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Monday, March 31, 2014

Our Annual Tax Scam

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The Power to Tax is the Power to Destroy.

Chief Justice John Marshall


Tax Day is April 15. It's a reminder of a grim fact: you're surrendering a portion of what you have rightfully earned to Washington lawmakers, who squander it on wasteful government programs.


The Annual Tax Scam-Let’s Nickel and Dime Citizens

Liberty -- libertas.

In ancient times, the word simply meant freedom from taxes…

For many, the government is their biggest dependent & expense!

What is the number one obstacle to:

·         Saving money or building wealth

·         Job creation

·         Starting a small business

If you guessed government, you’re right.  Financial planners have long told us the number one obstacle in wealth preservation for clients is the tax man.

And you’d probably never guess which entity is considered the worst at keeping financial records according to generally accepted accounting practices…our government takes that prize too. The IRS, despite repeated requests from Congress, cannot account for over $100 million in expenses.

Most of us realize governments at all levels are not good stewards of tax dollars or other resources.

We just finished our taxes and quarterly payments and we paid out more to government entities (property taxes, federal taxes, etc.) than all of our other bills combined.   Government, at a combined level, is our costliest dependent.

There are many low income earners who pay little or no taxes and even receive refunds if they have one or more children in the home.  Yet few want to acknowledge how Americans are nickel and dimed by governments at every turn.  Frequently these aren’t called taxes but user fees or other euphemisms meant to fool the public.

Take a peek at your utility bills or what you pay in fuel taxes each time you fill your gas tank. The gas tax alone is more than most of us paid for a gallon of gas as kids (if you are older than 50). Now that more fuel efficient cars are being driven and people are driving less (because they either don’t have a job or they can’t afford fuel) less fuel taxes are being collected and now governments in several states are reviewing other ways to scam the public through tax-per-mile driving programs, more toll type roads and other schemes to rob taxpayers.

 At one point I had too many telephones (too many business interests) and it dawned on us that we were shelling out close to $500 annually just for telephone taxes!

Utility costs have been rising for years and so are the taxes and fees attached to those bills.  In our community we pay more for our water than our electric bill despite living in area with the largest repository of fresh water on the planet!

Of course, don’t overlook those hidden taxes, or ‘sin taxes’ on your purchases for alcohol (the government take averages 40%) or on tobacco products.  Despite a huge windfall several years ago on its Big Tobacco settlement, 49 states lied to the public about using that money for children’s education and instead, blew that cash via their general fund.  AND, the taxes on tobacco have been raised several times since then, a cash cow for government.  What will happen if everyone quits smoking?  

Most every state government is on the tax scam

As one reader told us “get your car repaired outside of CT- they want you to pay a 6% use tax to CT. How messed is that?”

…” make a settlement with a credit card company- the balance that you don't have to pay is counted as income! It's not like you earned it but they count it as earned. And they tax it as earned income.”

Government is practiced in the art of the ‘shake down.’

 All governments nickel and dime citizens.  MD troopers hang out on the MD-DE border looking for people who purchase goods in DE, where there is no sales tax, recording license plate data in order to send a tax bill. On the opposite side of that border, DE troopers look for residents who purchased cheap booze in MD to bring home where they are often sent a tax bill!

In MI we pay sales tax over and over again on used goods at thrift stores and at some auctions or for used cars, on car insurance & utilities, etc. The government scam double dips and has no boundaries!

The US has the most complicated and far reaching tax system on earth.  It is designed to reward and punish certain elements of its population and has become a tool for social engineering.  Our nation managed to get along without it for more than 125 years.

If businesses kept their books the same way government does, they’d be in jail. 

Keep in mind this April 15th that the first tax return could be filed on a post card and our first tax commissioner announced to the public “this will only affect the top one percent of income earners in the US.”  The withholding of taxes from your paycheck was a “temporary” measure to pay for WWII.  Our country has been engaged in a succession of non-stop wars ever since and it has helped bankrupt us along with a never-ending money printing press of fiat dollars while eroding our purchasing power band fueling inflation

As the saying goes “What is the difference between the government and the mafia?  The Government has more guns!”


Tired of seeing your standard of living hijacked? Fight back!

If you would like to learn more about the US economy's phony foundations, how the whole mess will come crashing down, and what you can do right now to protect yourself, consider reading the book I recently wrote…

Yours in freedom,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’

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Survive Later!


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