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Friday, June 10, 2016

What do HSBS, Mexican Drug Cartels & Hllary Clinton Have in Common?


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Riddle: What do HSBC, Mexican Drug Cartels & Hillary Clinton Have in Common

What it Will Mean to your finances if Hillary is Elected

We've had seven years of a Democrat in the White House and the results have not been good:

  • The job picture, especially for middle class wage jobs continue to decline
  • The number of recent grads who have moved back home with Mom and Dad has increased 32% because they cannot find a job
  • Our standing in the world has declined
  • Our purchasing power has declined another 7%-10% during the this time period
  • The cost of medical insurance premiums has risen three to four times
  • Startup businesses have continued to declined due to overregulation; internationally, we now rank only 13

Hillary has promised voters over $1 trillion worth of free stuff-whether it is infrastructure, college tuition, more Obamacare [after all, this was her idea originally and even though she wasn't an elected official, her husband had put her in charge of creating such a plan during his term in office]...whatever it will take to get elected, she's promised it. Of course, there are a lot of free loaders in America who will take whatever they can get so good luck defeating a candidate who promises the moon – look at how much free Obama phones did get Obama elected to another term!

Hillary also wants to allow more illegals into the country without any vetting or normal immigration process, just like Obama...something which is already costing this nation dearly in lowered wages and crime. According to the head of ICE [testifying before Congress in 2016], 57% illegals that they've been forced by Obama to release have committed at least one crime. Frankly, this country cannot afford open borders.

Despite Hillary's endorsement by her new pal Obama, she's still under criminal investigation for her email/home server problems which is why Bernie says he won't drop out and 64% of independent voters think she's lying about the emails and that's dishonest...her strongest support base is among minorities and it is weakest among white males and young people under age 30.

Mexico has a wall and doesn't allow open borders so why in blazes do they expect America to offer such nonsense? Illegal immigrants caught by authorities there are automatically jailed. It is because illegals in America represent the second biggest cash import for Mexico next to their oil industry which is why Trump has suggested a surcharge on the money illegals wire back to Mexico via Western Union.

The fastest way to stop illegal immigration here is to cut off the money-STOP the free welfare money, ADC, food stamps, free Section 8 housing, schooling and so forth...non-citizens should not be entitled to such benefits. Entering this country illegally is a slap in the face to those who come here via the legal process and who work hard to achieve that status.

We'll wind up paying the bill which is why Clinton wants to raise estate and capital gains taxes and create a new eighth income tax bracket as high as 43.6%!

Bill and Hillary are better known as the consummate 'teflon dons' of politics who recently had to redo their own taxes to hide illicit donations from foreign countries to their so-called non-profit foundation and let's not forget how Bill sold presidential pardons to criminals before leaving office or how he took to the airwaves and lied to the nation about not having sex with Monica Lewinsky...

What do HSBS, Mexican Drug Cartels & Hillary Clinton Have in Common?

The answer is they have all established some 'creative' way to hide money from the oversight of either tax collector or regulators or law officials. HSBC, a top global bank, is considered by most to be a top global money launder for VIP clients.. When they get caught, they simply pay a fine and go about their business.

HSBC also forked over between $500,000 and $1 million to the Clinton Foundation in 2014. The Clinton Foundation accepted this sum without scruple, despite the 2012 findings that HSBC violated US sanctions. [HSBC has also aided Mexican Drug Cartels]

As I wrote a few weeks back about the Panama Papers and how it put HSBC and others in a tight spot think about this...Panama wasn't dishing out information on its clients under international requirements – these were dictated by the US under its Trade Promotion Agreement in 2012. Obama and then Secretary of State Clinton pushed that agreement, despite warnings of how it would aid money-laundering activities!

Two years later, HSNC made a significant contribution to the Clinton Foundations!

And finally, never forget Bill Clinton eliminated the Glass-Steagall Act, which allowed Wall Street to become a casino which led to the economic crash in 2006 which nearly wiped out all of us on main street...and Hillary wants to let him be in charge of the economy again-Guard your wallet closely!

Watch: Filmmaker getting Clinton email depositions to the public despite cover-up attempt

Yours for better living,

Bruce 'the Poor Man'

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1 comment:

DAR said...

Wow-you sure nailed it-how can anyone trust her and she cannot, as she said, 'put Bill in charge of the economy,' that too would be illegal just it was when he put her in charge of creating a national health plan the 1st time around. They're both proven liars & I can't understand why they're not in jail?!