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Monday, July 24, 2023

Running out of steam…US Attacked from within


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Running out of steam…US Attacked from within

The older I get, the more I realize how successful the useful idiots at Teacher’s Unions, the District of Corruption, many state governments, the legal profession, special interest groups [especially those operated by the Soros family] & media have become in keeping the masses poorly informed and ignorant.

They no longer teach useful information & too often kids graduate who are functionally illiterate & unable to think for themselves.

Those who hate freedom and America in the Media further this by withholding information such as the Hunter Biden laptop story or the corruption of the Biden family as revealed by credible whistleblowers.

People are now proud to be STUPID

With this in mind, after 22 years, I‘ve decided to no longer continue publishing this blog except on an infrequent basis.  I am working to further our personal security and off-grid living.

The only way you are going to keep your freedoms is you are going to have to fight for it.  You cannot comply with the lies.  If you, do you die.

The USA is under attack from within

The United States is suffering a cold civil war. Political polarization between conservatives and liberals is worse than it has been in more than a century, up to and including attempts to try, arrest and jail the opposing political leader. On June 8, Joe Biden’s Department of Justice succeeded in getting a federal grand jury to indict Donald Trump on 31 counts of violations of the Espionage Act of 1917. It conspicuously omits any mention of the Presidential Records Act, which allows former presidents to access both classified and unclassified documents after leaving office. Trump pleaded not guilty on June 13 in a Florida federal court.

The timing of the indictment is suspicious: It was issued just hours after Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Christopher Wray finally allowed members of Congress to view an FD-1023 document stating that Joe Biden accepted a $5 million bribe from the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, where his son Hunter Biden was a highly paid board member. It appears that the man controlling the Biden regime, Barack Obama, timed the Trump indictment as a distraction from one of the greatest presidential corruption scandals in U.S. history.

Meanwhile, radical Democrats continue transforming the U.S. military. Joe Biden announced on May 25 that he is nominating Air Force Gen. Charles Brown Jr. to become the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. General Brown is the first black American to lead a branch of the armed forces.

 He also supports the corrupt neo-Marxist movement Black Lives Matter. In 2022, alongside Undersecretary of the Air Force Gina Ortiz Jones (the first Filipino lesbian in her role), General Brown signed a shocking document enacting quotas to limit the share of white male officers to 43 percent. Currently, 86 percent of Air Force pilots are white men. This may indicate how General Brown will command all U.S. armed forces.

A prophecy in Ezekiel 5:12 describes a time when one third of the people in end-time Israel (the United States and Britain primarily) would die in a devastating civil war brought about by the vile sins of the people. America’s cold civil war is about to go hot as its political parties turn on each other and its military disintegrates.




The Perverted Ruling Class

Sexual predators within America’s power elite are fundamentally transforming society.

What seemed like a fanciful conspiracy just a few years ago has been revealed as a dark and sickening fact. The United States is controlled by leaders who are not only corrupt but personally involved in sex perversions.

Sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden. Sexual extortion charges against Hunter Biden. Sex trafficking and pedophilia charges against Jeffrey Epstein. Serial adultery charges against Bill Clinton. Sexting scandals involving Anthony Weiner. Prostitution scandals involving Eliot Spitzer. Homosexual solicitation scandals involving Larry Craig. Bestiality scandals involving Themis Matsoukas. These scandals are a small sampling of the debauchery, depravity and predatory behavior that has infected the upper echelons of American society.

Political, economic and media elites use the language of tolerance and diversity to put a cheap gloss on their vile thoughts and deeds. Yet in reality, they are exercising their power to contribute to a single trend that can, all by itself, destroy our society.

The common people allow this because they have accepted the media lie that such behavior is normal, and because they are often caught up in their own sexual vices. So the occasional conservative boycott against a company endorsing perversion does not make much difference.

It is stunning how rapidly sexual perversions are being popularized, celebrated and even mandated. Billion-dollar U.S. corporations—especially corporations with large advertising budgets, media expertise and other widescale interaction with the public—have forced fornication, homosexuality and even sexual mutilation into everyday life…

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Don’t let the rhetoric of Joe Biden and his gaggle of gun grabbers fool you: They ARE coming for our guns. Their anti-Second Amendment agenda has nothing to do with “common sense gun legislation” or safety—and they know it. They are bloodthirsty wolves talking in the tongue of harmless sheep. They are deceivers; they are despots.

But, in fact, the totalitarians now entrenched in Washington, D.C., are coming after much more than our guns. They are coming after our cars; they are coming after our gas generators and ovens; they are coming after our bank accounts; they are coming after our freedom of speech; they are coming after our right to privacy; and they are coming after our children. In short, they are coming after our Liberty and our very national existence.

They Are Coming for Our Guns, Our Cars and Everything Else


If there’s one thing central to prepping, it’s stockpiling supplies. In a very clear way, we’re a lot like Scrat, the squirrel in the cartoon movie series Ice Age. He was always looking for one more acorn, to fill that big hollow tree and make sure he would have enough for winter.

Granted, our stockpiles are a bit more complex than Scrat’s and we don’t use hollow trees; but there’s a lot of similarity in the motivation. 

Considering what we’ve all lived through during the COVID-19 pandemic, starting with the great toilet paper shortage of 2020 and continuing on until today, we’ve seen one shortage after another.

From the way things look, not much is being done about them, and with other problems going on around the world, we’re likely to see ongoing problems for many years to come...

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Poor Man Survivor said...

Wish you all the best-your efforts are appreciated!

Sam said...

You offer great resources and thoughts with every post-god bless!

Randy said...

Agree w/ your thoughts-the left is screwing america!

Marilyn said...

Most are too ignornat to understand what's going on-you shed light that we need!