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Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Three Liars of Society

Bruce’s Poor Man Survival Bulletin
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Surviving the Three Liars of Society
PM’s Health Concoction
Finance is the new warfare & Chinese are winning
McAlvany Intelligence Advisor
Free ebooks for Kindle Readers
Legitimate ways to check your credit score
Emergency water purification methods
Top Money Savers in 2011

Unnecessary laws are not good laws, but traps for money.
--Thomas Hobbes

The Three Liars of Society
There is no longer any stability in our legal system. Once our nation shifted from Natural and Common Law ideals to those of Political Law, no one can predict from one administration to the next what is permissible and what is not. Most recently, this, along with our uncertain tax laws has caused uncertainty among business leaders which prevents them from hiring.

Most larger businesses know doing business in America is a joke due to its constant court ordered mandates, unlegislated bureaucratic rules and other constant changes. In short, we’re always in a state of flux which causes turmoil in the markets.

Political law has also kept our God given rights in a state of flux. The government seems to think they grant us permission to travel, to do business, to write publish or speak. Government at levels is quick to deny those rights on the slightest, unfounded whim since 911 and the creation of the unPatriot Act.

America is the most heavily regulated society on earth and it’s been reported state lawmakers issue some 200 million laws every ten years. Collectively, we have more than 500 million laws, something no rational society can keep up with, but then again, our government is no longer rational. As I write this a MI prosecutor has filed charges again a man for looking at his wife’s email without her permission. If convicted of this non-crime, he faces up to five years in prison and the flatworm of a prosecutor will get on TV in her indignant manner and chastise anyone who dare dream of performing this felonious act.

The legal system has ruined this country and discouraged business and job growth. There are many firms who will not do business in America because of our out of control legal system. No doubt you recall the time when all the states got together with a big law firm to sue Big Tobacco with the promise the proceeds would benefit children’s education. With one exception, the state government lied to the world and of course, the lawyers got rich and the states blew their ill-gotten gains on pork projects. You cannot trust a government based on political law.

What prudent merchant will hazard his fortunes
In any new branch of commerce when he knows not
That his plans may be rendered unlawful before they
Can be executed?
--James Madison

The American Trial Lawyers Association is a very successful lobbying group. As a result of their efforts, we are the only country in the world which does not have tort reform, a very costly mistake for American jobs.

When in doubt…Sue! The American National Motto

In the previous issue I wrote there are two basic laws. Allow me to remind what they are:

Do all you have agreed to do.
Do not encroach on other persons or their property

Since the 1930s America has been falling into the Dark Ages of law. Laws vacillate in the wind, according to the whim of whichever party is in office. Politicians of both parties have sought to make us more of a democracy rather than a republic and this is something our founders absolutely warned against as majority rule is dangerous. Any sociologist will tell of the bandwagon factor which influences how people vote. Rarely does the individual look at the long term effect of any law and its true cost to society. Marijuana laws are a good example. No one ever got ‘juiced up’ on pot and went on a crime binge. History is filled with examples of folks who got drunk and committed crime, yet pot is bad and offenders fill our jails and penalize our community resources.

The Three Liars of Society include >Legislators >Lawyers and >Lobbyists. No other group in history has done more damage to our Bill of Rights and Constitution.

As far as I’m concerned, Washington has sold our Liberty Bell for scrap. Instead of common sense or common law, prosecutors and politicians now use the blackjack approach to hijacking our rights and undermining our system.

Protection of the innocent is no longer a concern. The law is strictly a punitive tool to enforce whichever behavior is no longer in vogue. In recent years just about everything has come under attack, from gun ownership and tobacco use to wearing a seat belt. Most of the time, it’s not for public safety, it’s to put more cash in government coffers.

As citizens, these government agencies and prosecutors are supposed to be working for us. When they don’t perform, they need to be removed from office. Most of them seem to have forgotten they took an oath, perhaps they need a strong reminder.

Natural law and common law are superior to political law and was made famous prior our American Revolution by Rev. Jonathan Mayhew. Political law is arbitrary.

The vigor of Mayhew’s sermons established his reputation. It was published not only in Boston, but also in London in 1752 and again in 1767. In Boston, John Adams remembered long afterward that Mayhew’s sermon, “was read by everybody.” Some would say later that this sermon was the first volley of the American Revolution, setting forth the intellectual and scriptural justification for rebellion against the Crown.

Natural law or the law of nature has been described as a law whose content is set by nature and that therefore has validity everywhere. As classically used, natural law refers to the use of reason to analyze human nature and deduce binding rules of moral behavior.

If our country were under external attack, we’d all race to the rescue. Why aren’t we defending our freedom and rights from these domestic political terrorists?

In the US the sanctimonious maxim that “Ignorance of the law is no excuse’ puts every citizen at risk. This notion may have been a sound rule in simpler times, when the catalog of offenses was limited to traditional offenses…but it’s a sinister joke when applied to the 6 foot shelf of criminal codes at the federal and state level. Moreover, no one today can rely on a straightforward meaning of the law as they have become twisted, subject to the whims of whichever prosecutor is in office becoming utterly arbitrary and deliberately unclear! In many respects, these prosecutors would be considered traitors under Colonial law.

I’ve included a link below to legal resources that are either free or low cost and which cover many areas of law. Although geared primarily to MI contacts, many of the resources lend themselves to folks in any state…use it as a starting point.

…This is part of an ongoing series of the Poor Man’s take on how our political system has been corrupted.

This n That…

PM’s New Year’s Health concoction
My wife won’t go near this, but I find it healthful and a good way to begin a healthier New Year. I have been drinking this each morning for about eight days and already feel the benefits of rejuvenation. Remember, all recipes are merely guides. Feel free to experiment with other ingredients. I use a blender to make a large cup of this each day.

1 tbs of apple cider vinegar
4-5 ounces of cranberry-pomegranate juice
1 chopped apple, ½ banana, 1 fresh pineapple slice
1 ounce sesame oil
1 ounce blackstrap molasses
1 teaspoon flax seed
¼ cucumber
Bunch of fresh spinach
Small slice of fresh ginger root

The sesame oil gives it a nutty flavor and the ginger root gives it a flavor boost too. This plus a couple of slices of raisin toast and coffee carry me through most of the day-try it!

PM is on a health kick this month…this might prove useful to many of you!
You can figure out which foods your body is efficient at digesting, your eating becomes much more efficient. Also, many raw foods contain some of the natural enzymes required to digest them. When you cook them, you kill some/all of the enzymes and put more of the stress of digestion on your gut and causing you to get fewer net calories. One free tool you can use to figure out the foods that are best for you is from, Dr. Joe Mercola. You can use it by going to:

Weekly Roundup of Useful Stuff

How to Purify Drinking Water in an emergency
*Something I often neglect to mention about preparedness…keep an extra tank or three of LP gas filled at all times. Your BBQ can be used for cooking & these tanks are usable for other devices such as heaters and stoves.

Free ebooks for Kindle Readers
This Christmas, I noticed a trend among the gifts my friends and family received. A lot of them were now owners of a Kindle. Here’s a source of free e-books to put on their e-readers.
This site is the best of a ton of them that I looked at because the books are 100% free with no hidden membership costs.

Amazon Launches Kindle eBook Lending,'s Nook Is a Bestseller is now allowing owners of its Kindle eBook reading
devices to lend eBooks to others through the Kindle Book Lending
program. Meanwhile, Barnes & Noble said its Nook eBook reader is
its most popular product ever, and said it now sells more digital
books than physical books on

Atomic Mall Launches Auctions Very Different from eBay-Style Listings

Online marketplace launched its anticipated
auction format on Saturday. The sealed-bid auctions are designed
to eliminate the shortcomings of the traditional online auction
format found on sites like eBay. Atomic Mall founder Mike Shannon
tells AuctionBytes he launched auctions to attract unique items,
and believes product diversity will be a powerful force for
attracting buyers to the site.

Gift Cards Are Out
After nine consecutive years of gains, gift cards are on the wane. Sales of gift cards are expected to drop to $86.2 billion, an 11% decline from their peak in 2007, according to Shoppers want to avoid pitfalls like expiration dates and inactivity fees that can quickly erode a card's value, says Kwame Kuadey, chief executive of, which buys and sells gift cards. Even if you use a portion of the gift card, these inactivity fees can kick in if the rest of the card remains unused for at least 12 months. However, the Card Act eliminated other loopholes, including extending expiration dates to at least five years after the gift card is issued. Before, expiration dates could kick in at any time and often did within one year.

The first goal of any off grid electrical system is to reduce the electrical usage of your household as much as possible.
How to do that you say?
Non-electric or hybrid appliances. Let's talk possibilities, starting with refrigeration.
With a propane refrigerator you get a lot less for you money in terms of size and luxuries than you do with an electric unit. It's the price you pay for refrigeration where there isn't any electricity. But let's face it, a cold drink, ice, and preserved food are worth it. ...

End of Days starts May 21st according a group of Christian groups going about the country to warn the rest of us. Guess that ties into the Mayan Calendar prediction?!

Libertarian Party to participate in "Stripping of Freedom" TSA conference

WASHINGTON - Libertarian Party Executive Director Wes Benedict will join Ralph Nader and Cato Institute information policy expert Jim Harper this Thursday, January 6, as a panelist at a public conference examining TSA security procedures.

The conference is sponsored by the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), and titled "The Stripping of Freedom: A Careful Scan of TSA Security Procedures." It is open to the press and public. (Advance registration is preferred.)

Benedict commented, "TSA agents strip-scan and grope us when we want to take an airline flight. We need to treat their security theater with just as much scrutiny. Terrorists win by tricking us into letting government trample on our rights."

Top 15 Money Saving Tips for 2011

"Every year, ShopSmart publishes hundreds of tips to help consumers slash their bills," said Lisa Lee Freeman, editor-in-chief of ShopSmart. "So to help them kick off 2011 right, we pulled together our best cost-cutting measures that could save hundreds of dollars."

>>Use vegetable spray as a quick lubricant on squeaky doors, bike chains, etc.<< As the Poor Man recently reported but for new subscribers… For those of you who don’t know, the DHS has started launching a campaign, as of yesterday, encouraging people everywhere that if you see “something suspicious or out of the ordinary” then “say something” to local authorities—or even your local retail store Manager! They are looping this warning video in hundreds of Wal-Mart stores across the U.S. and will soon have them at bus stations, the Mall of America, and other key gathering locations such as sports venues, concerts, etc American Nazis at it again.. Recently an everyday Mom who also is a faithful blogger who believed in self-reliance and would frequently voice her concerns about the world around her—had her child subjected to extensive questioning while at school—illegally of course. These questions were about whether or not her mother owned any guns, took the kids camping, stored food, or has remodeled her home? Who dared to ask a child these questions while she was at school? Nope, it wasn’t the Nazi’s, the KGB, or the CIA. It was an even more intimidating foe that tends to believe they are outside of the reach of the law and justice—the Child Protection Services division of Georgia. They then proceeded to charge the mother with child endangerment, based on the faulty theory that the mother blogged 20 hours a day and thus must be neglecting her daughter. (See >>>Legitimate ways of checking your credit score. Even if you no longer use credit, a bad score can hurt your chances at a job and will affect premium prices paid for auto insurance (which makes no sense whatsoever but our anti-consumer gov’t allows them this unfair practice…guess that’s why they call it ‘free enterprise.’)
None of these services are free >>>>
True FICO Score @ Fair Isaac 800-319-4433 or
Equifax @ 866-493-9788 or
Transunion @ 800-888-4213 or

Beginner’s Guide to Investing in Silver-Free

PMs Political Hacking…

Get links to our intelligence services, preparedness checklists & more at Don McAlvany’s Intelligence Advisor. Don has been around a long time and has always provided useful content (hey, he’s a Phx boy)!

Will Congress order changes at the U.S. Postal Service?
Postal reform could be the sleeper issue of the year -- and a politically tricky one. (Which lawmaker wants to become the champion of closing post offices?) But make no mistake: This is the year the Postal Service will really run out of money -- unless Congress seriously addresses postal reform. Pensions are ballooning, mail volume and revenues are plummeting and -- most perilous of all -- a $15 billion line of credit with the U.S. Treasury dries up this year. Two substantive legislative proposals are on the table and after years of avoiding the issue, it appears Congress will have to deliver a serious solution in 2011.

Use a coffee filter to hold a taco or hot dog or other messy food-they make a sleeve!

Most wealthy simply do not pay income taxes. Today, it is estimated that a third of all the wealth in the world is held in offshore banks. So why is so much of the wealth of the globe located in places such as Monaco, the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, the Bahamas, and the Isle of Man? It isn't because those are fun places to visit. It is to avoid taxes. The super wealthy and the international banking elite think that it is really funny that our paychecks are constantly being drained by federal taxes, state taxes and Social Security taxes while they literally pay nothing at all. These incredibly rich elitists make a ton of money doing business in wealthy western nations and then they transfer virtually all of their profits offshore where they don't have to contribute any of it in taxes. It works out really great for them, but it sucks for the rest of us.

It is estimated that approximately $1.4 trillion is held in offshore banks in the Cayman Islands alone. According to an article in Forbes magazine, there is a total of approximately 15 trillion to 20 trillion dollars in offshore bank accounts, brokerage accounts and hedge fund portfolios.

A recent article in the Guardian stated that a third of all the wealth on the entire globe is held in offshore banks and that the vast majority of international banking transactions take place in these tax havens....
On a conservative estimate, a third of the world's wealth is held offshore, with 80% of international banking transactions taking place there. More than half the capital in the world's stock exchanges is "parked" offshore at some point.
All of the biggest banks in the world are involved in playing this game.

>>>Help abused animals at - become a sponsor or donate!<<< <<>>

PM’s Rumor Mill>>>Italy will be the next European nation requiring a bailout!
Our country no longer hold the international respect it once did, Asia is the new empire. Even street vendors in Switzerland are trying to dump the dollar. Even the Euro is likely to fall within two years, as is the US dollar. Asia has far fewer job killing bureaucratic regulations than the west. With strong encouragement from the Chinese government, their people are buying up gold. Paper dollars lost 16% of their value at the end of 2010. Asians are laughing at what they perceive as “dumbed-down Americans,” and plan to have their gold-back currency become the world currency within a few years. Despite this, many are saying the dollar will remain strong throughout 2011. Are we laughing yet? Finance is the new form of warfare.


"Coercion by government, the main fear of our founding fathers, is now its most common attribute."
-- Philip K. Howard
New York attorney

Wanted to say thanks. You obviously put some thought and research into your site and your weekly newsletter. I pay for other publications which aren’t nearly as good or on target! --Dave of TN

>>Buy American-Each time you go to a store, ask where the ‘made in USA’ aisle is. If they don’t have any, say thanks & let them know you’ll go elsewhere. Go to TV star (Cheers) John Ratzenberger’s site: to find US made products.<< The Parting Shots… It's mind-boggling the blinders our politicians have. I mean, surely that must be the reason. No sane person acts as fiscally irresponsible as they do. If not blinders, then they are deliberately running this country off a cliff and it's criminal at the least. Treasonous is more like it. This financial debacle we're in affects not only the jobs we do or do not have, it affects everything else as well, including energy infrastructure and our food supply. This country is the basis and standard of all the currencies in the world, and we're being run like a banana republic. Given that this train wreck we call a government is still intentionally driving us over a cliff, what can one do? Stop the Police State in America-Ron Paul Too many Americans have been ‘dumbed down’ as the Chinese believe (actually, many Asians have felt that way about America since WWII). We’ve been scorned and admired at the same time for our freedoms (which are evaporating) and lifestyle. Consider that Nine out of Ten Americans are hurting financially… More Americans are on food stamps than are enrolled in college Home foreclosure notices were issued at the rate of 322 per hour in 2010 There are 5.5 job seekers for every job & most US jobs pay a fraction of what they used to…dropping significantly from the 80s More than $7 trillion in US household wealth-lost since the Recession began The number of laws that confiscate property and new fines by cities and states (aka: traffic offenses) has jumped 23% …laws such as anti-smoking, no texting, seat belt laws, etc….all in an effort to squeeze more revenue from citizens. Every single month tens of billions of dollars of our national wealth is transferred to the rest of the world. We buy far more from the rest of the globe than they buy from us, and this difference is called a trade deficit. Most Americans don't even think about the trade deficit, but the truth is that it represents a transfer of wealth that is almost unimaginable. Every month when the oil-exporting nations of the Middle East send us oil, what do we send to them? Our dollars of course. So we burn up their oil in our vehicles and end up with nothing at the end of the month, and they end up with a big pile of our money. So what happens the next month? The exact same process repeats again. But it is not just oil-exporting nations that we are transferring our national wealth to. Back in 1985, the U.S. trade deficit with China was 6 million dollars for the entire year. For this past August alone, the trade deficit with China was over 28 billion. Why Rich People are Leaving In other words, the U.S. trade deficit with China in August 2010 was more than 4,600 times larger than the U.S. trade deficit with China was for the entire year of 1985. That is why China has so much money to lend back to us - we have been transferring tens of billions of dollars of our national wealth to them month after month after month. Just think of we saw in 2010: - The TSA 'tip of the spear' enforcing subordination to government authority - Canada's government authorizing its agents to search homes without a warrant - Gold hitting all-time nominal highs due to unprecedented monetary inflation - Governments around the world raising taxes with immediate effect - Homeland Security began seizing domains without due process - The beginning of the end of the Eurozone - World governments engaging in mutually assured destruction currency wars - FBI raiding the homes of war protestors - Passage of the HIRE Act in the United States, a precursor to capital controls - Political heavyweights openly calling for the assassination of Julian Assange - Switzerland settling with the US government - Panama caving to pressure and signing a Tax Information Exchange Agreement - Homeland Security encouraging US citizens to spy on each other at Wal Mart Barron's: US Will See Run on Treasurys, Hyperinflation Investors in U.S. debt around the world are worryingly near a "psychological breaking point" that could force a "run on the bank" against Treasuries. If that happens, hyperinflation quickly follows and gold will soar much, much higher from its now record-setting levels, argues author and longtime trader Victor Sperandeo in the latest issue of Barron's. It’s our hope the Poor Man bulletin, web site, special reports and CDs have given you some means of preparation. You should always be stockpiling cans of oil, ammo, liquor, food, silver coins (I know, they go up weekly), batteries, toiletries, etc. for use in barter and for your family. Soon, your $20 bill might be worth a whole lot less. Please, please, please…share this with your friends and family who may not have stockpiled anything. I know, there are still many who don’t believe. Better off being a Boy Scout. Final shot…if you are an entrepreneur who desires more, learn from one of the best marketers on the planet, Jay Abraham on this 26 minute live video. Happy trails till next issue! --the Poor Man

Don't Get Caught With Your Pantry Down-New 11th Ed.

Free Money assistance for women, businesses, more.

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