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Saturday, August 22, 2009

10 Rules for Living-Useful Resources

NOTE: You’re getting this week’s Bulletin early because I’m out of town on business for at least two weeks setting up our coming How to Live Better on Less program.

Keeping the faith $1 at a time-Church Creates Own Stimulus Plan
Bay Community Church of Malbis, AL started its own stimulus program by giving each member of its congregation an envelope filled with cash ranging from $20 to $100.
Recipients were told not to donate the money back to the church, but instead, give it to someone in need.
Already active in helping the community, the group frequently sets up meetings with bankers to help with mortgage problems, provides free haircuts, food, and even oil changes to those in need in their community.
What are you doing to help?


Paypal quietly raises fees…better to send money as a “gift” More At:
As noted by myself & other powersellers, August has proven to be the slowest selling month on record that any of us can recall. August is traditionally slow, but ouch!


Excellent financial blogs you can use include:
The Consumerist from the folks at Consumer Reports-huge variety of information.

A woman who makes taxes interesting and understandable; check her blog at:

If you’re after financial safety, acquire physical gold. It’s the only investment area not dependent on the performance of the government, banks or corporations. I use and recommend Kitco (you can get daily gold and silver spot prices too) at:


The Secret to Restoring the Economy

Many people are now placing their cash into Hip National Bank or practicing the Posturpedic Savings Plan…

Merrill Jenkins, author of the prophetic guide "Money" The Greatest Hoax on Earth, died in 1979, but his message is more alive today than ever. His out-of-print books are so valued, used copies go for as much as $200 on Amazon. Jenkins was an associate of American poet, Ezra Pound who asked Jenkins to write about how the Feds were destroying the American way of life and putting the country in danger. The income tax was created to finance national debt and it issued Federal Reserve Notes, non-backed currency.

The book, Secrets Of The Federal Reserve, charges that bankers hide behind the screen of the central banks and pull political strings to drive countries into the war, creating immense profits for themselves as the principal beneficiaries of wartime debt. Ezra Pound advocated an abandonment of the current system of money being created by private bankers. He favored government issued currency with no interest to pay, preventing the need for an income tax and national debt, much like the system used by the Pennsylvania Colony from 1723 to 1764.

Jenkins and Pound both predicted how the fed would ruin this country – more than 50 years ago. No one needs to remind you about today’s inflation, do they?

All in all, reading this material provides a solid foundation for understanding the mess we’re in today. If you can’t find a copy, let me know and for SUBSCRIBERS, I will send you a PDF version.

Solutions include…

Each crisis our country experiences seems to foster more government growth and spending. This is not the answer. The real way to stimulate the economy is to:

· Cut personal taxes permanently
· 1% interest loans to businesses and startups
· Offer grants and research assistance to alternative energy industries
· Moratorium on government growth

Keynesian economics has proven itself ineffective. Stimulus funds given to the public are merely used to pay down debt or is saved; not doing anything for the economy. What’s needed is taken directly from the Austrian School of Economics; stop printing fiat money. Currently, our monetary system is based on confidence of the people in Federal Reserve Notes…something which is in short supply.

It’s an elementary thought, but the government needs to restore confidence. It needs to simply GET OUT OF THE WAY!

We don’t need another election. We need another revolutionI’ve been stating this since the mid-1980s in my newspaper column, PoliticallyIincorect. Last year I wrote and suggested we have a national “No-Vote” day to send a message to Washington that we’re fed up politics as usual and how the middle class is being destroyed by government policies. We NEED to remove incumbents.

Politicians have created their own political kingdoms and it goes against everything our founding fathers, especially, George Washington stated.

Now, Glen Beck has written a book called Common Sense, which essentially parrot’s everything I’ve been saying for 30+ years. He’s accurate in his call for Americans to begin NOW to repudiate politics as usual and stop voting these parasites into office. Read it. Visit their new action site at:


Free PDF creator and reader. Adobe products are expensive and their new Reader 9.1 version is filled with bugs & doesn’t work on many computers. Use this free program to accomplish the same.

Ever wonder where I obtain current, hard economic data? Bloomberg Reports, one of the best online sites for statistics. For instance, watch for the price of sugar and sugary products to dramatically increase in price soon. Get the inside scoop at:

Few people know I have an honorary doctorate or that I taught college level marketing and have published papers to that effect…however, one of our readers sent me links to a site which reveals such stuff. will bring up all kinds of information about a person if they’re members of social networking sites, made campaign contributions, etc.
Alternatively, if you need to learn of and/or get rid of false information about yourself, check out:

Speaking of privacy, the lame brains in Washington are still considering a national ID card ostensibly to protect our national security. The first attempt at creating such a program met with resistance from states which weren’t impressed with the $11 billion price tag of making your drivers permit fulfill federal rules…let’s hope the states have enough gumption to say no this time around too.


Skype, an online phone system owned by eBay allows you to make free long distance calls, even international calls. Simply download the program and plug in your microphone.

FREE DIY Videos (how-to home projects) from Reader’s Digest

Useful Resources for Living

National Center for Home Food Preservation
Current research for food preservation methods and safety.

One of my favorites…carries canning jars, food preservation equipment, etc.

Growing for Market
Small scale ecological farming for local markets.

Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency
US Dept of Energy

Wood Heating
Non-profit group with expert advice on home heating


Americans are getting fatter faster and are causing diseases that cost an estimated $147 billion last year, nearly 10 percent of all medical spending in the country.

My prediction – watch for additional taxes and/or legislation within 3-5 years.

2nd Prediction – the government takes over the banking industry within 3 years.
(Banks are not spending TARP funds, they’re sitting on it – collecting interest from the feds)!

10 Rules for Living

*Pull your pants up – you look like an idiot
*Turn your hat right, your head isn’t crooked
*You really eat caviar and sushi? It’s available at our bait shop
*We open doors for women; all women, regardless of age
*Turn down the blasted stereo, reverb/bass. That thumpity-thump crap isn’t music.
*You bring ‘Coke’ into my house, it better be brown, wet & served over ice.
*We live in America and therefore, we speak English – get used to it!
*Turn off the phone and drive-we don’t need to hear your conversation.
*Use a turn signal; that device isn’t a spare gear shifter.
*Control your children in public or maybe we will.

Yours for better living,
The Poor Man

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