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Thursday, March 6, 2014

States Least Friendly to Citizens Rights

Most Anti-Gun, Anti- Citizens Rights States


Yes, gun makers are leaving the blue states and all the crazy laws and taxes. Red states are inviting them in. All that loss of revenue to the blue states is going to really hurt.


In a statement released Tuesday night, PTR Industries said it is leaving Connecticut after the passage of Bill 1160 on April 4 due to its new harsh gun restrictions.  Other gun manufacturers have made similar announcements in recent months.

Arms manufacturers in at least two states with strict new gun laws are making good on their promise to move their operations -- along with thousands of jobs and millions in tax revenues  -- to locales they deem friendlier to the industry.

In Connecticut, where venerable gunmakers like Colt and Sturm, Ruger & Co. have been joined in the last decade or so by upstarts like Stag Arms and PTR, reform of gun laws in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shootings has left the industry feeling unwelcome. Bristol-based high-end rifle manufacturer PTR Industries announced this month via Facebook that it would be taking its 40 jobs and $50,000 weekly payroll to an unspecified new state, widely believed to be Texas.

HiV2 Arms announced they are leaving Colorado and several Democratic lawmakers were ousted from office by way of citizen recalls after they voted to restrict gun rights.

Ironically, states and cities with the strictest gun control, like Chicago and Washington DC, usually have high crime rates.


In an unscientific analysis by the Poor Man Survival researchers, we’ve compiled a list of the least citizen friendly states (cost of living, high taxes, anti-gun laws, intrusive laws, etc.).  They are:


NJ, MA, CT, MD, NJ, NY, IL, and CA and MI*


Your rights are more respected in AZ, AK and VT


As always, we recommend citizens fight back with their feet or wallet.  The less tax revenues unfriendly states take in, the higher the odds are they will not be able to support and enforce their socialist laws.


*MI makes it expensive and difficult to obtain CCW permits nor do they recognize one issued from other states (perhaps they use a different FBI) and it has outlawed the use of non-lethal self defense tools such as Mace and stun guns.  It also ranks negatively because of its high cost of living.  It has the 2nd highest cost of auto insurance in the nation and is among the most expensive in terms of homeowner water rates and property taxes.

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