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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Free Holiday Resources, Tips & Ideas

Holiday Freebies, Tips & Resources-Save Money!

The Right to be left alone is indeed the beginning of all freedom!
--Justice William Douglas

Free holiday shipping & other freebies
To get packages delivered at no charge from retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon, the Gap & others, go to:
For Free jewelry (shipping charges apply) go to:
Even more freebies…

Swap it for cash
Get paid for your old gadgets from sites like:
Get competing bids from the different sites to see which will pay more for your old MP3 player, cellphones, etc. Some retailers like Sam’s Club, Best Buy & Radio Shack will let you trade up your old electronics. Once the item is appraised, you’ll get a gift card to use on new purchases. Check a retailers website beforehand as some will only allow these trades online.

Better Budgeting
Join or start your own coupon or budget club to save money & track expenses.
Find handy guides at: (start your own coupon club)

Winter-proofing your auto
It’s been many years since I’ve lived in a cold climate & here are some tips for dealing with cold weather.

· Wipe ordinary car wax onto your auto headlights to keep winter slush & salt away
· Ice-proof your windows with vinegar-3 parts vinegar to water in a spray bottle, spritz onto your windshield at night
· De-ice your lock with hand sanitizer-just place some onto your key & lock
· Prevent car doors from freezing closed with cooking spray-place on the rubber seals around car doors & rub in with a paper towel

Go Green With Holiday Cards this Year
Save time & money & choose from 100s of free eCards for the holidays this year at:

10 Crucial Trends for 2010-Free Report from TrendWatching…always wise to have an idea as to what will take place in society. Get your insights here.

25 Hot Niche Areas to make money from Howie

Solid & growing alternative to eBay-free listings too! Tell ‘em the PoorMan sent ya!

Buying Gold & Silver questions…

"Is there any advantage," asks D.B. Ting, "to holding 'coin grade' coinage versus 'bullion grade' coinage?"

"Do the brokerages who sell gold and silver [coins] report to the federal government the purchases made?" asks Janet S.

And a reader known only as "Dave," questions, "[what's the] best place to buy 'junk' silver? How to receive them in a low profile fashion, so the delivery guy (and neighbors) don't know? And yes, I am paranoid."

1. Numismatically speaking, graded coins sell for higher prices and hold their value better. Junk silver is just that…the worth is based on current silver prices.
2. Depends. Buy large amounts (over $5000) and if you pay in cash, a true brokerage firm does report to the IRS…better off buying under the table from private citizens or dealers. In either case, avoid using a credit card for payment
3. Place ads online or in local papers…offer to buy ‘junk silver’ coins. Coin magazines usually have ads where you can find sources to purchase bag lots of junk silver coins. Visit local coin dealers and antique malls too. An offer to buy in bulk will usually get you a better deal.


Establishing martial law in the United States

Editors Note: In 1996 I wrote a manual on protecting your privacy from ex-spouses, lawyers & government agencies. The situation, as far as Big Brother has grown significantly worse with agencies like RISSNET & others which have developed more power & cooperation. This is an update to a presidential executive order 1st issued in 1976. Almost any excuse today will allow the government to declare martial law & to completely take over EVERY aspect of your life.
From SourceWatch
The John W. Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2006 (PL 109-364), "named for the longtime Armed Services Committee chairman from Virginia," was signed October 17, 2006, by President George W. Bush. The Act "has a provocative provision called 'Use of the Armed Forces in Major Public Emergencies'," the thrust of which "seems to be about giving the federal government a far stronger hand in coordinating responses to [Hurricane] Katrina-like disasters," Jeff Stein, CQ National Security Editor wrote December 1, 2006.
"But on closer inspection, its language also alters the two-centuries-old Insurrection Act, which Congress passed in 1807 to limit the president’s power to deploy troops within the United States ... 'to suppress, in a State, any insurrection, domestic violence, unlawful combination, or conspiracy'," Stein wrote.
"But the amended law takes the cuffs off" and "critics say it’s a formula for executive branch mischief," Stein wrote, as "the new language adds 'natural disaster, epidemic, or other serious public health emergency, terrorist attack or incident' to the list of conditions permitting the President to take over local authority — particularly 'if domestic violence has occurred …more at:

This will be the first holiday season that I’ve been home in years and with that in mind, I wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving! Order from Chaos.

Yours for better living – Bruce “The Poor Man”

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