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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Radical US Leftist Socialists: Equal Intolerance, Crapping on Individual Rights

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Socialist-Democrat Jihadists Crapping on America

Just as there is a rising tide of Radical, Extremist Islamists in Europe and the Middle East, we see a rising tide of fundamentalist and extreme socialists among politicians and citizens in the United States.  Each share common traits: extreme intolerance for anyone who doesn’t share their ‘politically correct’ dogma and the use of lies and smear tactics to attack conservatives.

Democrat-Socialists want to ruin our country by expanding the STATE while eroding our rights…Congress has been infiltrated by Communists and poorly educated citizens seem to embrace the ideals of Marxism just as they did in the 1920-30s.

I’m unsure that average, hard-working Americans truly understand how much elites in DC despise us. An FBI email released to the public by the FBI Inspector General as he is investigating top level FBI agents called Trump supporters “all poor to middle-class, uneducated, lazy P-O-Ss”

They believe they’re superior to us both intellectually and morally…they want us to give them our money and then drive our pickup off a cliff.

A national convention of the Democratic Socialists of America took place in Atlanta last weekend.

The beauty of free speech is that we all have the opportunity to listen in and see how people relate with one another in their natural habitats. 

In a moment, you’re going to get a rare Dundee-esque look into how the democratic socialists of America play politics.

(It’s hilariously terrifying.) 

Before I show the clip, however, here’s something you might find shocking:

How to Love Socialism 

As someone who values individual sovereignty, there’s a part of me that sympathizes with socialism…

But in a way that most socialists hate. 

See, I don’t have a problem with socialism. Or even democratic socialism. 

The main grievance I have with any political structure is bigness

(See: Leopold Kohr’s book, The Breakdown of Nations, on the “crisis of bigness.”

Some form of “democratic socialism,” after all, might be a great fit for a small community of 300 people who share the same values… goals… and lifestyles.

Nitty-gritty, here’s what it comes down to:

If it is voluntary, it is A-OK. 

If you want to 
live in an “ecosexual” community that battles climate change by humping moss... you do you.

Why would I stop you? 

If it is mandated by law… by force… at the point of a gun… 

That’s where I start to quiver in paranoid fear at the potential implications.

As we all should.

When Socialism Works 

As for the former, the voluntary form of socialism… 

There is, indeed, precedent. 

Take, for example, the Bruderhof community of Christians in the UK. 

While the UK’s Mirror, in typical mainstream media fashion, paints the small community as “bizarre” and “radical”...


The truth is it’s the exact opposite of bizarre and radical. 

It’s safe, predictable, disciplined, and... well... boring.

“Imagine,” says Sara Wallis, “a place where there is no debt, crime or homelessness. No one worries about money, mortgages or unemployment.”

In a normal day, the families get up at 6am, eat breakfast together at 6:15, then it’s school and work for everyone from 7:30am to 5pm, with a 2-hour communal lunch break.

At school, the kids study in the morning, but then “it’s like summer camp” in the afternoon.

There are obvious trade-offs.

To be a part of the community, the individual is forced to sacrifice quite a bit of his or her autonomy.

“It’s a community,” says Wallis, “where you are not always allowed to make decisions about your life, where families can be asked to move house if it’s deemed better for the greater good and where a traditional uniform from a bygone era is worn.”

Their work is not just centered around just maintaining the community, however, says Wallis: “The community collectively raises tens of thousands of pounds for charity.”

A socialist’s wet dream, right? Wrong.

There’s a problem with this type of socialism.

It requires three things absent in our modern day’s idea of the socialist utopia…

1] Personal responsibility and self-ownership

2] Abdication of autonomy.and free choice (rather than “restrictions for thee and none for me”)

3] Adherence to a clearly defined set of values (i.e., a loss of ambiguity and moral relativity)

As a voluntary option, however, where one can leave at any time, there’s no reason why someone couldn’t live a perfectly happy life in this form of “socialism.” 

The Problem With “Big Socialism”

The problem with “Big Socialism,” apart from the aforementioned necessary use of force, coercion, violence, and all that stuff that makes society suck…

The advocate for “Big Socialism” wants a fantasyland wherein we can all be (but especially he) shielded from our own weak spots and negligence.

Rather than strengthening ourselves in the necessary fire of maturation… civilization is seen as a feather bed, a given, a constant.

And the only problem with civilization is not a matter of contribution, but that it has been doled out unfairly.

It’s not “open opportunity” for growth that economists mistakenly worry themselves with. It’s the lack of an open reward system.

It’s worse than a fairytale. (At least a fairytale has a moral.)

And it leads to insanity such as the video below, which is but a microcosm of Big Socialism…

Wherein, you’ll notice, every individual believes the most important thing isn’t to live in harmony with others based on clearly-defined principles and values (something social justice and socialist crowds in general severely lack, yet act as if they don’t)…

But to demand that others conform to an ever-shifting and highly ambiguous landscape of “sensitivities”... 

Nobody is willing to sacrifice their discomfort for the “greater good,” and yet everyone expects everyone else to.

If that’s all Big Socialism has to offer…

No thank you, dear Democratic Socialists of America.

We’ll be fine without you.

Click here to see the short 49 second video. 

Check out this report on the Democrat Party’s new 2020 campaign slogan, which is, “You disgusting Americans are terrible people and we hate you.”

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Brad said...

RINOS in Congress & the fact many GOPers have retired [I miss Trey Gowdy] are hurting conservative support in Congress during a time when we really need them to stave off the hidden and not so hidden attacks on our nation by Congressional communists such as AOC, Omar, and others! Too many stupid young people suck up their Leftwing nonsense as they've never studied history [is it taught anymore]?

Stephanie said...

Conservatives need to unite against the socialist threat invading Congress and our nation!

Sandy said...

Non-stop lies seems to spew forth from all these Leftwing nut cases. EX:
MSNBC anchor Nicole Wallace, who used to be a communications director for the Bush White House, told her viewers that President Trump is “talking about exterminating Latinos.”

Ron said...

Like Hitler said “tell a big lie often enough and people will believe it.’ This seems to be the strategy of the Democratic-Socialists.