

Most of us realize governments at all levels are not good stewards of tax dollars or other resources.

We just finished our taxes and quarterly payments and we paid out more to government entities (property taxes, federal taxes, etc.) than all of our other bills combined.   Government, at a combined level, is our costliest dependent.

There are many low income earners who pay little or no taxes and even receive refunds if they have one or more children in the home.  Yet few want to acknowledge how Americans are nickel and dimed by governments at every turn.  Frequently these aren’t called taxes but user fees or other euphemisms meant to fool the public.

Take a peek at your utility bills or what you pay in fuel taxes each time you fill your gas tank. The gas tax alone is more than most of us paid for a gallon of gas as kids (if you are older than 50). Now that more fuel efficient cars are being driven and people are driving less (because they either don’t have a job or they can’t afford fuel) less fuel taxes are being collected and now governments in several states are reviewing other ways to scam the public through tax-per-mile driving programs, more toll type roads and other schemes to rob taxpayers.

 At one point I had too many telephones (too many business interests) and it dawned on us that we were shelling out close to $500 annually just for telephone taxes!

Utility costs have been rising for years and so are the taxes and fees attached to those bills.  In our community we pay more for our water than our electric bill despite living in area with the largest repository of fresh water on the planet!

Of course, don’t overlook those hidden taxes, or ‘sin taxes’ on your purchases for alcohol (the government take averages 40%) or on tobacco products.  Despite a huge windfall several years ago on its Big Tobacco settlement, 49 states lied to the public about using that money for children’s education and instead, blew that cash via their general fund.  AND, the taxes on tobacco have been raised several times since then, a cash cow for government.  What will happen if everyone quits smoking?  

Most every state government is on the tax scam

As one reader told us “get your car repaired outside of CT- they want you to pay a 6% use tax to CT. How messed is that?”

…” make a settlement with a credit card company- the balance that you don't have to pay is counted as income! It's not like you earned it but they count it as earned. And they tax it as earned income.”

Government is practiced in the art of the ‘shake down.’

 All governments nickel and dime citizens.  MD troopers hang out on the MD-DE border looking for people who purchase goods in DE, where there is no sales tax, recording license plate data in order to send a tax bill. On the opposite side of that border, DE troopers look for residents who purchased cheap booze in MD to bring home where they are often sent a tax bill!

In MI we pay sales tax over and over again on used goods at thrift stores and at some auctions or for used cars, on car insurance & utilities, etc. The government scam double dips and has no boundaries!

The US has the most complicated and far reaching tax system on earth.  It is designed to reward and punish certain elements of its population and has become a tool for social engineering.  Our nation managed to get along without it for more than 125 years.

If businesses kept their books the same way government does, they’d be in jail. 

Keep in mind this April 15th that the first tax return could be filed on a post card and our first tax commissioner announced to the public “this will only affect the top one percent of income earners in the US.”  The withholding of taxes from your paycheck was a “temporary” measure to pay for WWII.  Our country has been engaged in a succession of non-stop wars ever since and it has helped bankrupt us along with a never-ending money printing press of fiat dollars while eroding our purchasing power band fueling inflation

As the saying goes “What is the difference between the government and the mafia?  The Government has more guns!”


Tired of seeing your standard of living hijacked? Fight back!

If you would like to learn more about the US economy's phony foundations, how the whole mess will come crashing down, and what you can do right now to protect yourself, consider reading the book I recently wrote…

Yours in freedom,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’

Prepare Now,

Survive Later!


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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Earn a Living on the Farm and this Week's Homemade Tip Winner

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I’m wise & frugal, you’re cheap >Unknown



Earn a Living on the Farm

 by Nathan A. Winters

Four years ago, I left behind the city life in Los Angeles and later started my own farm in southern Vermont. It turns out that transitioning to the simple life isn’t always that simple, and bootstrapping a farming business is not always a warm and fuzzy experience. It has been a daunting task requiring endless amounts of faith, relentless hard work, creativity, support, and, most importantly, gratitude. Hopefully others will learn a thing or three from my experience.


Raising animals

Animals provide so much more than eggs, meat, dairy, fiber and other marketable products. It’s truly fulfilling.


But, animals also require lots of attention and resources: housing, fencing, heat in the winter, extra water on hot days, plenty of feed, additional predator deterrents, and a multitude of additional needs. Be sure you’re ready to be a responsible animal husband before taking the leap – and don’t take on too much too quickly. My strategy when adding animals to the farm was to be frugal and ensure that each species had a valuable role.


Read More at:


Some folks we know are already planning for roadside marijuana stands, when it becomes fully legalized, of course!


More reader submitted tips…Keep them coming!


…this week’s Homemade Tip Winner


Chest Freezer Organization
To cut down on overstock in my chest freezer and to keep it organized, I use apple and water boxes. I can sort my products into the appropriate box and mark the top. This keeps the freezer neater, which cuts down on the time needed to find a desired object.
Strong boxes that are the right size are needed when organizing a freezer. I put the heavy things (meat, etc.) in the bottom. I put the lighter stuff (bread, etc.) on top where I can easily move them to get to the bottom layer.  Ask your grocery store for boxes. I've gotten mine for free
. >>SweetPie

Video: Can-terns, A Cheap DIY Upcycle Project
This week, The Ultimate Cheapskate shows us how to make lanterns out of tin cans, a great DIY upcycle project that is light on your wallet and light on your patio or porch!


Keeping your home safe - frugally!
read more here


Clean Shower Curtain
I wash my clear shower curtain liner in the washing machine on hot with a little bleach. It comes out looking like new, and I never need to replace it.


 For a Fast Rubber Snow Boot repair I used a Bike Tire Patch  >>TinyTom

 [This week’s winner of a How to Survive the War on the Middle Class e-books]!


Even without a garden you can benefit from cheap compost
read more here


Growing tomatoes in your apartment
read more here


Our area has very hard water and we noticed that even when using a dishwasher rinse, our clear glasses came out with a light film. Now we just toss a splash (about 1/3 cup) of white vinegar in the bottom of the dishwasher before starting the wash cycle. The glasses always come out clear and sparkling, and we have saved money by not buying the rinse. Also, the vinegar keeps the dishwasher free of soap scum and calcium build-up.
Janice D. in  NV

Backyard Gardening In Small Spaces »
If you really want to garden but you don’t have much space, don’t let that deter you. Here are some space-saving gardening ideas that just so happen to be affordable, tooMore »


Large Pot, Small Plant
To save on potting soil in large pots or containers, such as wine barrels, place empty milk cartons or soda pop bottles on the bottom first to take up some of the space. Don't use this trick if you're planting a tree in the pot, but only if you’re using the pots for smaller plants that don't have a large root system.



This week’s prize:  Survival Seed Package (Non-GMO)

Covers more than 8,000sf!  Send us your tip…

We’ll post the tip and the winner gets a prize!

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Yours in freedom,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’

Now Celebrating our 6th Year!


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Tired of seeing your standard of living hijacked? Fight back!

65 percent of Americans are dissatisfied “with the U.S. system of government and its effectiveness”.  That is the highest level of dissatisfaction that Gallup has ever recorded.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Growing Police State-Do We Need a Citizens Court?

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The Poor Man has been warning readers about the U.S.’s police-state antics for years.
Perhaps it is time to create a nationwide system of Citizens Courts to deal with the growth of lawless police, bureaucrats and politicians.  What do you think?  Let us know.

Truth is the greatest enemy of the state and the state is the greatest enemy of the people


Another No Knock Raid Terrorizes Family

David and Connie Johnson were asleep when they heard a noise Connie later described as the “walls caving in.” Seconds later their front door was forced open and two armored strangers burst into the two-room apartment the middle-aged couple share with their adult son, Aaron.

Several other assailants were clustered behind the two who had forced open the door. One of them was a female holding a leash that barely restrained a large, snarling dog. One of the intruders pointed an assault rifle at David’s head and threatened to shoot him. Another invader, a female, bellowed, “Put your hands up! This dog will bite you!”

David was seized and shackled. Connie and Aaron were also dragged from their home. Neighbors who were drawn by the commotion poked their heads out and were ordered to go back into their rooms.

At no point in this encounter did the intruders identify themselves as police officers.

Two minutes later, the SWAT team that had terrorized the Johnsons arrested the Johnsons’ neighbor, Bill Gerst, who had been accused by a woman of threatening her. Gerst was forced to crawl on his belly toward the officers in order to be handcuffed.

“What’s going on?” Gerst repeatedly asked, plaintively explaining that there was nobody else in his apartment.

Gerst persisted in trying to find out why the cops had laid siege to his home.

“You shut your mouth!” one of the raiders snapped.

The police later told the Johnsons that they were dealing with a “homicide in progress.” No firearm, and no evidence of any criminal activity, was found during the February 21, 2013 raid.

According to a lawsuit filed by the Johnson family, “The information used to justify the no-warrant raid on Mr. Gerst’s apartment was shaky and legally suspect.” Specifically, it was a hearsay allegation made by someone who knew a woman named Hilda Valle, who is described in the suit as “a petty criminal who had reported to police that she had argued with Mr. Gerst and that he had threatened her with violence.”

At the request of the neighboring Nampa Police Department, which received the tip, a tactical team from the Caldwell Police Department conducted what they call a “welfare check” that was actually a guns-drawn, no-knock, SWAT-style raid. The Caldwell PD claimed knowledge of “the presence of guns at the premises” – which, according to the standard “threat matrix,” supposedly justifies a paramilitary assault.

Although the officers claim they were dealing with a “homicide in progress,” Police audio of the incident documents that the officers didn’t know the specific apartment number – which means that the door-kick on the Johnsons’ home – which could easily have resulted in a homicide — was the product of a whimsical guess.

Gerst is a young black man. The police had his description, but they didn’t have his address. David Johnson is a middle-aged white man. This distinction was so obvious that it wouldn’t have been missed even by the typical police officer within a few seconds of the door breach.

If the police had knocked on the door and announced their presence – as they are required to do, by law, unless there is evidence of imminent danger to an innocent person – they wouldn’t have terrorized an innocent family in a near-midnight raid, nor would they have inflicted significant and expensive damage to the property of an economically marginal household.

Here are just a few stories about the U.S. police state from the past year:

Police State: Watch Iowa Cops Go SWAT On Family Home During Fruitless Warrant Raid

‘We Are Now In A Police State’: Washington’s Blog Interviews Former Top NSA Official

Turning Mass Shootings Into A Police State And Other Games

Sign This Petition Supporting A Nazi-Style Orwellian American Police State

Justice Shouldn’t Investigate Zimmerman, It Should Investigate The Police State

Illinois Lawmaker Welcomes Police State As Palliative To Murder In ‘Gun Free’ Chicago

Proof Of A U.S. Police State




Become a Cop Watcher-Use the Free Handbook

 So You Want To Watch The Police and Do It Great?

Copwatch Handbook from Berkeley Copwatch is a valuable read for those who want to go out and proactively document police as a means to keep our community safe from police terror.


 STAY TUNED for our upcoming issue on creating a citizens court!

Yours in freedom,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’


Prepare Now,

Survive Later!


Tired of seeing your standard of living hijacked? Fight back!

If you would like to learn more about the US economy's phony foundations, how the whole mess will come crashing down, and what you can do right now to protect yourself, consider reading the book I recently wrote…

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Apocalypse Now? Surprising Survival Tips

Poor Man Survival

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Apocalypse Now? Surprising Survival Tips

“It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine”: REM

Ways the world could end:
1. Global warming: Climate change could make extreme weather more severe, increase droughts in some areas, change the distribution of animals and diseases across the globe, and cause low-lying areas of the planet to be submerged in rising sea levels.

2. An asteroid hits earth: a space rock could wipe out Earth; after all, a meteor impact probably doomed the dinosaurs.

3. Pandemic threat: New deadly pathogens crop up every year: Recent pandemics have included outbreaks of SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome), bird flu and, most recently, a coronavirus called MERS that originated in Saudi Arabia.

4. Bacterial fungus: A fatal fungus in humans would be catastrophic.

5. Engineered disease: Engineered deadly diseases could escape from the lab or be intentionally released, leading to a global pandemic.

6. Nuclear war: massive stockpiles of nuclear weapons around the globe could wreak destruction if they were to get into the wrong hands.

7. Robot ascension: Forget “The Terminator.” Killing machines are not far from reality. The United Nations recently called for a ban on killer robots.

8. Overpopulation: With the global population at 7 billion and counting, many conservationists think population growth is a threat to Earth.

9. Terrorist Attack

10. Zombies attack: Hey, even if there are no zombies during the apocalypse, you’ll still need to protect your home and yourself from dangerous looters and squatters that are looking for a place to stay.

When it all comes down, here are some rules of survival to govern all areas of your post apocalyptic life:
1. Avoid other people: Establish a base camp away from populated areas. People are loud, noisy and in times of stress they will have no problem stealing your food/wife/water/weapons/clothes.

2. Have an escape plan. Your camp may become overrun, so you need a back-up. A safe haven to slip away to. This must be known by no more than 3 people for sake of security. Ensure your safe haven is well stocked, hidden and fortified as much as possible.

3. Fresh water Get plenty of bottles water with a long shelf life and lots and lots of water purification tablets. Do not drink any water laying around on the ground. With the breakdown in society the population will have been shitting and dying in rivers, lakes, streams and puddles. They are all dirty, disease ridden cesspools of death, and the water will be dirty too. Don’t think cannibalism: Human beings are not fat-free, disease free or even that tasty.

4. Get guns. Be Prepared – learn to shoot, and know where to loot guns from.

5. Supplies, supplies, supplies. Your money will be no use to anyone when the big end comes. Stock up on obscure items like dry dog food, batteries, socks and get a large library of vegetable seeds. You can use some of these items to barter for things later on.

6. Create a group that includes electrician, doctor, gardening expert, butcher, carpenter, survival expert, martial arts teacher, cook.

Surprising Survival Tips

Use your urine to make:
1. Gunpowder: During the U.S. Civil War, men were manufacturing potassium nitrate (gunpowder is 75 % potassium nitrate) in huge amounts. One process, known as the French method, involved mixing manure with ashes, straw and urine; the mixture would be tended for many months, then filtered through more ashes and a bit of water.

2. Fertilizer: Since urine is high in nitrogen, it makes an excellent fertilizer

3. Medicine: Many cultures have found medicinal uses for pee. Hindus traditionally applied urine to the skin as a dermatological treatment, and the Chinese used it to treat wounds.

Lemons can give you electricity
1. roll the lemon to get the juices
2. Cut 2 slits in the lemon
3. In one slit place a dime, the other use a penny.
4. Now you have electricity from a lemon, you can test how much with a multimeter

If you have a fishing line: It can have dozens of backcountry uses when you’re in trouble. Hungry? Catch your food. Exposed or broken? Tie up a tarp for your shelter, repair clothes and shoes, or stitch up your wounds.

Condoms: can easily hold up to a gallon of water — enough to keep you alive for a full day — without getting overstretched. It also has the very important benefit of being small and easy to carry around.

Shoelaces: can serve a number of purposes — whenever you might need rope or string, your shoelaces usually can do the job. Use them to make a splint in case of injury. If you have a sharp object to use as a hook, a shoelace can make a decent fishing line. Tie sticks together to make a quick lean-to shelter or even a raft.

Bleach: Household bleach can be used to purify water. The ratio of bleach to water is 2 drops of bleach to purify 1 litre of water.

Wow: Toothpaste can be used to treat bug bites and insect stings, also, got to stay minty fresh while out on the trail.

Rock on: Large Rocks placed around a camp fire will absorb heat, and even when the fire dies down they will still radiate enough heat to keep you warm. Also, the hot rocks can be placed into a cup of water and the heat from the rocks will begin to boil and purify the water.

Show some guts: Animal guts that you would usually throw away should be kept to use as bait for fishing, traps and snares.

Light ‘em up: Always carry a pack of cigarettes even if you don’t smoke. Offering people cigarettes can help you make friends, or calm people down if they’re suffering from stress or nicotine withdrawal.

Where there’s Smoke there’s fire: Smoke is a natural insect repellent. If you have a fire going, wave your jacket, trousers, sleeping bag, and poncho etc around in the smoke to keep mosquitoes and ants from eating you alive. Also Fire is a natural predator repellent. It’ll stop a bear from stealing your bag or your girlfriend in the night.

Sock it away: Always pack spare socks, at least 2 extra pairs of. Socks can be used to filter the dirt out of water, keep animal guts suspended in a tree and of course prevent you from getting trench foot and blisters.


Yours in freedom,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’


Prepare Now,

Survive Later!


Tired of seeing your standard of living hi-jacked? Fight back!

If you would like to learn more about the US economy's phony foundations, how the whole mess will come crashing down, and what you can do right now to protect yourself, consider reading the book I recently wrote…

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