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Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Growing Police State-Do We Need a Citizens Court?

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The Poor Man has been warning readers about the U.S.’s police-state antics for years.
Perhaps it is time to create a nationwide system of Citizens Courts to deal with the growth of lawless police, bureaucrats and politicians.  What do you think?  Let us know.

Truth is the greatest enemy of the state and the state is the greatest enemy of the people


Another No Knock Raid Terrorizes Family

David and Connie Johnson were asleep when they heard a noise Connie later described as the “walls caving in.” Seconds later their front door was forced open and two armored strangers burst into the two-room apartment the middle-aged couple share with their adult son, Aaron.

Several other assailants were clustered behind the two who had forced open the door. One of them was a female holding a leash that barely restrained a large, snarling dog. One of the intruders pointed an assault rifle at David’s head and threatened to shoot him. Another invader, a female, bellowed, “Put your hands up! This dog will bite you!”

David was seized and shackled. Connie and Aaron were also dragged from their home. Neighbors who were drawn by the commotion poked their heads out and were ordered to go back into their rooms.

At no point in this encounter did the intruders identify themselves as police officers.

Two minutes later, the SWAT team that had terrorized the Johnsons arrested the Johnsons’ neighbor, Bill Gerst, who had been accused by a woman of threatening her. Gerst was forced to crawl on his belly toward the officers in order to be handcuffed.

“What’s going on?” Gerst repeatedly asked, plaintively explaining that there was nobody else in his apartment.

Gerst persisted in trying to find out why the cops had laid siege to his home.

“You shut your mouth!” one of the raiders snapped.

The police later told the Johnsons that they were dealing with a “homicide in progress.” No firearm, and no evidence of any criminal activity, was found during the February 21, 2013 raid.

According to a lawsuit filed by the Johnson family, “The information used to justify the no-warrant raid on Mr. Gerst’s apartment was shaky and legally suspect.” Specifically, it was a hearsay allegation made by someone who knew a woman named Hilda Valle, who is described in the suit as “a petty criminal who had reported to police that she had argued with Mr. Gerst and that he had threatened her with violence.”

At the request of the neighboring Nampa Police Department, which received the tip, a tactical team from the Caldwell Police Department conducted what they call a “welfare check” that was actually a guns-drawn, no-knock, SWAT-style raid. The Caldwell PD claimed knowledge of “the presence of guns at the premises” – which, according to the standard “threat matrix,” supposedly justifies a paramilitary assault.

Although the officers claim they were dealing with a “homicide in progress,” Police audio of the incident documents that the officers didn’t know the specific apartment number – which means that the door-kick on the Johnsons’ home – which could easily have resulted in a homicide — was the product of a whimsical guess.

Gerst is a young black man. The police had his description, but they didn’t have his address. David Johnson is a middle-aged white man. This distinction was so obvious that it wouldn’t have been missed even by the typical police officer within a few seconds of the door breach.

If the police had knocked on the door and announced their presence – as they are required to do, by law, unless there is evidence of imminent danger to an innocent person – they wouldn’t have terrorized an innocent family in a near-midnight raid, nor would they have inflicted significant and expensive damage to the property of an economically marginal household.

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Proof Of A U.S. Police State




Become a Cop Watcher-Use the Free Handbook

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Copwatch Handbook from Berkeley Copwatch is a valuable read for those who want to go out and proactively document police as a means to keep our community safe from police terror.


 STAY TUNED for our upcoming issue on creating a citizens court!

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Bruce ‘the Poor Man’


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