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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Fat Leonard & Why This Country is Failing


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   The American electorate must reassert its constitutional right to self government, and begin by throwing the corrupted political elite out, saying as did Gandhi, “ You have been guests in our house a long while.  It is time for you to leave!”


Fat Leonard & Why This Country is Failing


   Studies find that about one in three citizens would fail the civics portion of an immigration naturalization test.  Key findings from this study [Xavier University] show that 85 percent of respondents could not define “rule of law” – neither can our own president!  Seventy-one percent did not know the function of the judicial branch, and 57 percent could not define ‘amendment.’


   Another survey of recent college grads found that 43 percent could not identify freedom of speech as a First Amendment right, and 10 percent thought TV personality Judge Judy was on the Supreme Court.


President Madison once wrote that the laws of the land must not be so voluminous and complex that the average citizen cannot know them.  Yet, that is exactly what has happened today.  The United States has more laws, rules and regulations than any other nation on earth and it is costing us dearly in lost jobs, higher costs and lower wages.  We’re becoming a nation authoritarian socialism.


In January 1996, Barack Obama signed a contract promising to publicly support and associate himself with the New Party.  The New Party was a socialist organization in Chicago, IL that was deeply hostile to the idea of American capitalism.  When journalist Stanley Kurtz reported this signing to the public in 2008, the Obama presidential campaign sharply denied the claim as a ‘crackpot smear.’


In 2012, records from the Wisconsin Historical Society definitively established the truth that Mr. Obama did sign the New Party contract.  He’s been running the nation in this direction ever since and his hoped for successor, Hillary Clinton, will continue his policies of Big Government and more taxes.


Left wing socialists have been able to build momentum [just as they’ve done in past societies] through political parties, universities and easily molded young minds, unions, public school systems, and political parties…two professions in particular stand out:  Community organizing and Academia.  Both professions Obama was involved with – ironically, like many politicians of his generation, he has never served in the military nor been responsible for a payroll or started a business.


A common theme socialists tout are alternative histories such as Howard Zinn’s Marxist-inspired textbook People’s History of the United States.


We have taken a wrong turn in this nation, replacing law, the production and possession of all, with Judicial, Executive, and Bureaucratic fiat.  The arrogance of our political elite [and their Hollywood counterparts] is being hardened into a fledging dictatorship run by executive order and propaganda.  It is neither the right nor the responsibility of the government to oversee the lives of its citizens to the degree that it has done during the past several decades.


The past two decades have done much to erode the faith of the people in our political system.  After all, our freedoms and privacy are being strangled, our freedom to travel is being restricted, our dollar buys less, and the government has ensured that we have ZERO privacy but blames it on terrorism all the while they seek to further erode our Bill of Rights under the guise of protecting us…and it is costing us a fortune.  The only winners are the terrorists and the Wall Street firms who sell technology and weapons to the government.


Is it any wonder so much cynicism and pessimism hang like a pall over much of the electorate?


Our System is Broken-Fat Leonard is An Example


Just like life long career politicians who feed at the public teat, bureaucrats do the same.  Everyone likes to leach off the taxpayer because that’s where the money is our elected leaders never fix things [think how screwed up the VA still is with our wounded vets].


The US 7th Fleet runs about 70 ships and submarines, 140 aircraft and 20,000 personnel in the Pacific.  It was all but hijacked recently by a man named Leonard Glenn Francis aka: Fat Leonard who ran Defense Marine Asia which he used to steal tens of millions from our Navy.  He provided services to the fleet for years, supplies, fuel, towing, etc. all at vastly inflated prices. 


He evaded detection by bribing various USN officers with hookers, money and gifts.  He was finally arrested in 2013.  What is unfortunate, this only one of several incidents that have occurred just since 2003 when an Air Force undersecretary overpaid Boeing for a set of tanker planes.  She soon quit her job and went to Boeing with a six-figure salary. The company had already given jobs to her daughter and her daughter’s fiancĂ©.  She pleaded guilty to corruption and was sentenced to a paltry nine months in jail.


The same kinds of corruption has occurred in Afghanistan where the Congressional Budget Office estimates we’ve lost $1.6 trillion dollars – Time magazine the estimate is closer to $4-$6 trillion!  No one has done any time for this corruption and the US taxpayer has been screwed again.


So it makes me wonder, every four years we get swept up in a political promise of hope and change, reform, shaking things up, taking our country back, making America great again…then we are disillusioned again when we realize we’ve been duped again by the same old con artists [choose your party].  The slogans ring mighty hollow for me.


Yours for another revolution,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’

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