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Thursday, June 30, 2016

How to Destroy the Creeping Police State that's Overtaking our Nation


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Remember, that your real job in life if you are free is that you need to free someone else!

>The Poor Man


How to Create (and Destroy) a Police State

If you’re in one of the twenty-four states we’ll reveal in a moment, hold onto your hat. Big Government’s cajones may’ve gotten a little heavier this week in your neck of the woods.

Here’s why…

“On Monday,” the Wall Street Journal reports, “the Supreme Court further weakened the Fourth Amendment by making it even easier for law enforcement to evade its requirement that stops be based on reasonable suspicion. The justices ruled 5 to 3 that a police officer’s illegal stop of a man on the street did not prevent evidence obtained from a search connected to that stop to be used against him.”

If you haven’t heard of this heinous ruling, here’s the quick rundown…

It began with the case of Utah v. Strieff, where, the story goes, Salt Lake City police officers received an anonymous drug tip about a house with a lot of foot traffic.

Days later, citizen Edward Strieff left the suspected drug house on his way to a convenience store down the street. Along the way, he was stopped by narco-detective Douglass Fackrell and was asked for his identification. The “routine check” found that Strieff had a warrant for, said the report, a “small traffic ticket.”

Strieff was arrested for the warrant, and the cops, to Fackrell’s disappointment we’re sure, didn’t find a flake of drugs on him.

Although Strieff did have a warrant, was the stop illegal? Yes. Even the State of Utah said as much. It wasn’t based on any reasonable, individual suspicion that Strieff had committed any crimes.

In short, the cop broke the law.

But, the state argued, as soon as the cop found the warrant, everything changed. The stop all of a sudden became a retroactive loophole around Fourth Amendment.

Funny how that works.

In other words, if a police officer commits a crime, but ends up discovering a crime by a private citizen, his lawbreaking actions are justified.

Because you are, of course, guilty until proven innocent. And cops, well, they’re just above it all.

Justice Clarence Thomas shrugged the whole thing off. In his words, Striefel was merely a victim of “good-faith mistakes,” and the illegal stop was nothing more than “an isolated instance of negligence.”

Not impressed by the rhetoric, Justice Sonia Sotomayor shot back: “Do not be soothed by the opinion’s technical language. This case allows the police to stop you on the street, demand your identification, and check it for outstanding traffic warrants -- even if you are doing nothing wrong.

“Two wrongs,” she said, “don’t make a right.”




The hallmark of a police state is when citizens are stopped arbitrarily and told to show their “papers.” In a free society, citizens aren’t required identify themselves to the police if they aren’t actively engaging in a crime. It’s none of the police officer’s business.

But oh, how the seasons change. 

This ruling is simply part of the larger trend. And another small step for the totalitarian tip-toe.

It is, as Vince puts it on the Truth Axis blog, “a disappointing continuation of the country’s never ending descent into a police state. Vast sectors of the U.S. population, particularly those demographics and communities that are targeted by the police, are now further exposed to legitimized violations of their rights. It seems appropriate that this case involves a narcotics investigation, as the victimless crime of drug possession has long been used as a tool to target and criminalize enemies of the state.

“Perhaps,” he goes on, “it’s time to create a coalition against consensual crimes to combat the rise of the police state.”

It’s an idea worthy of consideration.

Laws criminalizing victimless behavior, as Keith Preston points out on the Attack the System blog, “are the primary reason why the U.S. police state has grown dramatically in recent decades, and are the primary reason why the U.S. prison population is so large.

“We need to begin organizing a political coalition of all those impacted negatively by consensual crime laws for the purpose of repealing all of these laws across the board and at every level of government.

“My recommendations,” Preston writes, "would be these:

-Repeal of all laws criminalizing the possession and/or sale of drugs by and for adults, an end to drug prosecutions and arrests, and the release of all drug war prisoners.

-Repeal of all laws barring consensual adult prostitution, an end to all consensual prostitution prosecutions and arrests, and the release of all prisoners incarcerated for consensual prostitution offenses.

-The same set of recommendations as above with regards to gambling.

-The same set of recommendations as above with regards to the illicit production of alcohol (“moonshining”).

-The repeal of all laws pertaining to vagrancy, panhandling, or sleeping in public where this does not involve obstructing traffic, undue harassment, or trespassing on other people’s property.

-The repeal of laws barring consensual assisted suicide.

-The repeal of all laws banning smoking on private property if the owner wishes to allow smoking.

-The repeal of all nanny state regulations pertaining to foods, beverages, seat belts, or motorcycle helmets.

-The repeal of all laws barring sexual relationships between consenting adults (to the degree that any of of these remain).

-The repeal of all laws barring voluntary, consensual practice of polygamy.

-The repeal of laws criminalizing underage drinking or smoking.

-The repeal of compulsory school attendance laws.

-The repeal of mandatory Selective Service Registration for eighteen year olds.

-The repeal of laws criminalizing or banning alternative food or medical practices such as the use of raw milk or midwifery.

-An end to state harassment of unconventional religious sects.

-An end to the involuntary psychiatric incarceration of persons labeled “mentally ill” but who have not been convicted of a crime.

-An end to mandatory minimum sentencing.

-Dismantling of police SWAT teams.

-Informing jurors of their nullification rights.

There’s the rub: Without the freedom to lock up people for victimless crimes, the Police State would quickly become impotent.

Victimless crimes make up more than 80% of the federal prison population. Destroy the State’s power to arrest people for such activities, and you dismantle the Police State.

But this depends upon, more than anything, the maturity of the people.

“A free man,” Laurence Vance writes on the Lew Rockwell blog, “must be able to endure it when his fellow men act and live otherwise than he considers proper. He must free himself from the habit, just as soon as something does not please him, of calling for the police.

“The only freedom which deserves the name is that of pursuing our own good in our own way, so long as we do not attempt to deprive others of theirs, or impede their efforts to obtain it. Each is the proper guardian of his own health, whether bodily, or mental and spiritual. Mankind are greater gainers by suffering each other to live as seems good to themselves, than by compelling each to live as seems good to the rest.

“Victimless crime legislation requires a nanny state to enforce it. A nanny state must of necessity be a police state and therefore hostile to liberty. Real crimes that violate personal or property rights should be enforced to the fullest extent of the law; victimless crimes should be opposed root and branch.”

Yours for better living,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’


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Have a Safe and Happy 4th of July!


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Becoming a Better Person in a Disjointed World


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A Digest of Urban Survival Resources

"The most common way people give up their power
is by thinking they don't have any."

-- Alice Walker


Becoming a Better Person

   We live in politically and culturally divisive times when it seems fewer cultures assimilate or even fewer neighbors get to know each other.  I sure didn’t grow up that way.  My mother worked in an ER at an inner city hospital and brought home interns who were from many different nations and it was exciting to learn about their different cultures. 

As a kid our parents encouraged us to attend the houses of worship of our friends which included Jews, Catholics, Lutherans and Buddhists and as I learned later in life, our ancestry included many of these religions in our heritage before they escaped Nazi Germany.  Like many of our Founding Fathers, one could say I am a Deist [your lesson for the day is you'll have to look that up].

As you look in the mirror each day you have one question to ask yourself, “how can I make myself and the world a better a place today?”

Below, I've listed 12 ways you can become more charismatic and get more out of your relationships…perhaps better business, family or even dating.  I was brought up with the cardinal rule of always seek out ways in which you can do something for others [essentially, the Golden Rule, something which seems to have been lost among many citizens].

These are "rules" I try to follow in dealing with people. (Some of them are based on principles identified by Robert Cialdini in his book
Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.)

1. People tend to do business with people they like. So, behave in a way that makes you likable. Be polite and patient. Avoid being crude, rude, gruff, or impatient.

2. People are attracted to people who keep their word. That means when you make a promise, do exactly what you promised. Do it by the deadline you promised – or sooner.

3. People trust people who have their best interests at heart. They will think you have their best interests at heart when you give them advice that benefits them as much as, or more than, it benefits you.

4. People want to do business with people who are experts in their fields. So, become an expert in your field through practice, research, training, education, and study. As you acquire that expertise, share it. Give speeches, and write articles and books. Be generous with your knowledge. Know that in doing so, you are demonstrating your expertise.

5. People feel comfortable giving money to people who are authentic and honest. (That means you must be honest, frank, ethical, and aboveboard.) Believe that telling the truth is more powerful than lying, even when the lies are mendacities by omission.

6. People are attracted to people who are attractive. You don't have to get plastic surgery, but you can eat right, exercise, dress well, and be well-groomed. And pay attention to your personal hygiene.

7. People feel better with people who seem to be "real." The best way to do that is to admit your shortcomings when they are evident. When the conversation turns to a subject about which you know next to nothing, admit it.

8. People respond to people who listen and pay attention to what they are saying. Remember the old cliché: You have two ears and one mouth because you should listen twice as much as you talk.

9. People feel comfortable with people who are like them. The trick here is to identify what you have in common with the other person. It could be golf, kids, pets, or anything else. Then use that to cement a bond between you.

10. People are attracted to people who are humble. So don't brag about your successes. You can mention them, but don't brag. If someone brings them up, downplay them. Switch the topic as soon as possible to the other person.

11. People tend to value people who are in demand. That's why you should never tell a prospective customer that things are slow and you really need his business. Think about doctors. How would you feel if you walked into a doctor's office and you were the only patient? Wouldn't you wonder how good he was? As much as you hate it when you have to sit there and wait, don't you feel more assured when a doctor's waiting room is packed? Of course you do.

12. People want to be surrounded by helpful people – people who make their lives easier and save them time. So make it a personal policy to attend to the needs of others – even when your purpose is to help yourself.

Which of these people-pleasing skills do you have already?

Congratulate yourself for acquiring them, and practice them more.


DEBT:  John Oliver takes on predatory debt collectors

   The British comedian turned a lecture about predatory debt collectors into a riveting HBO show, erasing nearly $15 million in medical debt belonging to about 9,000 people, pressing a giant red button to expunge the debt, prompting a shower of dollar bills in order to illustrate how easy it is for companies to buy debt and try to collect from consumers, whether legal or not.

Debt collectors are notorious for intimidating consumers and being less than honest, so if one calls, don’t even discuss the debt without getting a ‘validation notice’ that it is legitimate.  Just pledging to repay can reset the statute of limitations, meaning you can be sued.  When consumers ignore these lawsuits, which happens often, they can have their wages garnished.  Know your rights.  Debt collectors aren’t allowed to call during certain hours, use foul language, or make threats or pretend to be a law enforcement official.  If you’re harassed, contact your State Attorney General or the Federal Trade Commission and report them.

More Resources…Worth a Share!

Social media has provided us with new and fun ways to connect with people.  See how you can leverage social media to land your next job.

50 Ways to Make a Fast $50 (Money Talks News): "Facing a cash-flow problem and need to make a quick buck? Here are 50 ways to earn extra money."

The 37 Best Hobbies That Make Money (Dope Dollar): "If you are pretty good at a hobby, you can probably make money off it.  You’re about to get a lot of ideas on how to do just that, so keep reading."


Why No One Knows How to Write a Check Anymore (US News): "Check writing has become a lost art. There used to be something official about writing a personal check that made even the most minor transactions feel more important when you had to physically write out the recipient's name, dollar amount and sign your name in the bottom right corner."


Making The Case For Motorcycle Commuting (Forbes): "I recently compiled a list of the Best Cars for Commuters. Even as I was working on that list, I realized that it held a fatal flaw. Many times, the best car for a commuter is no car at all."


Yours for another revolution,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Survival Tips from Today & the Great Depression


Poor Man Survival

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I'm from the government and I'm here to help you! >President Ronald Reagan
At the time the idea of retirement was many years away for us, but in our “former” lives we at least understood what the plan was, so we rarely thought about it. The plan then was simply to keep working until we were 62 or so and then let a 401K or pension plan fund the rest of our life, perhaps with a little help from social security.
Moving to a farm setting means that there may be no pension plan and for many people it means converting a 401K or other savings into hard assets such as land. Then, just after we moved to the farm the “great recession” of 2008 hit. We witnessed the economic hardship forced onto so many people as a result of reckless lending and investments by major lending institutions and equally reckless government spending, which required government bail-outs and central banks intervention to prop up global markets.
After that experience, our confidence that pension fund obligations would ever be met had eroded anyway, so we began to consider thinking of retirement planning, and homesteading, in a new way.
And we are not alone in thinking this way.

Corn for Campers

We love to roast corn on the cob when we go camping. To make it easy to serve, we found a way to easily spread butter on it. We just heat up some water and melt butter. The butter sits on top of the water. We dunk the corn in the water, and it comes out with butter evenly spread on the whole cob. There's no mess and no fuss!

Survival Tips from the Great Depression
In the years following America’s near economic collapse (Great Recession of 2007-2009), many folks found themselves wondering if far worse times lie ahead. Indeed, an astonishing number of websites, TV shows, books, podcasts and websites (including this one) emerged that focus on preparedness and self-sufficiency.
From zombies to Alaskan homesteaders, the sites and shows are enduring and proving to be very popular. That wouldn’t be the case without a gnawing feeling on the part of the general public that our country may be headed down a troubling path. The polarizing choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump seems to have done nothing to calm these fears.
Even if the doomsday people are correct in their claims that the dollar is about to collapse, the government is about to collapse or an EMP is imminent, it doesn’t mean that times have to be tough for you.
A common misconception is that times in The Great Depression, 80 years ago, were tough for everyone. They weren’t.

Emergency “Save Your Ass” DVDs/CD, Reports Package+Bonuses for Preparing/Survival

Yours for better living,
Bruce ‘the Poor Man’

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Fat Leonard & Why This Country is Failing


Poor Man Survival

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A Digest of Urban Survival Resources

   The American electorate must reassert its constitutional right to self government, and begin by throwing the corrupted political elite out, saying as did Gandhi, “ You have been guests in our house a long while.  It is time for you to leave!”


Fat Leonard & Why This Country is Failing


   Studies find that about one in three citizens would fail the civics portion of an immigration naturalization test.  Key findings from this study [Xavier University] show that 85 percent of respondents could not define “rule of law” – neither can our own president!  Seventy-one percent did not know the function of the judicial branch, and 57 percent could not define ‘amendment.’


   Another survey of recent college grads found that 43 percent could not identify freedom of speech as a First Amendment right, and 10 percent thought TV personality Judge Judy was on the Supreme Court.


President Madison once wrote that the laws of the land must not be so voluminous and complex that the average citizen cannot know them.  Yet, that is exactly what has happened today.  The United States has more laws, rules and regulations than any other nation on earth and it is costing us dearly in lost jobs, higher costs and lower wages.  We’re becoming a nation authoritarian socialism.


In January 1996, Barack Obama signed a contract promising to publicly support and associate himself with the New Party.  The New Party was a socialist organization in Chicago, IL that was deeply hostile to the idea of American capitalism.  When journalist Stanley Kurtz reported this signing to the public in 2008, the Obama presidential campaign sharply denied the claim as a ‘crackpot smear.’


In 2012, records from the Wisconsin Historical Society definitively established the truth that Mr. Obama did sign the New Party contract.  He’s been running the nation in this direction ever since and his hoped for successor, Hillary Clinton, will continue his policies of Big Government and more taxes.


Left wing socialists have been able to build momentum [just as they’ve done in past societies] through political parties, universities and easily molded young minds, unions, public school systems, and political parties…two professions in particular stand out:  Community organizing and Academia.  Both professions Obama was involved with – ironically, like many politicians of his generation, he has never served in the military nor been responsible for a payroll or started a business.


A common theme socialists tout are alternative histories such as Howard Zinn’s Marxist-inspired textbook People’s History of the United States.


We have taken a wrong turn in this nation, replacing law, the production and possession of all, with Judicial, Executive, and Bureaucratic fiat.  The arrogance of our political elite [and their Hollywood counterparts] is being hardened into a fledging dictatorship run by executive order and propaganda.  It is neither the right nor the responsibility of the government to oversee the lives of its citizens to the degree that it has done during the past several decades.


The past two decades have done much to erode the faith of the people in our political system.  After all, our freedoms and privacy are being strangled, our freedom to travel is being restricted, our dollar buys less, and the government has ensured that we have ZERO privacy but blames it on terrorism all the while they seek to further erode our Bill of Rights under the guise of protecting us…and it is costing us a fortune.  The only winners are the terrorists and the Wall Street firms who sell technology and weapons to the government.


Is it any wonder so much cynicism and pessimism hang like a pall over much of the electorate?


Our System is Broken-Fat Leonard is An Example


Just like life long career politicians who feed at the public teat, bureaucrats do the same.  Everyone likes to leach off the taxpayer because that’s where the money is our elected leaders never fix things [think how screwed up the VA still is with our wounded vets].


The US 7th Fleet runs about 70 ships and submarines, 140 aircraft and 20,000 personnel in the Pacific.  It was all but hijacked recently by a man named Leonard Glenn Francis aka: Fat Leonard who ran Defense Marine Asia which he used to steal tens of millions from our Navy.  He provided services to the fleet for years, supplies, fuel, towing, etc. all at vastly inflated prices. 


He evaded detection by bribing various USN officers with hookers, money and gifts.  He was finally arrested in 2013.  What is unfortunate, this only one of several incidents that have occurred just since 2003 when an Air Force undersecretary overpaid Boeing for a set of tanker planes.  She soon quit her job and went to Boeing with a six-figure salary. The company had already given jobs to her daughter and her daughter’s fiancĂ©.  She pleaded guilty to corruption and was sentenced to a paltry nine months in jail.


The same kinds of corruption has occurred in Afghanistan where the Congressional Budget Office estimates we’ve lost $1.6 trillion dollars – Time magazine the estimate is closer to $4-$6 trillion!  No one has done any time for this corruption and the US taxpayer has been screwed again.


So it makes me wonder, every four years we get swept up in a political promise of hope and change, reform, shaking things up, taking our country back, making America great again…then we are disillusioned again when we realize we’ve been duped again by the same old con artists [choose your party].  The slogans ring mighty hollow for me.


Yours for another revolution,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’

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