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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Willful Ignorance and our Infernal Tax Code

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Like a cancer, the heavy hand of our dysfunctional government, its rules and regulation and burdensome policies are spreading and poisoning the nation, sickening all who lie in its path.  Is there a cure for this epidemic?


The Poor Man has railed against the stupidity and complexity of the tax code since he was in the 9th grade (I’ve paid income tax since I was 11 years old).  I’ve said for 25 years, screw raising the minimum wage, instead, DO NOT TAX the 1st $30K of income AT ANY LEVEL.

The poor schmoes get taxed on any kind of raise and the assholes in DC haven’t raised the threshold of earnings at $600 ever...but the rich do pay more in taxes than you might think!


Please consider "The rich do not pay the most taxes, they pay ALL the taxes" by CNBC reporter Jane Wells.

Buried inside a Congressional Budget Office report this week was this nugget: when it comes to individual income taxes, the top 40 percent of wage earners in America pay 106 percent of the taxes. The bottom 40 percent... pay negative 9 percent.

Prior to 1913, the federal income tax as we know it did not exist. It went into effect that year following ratification of the 16th amendment to the Constitution.

It was a dangerous and un-American idea from the beginning... but what many folks don't realize is the first income tax was sold to the public as something quite different than what we pay today.

In 1913, the tax exempted all income below $3,000 if you were single, or $4,000 for those who were married. That works out to about $70,000 and $94,000 in today's dollars.

But that's just according to the government's official inflation numbers.

You might find this short video on how the government tricked us into paying income taxes interesting:

We live in a great country which is being ruined by a few who seem bent on bankrupting us and destroying our rights and otherwise mismanaging our national affairs…

The theft of your future is part of a larger political, economic and financial storm that has seen your privacy and civil rights become subverted.  There is great peril to all of our freedoms and you can keep up with the last self defense tools by visiting our site:

At the King’s Behest – Chronology of the Weaponized IRS

Anti-gun forces in Washington DC, CT, NY and NJ are creating a new class of criminals…Retroactive gun registration, photos and ID, fees, house-to-house searches.  ALL SMACK of what the Nazis did during WWII.  These are states where I would vote with my feet!

New Assaults on American Law

In the name of safety, the feds have spied on lawyers negotiating with them, lied to lawyers whose clients they're prosecuting, and misrepresented their behavior to the Supreme Court.





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escapeartist said...

Americans like getting screwed by the IRS, Congress, the White House, state governments and more...all of us bend over and let them cheat us. Guess we get what we deserve for our apathy.