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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Earn a Living on the Farm and this Week's Homemade Tip Winner

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I’m wise & frugal, you’re cheap >Unknown



Earn a Living on the Farm

 by Nathan A. Winters

Four years ago, I left behind the city life in Los Angeles and later started my own farm in southern Vermont. It turns out that transitioning to the simple life isn’t always that simple, and bootstrapping a farming business is not always a warm and fuzzy experience. It has been a daunting task requiring endless amounts of faith, relentless hard work, creativity, support, and, most importantly, gratitude. Hopefully others will learn a thing or three from my experience.


Raising animals

Animals provide so much more than eggs, meat, dairy, fiber and other marketable products. It’s truly fulfilling.


But, animals also require lots of attention and resources: housing, fencing, heat in the winter, extra water on hot days, plenty of feed, additional predator deterrents, and a multitude of additional needs. Be sure you’re ready to be a responsible animal husband before taking the leap – and don’t take on too much too quickly. My strategy when adding animals to the farm was to be frugal and ensure that each species had a valuable role.


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Some folks we know are already planning for roadside marijuana stands, when it becomes fully legalized, of course!


More reader submitted tips…Keep them coming!


…this week’s Homemade Tip Winner


Chest Freezer Organization
To cut down on overstock in my chest freezer and to keep it organized, I use apple and water boxes. I can sort my products into the appropriate box and mark the top. This keeps the freezer neater, which cuts down on the time needed to find a desired object.
Strong boxes that are the right size are needed when organizing a freezer. I put the heavy things (meat, etc.) in the bottom. I put the lighter stuff (bread, etc.) on top where I can easily move them to get to the bottom layer.  Ask your grocery store for boxes. I've gotten mine for free
. >>SweetPie

Video: Can-terns, A Cheap DIY Upcycle Project
This week, The Ultimate Cheapskate shows us how to make lanterns out of tin cans, a great DIY upcycle project that is light on your wallet and light on your patio or porch!


Keeping your home safe - frugally!
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Clean Shower Curtain
I wash my clear shower curtain liner in the washing machine on hot with a little bleach. It comes out looking like new, and I never need to replace it.


 For a Fast Rubber Snow Boot repair I used a Bike Tire Patch  >>TinyTom

 [This week’s winner of a How to Survive the War on the Middle Class e-books]!


Even without a garden you can benefit from cheap compost
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Growing tomatoes in your apartment
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Our area has very hard water and we noticed that even when using a dishwasher rinse, our clear glasses came out with a light film. Now we just toss a splash (about 1/3 cup) of white vinegar in the bottom of the dishwasher before starting the wash cycle. The glasses always come out clear and sparkling, and we have saved money by not buying the rinse. Also, the vinegar keeps the dishwasher free of soap scum and calcium build-up.
Janice D. in  NV

Backyard Gardening In Small Spaces »
If you really want to garden but you don’t have much space, don’t let that deter you. Here are some space-saving gardening ideas that just so happen to be affordable, tooMore »


Large Pot, Small Plant
To save on potting soil in large pots or containers, such as wine barrels, place empty milk cartons or soda pop bottles on the bottom first to take up some of the space. Don't use this trick if you're planting a tree in the pot, but only if you’re using the pots for smaller plants that don't have a large root system.



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