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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Human Poop Composting, Organics, Field of Schemes

“America is one of the finest countries anyone ever stole.”
--Bobcat Goldthwaite

Skipping the ‘organic’ food buzz…

Marketers are smart and use a lot of buzzwords to entice you into buying their food products. Organic products usually mean higher prices. You’re almost always better off to simply purchase locally grown food.

Examples where not to waste your cash include:
· Brown eggs – white is fine & cheaper
· Organic or prime beef – use select cuts, the least expensive meat. Just marinate or tenderize it prior to cooking
· Organic fish – this label has no meaning as the US has no such standard

Skip convenience foods to save. For instance, at most food co-ops you can purchase bulk wheat and grind your own flour and cereals for pennies a serving; local farmers often sell direct to the public as well. Store brands are almost always just as good as national brands (in many cases, the product is produced by the national brand specifically for use as a store brand).

Buy fish at the frozen foods counter, it’s cheaper and just as good. The same rule applies to most vegetables and fruits and many studies indicate frozen items retain more nutrients vs. fresh. Invest in a freezer and stock up on items when they’re on sale.


Learn how to recondition batteries for wind & solar power backup…for yourself or start a business doing it for others.

Urban Outhouses – Say Goodbye to Toilets!
Don’t waste human waste. Composting toilets are expensive but Joseph Jenkins advocates using buckets instead as an alternative sanitation system. His book, Humanure Handbook: A guide to composting human manure shows you how. When properly managed it is odorless (lots of sawdust) and is an excellent compost/fertilizer…saves a lot of water and more people are using this system now that the book is in its 3rd printing. For additional resources, see:

Find where the jobs are:
Ever wonder where your job skills are in demand? Plug your job title into
The site will pinpoint available openings around the country for you.

More free barter networks
Register with these free sites to trade stuff with confidence. Since people can leave feedback on past transactions, you can be more certain your trading partner is legit.

Check out the new dutch-auction site

Pricefalls, the brainchild of 21-year-old college senior Elliot Moskow, lets sellers list their merchandise for free and works on the Dutch auction process: The price of the merchandise falls until a buyer selects the price he or she believes is the perfect buy. The buyer may also submit a price he or she is willing to pay during the auction, and if the item falls to that price, the consumer is notified and wins the auction. The buyer is asked to pay immediately, like most e-commerce checkout procedures

“The right to be left alone is indeed the beginning of all freedom”
--Justice William Douglas

Field of Schemes - Fewer Americans want Washington help…
Most realize the costs associated with bailouts is bankrupting our country…according to a Wall Street Journal poll, only 23% of respondents said they trust the government – the smallest portion in 12 years. Most believe the only thing government is good at is wasting tax money.

Stupid government tax policies and subsidies to the wealthy have ravaged our economy, allowed prime technology which threaten our national security go to China (thank you Bill Clinton), allowed the middle class and wage base to shrink, seen decent jobs leave the country, and have allowed the United States to become the largest debtor nation while teetering on complete financial ruin.

There are many traitors among our politicians –in both parties- who have sold us out during the past 30 years…economic erosion, the erosion of our Bill of Rights and the decline of the middle class…one day, when America collapses or the average citizen awakens, there will be hell to pay for the people.

Feeling short changed by Democrats & Republicans the average guy on the street feels the government has overlooked “Joe the Plumber” types. The new administration has little to show for its first year in office. (Read the new book, The Moral Underground: How Ordinary Americans Subvert an Unfair Economy by Lisa Dodson who cites examples of how a few employers and members of the medical community will go the extra mile in helping their fellow citizen).


EPA finding: Greenhouse gases harm humans…but…

Energy prices for many Americans probably would rise, too — though Monday's finding will have no immediate impact since regulations have yet to be written.
"It will choke off growth by adding new mandates to virtually every major construction and renovation project," declared Thomas Donohue, president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which in recent months has been particularly critical of the EPA's attempt to address climate change.

"Every aspect of our lives must be subjected to an inventory... of how we are taking responsibility..."
So said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently, signaling the latest leftist plans to obliterate your privacy and personal autonomy while explaining her green energy "vision" to the Associated Press

The larger problem for America is MORE damnable rules & regs from unelected bureaucrats which already cost business and consumers billions in added costs for everything from step ladders to fuel costs.

But keep in mind…

>>40% of Americans pay no income taxes at all.<<

This is just another symptom of the single biggest problem now facing the U.S. (and for that matter, the world): the ballooning size and cost of government.

Privacy in America continues to vanish courtesy of Uncle Scam

The well-publicized case of Obama's Treasury Department browbeating the Swiss government into surrendering the identities of thousands of U.S. account holders. For example, the Obama Administration is using global positioning technology carried by Census Bureau employees to establish the precise global "coordinates" of every front door in America– setting the stage for a national inventory of assets.
The GPS mapping program (which allows satellites to zero in on specific areas down to the inch) is part of larger efforts to aid all levels of government in figuring out what's on everyone's land, including room add-ons, boats, cars, and other items of interest to federal and local tax/building permit/environmental officials.
In addition, federal budget documents show the Obama Administration has quietly quadrupled long-term IRS enforcement funding. IRS agents are engaging in citizen financial surveillance dragnets based on data mining (in which your private purchases are matched to your tax returns as part of a "lifestyle audit").

Two key post-9-11 sections of anti terror legislation most members of Congress admit they never bothered to read:

· The first ends over two centuries of 4th Amendment protections against unlawful searches and has opened the floodgates of open-ended "fishing expeditions" against private citizens. Specifically, bureaucrats now have the power to directly access medical records, library check-out data, any and all credit card purchases, Internet usage, private emails, political affiliations, and any and all private-sector records of any kind.

· The second anti-terror law being perverted for use against private citizens is a new Congressional legal definition of terrorism so broad and vague as to be meaningless when it comes to limiting the government's arbitrary access to anything about you.

Even the left-leaning Washington Post recently noted that private citizens with anti-establishment views are now the target of government surveillance. In just one of many examples cited by the Post, Maryland state police had been feeding the names of death penalty opponents into a national database (that had been set up to track terrorists).
The former police superintendent who had secretly authorized the operation told an investigating committee "I don't believe the First Amendment is any guarantee to those who wish to disrupt the government..."

All together, the Washington Times reported on April 1, 2009, that some 800,000 state and local law enforcement officers are now engaged in the process of collecting information on private citizens, including their political beliefs. Leading the charge to ideologically catalog and profile citizens is the Department of Homeland Security, which sent out a 9-page bulletin warning against "right-wing extremism" in the United States.
Retired U.S. Customs and DEA officer Michael Levin recently told Congress he knows of 15,000 paid informants on the federal payroll. In that same Congressional hearing, the U.S. Justice Department admitting to spending at least $42 million a year to pay informants. Worse, the full extent of federal snitching programs are treated as a State Secret.
· Beware of Presidential Directive 12, a Trojan Horse scheme to impose a "smart" national ID card on the residents of all 50 states– a card so smart that it can be "deactivated" like a credit card so that you can't travel, rent a car, cash a check, or even get a job….

I’ve reported previously on how privacy is vanishing in this country thanks to government intrusion…the Patriot Act was an excuse to undermine the rights of citizens; most just don’t realize it yet. On the horizon is a deal for state’s to turn over their drivers license operations to the feds and anonymous pre-paid debit cards may become hard to find under proposed rules.

On a related note:

The campaign Web site,, will give Internet users a platform and the tools to create communities that will unite around these issues. The campaign will provide Internet users with unique tools allowing them to not only contact those in the government and industry who can change the system, but also to alert their friends about what needs to be done. The Web site will become an interactive hub for the campaign, kept fresh with information about the latest developments in privacy controls and how Congress is reacting to the campaign's message.

FYI-one way to protect your privacy…need to include a phone number in a classified ad; give it out at a singles bar, etc.? Play it safe by using a free temporary number from
When people dial it, it’s automatically forwarded to your home or cell number. You decide how long you need the number; an hour, a day, or a week.


Brrr! It’s cold outside. Not having seen snow & freezing temps for 10 years, I was actually kind of delighted to see my first snowfall in so many years. It will probably take my body 30 years to get readjusted! No wonder animals hibernate.

Yours for better living,
Bruce “The PoorMan”

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