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Friday, May 7, 2010

Don't Get Caught W/ Your Pantry Down, Mother's Day Freebies

Bruce’s Poor Man Recession Survival Bulletin
Your choice for usable information!

In This Issue:

· Grow Food-not grass
· Learn to fight the bill collector-Win $1000
· How to save at warehouse clubs – even if you’re not a member
· Hitchikers guide to alternative transportation
· Using Groupon, Mothers’ Day Freebies
· New Nat’l ID Scam from Democrats
· Don’t Get Caught with your Pantry Down

Don’t Do Drugs because if you do drugs you’ll go to prison,
And drugs are really expensive in prison.
– John Hardwick

The Healthier I Get…

After the income tax became law, WC Fields was audited by the newly formed IRS and was questioned about his writing off the use of gin as a business expense. When he was told he couldn’t do that, he quipped “the price of living just went up $2 a quart.”
It seems we just can’t have any fun involving things we ‘used’ to like such as drinking and smoking (by the way, I quit six weeks ago).

According to a new study released last month, four common bad habits combined — smoking, drinking too much, inactivity and poor diet — can age you by 12 years, sobering new research suggests.

The study appears in Monday's Archives of Internal Medicine.
The healthiest group included never-smokers and those who had quit; teetotalers, women who had fewer than two drinks daily and men who had fewer than three; those who got at least two hours of physical activity weekly; and those who ate fruits and vegetables at least three times daily.

…and here I thought alcohol preserved you! I guess everything, except government largess, in moderation!
One of the best, if not THE best family preparedness guides to have ever been published has been updated & includes online videos…Don’t Get Caught With Your Pantry Down by Stevens is now available through the Poor Man – see below for more information or to order. You will not be sorry!

Speaking of healthy…try this instant breakfast recipe instead of the store bought crap out there. I used to whip this up for my guests and they seemed to enjoy it (perhaps they were being polite).

Austrian Beauty Breakfast

Juice of 3 fresh oranges and/or pineapple juice
4 tablespoons of raw wheat germ
1 tsp of brewers yeast
1 banana
Honey to taste (I don’t like the taste of honey & find the fruit is sufficiently sweet)
1 tsp blackstrap molasses
1 tsp whey powder (optional)
4 sliced apricots – sun dried or fresh

Blend all ingredients for about 5 minutes and drink. Keeps well in the fridge for 2-3 days.

Don’t Get Caught With Your Pantry Down – the all time best book on family preparedness has been updated & now includes an online video segment as well. Highly recommended 11th Edition. Go Here:

>>><<< Grow food – not grass! Something we’re in the process of doing or as this site states…”10,000 pounds on 1/10th of an acre.” For most of us, moving to a small farm in order to become self sufficient just isn’t in the cards. Even with the down real estate market, open tracts of land in most parts of the country is still mighty expensive and cost of a start up farm and/or making it energy self sufficient is prohibitive.
The folks at this site present a journal of sorts of how they live a self sufficient life in the suburbs and you might find it of interest. The site is somewhat confusing to navigate at times, but it’s worth a look see.

>>>>> Find the best grocery deals for you by viewing
Blogs that match manufacturer’s coupons with store coupons and sales from local supermarkets. Click on grocer deals at this site:

NOTE: Most warehouse clubs do not accept manufacturers coupons. The exception is BJs. Although I’ve pushed using such clubs in the past, I’m not so sure anymore. High entry fees (average membership fee is now $45 or more) would discourage me from joining unless I was buying one hell of lot of stuff…most often, I can find the same deal elsewhere by checking sale prices. Consider making your purchases online as most of these outlets offer 80% more items on their sites.

Kind of a sneaky way to use these clubs without joining…if you know someone who does belong, give them some cash to buy you a warehouse gift card – you can use it to buy what you want and get the same deals as members without paying for a membership.

Generally, you’ll save a respectful buck when using their pharmacy, fuel stops or making alcohol purchases AND most offer free tech support for purchases of computers, TVs or other electronics – Costco automatically gives you a two-year warranty on all electronics you purchase from them!

Finally, check out My Harvest America, an online supermarket and non-grocery savings plan sent to me by a new subscriber, foxybird…the sites are:

(see last issue link to discount supermarkets)…the Poor Man

Happy Mother’s Day!

President Wilson made Mother’s Day official in 1914. This year Americans are expected to spend $2.6 billion on flowers and $68 million on greeting cards. Here are a couple of freebies for mom…

1. May 9th TCBY is offering a free cone or cup of their frozen yogurt – go to:
2. Grab some free ice cream on Mother’s Day at Cold Stone Creamery – offerings vary from store-to-store.

"A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie."
Tenneva Jordan

EcoBees, the newest way to get free stuff
There's never been a better time for freecyclers , who share and receive an infinite array of goods with others, all for free. The launch of a new site, , in March brings with it even more options for the concept, which helps keep stuff out of landfills and decreases the need to go shopping. This is one more sign the freecycle movement is growing. EcoBees claims to be "saving the planet one item at a time," and it provides a forum for people to reduce waste.

Resources for Stockpiling and Disaster Preparation

Make Your Own Energy
Step-by-step guide reveals how to
make your own energy for $100 or less.

Terrific site for resources and green, eco-friendly goods

DYI Energy Efficient Updates can help you save some big CASH!
FREE-30-page PDF saves an average of $175 per month or $2000 annually – Not getting this is like leaving money on the table.

Poor Man’s Guide to Eco Friendly No Cost, Low Cost & Low Tech Ways to Save $ & the Environment…click on the Poor Man Free Reports folder, the PM Eco Guide PDF

Learn from Skip McGrath the real way to make money on eBay
I’ve been a powerseller on eBay for 10 years and have met Skip or Mr. EBay as he’s sometimes called…you won’t go wrong with his selling advice.

>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<< The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Alternate Transportation
Almost every municipality in the country is making a push for alternate modes of transportation. More and more bike paths are being built. Sidewalks are being widened. Community shuttle buses are popping up in towns where car congestion and parking (or lack thereof) has reached critical mass and if you haven’t been on a public bus lately, you might be pleasantly surprised.
Leaving the car at home makes a whole lot of financial and environmental sense if you can manage it. Here are nine alternative ways to make a short trip — to the store, to a friends’, to the beach, etc. and save. Read the rest here:

Noteworthy & Newsworthy!
Student Explains Budget Cuts
- ONLY 1 MIN 38 SEC.

This is short, simple, and ultimately disturbing. Everyone needs to understand this. This is not political, per se, but is the best illustration of economics I have seen as to what we can, and cannot, cut from the national budget, and how to illustrate the significance of what is proposed.

A college student "explains our Federal Budget" and the portion that must be borrowed in simple terms for everyone, plus his visual aid example easily demonstrates the $100 million cut that the President promised as savings.
Click on this link and be amazed. Watch it twice to enjoy the simplicity. Then decide if it is time to write and call your Senator for a stop to deficit spending.

Collective Buying Service
Groupon is a collective buying discount service. Actually, that idea has been around in variations for years, both on and offline, but Groupon seems to have figured out how to make it simple and social.

Every day subscribers get one great deal offer for their community by way of email. Offers are from local businesses and are come with a price tag in order to earn a discount – something like $35 for an $80 massage. Groupon is working in about 30 cities currently, with near term plans to go to 80.

The offer doesn’t become good until some prescribed number of people elect to buy it. If a subscriber decides to buy the offer they often pass it along to friends to make sure the deal happens.


More Good Stuff!

Learning How to Fight the Collector
Mr. Katz, a 58-year-old accountant in suburban Tucson, spends his free time schooling debtors on the finer points of consumer protection law to help them turn the tables on debt collectors. On occasion, he thumbs his own nose at them too.
“How many times can I sue you? Let me count the ways,” he wrote under his pseudonym, Dr. Tax, in a March posting on Inside ARM, a debt collectors’ Web site.
A former bill collector himself, Mr. Katz rebelled after a debt buyer damaged his credit score with what he says was a bogus bill. Mr. Katz sued, and in 2003 he collected his first damage award, a $1,000 check that he now keeps framed behind his desk.

>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<< New National ID Scam proposed by Democrats
WASHINGTON, April 30 (UPI) -- Civil liberties advocates decried a Democratic proposal that would require all workers in the United States to carry an ID card with biometric identifiers.
Senate Democratic leaders Thursday revealed an outline to reform U.S. immigration laws
, including a proposal requiring workers to carry a national card with biometric data, such as fingerprints, within six years.

Always an excuse using some BS “greater good logic.”
Majority Whip Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., who worked on the outline and helped present it Thursday, said the public has become more comfortable with the idea of a national identification card.

"For a long time it was resisted by many groups but now we live in a world where we take off our shoes at the airport and pull out our identification," Durbin said. "People understand that in this vulnerable world we have to be able to present identification."

Like this will work…just like gun control kept guns out of the hands of criminals! It’s just another control/power grab so they can keep a better eye on their serfs. The Poor Man has reported on this extensively in previous issues…you may recall that I suggested they will use the Nat’l Health program as a means of issuing national identity cards using our need for healthcare as subtefuge!

Entrepreneurs who want to put principles before profits—even after their companies go public—may soon have the legal cover to do just that, reports BusinessWeek.

On Apr. 13, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley signed a law creating legal entities known as “benefit corporations” and giving them greater protection from shareholder lawsuits. California and Vermont have similar bills in the works and legislators in at least three other states, including New York, are considering them. While many entrepreneurs applaud the measures, corporate governance experts worry about the rights of shareholders.

Interest in so-called socially responsible businesses by investors and entrepreneurs has grown in recent years. More than $2.7 trillion—about 11% of all assets under professional management—were in some kind of socially responsible investment in 2007, the latest data from Bloomberg show.
More than 30,000 U.S. companies are members of socially responsible or sustainable business organizations, according to B Lab, a Berwyn (Pa.) nonprofit that certifies businesses as socially responsible.
Under the new Maryland law, benefit corporations must spell out their values in their charters, report annually on activities that benefit the public, and submit to third-party auditing of their societal impact. Becoming a benefit corporation, or shedding that status, would require approval of two-thirds of shareholders.

Despite the stupidity of government officials in AZ
Researchers have determined one way to help contain global warming is as simple as painting every rooftop white and roads too. US energy Secretary, Steven Chu discussed this proposal at a recent climate conference. I made the same suggestion (along with other suggestions) to then Gov. Janet Napalitano, now director of Homeland Insecurity.
Needless to say, they never responded to my proposals.

Want to check crime in your neighborhood?
It’s now as easy as going these sites in order to learn about perverts in your area, drunk driving arrests and more:

Government: More Incompetent than Ever
Most intellectuals support big government, and millions of people depend on it. So why, with thousands of laws, millions of employees working to carry out those laws, and trillions of dollars spent, is it in trouble?
The most popular big-government programs–like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid–are going broke. These entitlements account for more than half of annual federal spending. In 2009, spending on all federal entitlements exceeded all federal tax revenue. As Cato Institute economist Richard W. Rahn explained, this means “virtually all of the other government spending programs, including defense and interest payments on the debt, will be funded by more borrowing.” More at:

If you think about it, it’s all about control!
Seldom do Americans have much say-so in how the government intrudes into our lives. We’re pretty much told “that’s the way it is and if you don’t like it, tough”! Freedom of choice has become a quaint, old-fashioned thought among leaders at the state and federal level.

I think of seat belt laws, anti-smoking bans, airport security rules, financial rules (you can’t open a bank account, take more than $5K in cash out of the country, open a foreign bank account, buy a money order over a certain amount, etc. etc. without the government knowing about it).

We are the most heavily regulated society on the planet and because of that, the most heavily controlled in a “democratic country.” After all, the more laws created, the more lawbreakers there are. The average American breaks 21 laws a week, often without realizing it. The more laws, the more control and often the more revenue skimmed from your pocket via the courts or regulatory agencies.

Like good sheep, we all go along with the program in the name of some ‘greater good,” such as protecting the children, controlling social behavior, protecting our health, and blah, blah, blah.

Seldom is any thought of compromise given in legislation or achieving some kind of middle ground – it’s always a sledge hammer approach. Smoking bans are a good example…why can’t businesses, especially bars and clubs create non-smoking areas within reason – after all, no one is forced to go to a casino, nightclub or restaurant.

Our ruling class would not want you to exercise any freedom of choice that’s why. It allows them another means of grabbing your money in the form of fines.

That’s it for this week pardners…from the worldwide PoorMan Network! Be sure to share this with a friend!

Bruce “The Poor Man”

"A suburban mother's role is to deliver children obstetrically once, and by car forever after."
Peter De Vries.

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