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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Seeds of Revolution

Bruce’s Poor Man Survival Bulletin
Your choice for urban survival resources

In This Issue:

1. Wake me up when the revolution starts
2. Simple, at home hydroponic gardening
3. Houston-You can’t feed homeless without a permit
4. Unseen taxes you pay every day

I have seen the truth and it doesn’t make any sense. --Unknown

Are you better off now than a year ago-seeds of Revolution.

I believe President Reagan asked this question of the American people a few decades ago when he announced that government is the problem. As you’ll see by some reader comments I have excerpted in this issue, the answer is a resounding NO.

In the last issue I coined a phrase about what has become of much of the middle class, now calling them the Whittled Class as just about everything associated with the American Dream has been whittled down.

No longer, as was once an expectation, do we envision that our children will do better than we have. Upward mobility is vanishing. In classic political theory, America now has all the seeds of revolution growing.

The financial fragility of the middle class cannot be overstated. It’s become a cliché but many are just a couple of paychecks away from insolvency after losing a job, rising prices, falling home and stock market values, and over extended debt obligations.

Income inequality increases social discontent and fuels distrust in the government. Since the time of Aristotle, social historians, political scientists and economists have concluded that a country is ripe for revolution when the following risk factors occur:

>>The distribution of wealth and the health of the middle class are adversely affected.
>>Impacts of recent economic or political shocks.
>>The lack of satisfaction of rising expectations.
>>The perception of unfairness with the distribution of wealth.
>>The history & efficacy of social and government institutions are in question.

Loss of confidence is speeding up. The deter -
ioration is now visible. More and more Americans
are expressing disapproval and apprehension
about government and politicians

Many of these indicators are present in the current system. Income disparity has never been higher. There is a growing class of “have-nots” in this country with many having lost their home, their jobs, their investments - through no fault of their own. These people played fair and are now hurting and there is no salvation in sight.

The Wall Street policies of off-shoring jobs, first with the Budweiser crowd, then with the Starbucks crowd corrupted the American Dream.

From 2000 through 2007 real median income per household fell by an average of $1951 but prices increased and the economy expanded. The ‘trickle down’ theory was mainly tripe. The ‘rising tide’ did not raise all boats! Many of us are now living a 2nd hand life.

We are entering a time of extreme financial stress in America. The federal government is broke. Most of our state and local governments are broke. Record numbers of Americans are going bankrupt. Record numbers of Americans are being kicked out of their homes. Record numbers of Americans are now living in poverty.

Is it possible to restore trust in the government? Is it possible to restore trust in the cartels which have decimated our country? The seeds of revolution are here. We may be down, but does this mean we’re out? Could it happen? I don’t know.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the price of food increased 50 percent faster than the overall rate of inflation during 2010.

This Week’s Roundup

Simple, at-home hydroponic gardening
Hydroponic systems have been around for centuries. The Aztecs designed floating rafts covered with dirt in which they planted food crops. The dirt was taken from the bottom of the lake so it was loaded with nutrients and the roots of the planted crops would dangle into the lake for water…it’s actually something which could put a lot of people to work-growing food at home for consumption & resale. You can find simple kits for sale on eBay as well but…(at the very least, you can buy some Chia home herb gardens)!
Here are some resources to use.

Could you use a secure, closed area for your tools and storage and another backyard space that you can use as a studio, workshop or kid's playhouse? There are free, do-it-yourself building plans may help.
At 10 x 16 ft., this handsome building is large enough for most backyard needs. It has an interior partition so it serves double duty as a storage shed and an all-weather multi-purpose room.
A free illustrated step-by-step building guide, by Joseph Turini of Popular Mechanics Magazine, includes an isometric drawing showing all building details.
See a photo, read the original June, 2002 magazine article, download the drawings and get started on your project >>>
( )

Pre-built Solar Modular Homes…wish the PM had seen this prior to getting the cabin built! As a rule of thumb, 50% of the cost of going solar lies in its installation, not an easy DIY project…you do need a qualified electrician. Pre-built homes can lower that cost.

Ever use a pair of cheap, Chinese made scissors? They’re crap.
I inherited several pairs of Fiskar scissors, made in the USA & they’re great!

Bag Balm-not just for cow udders…very useful for dry, cracked skin, especially on your foot.

The Unseen Taxes That You Pay Every Day
You might be surprised - even the price you pay for a loaf of bread is 50% taxed!
A remarkable honey-pot of taxes…how governments gouge us.
The old joke says that nothing is certain in life but death and taxes, and medical science has done a lot to forestall the former. Although nobody enjoys paying taxes, most people probably do not realize how they permeate our daily lives. Simply put, one way or another, we pay taxes on almost anything and everything we do-Get the rest at:

Dozens of packages that we buy in the supermarket have been reduced in size by up to 20%. For example, there are now 2 less slices of cheese in a typical package of Kraft American cheese, and there is now 9 percent less toilet paper in a typical package of Scott toilet paper.

Economic mobility—the ability to move up or down the economic ladder within one’s lifetime or across generations—is fundamental to our country’s national spirit. The Economic Mobility Project helps the public and policy makers better understand the health of the American Dream and seeks to forge consensus on policies that will ensure the Dream remains a reality for generations to come. Advised by a diverse group of respected thinkers from across the political spectrum, the project identifies underlying factors that aid or inhibit movement up the economic ladder and publishes research and analysis that inform the economic debate
For more information, visit the Economic Mobility Project Web site.

Beginning in the month of March, the U.S. Postal Service will begin shutting down up to 2,000 post offices across the United States.

Reader’s Write…

“The recent Scottsdale antique car auction had bidders paying anything just to secure something that wasn't greenbacks. Cars that seemed pricey a year ago at $50K were going for twice that. To me, that means the big money is scared; they have lost faith in government, the Fed and our ability to manage our future.”

“I have been keeping an eye on things since I stocked shelves at the grocery store here in Elyria, Oh. We used to sell pasta 3 lbs. for $1 as an advertised special about 2 years ago. Now it goes for $1 per lb. Apple juice was advertised for 99 cents for a 64 oz. bottle. You'll be lucky to get it for $1.59 now. I could go on... Things used to go up here and there by 5 to 9 cents at a time. Now they jump 59 cents at a time...and this is just the beginning! It is truly shocking...I reckon' ya better say yer prayers my friends.”

Why government doesn’t work-Can’t feed the homeless without a permit!
A Houston couple was told to stop giving food to the homeless as they didn’t have a permit. They had been feeding up to 120 people nightly using donated food prepared by volunteers.

“It’s a social holocaust”
“…after Meyers lost his job as a Las Vegas Strip bartender and nearly eight months after he exhausted his , it has come to this: a careful inventory of a life's possessions and the hopeless embrace of a future as a middle-aged homeless man.”

The riots in Egypt threaten to send the price of oil soaring into the stratosphere. On Friday, the price of U.S. crude soared 4 percent. A 4 percent rise in a single day is pretty staggering.

Spoof on Obama- ‘Casey at Bat’ - thanks Frederick for sending this!

No Cook Tomato Sauce

Using a food processor or blender, add..
-tomatoes, onions, garlic, green pepper, celery & a touch of horseradish.
Blend and cook for pasta dishes.

All over the United States, local governments have begun instituting "police response fees". For example, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has come up with a plan under which a fee of $365 would be charged if police are called to respond to an automobile accident where no injuries are involved. If there are injuries as a result of the crash that is going to cost extra.

101 Things to do until the Revolution Begins-Parting Shot

Brother, Can you spare a dime?
--Popular song from the Depression

America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards…but Joe Biden tells us to be patient, prosperity is just around the corner!

Back in the day, about 11 years ago, there was a popular book by Claire Wolfe called 101 Things to Do Until the Revolution which proved a humorous, interesting read. Used copies are around on Amazon, but none cheap. This tome has been “updated” and those copies are even more expensive…reaching almost cult-like status. Below you can at least read some excerpts or order the full copy.

Read excerpts from the book here.
Don’t Shoot the Bastards…Yet

As our friends at Whiskey & Gunpowder write…
Nearly all the problems we face are caused by governmental intrusions into many aspects of our personal and economic lives — intrusions by federal, state and local governments. Regardless of the good intentions that the welfare and military socialism statists have in justifying their use of compulsory government powers, what America needs is to cut the shackles of State-imposed dependence, restrictions, regulations, taxation, all those policies of moral relativism that involve violations of the Rule of Law: theft, trespass, denial of Due Process, and other acts of State-initiated criminal aggression.

Freeing Americans includes repealing all forms of intrusive presumption-of-guilt regulations and restrictions that are in place having nothing to do with whether any individual is suspected of any crimes against others. Regulations are before-the-fact demands by the government that presume the individual and one’s business guilty, in which one must submit one’s private personal or financial information to the government to prove one’s innocence. Government regulations and arbitrary restrictions are literally searches and seizures by the government of information that is none of anyone else’s business, and effect in the stifling of everyday citizens’ growth and prosperity.

Yours for a peaceful revolution, the Apostle of Action, the Poor Man! Please share this with others.

Don't Get Caught With Your Pantry Down-New 11th Ed.

Free Money assistance for women, businesses, more.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stop Spending on Stupid Stuff, DIY Plans, the New Whittled Class

Bruce’s Poor Man Recession Bulletin
Your choice for urban survival resources

In This Issue:

1. DIY Plans-clay oven, solar oven, methane generator
2. More moonlighting business ideas
3. Recycle old tires for profit
4. Things which are disappearing from our lives
5. 5 Ways to stop buying stupid stuff
6. Get up to $6500 if you’re low-income for weatherization
7. Emergence of the new ‘Whittled’ Class-Parting Thoughts

"Laws, like sausages, cease to inspire respect in proportion as we know how they are made."
-- John Godfrey Saxe

Visions of Mad Max at the Thunderdome, State of Disunion

Back during my college days we experienced the Arab Oil embargo which left Americans scrambling to fill their fuel tanks, inflation was high, land contracts, assumptions of VA loans and unemployment was rampant. One could only purchase fuel on alternate days and when Pres. Carter took office, he promised our country would become energy independent. Of course, that never happened.

Since then we’ve experienced several recessions and ever higher fuel prices as many leaders suggest we’re running out of oil. That could be. Had our country taken the measures suggested by Carter and had initiated a national energy policy, we might all be enjoying cheaper fuel prices, alternative energy sources and less dependence on Arabs and others who do not like our country.

In 2011 we’re seeing a repeat of history. Food shortages and higher prices for fuel and food and rampant unemployment. Oil prices in Australia are rising the fastest ever during the past 10 years…

It’s rather apparent our government has not learned any lessons from the past, as we’re still overly dependent on foreign fuel sources, even more so today with imports reaching 70% of our use.

The mainstream media and our top politicians are running around proclaiming that the economy has turned around, and yet all of the important long-term economic numbers continue to get worse. Do they think that the American people are stupid?

Many homeowners have taken great strides in cutting their energy bill through the use of CFL bulbs, water miser shower heads, buying smaller vehicles, etc. For the most part, government has not. The government is the largest consumer of energy in the world. If, for example, we eliminated Saturday delivery (keep the post offices open for business) of mail, it would save an incredible amount of fuel. If cities timed their traffic signals to encourage a better flow of traffic as opposed to stop-and-go driving, it would save millions of gallons of fuel each month.

Other countries are much further ahead of the US in creating alternative energy resources especially from methane and gases created from giant agricultural fields.

Sometimes I have visions of America becoming like the old Mad Max movies where vehicles are jerry rigged to run on all sorts of fuel. Successful experiments over the past 100 years have had cars running on wood fire, steam and alternative fuels. Is this where we’re headed? Is this our ‘sputnik moment’ or day of reckoning?

Under the new health care bill - did you know that all real estate transactions will be subject to a 3.8% Sales Tax? The bulk of these new taxes don't kick in until 2013.

The Round up

How to build a clay oven
An outdoor clay oven is the ideal place to make wood-fired pizza or to roast meat. Outdoor are capable of reaching much higher temperatures than standard ovens, and this high heat creates incomparably crisp crusts for breads and a smoked-wood flavor in meat dishes. This sand-cast style of oven is a flexible model to try because you can build the oven to your exact specifications. While the actual labor time is not that long, you will need to wait for the oven to thoroughly dry out before using.
Read more: How to Build Outdoor Clay Ovens |

Build your own inexpensive solar oven-even from a pizza box!

DIY Methane Generator
You can make biogas energy with a DIY methane generator.
Producing methane from manure using your own small scale waste to energy biogas digester is feasible for many small farms.

Build your own wood stove
I’ve often thought of constructing one of these as a furnace type heater, but it’s getting tough to find metal 55-gal drums around as so many use plastic.
DIY Video from kit…also offers DIY greenhouse construction plan

Free Seedling Starts-flower pots & trays can be had free
by visiting the dumpsters at local cemeteries.

Free Credit Repair…don’t fall for scams.
The FTC ( many publications devoted to helping you regain good credit and you can also get free counseling from your local County Cooperative Extension Office. Also, the National Foundation for Credit Counseling can help.

Green your home & gain up to $6500
Families with incomes under $44,000 who applied got an average of $6500 to help lower their heating and cooling bills via insulation, weather stripping and more. Obviously, you’ll save on your utility bills as a result.
Contact Westernization Assistance Program at: 877-377-3463 or visit their site at:

Insulate. Then Insulate Some More
Plug your zip code into the Department of Energy's insulation tool, to find out how much insulation your home needs. Then, beef up your existing insulation as needed.
· Video: How to Insulate Electric Outlets and Switches

You can now search for government forms on
You'll find a list of commonly requested forms, including tax forms, small business forms, and citizenship and immigration forms; but you can also enter a keyword or form number into the Search box to locate a specific form.
If you prefer to search by agency, use our listing of government forms by agency.

Earn Money by recycling old tires
You can even build a house using old tires…

>>>Other BootStrap Business-Moonlighting ideas…
*In an effort to cut costs, the USPS in many areas, is hiring more independent contractors. Ask your local postmaster for applications and openings.
*Be a night auditor at a hotel. The overnight shift is the most difficult to fill, so if you’re a night owl, this might be for you.
*Newspaper delivery. Most papers now hire only adult drivers. The hours often range from about 2am through 5am, leaving you much of the daytime to pursue other interests.
*UPS often hires temps, especially during the holidays, mainly for loading boxes. If you have a strong back, check it out. Often leads to full time work.
*Many, legitimate, work at home listings at this site. Subscribe to get these each week.

A few tablespoons of Epsom salt sprinkled around
Your trash cans will keep raccoons away-reapply after a rain

5 Ways to stop buying stupid stuff
Shop with a list; compare the per-unit cost; scour the sales circulars. Been there, tried that. I still waltz out of Target with bags full of stuff that I didn't intend to buy.
It's no wonder: Two-fers, upgrades, bulk buys, bonus points, door-buster deals -- they're like magnets for our money.
Costco has the formula down pat. In a Motley Fool interview, CEO Jim Sinegal copped to purposely merchandising to the impulse-purchase mind-set. Costco highlights an ever-changing array of items at the entrance -- from Coach handbags to Fila track suits -- that are probably on no one's shopping list. Yet they end up in a lot of customers' shopping carts. Sinegal explained, "The attitude is that if you see it, you have got to buy it, because it may not be there next time. More at:

Peanut Butter Candy-Something kids can help to make!
½ cup peanut butter (I like the crunchy style)
1 cup non-fat dried milk powder
½ cup of honey

Combine ingredients & turn mixture onto a buttered surface
Pat or roll to about ½” thickness
Cut into squares and chill…then serve!

Lotka’s Principle: Societies compete for economic survival using systems that win & dominate, that maximize their useful total power from all sources & flexibly distribute this power toward need affecting survival.

Things ceasing to exist…the parting thought(s)

With sub-zero temps this week, our house got mighty cold. Although we had done a lot of insulating and caulking before the season, this is an old house, circa 1915 and it’s settled over the years, leaving it slightly off-balance and it has a cold basement. I spent the better part of the week insulating the basement ceiling (aka: our kitchen floor) and could feel the improvement almost immediately. Now, we’ll see how the energy bill does this month!

Formerly middle class is how many Americans now feel. I believe we’re seeing the emergence of a new social class in America, something I’m calling the Whittled Class.
The gap between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’ has grown to numbers not seen since the Great Depression. This reversal is bound to have repercussions leading to social unrest.

Even our War College (El Paso, TX) has suggested the economic crisis could easily lead to social chaos and use of the military to restore social order may become necessary!
View Elizabeth Warren’s video on the growing inequality in America-important…

For some of us ‘old timers,’ the following might come as a shock

V No Post Office~ Get ready to imagine a world without the post office. They are so deeply in financial trouble that there is probably no way to sustain it long term. Email, Fed Ex, and UPS have just about wiped out the minimum revenue needed to keep the post office alive. Most of your mail every day is junk mail and bills.

v The Check ~ Britain is already laying the groundwork to do away with checks by 2018. It costs the financial system billions of dollars a year to process checks. Plastic cards and online transactions will lead to the eventual demise of the check. This plays right into the death of the post office. If you never paid your bills by mail and never received them by mail, the post office would absolutely go out of business.

v The Newspaper ~ The younger generation simply doesn't read the newspaper. They certainly don't subscribe to a daily delivered print edition. That may go the way of the milkman and the laundry man. As for reading the paper online, get ready to pay for it. The rise in mobile Internet devices and e-readers has caused all the newspaper and magazine publishers to form an alliance. They have met with Apple, Amazon, and the major cell phone companies to develop a model for paid subscription services.

v The Land Line Telephone ~ Unless you have a large family and make a lot of local calls, you don't need it anymore. Most people keep it simply because they've always had it. But you are paying double charges for that extra service. All the cell phone companies will let you call customers using the same cell provider for no charge against your minutes.

v Television ~ Revenues to the networks are down dramatically. Not just because of the economy. People are watching TV and movies streamed from their computers. And they're playing games and doing lots of other things that take up the time that used to be spent watching TV. Prime time shows have degenerated down to lower than the lowest common denominator. Cable rates are skyrocketing and commercials run about every 4 minutes and 30 seconds. I say good riddance to most of it. It's time for the cable companies to be put out of our misery. Let the people choose what they want to watch online and through Netflix.

v Privacy ~ If there ever was a concept that we can look back on nostalgically, it would be privacy. That's gone. It's been gone for a long time anyway. There are cameras on the street, in most of the buildings, and even built into your computer and cell phone. But you can be sure that 24/7, "They" know who you are and where you are, right down to the GPS coordinates, and the Google Street View.
…Thanks Jim for sending this to us!

More on ‘You Should be watching for suspicious people‘-from our DHS

Morality and Capitalism

That’s it from the “Sore” Man-Stay warm out there & share this with friends!

Don't Get Caught With Your Pantry Down-New 11th Ed.

Free Money assistance for women, businesses, more.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

DIY Pet Vet Tips, Coupons, the Ugly Civilization

Bruce’s Poor Man Survival Bulletin
Your choice for urban survival resources

In This Issue:

1. Home Pet Vet Tips & Coupons
2. Our steadily shrinking dollar is no accident
3. The Ugly Civilization
4. P.S.-Challenges w/ eBay & Poor Man III
5. Will hyperinflation lead to empty store shelves?

Life is tough, but it’s tougher when you’re stupid.
--John Wayne

On being a watchdog against tyranny

Most Americans have no idea that a horrific economic collapse could happen at literally any time. There is no way that all of this debt, political and financial corruption is sustainable. At some point we are going to reach the time of system failure.

Many of us need more time to prepare. Most of our families and friends need more time to prepare. Once we implode there isn't going to be an opportunity for a "do over".

Former Los Angeles mayor Richard Riordan is convinced that things are so bad that literally 90% of our states and cities could go bankrupt over the next five years....

A recent article in the New York Times did a good job of summarizing the financial pain that many state governments are feeling right now. Unfortunately, as bad as the budget shortfalls are for this year, they are projected to be even worse in 2012....

While state revenues — shrunken as a result of the recession — are finally starting to improve somewhat, federal stimulus money that had propped up state budgets is vanishing and costs are rising, all of which has left state leaders bracing for what is next. For now, states have budget gaps of $26 billion, by some estimates, and foresee shortfalls of at least $82 billion as they look to next year’s budgets.

The New York Times has also reported that powerful lawmakers in Congress are working behind the scenes to help states to get out from under massive debts — including obligations to pay pensions — simply by declaring BANKRUPTCY!

Even Newt Gingrich, a possible Republican presidential candidate in 2012, endorsed the idea! He says that he hopes ...

"House Republicans are going to move a bill in the first month or so of their tenure to create a venue for state bankruptcy."

Over the past year I've repeatedly given you major warnings on several critical issues affecting all of us. Truth be told, it will prove painful for all of us.

Let's take a look at the U.S. dollar. Since the end of 2001, the U.S. dollar has lost 37.9% of its purchasing power.

It’s being suggested that we place a moratorium on ALL debt, then monetize all debt, issue every American citizen bearer-coupons ... a new currency ... and equity shares in a newly re-organized U.S. government — inflation through a dollar devaluation is coming, big time.

One way that you can make a difference in this world is by being a watchdog. So exactly is a watchdog? A watchdog would guard the homestead, keeping an alert eye open for intruders and would sound the bark when approached.

Our founding fathers were watchdogs. The founders relentlessly warned their countrymen about the dangers of British tyranny, and when the time came they rallied them together to oppose it. They also warned us against entities such as the federal reserve and how it would destroy lives by fostering our debt-money system…but we never learn.

It’s ironic that in our ‘land of plenty,’ so many do without. In a land which is overdue for an overhaul of our infrastructure, why are so many unemployed? In a country which sucks in terms of mass transit, such as a national high speed rail system, why aren’t we putting folks to work in this industry? In a country which needs to establish a meaningful energy system that lessens our dependence on foreigners, why aren’t we putting more people to work in these industries?

What do you think? Do you have solutions? Will you act as a watchdog for your family and fellow citizens, or just sit by idly watching the world as it continues to erode? Are you stocking up on Chinese currency? Share your solution ideas with us.

Ounce for ounce your best bet is to purchase US pre-1965 silver halves, quarters & dimes.

The Weekly Roundup of Useful Goodies

One of my favorite stores, located in Kidron, OH-all kinds of useful items for self sufficiency…a favorite of the Amish

Edmunds Scientific-Tons of useful stuff for home, lab and your kids-another favorite

Another useful resource (and still around) for kids & big kids too!

Rocky Mountain Inst.-Useful resources for alternative energy

The How to of food storage

Emergency & Long term food storage supplier

The ARK Inst-purveyor of food packages, seeds, gardening books, etc.

Former Obama administration budget director Peter Orszag sums up bankrupt states this way:
"America must brace itself for
turbulence due to this great debt crisis."

Safely sharpen scissors with a few snips through some steel wool.

DIY Vet Resources

Many times people bring their pets to a veterinarian for things they could prevent themselves at home. "Though it is important for your pet to have regular exams," advises Dr. Ernie Ward, "pet owners should do at-home check ups that could ultimately save your pet's life and save you money."

People often get a pet without any idea what it costs to have it. According to the ASPCA the average annual cost of a large dog is $235 for food, and $260 for vaccinations and annual examinations, or about $500 total - without the costs of any serious illnesses, purchase of toys, damage done by the dog around the house, or dog sitting fees while traveling. Many pet owners will tell you that you can expect to spend a thousand dollars annually for a dog. Cats are almost as expensive, because of the added cost of litter, as well as the more expensive damage they sometimes do.

Pets are getting porkier according to researchers…just like us!

Keep these costs in mind when deciding whether to take in a pet. Also remember that when you generously give a friend or family member a cuddly puppy or kitten, you just gave that person an expensive responsibility. They could easily spend more than $10,000 caring for your gift during its life.
As money has become tight for many folks, we thought you might find these resources useful.

Pet coupons, supplies, samples & DIY Tips

NOTE: If you’d like to see more pet tips featured, drop me an email! Poor Man II contains a file on making your own pet food.

Lubricate old pruning shears with lip balm…if you’re out of WD-40


6 pears, 6 peaches or 18 apricots
3 tbsp. honey
1/2 c. applesauce

Wash, core, peel, pit and slice the fruit. Puree the fruit
adding the honey to make the leather more pliable when
dried. Then heat the puree just to boiling point in a
saucepan before drying. Dry as for fruit rolls.

Planned inflation is like planned drug taking…you always need a bigger fix!

Many have seen old movie reels of postwar Germany where it took a wheel barrel full of Marks to buy a loaf of bread. Most don’t know the German government, like our own, is doing this on purpose so they could pay off their WWI debts in cheaper marks. The German people also experienced extremes of inflation and deflation and high unemployment. Apparently, our government is unable to learn from this history…


'Ralph Borsodi' (1886 – , 1977) was an economic theorist and practical experimenter interested in ways of living useful to the modern person or family desiring greater self-direction and self-reliance. Much of his theory related to living in rural surroundings on a modern .

Borsodi spent decades analyzing the ills of modern society and imagining remedies for the problems. His 1968 work, published in India, and titled Seventeen Universal Problems of Man and Society, catalogued his research and can be considered the beginning of a modern taxonomy of human problems and solutions. His followers felt he usually was working at solving problems at least 20 years before most analysts realized the problem existed. For example, it is said he predicted the inflation of the 1970s some thirty years before it came. One of his interests was in local currencies, and he started an experiment with such a currency in his home area, Exeter, New Hampshire; however, the project came to an early end with Borsodi's failing health.

He created a commodity-backed bartering currency called the Constant, reminiscent of Josiah Warren's "labor notes" at the Cincinnati Time Store. These appeared first as paper notes, but in 1974, coin-like pieces, called Globes, were minted and sold in 1/2 ounce and 1 ounce .999 silver denominations. The non-profit organization that sponsored them was the International Foundation for Independence, Inc., but the Globes were minted and sold by an organization called Arbitrage International.

Dr. Borsodi is chiefly known for his practical experiments in self-sufficient living during the 1920s and 1930s, and for the books he wrote about these experiments. ''This Ugly Civilization'' and ''Flight from the City'' are his best known works.
Read his book here…

Also, read about his plan for an inflation-free currency

Tooth Repair Kits-something to include with your first aid supplies. You can pick these up at Walgreen’s and even on eBay. Very handy when access to a dentist isn’t good.

Post Script…consternation in eBay land

An Aside…I thought everyone wanted things faster, better & cheaper today. With the advent of the digital age, Kindle readers & ebooks, I am able to delivery more information at less cost and faster…BUT, some folks on eBay either cannot read what is clearly posted in our listings, in the follow up email I send them or they are not a part of the digital age. The Poor Man got his first negative feedback (in 10 years) from someone who ordered Poor Man III and was angry that all he got were two sheets of paper & an investment CD. Rather than emailing with a request for a refund, he left negative feedback - all of which has me scratching my head.

I am puzzled. Were all the publishing trade magazines which suggest digital delivery is the wave of the future wrong? Is Amazon wrong in promoting digital ebooks?
I take it personally when someone isn’t happy with what we produce. I put a lot of time and effort into compiling, editing and creating these items…so, I rewrote the eBay listing again and jacked up the price to cover postage costs for the CD I will now send. However, I did create a separate eBay classified ad whereby those folks can get everything for a mere $2.50 - nothing mailed…ultimately, the buyer retracted his negative feedback after I contacted him!

If you’re a current subscriber and would like a CD ROM copy with over 200 files plus supplemental bonus links, you can have it for only $2.50 ppd. That’s one heck of a deal and is good while supplies last. Send your PayPal payment to & be sure to include a little note in the comment box “Poor Man III” or contact me directly.

Government mandated food prices, empty store shelves…see the startling video

Best Movie One Liner-Bob Hope

Yours for a brighter future…the Poor Man! Share this with a friend!
Don't Get Caught With Your Pantry Down-New 11th Ed.
Free Money assistance for women, businesses, more.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dat Gum Govern'ment, Home Arts

Bruce’s Poor Man Survival Bulletin
Your choice for urban survival resources

In This Issue:

1. DIY Home canning, jerky making, more
2. Quick guide to non-refrigerated foods
3. Make your own vinegar
4. Using a pellet gun to hunt with
5. Quick guide to traps and snares
6. 5 Things to consider for being thrifty
7. Nutrition on the Cheap

As Ann Coulter said, “Liberals live in a world in which everyone is either an oppressor or a victim.”

Living with a ‘bargain master”

Although the Poor Man’s wife goes by many monikers, including Barn Goddess (she loves animals, especially horses), she is best known to all as a bargain master. During this cold weather, she more resembles an ‘Eskimo Babe’ with her head to feet Carhart garb (it’s been tough re-acclimating ourselves to winter weather again).

Whereas I have a “want list” about a yard long, hers is about three miles long.

She’s the master of after Christmas sales and it’s how we can still manage to send greeting cards each year (as opposed to ecards). If chocolate is on sale, she can smell it before we get into the store. This is one of the reasons the Poor Man is becoming the ‘fat man’ as I too cannot resist a Hershey bar with almonds!

The bottom line…it’s extremely helpful to have a supportive partner during these chaotic financial times. Although she’s much younger than me (keeps me young), she too fully realizes how our government has imperiled the nation.

Aside from that, she’s a patient sounding board for all of my ideas AND, she’s a good shot!


Last year, I reported that the United States fell from sixth to eighth place -- behind Canada -- in the Heritage Foundation/Wall Street Journal's 2010 Index of Economic Freedom. Now, we've fallen further. In the just-released 2011 Index, the United States is in ninth place. That's behind Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Canada, Ireland and Denmark

New Speaker John Boehner, leader of the Republicans who now control the House, says he wants to cut spending. When he was sworn in last week, he declared: "Our spending has caught up with us. ... No longer can we kick the can down the road."
But when NBC anchorman Brian Williams asked him to name a program "we could do without," he said, "I don't think I have one off the top of my head."

Is he crazy? There are dozens of programs that could be cut, starting with the Dept. of Education & perhaps the Dept of Energy, none of which have accomplished anything meaningful since their inception!

Get flake salt from a feed store-no aluminum in it and 25lbs cost what 1lb does at markets.

This Week’s Useful Stuff (& it’s all useful)

Free downloads of how-to ‘home canning’ publications

Basics of food dehydrating

Making a basic animal snare/trap & other resources

Make your own jerky at home guide-free

Brand new workshop play area plans.
.Its a 100% free download with no strings
Just click the link below to get it.

USPS to Raise Postage Rates in April Including Media Mail
The cost of First Class and Standard Mail will rise in April,
including Media Mail, as the USPS filed new mailing service
prices with the Postal Regulatory Commission.

Quick emergency candle-fill an empty shotgun shell with paraffin using a heavy cord for a wick.

Make your own vinegar

Vinegar is such a useful product, good for unclogging drains, adding flavor (while reducing intestinal gas) in soups and stews, good on salads and more. You can make your own vinegar at home using a variety of fruits but most I know use apples.

The least expensive ones to use are those which are bruised but use a variety that is tart so you get a bit of a bite with the end product. Adding pears to your home brew provides a nice, tasteful variety. Visiting local apple orchards is usually the cheapest source.

Clean and chop the fruit…or, place inside a sturdy container and mash them with a 2x4.

Let the mashed fruit ferment in a clean glass, crockery or wooden container. Do not use a metal container. Leave enough space at the top, about 25% for expansion and keep an eye on the pulp as it ferments.

Keep the container covered during this process with a towel or old sheet, tied tightly with a string or large rubber band. This keeps the bugs out and still allows for the necessary air to get inside. Set the container in your basement with a moderate temperature and allow it to age for three or four months. Stir and taste every so often and when the flavor is pleasing, strain out the juice and store in glass containers in a cool dark place. If you find the flavor a little too strong, dilute with a bit of water.

"An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life." ~ Robert A. Heinlein

Hunting with a Pellet Gun
They’re silent and they work…

Are you thinking about going out hunting with a pellet gun? There are a few important guidelines that you are going to need to follow if you want to make sure that you are being both humane and effective out there. Some of the things that you need to consider include choosing the proper gun, the proper scope and the proper ammo, and you must also make sure to use the correct practices when you go pellet gun hunting. The first consideration that you are going to want to make is what type of game you should be hunting and should not be hunting. Here is a quick guide to pellet gun hunting using an air gun…you’ll find these sites useful resources.

In some countries in the Middle East, you can’t use alcohol, or have sex outside of marriage (whether you’re married or not). Here you can’t use marijuana or cocaine or pay for sex with anything other than dinner, movie or a mortgage.


Good, non-refrigerated food to use when outdoors, power failure, etc.
One method of supplying enough protein in your diet is to purchase Meals Ready to Eat. If you have plenty of cash and the time to buy MREs this may be an option. However, there is an easier and cheaper way; cheese and sausage.

Cheeses and sausages are concentrated sources of protein that can be made to keep very well even when not refrigerated. This makes these foodstuffs of special value as survival food for the backpacker, camper, and wilderness enthusiast.

Emergency food storage and dehydrated food have come a long way in recent years. There's more variety than ever, and the foods are quite flavorful. In an emergency, you'll be very thankful that you took precautions. Something your body will miss however are fresh greens and you need that to stay alert. You can purchase sprout kits online and perhaps buy a few of those Chia kitchen herb gardens.

A great deal of what's in your fridge absolutely does NOT need to be there. If you're interested in trying this, just start by taking all these things out of your fridge, and putting them in a pantry type situation:

Butter/margarine - shelf life about 2 weeks
Eggs -shelf life at least a week
Cheese - keep covered, shelf life variable- taste when unrefrigerated hugely better
ketchup/mustard - shelf life - forever
honey - shelf life - forever
onions/garlic - shelf life - 2 weeks
tomatoes - shelf life - 4 days
cabbage - shelf life - 1 week
cooking oil - shelf life - months
peanut butter - shelf life - months

Read this free PDF on to keep food without a fridge-even in the tropics

Storing food without refrigeration-what to do in an emergency

Side Bar…
People don’t realize how cheap wheat is today, even after its recent gains. In 1904, a bushel of wheat cost about $1.00. That was in 1904 dollars. Since a $20 gold coin contained about an ounce of gold in those days, your $20 gold coin would buy about 20 bushels of wheat. This was a typical price until the mid-1960s.

Today, your $20 gold coin – it could be the very same one – would buy about 187 bushels of wheat. Since there are 60 pounds in a bushel, that would be 11,220 pounds of wheat. At today's $7.74/bushel, a pound of wheat costs about $0.13 wholesale. Combined with a little meat and vegetables, it would feed a man for a day.

Two empty shotgun shells, a 12-ga & a 16-ga, one pushed inside the other, makes a good holder for matches & will keep them dry.

Apple Pie Sandwich

The mock apple pie recipe offered an issue or so ago found this recipe sent in by another reader. Sounds good.

Slice & parboil some soft apples.
Add some brown sugar & cinnamon to taste
Toast some bread lightly
Slice up some cheese (optional, we prefer cheddar) into small strips
Lay the cheese around the perimeter of the toast, pour the apple mixture into center
Place the other slice of bread on top, then quick fry in a skillet full of butter until the cheese melts, which acts as a sealer.

Baked Bananas

Brush some peeled bananas with melted butter & honey
Roll in whole wheat bread crumbs or crushed corn flakes or minced nuts
Bake about 10 minutes in a hot oven (375)

Our favorite cookbook is the Joy of Cooking (especially pre-1974 editions)

Getting Nutrition on the Cheap
Consumer Reports has some ideas on easy ways to improve your consumption of key nutrients without spending a fortune.

In 1922, Henry Ford wrote the following....
"The people must be helped to think naturally about money. They must be told what it is, and what makes it money, and what are the possible tricks of the present system which put nations and peoples under control of the few."

States Forced to Grapple with Fiscal Troubles
“The dismal fiscal situation in many states is forcing governors, despite their party affiliation, toward a consensus on what medicine is needed going forward. The prescription? Slash spending. Avoid tax increases. Tear up regulations that might drive away business and jobs. Shrink government, even if that means tackling the thorny issues of public employees and their pensions.” (New York Times)
Is reality finally getting through?

NOTE: The muni-bond market is declining rapidly as cities which issue such investment vehicles can no longer pay them off…they’re being charged higher interest rates, if they can get them at all. This is all due to overspending, especially for employee benefits.

Carry a bandana when camping or hunting. It can protect your nose & eyes in bad weather, act as a tourniquet, bandage or basket…you can also use it as a quick patch for your canoe.

Disasters Everywhere--The Parting Thought

Mudslides in Brazil, snowstorms and mudslides throughout America, crop failures in Russia…natural disasters are plaguing the planet.
2011 has just begun and yet we are already seeing significant price shocks and serious food shortages in many areas of the globe. In fact, violent economic riots are now being reported in Algeria, in Chile and in Mozambique. Food shortages and price increases are also causing political unrest in other nations such as India, Bangladesh and Indonesia.

A recent article in Forbes magazine summarized the current global food situation this way....
The world is treading on dangerous ground. Market forces are in place for another global food crisis, and, as the wheels keep turning, it will become harder for these to be put in reverse.

Food shortages, price shocks or both? USDA Suggests being prepared.

If a global food shortage was sharp enough and went on long enough, the price shocks would eventually turn into empty shelves and physical food shortages inside the United States. This isn’t simply another government manufactured crisis (through they are the underlying reason).

While many of us are distracted by Golden Globe Awards, American Idol, the Big Game Syndrome and other ’bread n circus’ events…Rome is burning. I spoke with several owners of area dollar stores and like McDonald’s, they are having a tough time buying some of their wholesale goods while still maintaining a profit margin.

Becoming self sufficient isn’t an easy task, nor inexpensive. This is one of the reasons I started our bulletin and site. It may not be the fanciest or best laid out site, but we do pack it with useful information and resources. Our country is slowly imploding.

For the first time in history, the dollar is now valued less than the Australian dollar.

The Chinese premier is headed to Washington & made statements to the press this week that he thinks the currency of China should replace the dollar…but, I wonder-since it’s a Communist regime, would western countries take a chance? The Communists do not have a good track record for any kind of checks and balances that we offer.

One of the things I have learned, the hard way, is that you cannot do it all alone. It’s very helpful if you have like-minded family, friends and perhaps church members who will assist each other.

We always like to leave you laughing!

Dat Gum Gov’ment-Humor song from Roger Miller

That’s it for this issue from the Poor Man! Solving the world’s problems one issue at a time… Please share this with friends.

Don't Get Caught With Your Pantry Down-New 11th Ed.

Free Money assistance for women, businesses, more.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

18 Sings You're Boke & How to Fix it!

Bruce’s Poor Man’s Recession Bulletin
Your choice for urban survival resources

In This Issue:

1. Flat Broke in America-an Economic Education Series
2. Turn what you know into dough
3. Basic Emergency Preparations
4. Rich Dad, Poor Dad Video
5. 20 Things you’ll need to survive the collapse
6. The Caretaker Gazette
7. Can a Monkey do Your Job?-Humor Video from the 50s

No one party can fool all the people all of the time.
That’s why we have two parties.
--Bob Hope

While government derails America

Few of us still believe the propaganda spewed forth from Washington about our national debt and out of control spending. The market for gold and silver speaks volumes to how the economy is truly working and how China is taking the premier lead internationally on many fronts.

Oh sure, there a promising signs everywhere. The stock market has ticked upward and the jobs picture is ‘improving’ according to mainstream news. However, for main street, they are still waiting for the ‘chicken in every pot and a Ford in every driveway.’

Only 27% of US citizens believe America is still the top dog in the world.

But most of us have noticed how much the price of fuel has gone up recently. It’s ironic however, our Dept. of Energy came into being during the Carter years with the promise of getting us off our foreign oil addition. Back then we imported 28% of our oil, now it’s 70%…how’s that for an impressive agency record?

Many are predicting $150 oil barrel prices before the end of the year. Not so good for retailers, good for online sellers.

As the buying power of our dollar continues to shrink, the cost of everything will continue to rise.

Like many of our area farmers, you could consider buying an above-ground fuel storage tank. A 200-gallon size goes anywhere from $500 used to $1200 new and they can even be found on eBay. The Poor Man owns several 5-gallon sized containers and I use Sta-bil to keep the fuel fresh.

You might consider checking this resource (I haven’t used it as of yet) to lock in today’s prices for gasoline at or call them at: 800-410-1877. They enable you to buy 100s of gallons of fuel in advance at a fixed price, whenever you want. The downside is their $79 membership fee and a small fee for each gallon you consume.

In this issue you’ll find a variety of educational videos about being broke in America (and in Australia) and some ways to better understand how the economy works. I started this issue with a bit of humor on the 18 signs you’re flat broke!

18 Signs You're Flat Broke

1. American Express calls and says: "Leave home without it!"

2. Your idea of a 7-course meal is taking a deep breath outside a restaurant.

3. You're formulating a plan to rob the food bank.

4. You've rolled so many pennies, you've formed a psychic bond with Abe Lincoln.

5. Long distance companies don't call you to switch anymore.

5. You look at your roommate and see a large fried chicken in tennis shoes.

6. Your rob Peter... and then rob Paul.

7. You finally clean your house, hoping to find change.

8. You think of a lottery ticket as an investment.

9. You give blood everyday... just for the orange juice.

10. McDonald's supplies you with all your kitchen condiments.

11. At communion you go back for seconds.

12. You wash your toilet paper.

13. You have to save up to be poor.

14. You're in college.

15. On thanksgiving your dad would bring home a picture of a thanksgiving meal.

16. You owe yourself money.

17. You are sterilizing your urine for re-consumption.

18. Your imaginary friend has more money than you.

Get some real help when you find yourself in a dire financial situation

Watch the 20/20 news clip

Debt Land-How an Australian went from a house to living in a garage

Finally, view this 5-part series Money as Debt from Lifeboat News. Would be a good series to share with all family members as most citizens haven’t a clue how money works.

John Hofmeister, the former president of Shell Oil, believes that American consumers will likely be paying 5 dollars for a gallon of gas by the time 2012 rolls around.


Quick business startup ideas Courtesy of Bottom Line Inc.

Turn what you know into dough

If you want more cash, consider starting a part-time business. Almost everyone has the skills and time needed to launch a business that’s capable of generating an extra $500 to $1,000 per month.
With a part-time business, the smart strategy is to get it up and running within a week or two for no more than a few hundred dollars. How to do it...


Identify skills that you already possess that could be turned into a service-oriented business. Possibilities...
Tutoring. Tutor students or help high school students prepare for their SATs or ACTs. Teachers, former teachers, professors and those with degrees from prestigious universities are particularly likely to attract clients.
Auto care/repair. If you’re good with cars, offer auto-maintenance and basic repair services.
Computer. Provide tech support to individuals or small businesses. Set up computer networks, solve problems, optimize computer performance or create and manage Web sites.
Foreign language. If you’re fluent in a foreign language, tutor those who want to learn it or students struggling with their foreign language classes.
Handyman. Home maintenance and repair services always are in demand.
Music/acting. Tight budgets are forcing many public schools to cut back on music and theater programs, creating openings for private tutors.
Photography. Offer portrait or wedding photography services.
Sewing/alterations. Alterations are on the rise as people choose to repair, not replace, clothing.
Sports. Help promising young athletes hone their abilities. Those who played a sport professionally or for a prestigious college program are most likely to attract clients.
Woodworking. High-quality handcrafted wooden bowls and other carved kitchen items can fetch attractive prices in boutiques and at arts and crafts fairs.
If you do not have a particular skill that is likely to be in demand, there are service businesses that do not require extensive training or skills (though experience is, of course, helpful). Possibilities include...

In-home elder care
Child care/day care
Lawn and garden care
Carpooling/driving services
Pet walking/pet sitting


Certain businesses are best avoided by people seeking to earn extra cash with little risk...
Retail stores. Retailing typically requires an expensive inventory, long hours, employees and leased commercial property. Retailers must compete with Internet sellers and massive chains.
Franchises. Profitable franchises charge big up-front franchise fees that part-time business people typically cannot afford.
"New idea" businesses. It takes lots of time and marketing dollars to convince consumers to spend their money on something that they’ve never spent it on before. The failure rate for such businesses is very high. More than 485,000 applications for US patents were filed in 2008 -- only a few of these will be successful. It is better to offer a service that people already understand.


The most cost-effective marketing tool is word of mouth...
Visit local businesses that offer related but not overlapping services. Tell the owners or managers of these businesses what your business does. Ask if you can post a flyer in their windows or leave a stack of flyers on the counter.
Examples: Someone starting a house-sitting or lawn-care business could contact real estate agents.
Consider sharing a storefront location. Ask area businesses that are in some way related to your intended field if they have extra space that they are willing to sublet to you. This can be much cheaper than renting your own space, and you’ll have an inside track on that existing business’s customers.
Example: Someone starting a sewing and alterations business could sublet space at a dry cleaner.
Contact organizations that work with your intended customer base.
Example: If you intend to provide tutoring or music lessons to kids, contact local schools and youth clubs.
Volunteer your services to local nonprofits. It’s a good way to make contacts and show off your skills.
Offer satisfied customers a discount on their next purchase if they refer someone who also becomes a customer.


Don’t worry about taxes at first. New businesses typically have 90 days from the date they start taking in money to get tax payments squared away. It’s best not to get bogged down in such details sooner than necessary, but do ask your accountant if you need to charge tax on any of your goods and/or services. Don’t worry about hiring a lawyer or incorporating your business until your business is up and running.

A few details do need to be sorted out before your business gets going...
Contact your town or county offices to find out if you need any licenses or permits.
Set up a separate checking account for business expenses and receipts.
Ask your insurance agent about professional liability insurance, particularly if your business involves anything that could cause injury or trigger a lawsuit.
Contact your auto insurance provider if you plan to use your personal vehicle for business. Your existing policy is unlikely to cover business use.

Bottom Line/Personal interviewed Loral Langemeier, CEO of Live Out Loud, Inc., a coaching and seminar company with offices in Nevada and California. She regularly appears on the Dr. Phil show as a money expert and is author of many books on finance, including the bestseller The Millionaire Maker (McGraw-Hill) and, most recently, Put More Cash in Your Pocket (Harper).


Well known financial guru provides home biz info-Worth watching Rich Dad
Robert Kiyosaki
- How to start a Legitimate Home Based Business Legitimate Home Based Business Opportunity A legitimate home based business opportunity in a very well established company with all the training, support systems and marketing tools necessary to .. Business Ideas on a Budget - 10 Legitimate Businesses You Can ... Business Ideas on a Budget. 10 Legitimate Businesses You Can Start for Under $20 .... Home-based business ideas that won't break the bank. Home Business: Getting Started FAQ Stay-at-Home Parents.

Jim Daniels, one of the pioneers of creating a business online offers sage advice

Get Leslie's friendly resources from her site
Helping You Work At Home Since 1998
Work-At-Home Success

THE CARETAKER GAZETTE is a unique newsletter containing property caretaking and house sitting jobs, advice, and information for property caretakers, housesitters, and landowners. Published since 1983, it's the only publication in the world dedicated to the property caretaking field. Another potential avenue to explore for employment.

Top 11 New Business Opportunity Predictions of ‘11

MLM and small business opportunities, you’ll get a hoot from this cartoon explaining network marketing. On paper, this way of doing business makes perfect sense. In reality, I’m uncertain as my few experiences have not proven favorable…might be due to the preconceived overall negative impressions most folks have.

Hey PM.-us ‘poor folk’ here in Ohio appreciate your useful newsletter. We need all the help we can get and we suggest your stuff to everyone! --CJ, Toledo

HSN To Sell Gadgets From Quirky
If you have an idea that you feel would make the perfect invention but you don’t really want to do the work to bring it to fruition, Quirky is the website to visit. For $10, would-be inventors are able to pitch their idea for consideration. People, known as “influencers,” pick over the idea. [...]

World food prices rose to a record in December on higher sugar, grain and oilseed costs, the United Nations said, exceeding levels reached in 2008 that sparked deadly riots from Haiti to Egypt.

Basic Preparations for an Emergency

Start by creating an action plan for your family and rehearse it a few times.

8. Follow the 3-day rule. Have on enough food, water & first aid items to last at least three days. Don’t forget pet foods too if applicable. Other items to have on hand is a good flash light, candles, wind up radio, and we keep a pair of two-mile radius 2-way radios along with a supply of batteries.
9. Get everyone involved. Have a family meeting to decide how you will communicate (a spare, fully charged cell phone works well). Decide where everyone might meet in an emergency. Get more tips at:
10. Keep your cell phone charged or carry a spare battery. Program an “In Case of Emergency” number into it and sign up for your town’s Mobile Alert Service if they have one.
Get more information at our site by clicking on the Preparedness Tab.

Thanks Mr. Green for sharing this resource!
What To Do If A Nuclear Disaster Is Imminent!
KI4U Nuke Prep Expertise & Solutions!
If you do nothing else here, read our myth-busting expose...

Another potential job finding resource to consider...

Don’t forget to rotate stock in your food storage pantry. Although most canned goods are good for up to a year beyond their expiration date, they do lose much of their nutrient value.

Weekly news roundup

How to Live on Nothing (practically)-the how-to video
Plus...humorous look at how to beg for money (hint: dump the wine bottle)

Ingenious Hiding Spot:Place a fake electrical box on your wall near your existing breaker box and add warning stickers (available online & hardware stores) reading DANGER: High Voltage...few with mess it!

According to Gallup, the unemployment rate actually rose to 9.6% at the end of December. This was a significant increase from 9.3% in mid-December and 8.8% at the end of November.
*Not only that, but Gallup also says that the underemployment rate is moving up dramatically. According to Gallup, the underemployment rate in the United States increased to 19.0% during December, which was up substantially from 18.5% in mid-December and 17.2% at the end of November.
*The percentage of Americans participating in the labor force is now the lowest it has been since the early 1980s. In December, the Labor Force Participation Rate fell to 64.3%. Over the last twenty years, the Labor Force Participation Rate has usually been around 66 or 67 percent. So do less Americans want jobs today? Of course not. What has happened is that millions of Americans have become so discouraged about the lack of jobs that they aren't even actively searching anymore.

*The number of Americans working part-time for "economic reasons" continues to hover around all-time highs.

Speaking of part time…Although I’ve never advertised this fact, the PM picked up some ‘pin money’ this week by writing two blogs for another business. The fellow happened upon my site and liked what he read. Another time I was approached by one of those Pay day loan places to write something positive about their business. I couldn’t think of anything positive, so I declined. In the previous issue I mentioned that during the American Revolution, pins were hard to come by & became valuable as a barter item, hence the term ‘pin money.’

There are many businesses which will pay you to write about them, write content for their site, blog or company newsletter. If writing is something you do well, consider…
Outsource to expert programmers, designers, writers, translators, marketers, researchers and admin contractors with tested skills.

Learn more about optimizing your health & making extra money

7 Techniques for Creating a Profitable Business Idea
<<< The ever expanding Nanny State restricts our rights & job growth…
Fiction is becoming reality in America as gov’t seeks to control everything. If you still believe in freedom and individual rights, see the John Stossel series about Ayn Rand-very enlightening 6-part series.

The Rumor Mill: Number one topic spoke about at recent investor & economic conferences held-the decline of American dominance and its decline in its economy & society…but despite our high unemployment, falling educational standards, etc., no palpable signs of deflation. Prices, except for real estate, remain the same. US debt levels/GDP ratios will exceed 100% in 2011. Watch for gold & silver prices continue upward.
The state of IL is going to raise income tax by 66% to cover its deficits. Other states are overjoyed! Guess those hapless citizens are stuck (literally).
In light of all the snow which has fallen across the nation, one enterprising person posted a sign on his front lawn that read “Unassembled Snowmen for Sale-Cheap.”

From the US Department of Humor—Can a Monkey Do your job?

Vegetable seeds will be scarce. Go to: to order.

Parting shots…

Little different format this week. I like to shake it up a bit so you never quite know what to expect from PM, except we always strive to provide useful information & resources!

Our country has been successful due to the freedoms and opportunities afforded entrepreneurs. Since the 1960s government red tape and stupidity has slowly choked a lot of that small business spirit, depriving America of jobs and its leadership role.

Sadly, in the months and years to come millions more working American families will be pushed into poverty-like conditions by rising inflation.
Already we are seeing huge numbers of American families that are working as hard as they can not being able to afford the basics.

A year-end survey conducted by Pew Research found the following....
*51% of Americans say that it is difficult to afford health care.
*48% of Americans say that it is difficult to pay their home heating and electric bills.
*29% of Americans say that it is difficult to afford food.

It can be really depressing to search for a decent job month after month after month when there doesn't seem to be any out there.

The best thing government can do is to get out of the way!

Until next time, I remain…
Your lonely defender of “truth, justice & fair play” the ‘Poor Man’

Don't Get Caught With Your Pantry Down-New 11th Ed.

Free Money assistance for women, businesses, more.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dumpster Diving, Houseboats for Cheap Living, Best Flea Markets

Bruce’s Poor Man Survivor Bulletin

Your choice for urban survival resources

In This Issue:

1. 5 Golden Rules of Dumpster Diving
2. Living cheap on a houseboat
3. Survival Tips from the Rich Dad
4. When the crap hit’s the fan, what we do know
5. Best flea markets in the US

"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than
sincere ignorance and conscious stupidity."
-- Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Living the cheap life on a houseboat

As a kid I grew up around the water as my grandfather owned a cottage on a big lake and owned several boats. We did a lot of fishing back then, mostly perch which in those days, there was virtually no limit on what you could catch. Plenty of fish scaling and yanking out the innards-and tons of flies swarming about on those hot summer days.

Later in life, we had a family owned condo in Ocean City, MD and would frequently rent a houseboat too. Lots of fun and we were able to put down nets smeared with chicken fat and haul up a load of great tasting crabs for the evening meal. (Nothing like fresh crab sprinkled with Old Bay seasoning along with ice cold beer on a hot, muggy night).

I’ve always considered living on the water, especially on a houseboat. Pretty inexpensive, no permanent address, eat what you catch, pick up and move to another location when you like. With the advent of solar and small wind turbines and internet via satellite, it continues to look attractive to me, but…

The Poor Man’s wife doesn’t have sea legs and unlike the Poor Man who learned to dive while serving in the Navy, she has no interest, beside, a horse would never fit onboard easily. The cats, maybe.

Other folks prefer a land roaming lifestyle using a big RV. That can be nice and some of the 5th wheels I’ve seen are pretty cozy…but they cost a lot to buy and even more to drive or tow around the country. Then there are the RV park fees. There was a time when you could sort of drop anchor in the middle of nowhere but as governments and landowners became more greedy, those are getting tough to find except for some remote desert and mountain locations out west.

I always recall a TV show called the Rockford Files with Jim Garner. He lived in a cheap trailer on a beachfront hideaway. Then there was Jack Klugman who played a role on Quincy. He lived on a large sailboat. Oh well, those guys were all single.

In any event, if you have sense of adventure and don’t want the ‘advantage’ of being tracked by the Census Bureau’s GPS system, ex-spouses and bill collectors, this might a way to consider. There are houseboats for sale on eBay and you can use the sites listed here to learn more about this kind of lifestyle.

Houseboats are a different and exciting way to live. There are multiple brands and sizes of them. There are simple houseboats and huge luxurious houseboats. But for most of us, the first thing we look at when purchasing a houseboat is the price.

Our Poor Man cabin progress was slowed due to local inspectors who proved inept and costly to our financial well-being. We’ll finish up the plumbing and outbuilding in the spring and hope to begin planting our small area of crops. You can see more photos on our site under the Cheap Housing tab.

Tons of useful and mostly free information on houseboat living including a free magazine and free classified ads and other resources.

Get rid of water rings from wood tables by dabbing on a non-gel toothpaste with a damp cloth & gently massage the mark until it’s gone, then wipe with a clean cloth.

Reminder to New & Existing Subscribers
All subscribers can take advantage of the built-in free classifieds under our YahooGroups page…feel free to place an ad with your offers, wants, etc. Many have taken advantage of this as we encourage a sharing community.
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Politicians and other patriotic types like to declare that the Europeans came to America seeking freedom. The claim is at best a half-truth. In the colonial era, most Europeans arrived in North America bound in some form of indentured servitude, many of them children or convicts put out to work. Disregarding such servants, one finds that the free colonists sought mainly to improve their economic well-being.

Weekly round up of useful stuff

Got unused presents? Sell them at these sites:

My wife & I just finished looking through your site & our first newsletter. She says you have an important message for the American people & you should have your own Fox TV show!

For a number of years I’ve heard about the Free State Project. I thought it had died, but it is alive and well and something freedom loving folks might find interesting. They chose New Hampshire-find out why here.

Get a well report-prior to sealing the deal on a rural property, ask for a well construction report. It should include date of construction, depth & size of casing and pump capacity. A water test is a good idea also. The more shallow your well, the more ‘local’ your supply!

Ritz Mock Apple Pie-How Mom made it!

The classic pie, featuring Ritz crackers baked in a golden crust,
is perfect for the holidays.

Pastry for two-crust 9-inch pie
36 RITZ Crackers, coarsely broken (about 1 3/4 cups crumbs)
1 3/4 cups water
2 cups sugar
2 teaspoons cream of tartar
2 tablespoons lemon juice
Grated peel of one lemon
2 tablespoons margarine or butter
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1. Roll out half the pastry and line a 9-inch pie plate. Place
cracker crumbs in prepared crust; set aside.

2. Heat water, sugar and cream of tartar to a boil in saucepan
over high heat; simmer for 15 minutes. Add lemon juice and peel;

3. Pour syrup over cracker crumbs. Dot with margarine or butter;
sprinkle with cinnamon. Roll out remaining pastry; place over pie.
Trim, seal and flute edges. Slit top crust to allow steam to escape.

4. Bake at 425 F for 30 to 35 minutes or until crust is crisp
and golden. Cool completely.
Makes 10 servings

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Get paid for your empty printer cartridges at these sites-$5 to $20-print their free shipping label and send it off for cash

Extreme How-To Magazine offers a free do-it-yourself building guide for a 2'x4' lean-to shed. As do-it-yourself projects go, this is a fairly simple one. And, this little shed won't take up a lot of space in your backyard. It's designed to nestle next to a wall of your house or garage.
Read more, see a photo and get the illustrated, step by step building guide and and a material list >>>
( )
Find more small DIY shed plans and shed building kits >>>
( )
Best of luck.

Cut sticky foods by rubbing butter on your knife before cutting which acts like a lubricant.

Reminders not to spend: Consumer Websites of the Week
Tempted by a big-ticket treat but not sure it's worth it? If you need a little more incentive to keep you from spending too much as you start the new year, here are two websites discovered via Consumerist that will help you put those costs in perspective.
Plug the relevant data about yourself into DaystoPay and find out how many days you'd have to work to earn the money to purchase that flat-screen TV or e-reader.
And if you're considering putting it on a credit card, use to calculate how much that additional purchase will cost you if you're already carrying a balance.

Clean salt stains off your shoes by mixing 10 parts water to one part vinegar. Moisten a sponge and dab firmly on the white stains and they’ll lift off.

When the Crap hits the fan…What we do know!
In a discussion with like-minded friends this past week we all agreed on a few primary concepts.

6. No one knows when a bankrupt USA will finally dissolve or when martial law, rioting etc. will take place.
7. We do know the price of everything is going up right now, food & fuel in particular.
8. We do know middle class jobs are not coming back in any meaningful way during the next five years or more.
9. We do know our government is becoming more oppressive & invasive.
10. We do know the potential for several current world events pose a threat should they occur…N Korea, Iran, Terrorism, natural disasters, etc.
11. We do know it never hurts to stockpile food and items which can be used for barter such as food, 1st aid items, tools, vegetable seeds, booze, ammo and the like.
12. Gold & silver stockpiling is nice, silver is probably the more useful, especially if US coins are used as opposed to bullion. Gold is more difficult to work with.
13. Storing fuel is a good idea too but long term storage (beyond 100 days is difficult)
14. Keeping a library of how-to materials is a solid idea
15. Developing a plan for your family in the event of an emergency is essential.

So is there any hope that we can turn all of this around?
Unfortunately, the massive amount of debt that we have piled up as a society over the last several decades has made that impossible.
If you add up all forms of debt (government debt, business debt, individual debt), it comes to approximately 360 percent of GDP. It is the biggest debt bubble in the history of the world…our advice: continue to prepare!
The Plain truth-we never know when a catastrophe will occur, man-made or natural!

In June of this past year a White Paper issued by Sentinel Intelligence Service advised:

“Prepare for another economic storm, even larger than what we’ve seen so far. Prepare, with neighbors, to band together to provide for one another…prepare yourself emotionally for rough days ahead and experiences foreign to the American way of life…”

Thomas Jefferson said the following....
I wish it were possible to obtain a single amendment to our Constitution. I would be willing to depend on that alone for the reduction of the administration of our government to the genuine principles of its Constitution; I mean an additional article, taking from the federal government the power of borrowing.

About Cash Passport
In a previous issue we reported on how Americans can get foreign currency through AAA travelers checks…here’s an even better method of obtaining foreign currency to have in a worst case scenario…we suggest Canadian or Swiss currency for now
Cash Passport will change the way you think about your money when traveling. With all the convenience of travelers cheques, but without the hassle, it allows you to pre-load your travel budget for smart and convenient use in millions of ATMs, shops, and restaurants where Euros and Pounds are used. You can load your Cash Passport with a choice of two currencies, € Euro and £ GBP.
The Cash Passport is not connected to your bank account. It is PIN and signature protected and has 24/7 Global Emergency Assistance.
Prepaid Convenience
Withdraw local currency at millions of MasterCard® ATMs worldwide, or pay directly where MasterCard is accepted.

The Rich Dad Offers Tips to Survive
An all out currency war has begun - governments around the world are devaluing their currencies in order to have cheap exports - and are destroying the middle class.

The irony is pretty soon, food prices will triple, gas will double, and the CPI will still say we're running at 2-3% inflation annually.
People are going to by paying so much for what they need, that they will stop shopping, as soon as they do, prices for many goods will start to fall but only for the sake of increasing consumption.
And I haven’t even mentioned the next wave of housing foreclosures that will occur in 2011.
Its going to be a very bumpy road the next few years...
You can stock up all you want. The last great depression lasted for over 10 years. Can you stock up enough food to last 10 years? Will your silver get you through 10 years?

Use rubbing alcohol (not de-natured) to clean computer screens, keyboards, TV screens, bathroom fixtures, dissolve windshield frost (use a spray bottle to apply), your phone.

The federal government is poised for the first time to make public thousands of complaints it receives each year about safety problems with various products, from power tools to piggy banks.
The compilation of consumer complaints, set to be launched online in March by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, has been hailed by consumer advocates as a resource that will revolutionize the way people make buying decisions…not everyone is happy with this…

Get your hands really clean by washing them with soap & a teaspoon of sugar.

Best flea markets in the US
We’ve always enjoyed what I believe is one of the last bastions of free enterprise in America. You never know what you’ll find and haggling has become second nature.

National Sunday newspaper supplement's travel writer, Everett Potter, recently named the Daytona Flea and Farmer's Market year-round emporium among America's top five flea markets, joining an elite group including the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena, Calif., the Kane County Flea Market in St. Charles, Ill., and the Austin Country Flea Market in Texas. The greatest American flea market, Potter reported, was in Brimfield, Mass., with 5,000 dealers in 21 fields. While the Daytona Flea & Farmers Market is one-fifth that size, at peak times up to 50,000 patrons travel its 3 1/2 miles of aisles packed with merchandise mounds, produce piles, clothing collections, antiques, jewelry and eclectic stuff, like lucky bamboo and dreamcatchers.

Forget the Austin Country Flea Market- Whoever said that was a great Flea Market has never been here. Its all "New" crap from China. It has very little used "flea market" items. Bussey's in San Antonio is 1000x better.

Well, if you are in the CHICAGO area, WOLFF'S FLEA MARKET is great! They are open 6-3 Sundays April-October starting April 25, 2010 at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont. It's huge! 700 vendors with new items, old, antique, vintage, junk, produce, tools, sports memorabilia, gourmet food, bikes, clothing and more. Also indoors Sat & Sun 8-4 at 1775 N. Rand Rd., Palatine, IL at least through March 2011

Side Note: Garage sales became popular shortly after WWII and have become increasingly sophisticated with electronic ad postings, offering bags, cookies & refreshments, holding neighborhood sales, etc. As America became affluent, our garages became warehouses for items we seldom or rarely used.

Read more:

Relieve rough hands & sore feet by rinsing in a mixture of equal parts lemon juice and water…then massage them with olive oil and dab dry with a cloth.

Garbage Picking , Dumpster Diving Adventures- Parting Thoughts

When I was a young kid my friends and I looked forward to Tuesdays. That was trash day in our neighborhood and a small gang of us would pull my red wagon around the neighborhood on our weekly treasure hunt.

You never what good stuff you might run across. We always managed to discover castoff toys and odds and ends that fascinated young boys (including some old men’s magazines). My mother never objected as sometimes we found items even she got a kick out of and my mom was the queen of ‘making do.’

We had some competition though. Old Man Charlie, as we called him, was the neighborhood bum who went around the street with a bag of cookies and a beer along with his grinding wheel hoisted on his back. Charlie made money by offering his knife sharpening services to housewives, charging only a few bucks which were scarce among the mostly stay-at-home mothers. When he finished his rounds, he randomly chose a porch to sit on so he could consume his ’snack.’ Of course, most of the women shooed him away. No one was actually afraid of Charlie, but he sure looked like a hobo.

Charlie lived in a ramshackle home on the next block, his yard filled with the treasures he had picked up over the years. When Charlie died the fire department went to his house to dispose of his junk. Guess they figured his property was a fire hazard. Turns out old Charlie died a millionaire. The fire department guys found a ton of cash in the house and Charlie’s sister, who had all but shunned him over the years, became instantly wealthy.

I haven’t done much garbage picking in my adult years, but my wife once spotted a nice old Depression-era desk sticking out of a dumpster once. We loaded it up and with a bit of repair, sold it for $100!

Recently, we attended a storage unit auction in hopes of finding some treasure. Even though it was about 18 degrees outside, apparently many others came in search of treasure too, there were about 75 people who braved the cold that day only to find what even I thought looked mainly like trash. Still, each unit sold for a higher than I would have paid price.

I guess many of those folks read the Poor Man bulletin issue regarding Storage Wars!

I do scour thrift shops searching for old books and oddities but those finds are becoming more scarce as fewer people read or perhaps sell them on their own via eBay? Most thrift stores today offer over priced junk, but each store has seen a growth in customers over the years who search for treasures too.

In the ‘old’ days dumpster diving could prove lucrative and rumor has it that some of the richest people around are the weekly garbage guys who find all kinds of stuff. Waste removal has become another big business with corporations like Waste Management doing over a billion dollars annually.

Supermarkets today, for instance, rarely dispose of their goods in a fashion which allow for dumpster diving. Most other businesses too now shred or lock their waste bins to prevent folks from pilfering through their trash. I’m told college campuses are still good places to hunt, especially at summer break time.

In biblical times, it was called gleaning—the act of collecting leftover crops from farmers' fields after the harvest is over—what the farmer didn't think was worth picking up was fair game for the poor and hungry. The Bible even instructed farmers to leave a bit of grain in the corners of the fields and fallen fruit.
Learn the 5 Golden Rules of Dumpster Diving with these fun resources - take a peak, it won’t hurt you!

Post Script…the Tuscon shooting

The tragedy in Tuscon has brought on the usual round of gun control commentary. Tuscon is one of more lovely ‘big’ cities in AZ & this has impaled the locals with anger and emotional backlash…as it should.
This fellow appears to be a lone nut case and try as we might, we cannot legislate morality or idiocy. Gun bans in England and Australia should be proof that bad guys still get guns. Depriving folks of a driving permit doesn’t stop some people from driving, making all travel require a passport doesn’t stop people from entering a country illegally, drug laws don’t stop drug use but they do encourage drug cartel violence.
It should be apparent to all by now that government and academia do not have a monopoly on stupidity…
So when will we all learn? Never.

That’s all for this issue…remember to share!

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