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Monday, March 24, 2014

A Garden of Savings Tips Submitted by Readers

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In order to become the master, the politician poses as the servant and the citizen its sheep.  ~



Useful Gems submitted by subscribers


The ship is sinking, but if you are well-prepared, you already have your lifeboat…


53 percent of all Americans do not even have a 3 day supply of nonperishable food and water in their homes.  What will they do when a major crisis or emergency strikes?  Do they actually believe that the government will swoop in to save them if something happens?

44 percent of all Americans do not have a first-aid kit in their homes.

 48 percent of all Americans do not have any emergency supplies stored up at all.

Prepare Now,

Survive Later!


Backyard Garden Boxes - On the Cheap!

My family decided to create some backyard, above-ground, garden boxes since the soil where we live is rock-hard and not easily manageable. We wanted to keep expenses on this project low so we chose materials and methods accordingly.

There are many ways to go about this project--some more effective and some more expensive than others. I am sharing our build experience to illustrate how we handled this project based on our needs and resources.



High Insurance Bills

“When my husband and I first combined finances, I was shocked to find out all of the different insurance premiums we were paying throughout the year. Health insurance aside, we had bills for house insurance, life insurance, car insurance, ATV insurance, and the list goes on.

After being caught off guard with an $800 insurance bill, I sat down and made a list of every type of insurance we had, how much the premium was, and when it was due. I then did some simple math of adding all the premiums together and dividing by 52. I opened a separate savings account (super quick to do thanks to the ease of online banking), and each week an automatic transfer puts that designated amount into our "insurance savings account." Now whenever the insurance premiums pop up, I just go to that savings account and the money is already there!”
Mandy in Virginia



A Garden of Savings
You may think that you are unable to grow food because you don't have enough room. However, with some knowledge and a little ingenuity, you might be able to grow quite a bit right where you are.



Dinner's ready when you come home from work with these all-day slow cooker recipes
read more here



Easy Clean Containers
To get odors and stains out of plastic containers, baby bottles, and glasses or juice containers, use a denture tablet. Generic brands work fine. Fill the container with water. Add one denture tablet and allow the tablet to dissolve. This will rid the object of stains and odors.  >>JP



The Benefits of Living on Limited Income
Whether it is living on one income and being able to stay at home with kids or if it is a change in a job with a pay cut to go along with it, there are many good things about limited resources if you just look for them.



Inspecting Your Roof for Winter Damage
Before you get busy with spring activities, it is important to take a look at your home and the surroundings to assess the damage caused by snow. The roof is the most vulnerable to damage from a severe winter and a thorough inspection is necessary to pinpoint any problems that might have cropped up as a result.
Read more.


DIY easy solar hot water heater

Build It Solar has a great DIY article about an easy solar hot water heater (a thermosyphon system) made by a resident of Costa Rica named Peter. Peter wanted to build a simple, rugged, inexpensive system to provide hot water for showers:


Even without a garden you can benefit from cheap compost
read more here


Aeolos Vertical Wind Turbine

Aeolos small vertical wind turbines from WindTurbineStar are usually used in off grid systems together with a 24v or 48v battery bank. They come in 300, 600, and 1000 W models, and are used for street lights, boats, home and telecom towers.

Aeolos-V 1kw can also be used with an on grid application when connected to an SMA Windy Boy 1100LV inverter.



Prepared and Spared – Off Grid Expo

Sat May 31 2014 -- Dayton, OH

Learn about everything you and your family need to survive the economy and Mother Nature



This week’s winning tip  --  The Tool Man won the last of our Silver Eagles for March

We buy our breads and buns plus some meat and cheese from a local flea market vendor.  Yeah, the stuff is outdated but it still toasts up fine and everything else tastes good.  We save 2/3rd over the grocer on English muffins, raisin bread, rye and other expensive breads.  >>TheToolMan


This week’s prize:  a copy of my new book…

You Can Survive the War on the Middle Class!

We’ll post the tip and the winner gets a prize!

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Yours in freedom,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’

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