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Monday, March 17, 2014

Exercise Your 2nd Amendment Rights-Where will you be when the shooting starts?

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Most bad government comes from too much government. - Thomas Jefferson




Exercising Your Second Amendment Rights…


Anti-Freedom, Anti-Gun Hysteria leads to devious laws – Where will you be when the shooting begins?


Last week I wrote about the most anti-freedom states in America which included CT, NJ, MD, NY, MA and CA.  It is ironic most of these states were part of the original 13 colonies.


The governors of these states, Congress critters Charles Schumer, Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein and former mayor of NYC Bloomberg are among the most fervent of the anti-gun crowd.  These people are socialists who are merely masquerading as Americans.


What I find most disturbing is how did they ever get elected? Why are their efforts at corrupting the Constitution rewarded?


Secondly, I fail to understand why law enforcement, many of whom are veterans, would enforce these un-American laws?  Is it ignorance, a blind Nazi-like allegiance to their masters, fear of getting fired or do they support disarming Americans for some other, perhaps more insidious reason?


Even worse is the current wave of zero common sense school systems in this country which are treating children as potential terrorists if they act in typical ‘little boy’ fashion of pointing their finger or who draw a picture of a gun.


Those who undermine our Bill of Rights and Constitution have no honor and do not deserve our respect.  It is our duty to NOT support such individuals, groups or actions.


Always remember, just because something is ‘law’ does not meet it is right, moral or ethical.


As citizens we should band together, such as the Oathkeepers of America have and use our resources to teach others how to boycott the politicians and parties who would subvert our rights (do not render financial aid or support), file recall petitions, publicly identify and ridicule and initiate the age old tradition of Shunning these people and their families.


If you’re concerned about defending yourself, your family and property, you should make a weapon purchase now before it becomes legally impossible. 


Only 1% of potential gun buyers fail a background check when purchasing a weapon at a gun shop or sporting goods retailer.  Buying online is more cumbersome and you should find the nearest gun shop or federal firearms (FFL) dealer and check into transfer fees and other requirements.


One reputable online source I’ve used for gun and ammunition purchases is  Keep in mind they do not sell firearms to residents of the anti-freedom states including CT, IL, Washington DC, MA, MD, NJ, NY, MA and Hawaii.


It is still possible to buy from private individuals or gun shows in most states without too many hurdles.  Six states require background checks for all gun show purchases:




Seven other states require a purchaser to buy a permit and to get a background check before buying a handgun:




*(MI also bans the purchase of non-lethal self defense weapons such as Mace or stun guns and it does not recognize CCW permits issued by other states).


Purchasing through a private sale is another way to stay under the radar (NOTE:  In states who are currently threatening gun confiscation –CT and MD- many gun owners fear suddenly being turned into criminals or fear their names will be held long-term in government databases are registering cheap, throw-away guns so they give the appearance of compliance.


One should use due diligence when buying through a private sale. You can go to an online database to see if the gun has been stolen by entering its serial number at:


Gun laws are constantly changing and it is wise to remain current on the laws in your state.  Even transporting weapons in your own state can be frought with challenges.


A few resources and a note…avoid using PayPal, the popular payment service will not process charges for gun purchases.


Online Gun Stores




Gun Shows



Exercise your Second Amendment rights while you still can and remember that everyone in your family should take shooting and safety course.  Find resources here:






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Where will you be when the shooting begins?


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