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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Moms - the Original Survivalists

In spite of the cost of living, it's still popular.
Kathy Norris

The Poor Man’s Recession Survival Workshop for MI is scheduled for
February 25 from 1:30-3:30 at Tietz’s Restaurant in Imlay City, MI…lots of resources, prizes, food AND you’ll get the benefit of hearing me speak! To learn more and to sign up, go to our Recession Workshop tab at our website…can’t attend? Learn how to get the handout via email.


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Freedom is the right to tell people what they don't want to hear." - Eric Arthur Blair (a.k.a. George Orwell)

Economic freedom in the US has declined in seven of the 10 categories measured in the Index."

That the United States of America was this week demoted from its formerly "Free" categorization by The Heritage Foundation to that of "Mostly Free" should come as no surprise to any semiliterate, moderately contemplative individual. Americans living under the tyranny of a Big Brother-style government hardly needed a Washington-based think tank and a Wall Street Journal to tell them what they don't want to hear.

According to their website, the foundation's Index of Economic Freedom "measures 183 countries across ten specific freedoms such as trade freedom, business freedom, investment freedom, and property rights." This year's publication was the first time in the index's, albeit somewhat brief, 16-year history that the Land of the Free dropped out of the "Free" category. The US now ranks a still respectable 8th on the list, one spot behind Canada and at the head of a group that includes Bahrain, Georgia and Botswana. Perhaps more alarmingly, the nation experienced the steepest decline in score (since last year's index) out of any of the world's largest 20 economies. Poland, Mexico and Turkey enjoyed the biggest advances.


Everyone seems worried about the recent Supreme Court ruling which now
Allows corporations to exercise their right to free speech or a ‘green light to a new stampede of special interest money into politics,” as President Obama put it…what else is new? Corporations have been buying politicians for decades; nothing will really change EXCEPT some politicians may be less inclined to vote on a particular issue if it offends certain corporations (mainly those which are lining his or her pocket).
PAC or political action committees have been doing this for years…want to join me in starting a Poor Man’s PAC?


Obama is finally listening to the Poor Man. I’ve been after him since before
He was elected to focus on jobs and the middle class…”I feel your pain”-sound familiar speech coming.

WASHINGTON – Declaring America's middle class is "under assault," President Barack Obama unveiled plans Monday to help hurting families pay their bills, save for retirement and care for their kids and aging parents. His comments previewed Wednesday's State of the Union Address.

Obama’s State of the Union Speech
Derided by Many

Facing a divided Congress and a dissatisfied nation, President Barack Obama will unveil a jobs-heavy agenda in his State of the Union address Wednesday, retooling his message more than his mission.
His goal: Get the economy, the confidence of voters and his own presidency on surer footing.

Obama's speech will be underpinned by two themes — reassuring millions of Americans that he understands their struggles and convincing people that he is working to change Washington even as he finds himself working within its old political ways.
Obama's proposals won't create jobs, but he said they could "re-establish some of the security that's slipped away." His remarks aimed to lift the nation's dour mood and show he is in touch with the daily struggles of millions of people as resentment runs high about lost jobs and the economy.


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MOM – the original survivalist!

My mother and plenty of others, was one of the original Kool-Aid moms in the neighborhood…always had a ton of cookies and other goodies for visitors and kids in the area. Indeed, she invented the TV dinner (always cooked up large roasts and the like and froze the left overs into individual containers for later reheating…she worked part time in the ER of a local hospital & for our family doctor).

The mom’s in our neighborhood had ESP too. They were able to telepathically signal the other mom’s when one of us kids had been up to no good. As soon as I’d walk in the door after some mis-deed – she had THE LOOK and I knew I was in trouble. I never could figure out how she learned of my mischief so darn fast?!

Like other Mom’s she carried a purse the size of an army duffel bag and kept it filled with emergency provisions (1st aid supplies, towels, extra cookies, lock picking tools & extra ammo), and other necessary items for daily survival!

Yours for better living,
Bruce “The Poor Man”

Although it’s too early for Mother’s Day – here’s a salute to all you survivalist mothers…we hope your children learned well.

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