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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Survival Tips from Today & the Great Depression


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I'm from the government and I'm here to help you! >President Ronald Reagan
At the time the idea of retirement was many years away for us, but in our “former” lives we at least understood what the plan was, so we rarely thought about it. The plan then was simply to keep working until we were 62 or so and then let a 401K or pension plan fund the rest of our life, perhaps with a little help from social security.
Moving to a farm setting means that there may be no pension plan and for many people it means converting a 401K or other savings into hard assets such as land. Then, just after we moved to the farm the “great recession” of 2008 hit. We witnessed the economic hardship forced onto so many people as a result of reckless lending and investments by major lending institutions and equally reckless government spending, which required government bail-outs and central banks intervention to prop up global markets.
After that experience, our confidence that pension fund obligations would ever be met had eroded anyway, so we began to consider thinking of retirement planning, and homesteading, in a new way.
And we are not alone in thinking this way.

Corn for Campers

We love to roast corn on the cob when we go camping. To make it easy to serve, we found a way to easily spread butter on it. We just heat up some water and melt butter. The butter sits on top of the water. We dunk the corn in the water, and it comes out with butter evenly spread on the whole cob. There's no mess and no fuss!

Survival Tips from the Great Depression
In the years following America’s near economic collapse (Great Recession of 2007-2009), many folks found themselves wondering if far worse times lie ahead. Indeed, an astonishing number of websites, TV shows, books, podcasts and websites (including this one) emerged that focus on preparedness and self-sufficiency.
From zombies to Alaskan homesteaders, the sites and shows are enduring and proving to be very popular. That wouldn’t be the case without a gnawing feeling on the part of the general public that our country may be headed down a troubling path. The polarizing choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump seems to have done nothing to calm these fears.
Even if the doomsday people are correct in their claims that the dollar is about to collapse, the government is about to collapse or an EMP is imminent, it doesn’t mean that times have to be tough for you.
A common misconception is that times in The Great Depression, 80 years ago, were tough for everyone. They weren’t.

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Yours for better living,
Bruce ‘the Poor Man’

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