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Friday, March 7, 2014

Tips for Lazy Gardeners-Borrow Seeds from Your Library

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Plant a Garden for Less-Borrowing Seeds from the Library

   Everyone I know is fed up with winter and looking forward to spring AND the great taste of home grown vegetables.  Last year’s health challenge put a financial halt on many of the projects we had planned including an expansion of the cabin, fencing,   fish farming system, greenhouse and more.  They keep finding new health problems, which robs me of energy and has me contemplating the sale of our mini-farm.  Perhaps a move to sunny, warm, affordable Costa Rica is the right ticket. 

Some of our readers have told me they’ve gotten together friends to start their own seed co-op and I’ve been told some libraries now offer seeds.

A seed rental program works like this.

You simply check out a packet of seeds, then commit to harvesting some of the seeds or plants that you grow to bring back to the library so they can be borrowed by others.

Did you know that some garden centers such as Home Depot and Lowes offer a one-year guarantee to replace perennial plants, shrubs and trees that have died at no cost!  Be sure to save your receipts and plant tags.

Finally, new German research shows it is easy to spur your houseplants growth rate by 40% while making them lush.  Just transfer each one to a flowerpot that is twice as big as its current home…the plants use their roots to sense the size of the pot and it sends signals to the rest of the plant to grow larger when in a roomy pot. 


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 Tips for Lazy Gardeners…


Survival Seed Bank-Non GMO ½ Acre- 8500 Vegetable Seeds

All seeds included are Non-GMO & non-hybrid

8,500 seed count survival seed bank that includes 30 different varieties of delicious, easy to grow vegetables! Also included are instructions for planting, harvesting, and reusing the seed stock. This kit will plant about 1/2 acre in size if spaced correctly.



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