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Monday, July 17, 2023

Survival garden or greenhouse?



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Should you build a survival garden or greenhouse?


Charlie and Marie S., from Stockholm, Sweden, built a greenhouse around their home to keep the temperatures warm all year round.


The average temperature outside is around 27 degrees, but inside the greenhouse, it stays around 68 degrees.


So, not only does the greenhouse design help keep their house warm, but it’s ideal for gardening.


The couple grows food (such as cucumbers, grapes, tomatoes, and herbs) all year round thanks to the greenhouse.


This wouldn’t be possible in a normal Nordic winter.


Charlie and Marie started their unique home by buying a small, old, summer home in Stockholm.


Next, they spent $85,000 installing 4-millimeter-thick panes of glass around the house. The glass is rated for security protection so it shouldn’t break.


In addition to growing plenty of food, the family collects rainwater for household needs and for watering their indoor garden.


I’m all for gardening and being self-sufficient, but I don’t think I’d like to live in a glass bubble. But these folks have found something that works for them.


Now, both an outside garden and a greenhouse have benefits and drawbacks.


So, here are a few things to consider before you decide whether to build a greenhouse or simply a garden.


Benefits of an outside garden:


Aside from the natural beauty of an outdoor garden, they can attract pollinators from bees to birds, which can increase your crop yield.


An outside garden means there will be more space and room to rotate crops. Plus, you can use the best soil and move the garden if needed.


Finally, an outdoor garden is going to be the less expensive option.


You can make the garden as big or as small as you want, and you can always make the garden larger when funds allow.


Drawbacks to outdoor gardens:


The biggest drawback to outdoor gardens is Mother Nature. As much as gardens depend on nature they can just as easily be destroyed by it.


From frost to insect infestations, slugs to mildew, an outdoor garden can face challenges.


With an outdoor garden, it’s especially important to monitor the garden to minimize the damage or spread of destruction.


Benefits of a greenhouse:


The biggest advantage of a greenhouse is that you have control over the conditions in which your plants are grown.


For instance, greenhouses trap heat, helping to maintain a consistent temperature and prevent the plants from facing extreme heat or cold.


This also means a greenhouse can grow food year-round, so it can provide fresh produce all year.


Some plants grow well in humid environments, and a greenhouse lets you regulate humidity to help them grow.


Greenhouses protect your plants from pests, deer, rabbits, and bad weather.


Drawbacks to a greenhouse:


The biggest drawback to a greenhouse is the cost. If it’s a large structure, or has added features, it can be expensive.


Either way, a greenhouse will likely cost a few thousand dollars at least.


And there will be ongoing costs. For instance, you will need to account for heating, cooling, and irrigation systems.


Another thing is there could be zoning restrictions or permits needed to build a greenhouse.


So which option is best for you?


You need to consider your climate, space, and the food you want to grow.


If you live in a harsh environment, a greenhouse could be a better option.


Or if you live on a large piece of property, and have four seasons, then an outdoor garden could be better.


It will depend on your unique situation, but these tips should help you make a good decision.


However, if you don’t have the time or desire to build an outdoor garden or greenhouse, there’s still an easy way to get all the food you need.


Simply stock up on long-term, quality survival food.


You can start with a month’s worth and build up your supplies as finances allow or get a year’s worth in one shot. You have flexibility.





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Even the greenhouse kits are expensive; saw an 'igloo' style one on ebay for about $1200 am considering one.

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