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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pot Sales Aiding Local Economies, Silent Invasion...

“In America, we’re all equal now…equally poor!”

California raking in millions from sales of ‘legal’ pot…
Keeps some local economies alive!

Marijuana farming increases amid ailing economy

BARBOURVILLE, Ky. – Machete-wielding police officers have hacked their way through billions of dollars worth of marijuana in the country's top pot-growing states to stave off a bumper crop sprouting in the tough economy.

The number of plants seized has jumped this year in California, the nation's top marijuana-growing state, while seizures continue to rise in Washington after nearly doubling the previous year. Growers in a three-state region of central Appalachia also appear to have reversed a decline in pot growth over the last two years.
Officers in those areas, the nation's biggest hotbeds for marijuana production, have chopped down plants with a combined street value of around $12 billion in the first eight months of this year. While national numbers aren't yet available this year, officers around the country increased their haul from 7 million plants in 2007 to 8 million in 2008.

"A lot of that, we theorize, is the economy," said Ed Shemelya, head of marijuana eradication for the Office of Drug Control Policy's Appalachian High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area. "Places in east Tennessee, eastern Kentucky and West Virginia are probably feeling the recession a lot more severely than the rest of the country and have probably been in that condition a lot longer than the rest of the country." For more, go here:

It’s the economy stupid! CA is already making millions from the wacky weed (sales via ‘legal’ vendors are taxed…so get over it already, legalize and tax it to help with budget problems; THEN governments must learn to STOP spending like drunken politicians)! Ironically, laws to make pot illegal happened at the suggestion of an Arizona governor who wanted to get rid of illegal aliens who sold pot when they couldn’t find work…the Feds jumped on this during the Depression. Now, Mexican gangs are selling drugs like crazy…see our next story on the Silent Invasion.

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DisUniting America-Is this the Silent Invasion?

Of all the major challenges our country faces, which would you rank the highest on your priority list?

• A national healthcare plan
• The economy
• Energy independence
• Illegal immigration
• Tort reform

No offense to the President, but health care reform would not be my first priority. Making our country energy independent would probably be my first choice as I feel achieving that goal would also bring this country out of recession, put Americans back to work and eliminate the feeding and caring of terrorists.

However, illegal immigration is already a major problem and it’s going to get worse. Like all problems, the longer they fester, the worse they become. The ramifications of this problem could very well mean the end of the United States as we know it. The forces behind this problem are pulling this nation apart; they’re dangerously close to overwhelming the ideals that hold us together as a nation.

The Census Bureau projects 105 million Latino immigrants will be here by 2050. There are about 11 million illegals here now. Few of us have a problem with LEGAL immigration. However, illegals are bankrupting many areas as they apply for free schooling, food stamps, welfare, and medical care. Despite an effort in California to ban illegals from getting this free care, (it passed by popular vote, but was shot down by a judge), the massive welfare system continues and 85 hospitals shut down as a result.

More Latinos have immigrated here in the past decade than all of the European settlers for over 300 years combined. Some say they are non-violently retaking the American southwest which they lost during several wars and purchases during the early part of our history. The Los Angeles area now boasts nearly as many Mexican residents as Mexico City. Forty-three percent of New Mexico is of Mexican heritage.

I see two primary problems. One, most immigrants in the past assimilated into the American culture within a generation or two. Many Latinos no longer do this and they feel ALL illegals should be given instant amnesty. Second, too many illegals are criminals. There isn’t a week that goes by where we don’t hear about crimes committed by illegals. Despite being returned to their native country, they return and it’s costing our prison system a ton of money. Mexican gangs outnumber black gangs and they’re spreading throughout the entire country. There’s been a significant increase in border violence and gang violence has spread throughout the country (even the VA suburbs of Washington DC have seen alarming increases).

Various reports state the reason why our government doesn’t do anything is so Democrats can increase the number of voters they have in their pocket (although, in NM, half the Latino population does not vote). Others believe that a call for open borders will eventually lead to a North American Union with Canada and Mexico (can we afford to bail out Mexico too?) in order to compete with the Europeans. Either way, it’s become economic treason to taxpayers.

Our country does not survive well when its population would rather retain their heritage versus becoming American. Too many wish to retain their ethnic identity or isolationism. Virtually all Southwestern governments offer everything in Spanish now; most require their employees speak both languages. (Mexico doesn’t do this).

All of our Founding Fathers warned against immigrants who did not assimilate or hyphenated-Americans as they’re termed now.
America is becoming a tangle of squabbling minorities who moan about what America did 200 years ago. Sorry, but most of us have moved on; life was never promised to be fair.

Ethnic segregation in this country now appears to be a fine thing; unless you’re white…then you’re a racist. Instead of focusing on issues which divide us, we need focus on the strengths which made us strong or we risk becoming another Kosevo, Albania or Africa with its ethnic cleansing atrocities.

The birthrate among Latinos is three times that of whites and Asians. Too many are born out-of-wedlock in US hospitals while taxpayers pick up the tab and they, unlike most countries, are granted immediate citizenship. The cost to taxpayers for illegals range from $108-$400 Billion annually (welfare, free medical care, free schooling, prison costs, etc.) and studies show they keep down wages for other workers.

Solutions aren’t always easy. I don’t have the answer…the cures could range from:
• Blanket amnesty
• Ceding back the Southwest to Mexico & let them handle the costs (100,000 people are now annually leaving CA because they’re upset with the crushing growth and taxes)
• Build massive walls and use the National Guard en masse to secure the border from drug traffickers, human smugglers and illegal entry. Our government stationed 115,000 National Guard on the border in 1915, why not now?
• Go ahead with a North American Union and let Canada share some of the cost
• Do like Netherlands where no one gets in who doesn’t speak the language and know the rules
• Simply give up

So far, it’s been a good deal for Mexico. They get rid of their poorly educated, often ill residents, while the immigrant sends money back home to Mexico and the US picks up the tab for education, medical care, etc. Money sent from the US ranks just behind Mexico’s oil profits in terms of income.

US troops guard borders in Korea and other countries, why is it we cannot guard our own border?

It often seems to me that our politicians have a monopoly on being stupid. Historically, they have a long reputation of letting problems fester before doing anything about it as opposed to taking preventative measures. European countries are facing the same challenge with a huge influx of Muslim immigrants who refuse to assimilate…just a couple of years ago, Muslims rioted in Paris for several days causing millions of dollars worth of destruction.

Finally, although I’m well known for being politically incorrect, none of this should be construed as racist. I have nothing against someone coming here legally regardless of race, color, creed, etc.

Yours for better living,
Bruce ‘the Poor Man’

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