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Monday, January 28, 2019

On Being Prepared

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Be Prepared

Simple, timeless advice from the Boy Scouts but apparently ignored by most Americans as demonstrated by the recent shutdown where many were apparently broke after missing a single paycheck and as one newscast showed…a woman was “forced” to survive on cans of Spaghettios.

A pretty dismal state of affairs if you ask me…perhaps I should launch a new show on the History Channel: Household Hacks-Surviving Tough Times*.

As I write this, President Trump just announced the reopening of the government on a temporary basis so employees could get their checks.

  Pelosi and Schumer were able to smirk before the cameras.

Democrats played the shutdown for all they could-Tim Kane literally danced a jig on the House floor, laughing about this opportunity.  There is little doubt in my mind they will further exploit this during the 2020 election downplaying their disregard for border security or any remorse for those families whose members have been murdered or raped by illegals.

If one of the radical socialist-Democrats gets elected on some of the platforms I have written about before [Medicare for all, complete debt forgiveness for all students, guaranteed income, etc.] it will wreak havoc on the stock market/investors and exacerbate our national debt beyond belief and raise taxes into the stratosphere.

These are many new socialist candidates for the presidency who all promise to take your money and do with it what they see fit.

But here’s the thing, none of this stuff works. Central planning doesn't work. Bureaucracy doesn't work.

It drags everyone down, and lifts up only the politically connected. We’ve seen it a million times before, across the world, throughout history.

Throughout history, whenever the wealth gap gets large enough, it corrects.

Sometimes that happens through legislation and sometimes it happens through violence. People demand that their politicians forcefully redistribute the wealth. And the politicians, always hungry for more power, are happy to step up to the plate.

According to Gallup, 51% of 18-29 year olds view socialism favorably.

And now Kamala Harris is officially in the race and announced it before an adoring audience in Oakland, CA on Sunday.  She preached her agenda of bigger government and more voter dependence.

Harris is a Senator from California who will undoubtedly appeal to the socialist uprising. Already she endorsed AOC’s call for a 70% tax rate, and won’t rule out BANNING private car ownership to address climate change.

Her campaign slogan is “For the people.” And the campaign colors are red and yellow… just missing the hammer and sickle.

Harris got her start in 1994 by having an affair with slimy Willie Brown, who was serving as the California Assembly Speaker and then became the mayor of San Fransico. Brown was 60 years old and Harris was 29 when their affair began. Harris was so brazen that she came out publicly as his date at his 60th birthday party, despite his wife of 36 years being in attendance.

Kamala Harris’ path to power is strewn with illicit affairs and fraudulent elections, and in desperation, she paid Maxine Waters’ daughter Karen $63,000 dollars to appear on mailers with Auntie Maxine. Washington Free Beacon reports, “The payments were made from Harris’s campaign committee and transferred to Waters’s campaign committee through a lucrative ‘slate mailer’ operation run by Waters’s daughter, a program that has proved profitable for both her daughter and the campaign.”

The Challenge we face is the loss of our purchasing – about 50% since 1999 and the Democrats will capitalize on that to fuel their attacks on Trump despite his improvement in wages and jobs…they will overlook how lousy the economy did under their very own Obama.

As I always tell our readers, if it’s on sale [like soap for example] stock up on it.  Invest in silver, guns, ammo, land and goods that you can use for barter.  If someone like Harris is elected, it could easily play havoc with the stock market so I caution folks to invest in the hard goods I just mentioned.

*[I am giving this idea serious consideration.  If you’d be interested in getting involved, drop me a line].


Notes on the “End Times”

Many people are expecting some degree of approaching collapse -- be it economic, environmental and/or societal -- thinking that they’ll recognize the danger signs in time.


For both the elite and the majority, their entire world view and their personal sense of self depends on things not crumbling all around them, so they remain willfully blind to any evidence to the contrary.


Many are reducing risk while it is cheap and easy to do is just a total no brainer right?

There are so many ugly threats that we can’t control. Such as, have you noticed lately the rising level of social madness that is welling up out there in the country?


But like me and a growing number of situationally aware Americans, you’ve probably sensed it for some time now... the urgent need to take measured precautions against mounting dangers that continue to unfold in these extraordinary times.

Significant numbers of our readers already have taken wise steps in their lives to position themselves resiliently.  I spoke to several of you over the weekend…everyone expressed an increased awareness that something isn’t right and that their mistrust in the Left has increased.

But most of the majority won't get started until it’s entirely too late to make any difference at all.

Real collapse happens slowly, and often without any sort of acknowledgement by the so-called political and economic elites until its abrupt terminal end.  Any recovery built on a foundation of cheap credit will not only end, but end badly.

The degree of rot within the Soviet Union went undetected until its final implosion, catching pretty much everyone in the West (as well as in the former USSR!) by surprise.   

Yellow Vest protests taking place across Europe because it's representative of a populist ire festering around the globe. Decades of financialization and globalization have created a parasitic elite class that is bleeding the working classes dry. As I am predicting for elections here, Democrats will capitalize on this domestically.

France is emerging as ground zero for a rebellion against those elites. And the Establishment Empire is doing all it can to suppress the movement before it catches fire in other countries, as it is already threatening to elsewhere in Europe. How soon until we see folks don their own yellow vest in the US, UK, Canada and Australia?


Being Prepared Includes Bug-Out Scenarios

·         First, get on the path to getting smart, prudent “insurance” on the cheap – against the growing possibility of being forced away from your home unexpectedly – in the event of social emergency, martial law or medical quarantine. Or any type of evacuation order or speedy departure or city wide lockdown. Or for being stranded in your car in any remote area that is not near your home or bug-out location.  Such as quick evacuation or otherwise being forced to function away from your home unexpectedly or on short notice. A real possibility you should have a minimal “PLAN B” for. Everything you need to live – all critical items – waiting for you in your car. Literally.

·         Second, you’ll know how to never, never put yourself at risk of getting marooned in traffic. You’ll give yourself a real chance of being able to “get out of Dodge” ahead of any type of shelter-in-place police order or emergency public health quarantine or any disaster. Being able to move out on five minutes’ notice could spell the difference between safely getting to your secure bug-out location or finding yourself under law enforcement lockdown, or worse, in a FEMA refugee camp for “unescorted civilians.”

Third, you will feel great about significantly improving your family’s security without going overboard, getting ripped off or being seen as “over the top.” You can make preparations without spending a bundle, changing your life, or buying some platinum-plated emergency shelter.  Sensible precautions are all you need, and you will have the satisfaction of implementing them without feeling foolish or used or exploited as we’ve covered so often in this blog.

Make use of the resources below-most are free & be sure to read each issue as we always include useful & reliable freebies you can tap.


Freedom. Self-Reliance. Action.


Major disasters have a way of bringing out the worst in people, turning once safe locations into very dangerous places. Combine this will all of the non-human related risks that certain areas pose in a post-disaster scenario and you certainly have plenty of reason to be careful about where go.


If and when a major disaster strikes, there are a number of places that you’ll to stay far away from in order to ensure your safety. As you plan your bug out route and survival plan, try to keep a good distance from any of these seven places.


1. Hospitals - Every hospital in the area is going to be overrun after a large disaster, meaning that your chances of receiving care when you visit one are minimal at best. Even if there is a small chance that you’ll be able to get medical attention, it’s probably best to avoid going to the hospital (depending on the severity of your injury, of course)...



 News Clips

One well-known independent economist thinks it will happen even sooner—he’s looking for a global recession to start in 2019. A. Gary Shilling, president of his eponymous consulting firm, made two of the best contrarian calls of recent decades: he saw the mega-bull market in bonds at its very outset in 1981, and in the years before the 2008 financial crisis and Great Recession, warned repeatedly that the housing bubble would turn into a bust and would take the whole economy down with it.

"You are not going to be able to pay that off in a timely fashion," she added, resulting in higher interest payments and damaging your credit score in the long run.
Still, most Americans continue to take on ever-increasing amounts of debt. According to data from the Federal Reserve, the U.S. surpassed $1 trillion in credit card debt — the highest level since the Great Recession.


For firearm owners in particular, the growth in this “prison-industrial complex” is troubling because felons are forbidden from owning firearms and ammunition under the 1968 Gun Control Act. As the number of laws has grown and the cultural shift for police has gone from a focus on keeping the peace to enforcing the law, more and more Americans are being stripped of their 2nd Amendment rights (not to mention other civil rights like voting – as of 2017, 6.1 million Americans cannot vote because of their criminal records). All told, eight percent of all Americans cannot own firearms because of a felony conviction.

"The period of financial distress is a gradual decline after the peak of a speculative bubble that precedes the final and massive panic and crash, driven by the insiders having exited but the sucker outsiders hanging on hoping for a revival, but finally giving up in the final collapse."

There are many people today in the liberty movement that understand this dynamic, but even in alternative economic circles there are some that do not understand the full picture when it comes to central banks and fiat mechanisms. There is a false notion that paper currencies are the life blood of the establishment and that they will seek to protect these currencies at all costs. This might have been true 20 years ago or more, but it is not true today. Things change.


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Yours for smarter living,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’



Additional FREE Resources

Every day, people clean out their garages or attics and give away things they don't want, completely unaware that many of the items they donate are valuable to preppers.

These items end up in secondhand stores and can often be purchased for a fraction of what they would cost new. You just have to be patient and search. Here you'll find a list of items you should look for, especially if you're a prepper on a budget.

1. Boots - These are expensive brand new, but you can often find them for under 10 bucks a pair in thrift stores. They don't have to be pretty, but you do want them to be water tight. Inspect the boots and look for tears in the sole. You can always buy shoelaces and waterproof spray. Having several pairs of boots stashed away ensures you'll always have a dry pair to put on...



More resources of interest…


Living Frugally In Suburbia
You live differently than your neighbors.


14 Frugal Food-Rescuing Tips from Grandma
These depression-era frugal tips still work today!

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Knowing When and How to Stockpile Groceries
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Emergency Preparedness on a Budget 
Affordable ways to prepare for an emergency.


Develop a Well-Rounded Prepper Library

When the topic of a prepping library comes up, what do most people talk about? Chances are the U.S. Air Force survival manual,  SAS survival manual, Army Field Manual 21-76, or something from Ragnor Benson.


When people get into prepping they typically start with stockpiling, then may gravitate towards self-sufficiency. For example, someone may start off with stockpiling canned goods, then move towards mylar bags and freeze dried foods, then finally arrive at prepsteading, farming, and gardening.

Most people who live in the suburbs can have a small garden, maybe some laying hens, and fruit trees. This allows just about anyone to grow some of their own food.

As preppers progress from stockpiling to prepsteading, shouldn’t their library also progress?

Chances are a lot of preppers do not have a single book on gardening, homesteading, canning and preserving food… etc. Even less will have books on literature, science, and math.

If we are prepping for a complete collapse of society, shouldn’t we also stockpile books for future generations? If something were to happen today – plague, nuclear war.. etc – what types of books would the reader have on hand to teach their children, or grandchildren?

What good does it do to survive the next plague, nuclear war… if future generations do not have access to resources?  This means real books made from paper and not electronic books for e-readers.

Why real books?

·         A real book can be dropped, and dropped several times without damage.

·         Real books do not require electricity.


You’ve got 2 hours until disaster strikes. Are you prepared?

If you’ve watched any apocalyptic movie ever, you’re familiar with the grocery store scene. You know which one I’m talking about. Anxious dad rushes isle by isle gathering water and canned food for his family while everyone around him gradually turns from innocent customer to aggressive looter.

At my little farmstead, we have used tarps in gardening, to cover wood, as a shade area for our chickens, and to protect our outdoor equipment. Tarps are very useful and when you invest in the higher quality types, they last! Read more and make sure you you add these to your preparedness supplies!


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Frank said...

Learn everything you can, take advantage of the many resources posted here-that's what I tell all my friends. Timeless advice for which you can't go wrong. You hit the nail on the head about Harris too. Her followers drooled over every word. She might prove to be the female Clinton, bamboozling stupid voters with her forked tongue!

Larry said...

As always you offer up a veritable banquet of useful goodies anyone can and should make use of to be a better 'scout' in life!

Stephanie said...

Incredible-a big wow!