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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Beating Traffic Tickets, Food Storage Analyzer

Bruce’s Poor Man Survival Bulletin
Your choice for urban survival resources

In This Issue:

Sweet Deals from RedPlum
Analyze your food storage needs calculator
Concerns of EMP attacks
Every Way to Make Money site
How to Disappear
Phantom Alert-Beat traffic tickets
This week’s rumor mill

Limit all US politicians to two terms.
One in office
One in prison

Mini-Survival/Bug Out Kit

Longtime readers know I experiment and test ideas for new products on eBay…maybe that’s why I get in trouble with them and sometimes customers (had another one frustrated that many of our PM products are now provided as downloads vs. CD ROMs).

Well as many of you know, prepackaged bug out kits are convenient but costly. Most often you can build your kit from local suppliers at a substantial savings. Power bars, instant soups and freeze dried meals are easily packed along with some cash, clothes, a knife, ammo and more.

Always the idea guy, I came up with a package that should prove useful to hunters, campers, and everyday folk…the Poor Man’s Min-Bug Out kit. It includes a small first aid kit, a survival whistle with lanyard/compass, signal mirror & waterproof storage compartment for matches, fish hooks, etc. It also includes an 11-function survival tool (flat & includes case) plus one of those folding multi-tool devices with pliers, screw driver, etc…all of which come in handy.

I also included some of our Poor Man II preparedness items and an offer to subscribe to this bulletin to get even more bonus reports…all at a cost of $22.95 and that includes Priority shipping. I don’t think this is a bad price but we’ll see how they go. If they do well, I’ll order more inventory.

I share this with you not only to alert you to our new offers, but also to give your brain a whack. No doubt many of you have ideas as to how you might re-package something and could sell it at a profit. My advice, buy cheap (many, many wholesalers out there) and come up with a good offer, then test it on eBay or elsewhere before investing a lot of loot in inventory.

You can always visit my eBay storefront to see our inventory of sufficiency books and other items. Go to:

Listerine therapy for toenail fungus: Get rid of unsightly toenail fungus by soaking your toes in Listerine Mouthwash. The powerful antiseptic leaves your toenails looking healthy again.

The Weekly Roundup (of rabbits)?

Meat Rabbits
Raising rabbits for meat is a great, cost-effective way to keep your freezer full. Also, rabbit meat is very lean and healthy for those who are trying to cut fatty foods from their diets. Since raising rabbits doesn't take up a whole lot of space, you don't need to live on a farm to do it. People in the city who have a decent-sized garage can join the program and get a little taste of the country life. There are a few things that everyone should know before getting - read the rest at:

Balm for broken blisters... to disinfect a broken blister, dab on a few drops of Listerine, a powerful antiseptic.

Two new websites from subscriber Steve I‘m sure you‘ll find useful.
That's a big claim in the name, impossible to fulfill even, but there are hundreds of pages on the site and you'll find some truly interesting and useful content there. I have personally written over half of the pages, and I found a good researcher/writer to do the others. There will be a hundred more "ways" (pages) added in the coming months.

The other new site is all mine (so far--but I may hire a writer). It's about using what you have to get ahead in life. More specifically it is about using what you have in new and creative ways which you may not have thought of. You can just look down the list on the home page, pick out something you have, and then click through to see a list of different ways you can use it. The site has the name you might expect:

New way to beat traffic tickets…drivers helping drivers with-

"The basic test of freedom is perhaps less in what we are free to do than in
what we are free not to do."
-- Eric Hoffer

Organize & Analyze your food storage free from Emergency Essentials

Kills fleas instantly... Dawn Dishwashing Liquid does the trick. Add a few drops to your dog's bath and shampoo the animal thoroughly. Rinse well to avoid skin irritations. Good-bye fleas. (use Dawn straight from the bottle and massage in for 10 minutes, works wonders )

Something free to encourage your children to read
Welcome to - a site dedicated to encouraging reading by people of all ages. On the left hand side of the page, you'll find links that break up the site by age level: Kids, Teens, Adults, and then Educators & Parents. That is a great way to get started browsing. Beneath those categories you'll find even more categories under resources

eBay Falls off List of Top-visited Websites in 2010
eBay dropped off the list of Experian Hitwise's top-ten most
visited websites in 2010, but remained among the top-10 most
searched terms for the year.

Protecting your wireless network
Many would like to have a secured network, however most have no inclination as to how they would accomplish such a goal. What they may not be aware of, is that there is two major layers of security to a network that protect computers against attacks. Each individual layer adds additional protection to stop people from gaining access to your network. More importantly, it prevents them from having access to your personal computer and sensitive information.

Freebies, coupons, promo codes & more at Redplum

Product sourcing-get inventory for auction, flea market sales. Returned electronics, designer handbags, and more. Buy by the pallet load or smaller quantities. Years ago when the PM first started selling online, this was a source we used.

Concerns are rising about the threat of an EMP (ElectroMagnetic Pulse) attack, aimed at destroying our electronic guts. What if our computers and other electronics didn't work? What if electronic records of your bank account were immobilized? What would happen to our technology—dependent transportation, financial, and production systems?

America's vulnerability to EMP (ElectroMagnetic Pulse) attack looms large in the minds of many. Public attention was focused on the topic by the release in 2005 of a government—sponsored study by the congressional Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse Attack. The results were further publicized by Frank J. Gaffney in a widely—read article, 'EMP: America's Achilles' Heel',� and was also featured in his recent book, War Footing —10 Steps America Must Take to Prevail in the War for the Free World.

Abstract: Most Americans—whether members of the public or politicians in Congress—ignore or are unaware of the very real threat of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack. A nuclear device detonated high in the atmosphere above the American mainland can easily disable the country’s electrical grid—shutting down nearly all communications, transportation, and service systems. Overnight, daily life as Americans know it will be a thing of the past. There are ways to prevent devastation from an EMP — and the U.S. must invest in them now before it is too late. Two of the country’s preeminent national security experts explain how to prevent the worst

During the American Revolution, pins were used as barter items as
They were in short supply since England cut off shipments to America.

How To Disappear
Your own interesting times may require that you disappear and start a new life. I certainly don't want to encourage any criminal behavior here, but there are plenty of scenarios possible (including escaping criminals) where adopting a new identity is justified. This is a large subject, though, and the treatment here is just a quick outline, so get a book on the subject if necessary. (Poor Man I contains a lot of this info)

Your New Identity
There are a couple basic ways to get the paperwork necessary to establish a new identity. The first is to simply get fake papers. This is the fastest and easiest way. If you have no idea who to ask for help with this, become friends with illegal aliens. They often need this kind of service, and should know who can help you and roughly what it will cost.
The problem with this approach is that it tends to be a temporary fix. Since the drivers license you get is not real, it will not be in the records of the state. That can cause some trouble for you if you are stopped by police at some point.
Since the social security card you get has a fake number on it, you will run into problems with employers too. You might get by for a few months by...
(Continued in Chapter Nine of A Survival Guide for Interesting Times)
Get your copy here:

I seldom advocate violence, the government does enough of that on its own.

More government folly-your tax dollars at “work”

Armed agents raid on raw milk plant
This summer armed government agents raided Rawesome Foods, a Venice, California health food co-op. What were the agents after? Unpasteurized milk.!

Jury Nullification
The discombobulated deputy attorney of Missoula County, Montana, called it “mutiny.” The quiet courtroom insurrection was sparked by the prosecution of a man accused of possessing 1/16th of an ounce of marijuana. One of the 27 potential jurors asked why taxpayer money was being wasted in such a manner; thereupon the judge polled the entire jury pool. Most of them affirmed their refusal to convict on such a minor possession. Earlier, other potential jurors had been excused over “philosophical objections

The Week Ahead" Has A Stunning Look At The National Debt

Are We Really Less Free Today?
Interview with the Freeman editor about the state of liberty today.

Colgate Toothpaste makes an excellent salve for burns? ( and bee stings )

Reader Comment…
I got your How to Save Money on Utilities report. Good stuff & I followed many of your recommendations but my water bill, which had gone down, now went up even though we’re using less water?
A: We experienced the same thing where we live as the city, which provides water here, jacked up their rates to shore up city finances. We use less water, but pay more. We even tried having a well dug but too deep to justify the cost…as we’ve reported, all cities & states are creating new ways to extort money from its citizens ranging from traffic fines, to new ‘user’ fees.

Time Magazine just reported:

“A combination of rising food and energy prices could ignite a repeat of the food riots that spread across the world in 2007 and 2008, provoking violent clashes from Haiti to Cameroon to Bangladesh.”

The National Debt Relief Amendment. Learn more about this group at:

The Rumor Mill…A second unidentified missile was spotted over Padre Island, TX on the 2nd of Jan-just like the recent unexplained missile sighting over the CA coast. Rumor has it that it must be a Chinese missile (China just announced its stealth fighter program) or it might be our own government?!
Got young kids, tell their financial future lies in either internet security and spying or in artificial intelligence development…don’t waste those college funds on liberal arts.

The stock market might actually do well this year, especially for those with foreign investments in the portfolio as growth in the US will be slight.
Food price index, according to the UN set new high levels and are expected to go higher.
…highly unlikely ObamaCare will be repealed, big changes in it? Maybe.

More proof the US is becoming a Marxist Nation
*An episode of Jim Cramer’s popular TV show, Mad Money, touted Police State stocks such as FLIR, a provider of thermal imaging systems as the “ultimate police state stock” in America!

The University of Michigan's latest poll showed that U.S. residents expect prices to rise at an annual rate of 3 percent over the next year. That has almost doubled in the past two years. The Fed may not see inflation pressures building, but the average man or woman on the street clearly does.

Parting thoughts on our continuing destruction
…despite some positive signs, most of us don’t feel the economic situation is better

As the U.S. is being stripped of industry and is being deindustrialized, the American middle class is being absolutely devastated. Since the year 2000, we have lost 10% of our middle class jobs. In the year 2000 there were about 72 million middle class jobs in the United States but today there are only about 65 million middle class jobs. Sadly, the millions of jobs that have been sent overseas are never coming back.
Meanwhile, our national wealth is being drained from our bank accounts. Back in 1985, the U.S. trade deficit with China was just 6 million dollars for the entire year. But for this past August alone, the trade deficit with that same nation was over 28 billion dollars.
In other words, the U.S. trade deficit with that one Asian nation in August was more than 4,600 times larger than the U.S. trade deficit with that Asian nation was for the entire year of 1985.

Our national economic infrastructure is being absolutely ripped to shreds....
*Back in 1970, 25 percent of all jobs in the United States were manufacturing jobs. Today, only 9 percent of the jobs in the United States are manufacturing jobs.
*The United States has lost a staggering 32 percent of its manufacturing jobs since the year 2000.
*Since 2001, over 42,000 U.S. factories have closed down for good.
*As of the end of 2009, less than 12 million Americans worked in manufacturing. The last time that less than 12 million Americans were employed in manufacturing was in 1941.
*Manufacturing employment in the U.S. computer industry was actually lower in 2010 than it was in 1975.

The latest issue of Money magazine is warning of a significant trend for the coming year — the Federal Reserve will reinflate the economy, spurring significant inflation.

Our government has chosen to respond by further eroding our rights. For example:

It’s becoming illegal to record the police in several US states, Canada, and the UK. You know, we used to be able to rely on the mainstream media to keep governments in check... but these days they've become shills and cheerleaders.

Example of injustice-A NJ court sentenced Brian Aitken to seven years in prison for legally owned weapons. He had just moved from CO to NJ and within days was arrested for having a locked, unloaded pistol in his trunk. No criminal record but he had failed to register them in NJ quickly enough. The perfect storm of governments violation the Constitution.

Fortunately, the Internet is a great equalizer, and videos abound of illegal police actions and the like which show the absurd lengths that police forces and government agents will go to intimidate and subordinate the masses.

There have already been arrests, charges filed, and lawsuits pending against citizens who have recorded the police and posted it online... You know governments will pass laws which legally prohibit such action.

A quick note - your materials and newsletter exceeded my expectations. No fluff or puff! --RufRider,CA

Now for the fun stuff…delightful, once banned Betty Boop -or how ObamaCare works!

That’s it for this issue from the Minister of Truth-The Poor Man
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Don't Get Caught With Your Pantry Down-New 11th Ed.

Free Money assistance for women, businesses, more.

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