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Sunday, January 23, 2011

DIY Pet Vet Tips, Coupons, the Ugly Civilization

Bruce’s Poor Man Survival Bulletin
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In This Issue:

1. Home Pet Vet Tips & Coupons
2. Our steadily shrinking dollar is no accident
3. The Ugly Civilization
4. P.S.-Challenges w/ eBay & Poor Man III
5. Will hyperinflation lead to empty store shelves?

Life is tough, but it’s tougher when you’re stupid.
--John Wayne

On being a watchdog against tyranny

Most Americans have no idea that a horrific economic collapse could happen at literally any time. There is no way that all of this debt, political and financial corruption is sustainable. At some point we are going to reach the time of system failure.

Many of us need more time to prepare. Most of our families and friends need more time to prepare. Once we implode there isn't going to be an opportunity for a "do over".

Former Los Angeles mayor Richard Riordan is convinced that things are so bad that literally 90% of our states and cities could go bankrupt over the next five years....

A recent article in the New York Times did a good job of summarizing the financial pain that many state governments are feeling right now. Unfortunately, as bad as the budget shortfalls are for this year, they are projected to be even worse in 2012....

While state revenues — shrunken as a result of the recession — are finally starting to improve somewhat, federal stimulus money that had propped up state budgets is vanishing and costs are rising, all of which has left state leaders bracing for what is next. For now, states have budget gaps of $26 billion, by some estimates, and foresee shortfalls of at least $82 billion as they look to next year’s budgets.

The New York Times has also reported that powerful lawmakers in Congress are working behind the scenes to help states to get out from under massive debts — including obligations to pay pensions — simply by declaring BANKRUPTCY!

Even Newt Gingrich, a possible Republican presidential candidate in 2012, endorsed the idea! He says that he hopes ...

"House Republicans are going to move a bill in the first month or so of their tenure to create a venue for state bankruptcy."

Over the past year I've repeatedly given you major warnings on several critical issues affecting all of us. Truth be told, it will prove painful for all of us.

Let's take a look at the U.S. dollar. Since the end of 2001, the U.S. dollar has lost 37.9% of its purchasing power.

It’s being suggested that we place a moratorium on ALL debt, then monetize all debt, issue every American citizen bearer-coupons ... a new currency ... and equity shares in a newly re-organized U.S. government — inflation through a dollar devaluation is coming, big time.

One way that you can make a difference in this world is by being a watchdog. So exactly is a watchdog? A watchdog would guard the homestead, keeping an alert eye open for intruders and would sound the bark when approached.

Our founding fathers were watchdogs. The founders relentlessly warned their countrymen about the dangers of British tyranny, and when the time came they rallied them together to oppose it. They also warned us against entities such as the federal reserve and how it would destroy lives by fostering our debt-money system…but we never learn.

It’s ironic that in our ‘land of plenty,’ so many do without. In a land which is overdue for an overhaul of our infrastructure, why are so many unemployed? In a country which sucks in terms of mass transit, such as a national high speed rail system, why aren’t we putting folks to work in this industry? In a country which needs to establish a meaningful energy system that lessens our dependence on foreigners, why aren’t we putting more people to work in these industries?

What do you think? Do you have solutions? Will you act as a watchdog for your family and fellow citizens, or just sit by idly watching the world as it continues to erode? Are you stocking up on Chinese currency? Share your solution ideas with us.

Ounce for ounce your best bet is to purchase US pre-1965 silver halves, quarters & dimes.

The Weekly Roundup of Useful Goodies

One of my favorite stores, located in Kidron, OH-all kinds of useful items for self sufficiency…a favorite of the Amish

Edmunds Scientific-Tons of useful stuff for home, lab and your kids-another favorite

Another useful resource (and still around) for kids & big kids too!

Rocky Mountain Inst.-Useful resources for alternative energy

The How to of food storage

Emergency & Long term food storage supplier

The ARK Inst-purveyor of food packages, seeds, gardening books, etc.

Former Obama administration budget director Peter Orszag sums up bankrupt states this way:
"America must brace itself for
turbulence due to this great debt crisis."

Safely sharpen scissors with a few snips through some steel wool.

DIY Vet Resources

Many times people bring their pets to a veterinarian for things they could prevent themselves at home. "Though it is important for your pet to have regular exams," advises Dr. Ernie Ward, "pet owners should do at-home check ups that could ultimately save your pet's life and save you money."

People often get a pet without any idea what it costs to have it. According to the ASPCA the average annual cost of a large dog is $235 for food, and $260 for vaccinations and annual examinations, or about $500 total - without the costs of any serious illnesses, purchase of toys, damage done by the dog around the house, or dog sitting fees while traveling. Many pet owners will tell you that you can expect to spend a thousand dollars annually for a dog. Cats are almost as expensive, because of the added cost of litter, as well as the more expensive damage they sometimes do.

Pets are getting porkier according to researchers…just like us!

Keep these costs in mind when deciding whether to take in a pet. Also remember that when you generously give a friend or family member a cuddly puppy or kitten, you just gave that person an expensive responsibility. They could easily spend more than $10,000 caring for your gift during its life.
As money has become tight for many folks, we thought you might find these resources useful.

Pet coupons, supplies, samples & DIY Tips

NOTE: If you’d like to see more pet tips featured, drop me an email! Poor Man II contains a file on making your own pet food.

Lubricate old pruning shears with lip balm…if you’re out of WD-40


6 pears, 6 peaches or 18 apricots
3 tbsp. honey
1/2 c. applesauce

Wash, core, peel, pit and slice the fruit. Puree the fruit
adding the honey to make the leather more pliable when
dried. Then heat the puree just to boiling point in a
saucepan before drying. Dry as for fruit rolls.

Planned inflation is like planned drug taking…you always need a bigger fix!

Many have seen old movie reels of postwar Germany where it took a wheel barrel full of Marks to buy a loaf of bread. Most don’t know the German government, like our own, is doing this on purpose so they could pay off their WWI debts in cheaper marks. The German people also experienced extremes of inflation and deflation and high unemployment. Apparently, our government is unable to learn from this history…


'Ralph Borsodi' (1886 – , 1977) was an economic theorist and practical experimenter interested in ways of living useful to the modern person or family desiring greater self-direction and self-reliance. Much of his theory related to living in rural surroundings on a modern .

Borsodi spent decades analyzing the ills of modern society and imagining remedies for the problems. His 1968 work, published in India, and titled Seventeen Universal Problems of Man and Society, catalogued his research and can be considered the beginning of a modern taxonomy of human problems and solutions. His followers felt he usually was working at solving problems at least 20 years before most analysts realized the problem existed. For example, it is said he predicted the inflation of the 1970s some thirty years before it came. One of his interests was in local currencies, and he started an experiment with such a currency in his home area, Exeter, New Hampshire; however, the project came to an early end with Borsodi's failing health.

He created a commodity-backed bartering currency called the Constant, reminiscent of Josiah Warren's "labor notes" at the Cincinnati Time Store. These appeared first as paper notes, but in 1974, coin-like pieces, called Globes, were minted and sold in 1/2 ounce and 1 ounce .999 silver denominations. The non-profit organization that sponsored them was the International Foundation for Independence, Inc., but the Globes were minted and sold by an organization called Arbitrage International.

Dr. Borsodi is chiefly known for his practical experiments in self-sufficient living during the 1920s and 1930s, and for the books he wrote about these experiments. ''This Ugly Civilization'' and ''Flight from the City'' are his best known works.
Read his book here…

Also, read about his plan for an inflation-free currency

Tooth Repair Kits-something to include with your first aid supplies. You can pick these up at Walgreen’s and even on eBay. Very handy when access to a dentist isn’t good.

Post Script…consternation in eBay land

An Aside…I thought everyone wanted things faster, better & cheaper today. With the advent of the digital age, Kindle readers & ebooks, I am able to delivery more information at less cost and faster…BUT, some folks on eBay either cannot read what is clearly posted in our listings, in the follow up email I send them or they are not a part of the digital age. The Poor Man got his first negative feedback (in 10 years) from someone who ordered Poor Man III and was angry that all he got were two sheets of paper & an investment CD. Rather than emailing with a request for a refund, he left negative feedback - all of which has me scratching my head.

I am puzzled. Were all the publishing trade magazines which suggest digital delivery is the wave of the future wrong? Is Amazon wrong in promoting digital ebooks?
I take it personally when someone isn’t happy with what we produce. I put a lot of time and effort into compiling, editing and creating these items…so, I rewrote the eBay listing again and jacked up the price to cover postage costs for the CD I will now send. However, I did create a separate eBay classified ad whereby those folks can get everything for a mere $2.50 - nothing mailed…ultimately, the buyer retracted his negative feedback after I contacted him!

If you’re a current subscriber and would like a CD ROM copy with over 200 files plus supplemental bonus links, you can have it for only $2.50 ppd. That’s one heck of a deal and is good while supplies last. Send your PayPal payment to & be sure to include a little note in the comment box “Poor Man III” or contact me directly.

Government mandated food prices, empty store shelves…see the startling video

Best Movie One Liner-Bob Hope

Yours for a brighter future…the Poor Man! Share this with a friend!
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