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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Show me the jobs, Who's Upset over Economy-Everyone!

Bruce’s Poor Man Survival Bulletin
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In This Issue:

Wealthy suburban moms now scrimping
Different prices if you pay by cash, credit or debit
I Want Your Money-movie trailer
Foxfire Books now available on CD ROM
US is now a global sweatshop-show us the jobs!
Stuff you do not need to stockpile
Guest Interview-lack of confidence in gov’t=rising gold prices

The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.
- Tacitus, A.D. 56-120

Show us the jobs-you cretins!

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is back over 11,000, corporations are flush with $2 trillion in cash, growth has held up for more than a year, and interest rates are at record lows. But none of that does much to cheer the average voter.


It’s simple really and to paraphrase a popular movie “Show us the jobs!”

Since the mid-1980s in my weekly politically incorrect newspaper column I’ve slammed Wall Street and their penchant for shipping US jobs overseas. The catch phrase I penned back then still applies…burger flippers can’t afford your $40K automobiles.

Two Americans and a British-Cypriot economist won the 2010 Nobel economics prize Monday for developing a theory that helps explain how many people can remain unemployed despite a large number of job vacancies…most Americans would like to know where these job vacancies are located.

As the Poor Man has written before, the government is the single biggest obstacle to job creation and entrepreneurism in this country…Congress passed and the president signed 125 bills into law in 2009. Your tireless federal regulatory predators busy -they issued more than 3,000 new regulations!

Regulations considered in recent years have included energy-efficiency standards for clothes washers and pool heaters, SUV emission rules and the Consumer Product Safety Commission's designs to regulate escalators (safer than unregulated stair steps, by the way) as a "consumer product."

The year's Federal Register - the daily depository of federal regulations - already tops 61,000 pages. According to research conducted for the Small Business Administration by economists Nicole V. and W. Mark Crain, annual off-budget regulatory costs exceed $1.7 trillion, an amount equivalent to more than half the level of the federal budget itself and on a par with the stratospheric annual deficit…Red tape and the Global Marketplace has turned into the global sweatshop!


News, Tips & Resources for the week

Coming Soon: Different Prices if You Pay by Cash, Credit, or Debit

As a result of federal law suits and a new consumer protection law, sellers will soon be able to charge depending on how you pay. Pay with a rewards credit card, the price will be higher. Use a plain vanilla credit card, and you'll pay less. Use a PIN number with a debit card, you'll pay less, but not as low as paying with cash. Pay with AMEX, get charged one price. Pay with MasterCard, get charged another. What is certain to happen is price confusion because retailers are not likely to post all the prices that apply to each item. Welcome to the era of fuzzy pricing.

Consumer Reports testing show most multi-vitamins the same
Our tests of 21 multivitamins at two outside labs-including leading brands, five for seniors, and six for children-will allay some of those fears. All but one of the products we tested met their label claims for key essential vitamins and minerals, and none contained worrisome levels of contaminants such as arsenic or heavy metals. Most of the pills we tested also passed the U.S. Pharmacopeia's dissolution test, which involves immersing them in a simulated stomach-acid solution to determine whether they'll dissolve properly in your body…the Poor Man is a strong believer in the use of a daily vitamin.

Doing Good: directory of 800 stores that donate to the charity of your choice when you purchase online. Visit:

Weed through political campaign BS with this non-partisan group:

Public Records Locator
Find property records, foreclosures, sex offenders/fugitive reports, government salaries (that will be an eye-opener) and more at this useful site:

I Want Your Money-Watch the trailer

Politicians seldom listen to the people as we’re merely serfs, working to provide for them and their corporate masters so I plan on seeing this movie asap…I Want Your Money. You can watch the trailer at:

Learn How To Be An Internet Entrepreneur
Listen in on a three-hour conversation between internet marketing legend Corey Rudl and mentor Dan Kennedy, discussing advanced techniques for becoming an Internet multi-millionaire. Discover what 95% of Internet marketers are doing wrong, and learn the $10,000-a-month matchbook trick.

Learn more here...
Note: Save yourself some money and skip the "Registration Backup Service." Just make a copy…years ago, in another life, I used to be on the same speaking circuit as Kennedy-you’ll benefit greatly from his material.

Wealthy Suburban Moms Becoming Frugal too…
"Someone told me you've gotten your monthly grocery bill down to $315," she says. "You have to tell me how you did it!"
The thrift is inspired by the body blows of a changing economy. In March 2009, member Sandra Wiiki lost her work-from-home job as a designer with a company that supplies interior plastics to Ford. Joy Behringer lost her position as a manager for an auto-related company in 2008 at the end of her six-week maternity leave. Her husband Jeff was out of work for 15 months until he found a new management job in June. Pamela Anderson, who helps run a local flower shop that her husband has owned for 31 years, has been coping with a steep downturn in business since 2008, when they lost a lucrative corporate account with Chrysler. Deschaine is scrimping to cope with the slow growth of her husband's graphic-design business.

Frugality First
While the moms spend plenty of time on traditional subjects - rambunctious kids, traveling husbands, visiting relatives - their conversation also embraces a topic that an earlier generation of Grosse Pointe ladies would have carefully avoided: living with less money. "More than ever, part of your responsibility for your family is being aware of your budget," says club president Gabriela Boddy, a former industrial engineer who left her job by choice. "People don't want to waste the money that is so hard to make these days."

Money for Gold Companies Tested

An investigative TV consumer report reveals that consumers wanting to convert old gold jewelry to cash may only get a tiny fraction of the value of the gold in those items. [video]

Weekend Project: YouTube Downloads, Mashups, Screencasts, and More
So you've read our DIY guide to viral video, and you've been keeping tabs on the Internet's latest in Viral Views. Now you're all hyped up to start making some videos and mashups of your own, but there's just one catch: You wouldn't be caught dead in front of a camera. Fear not, we have a few tools that can help.

Here’s a fun little free clip we made using some of the tools outlined below:

The Poor Man made a quick Search Story video using Google’s YouTube free creator-check it out…

Make Simple Mashups With YouTube Doubler
Usher's song "Papers": Not funny. A goat yelling in a vaguely human manner: Not funny. Playing the two of them at once with YouTube Doubler: Hilarious.

YouTube Doubler lets you play two YouTube videos simultaneously. Just plug two video URLs into the corresponding fields, use the 'Start (seconds)' fields to choose where on each video's timeline you want to begin, and get mashing…get more tips and resources at:

Get 21 Cutting Edge Strategies for Protecting Your Privacy


“No other country comes close in terms of the amount of resources controlled, seized, transferred, and destroyed by lawyers and judges than the United States.”--The Economist

Who’s upset over the economy? Everybody, everywhere
Anger: It's the defining political emotion of this . It's boiling across the country, much of it directed at President Obama and the congressional Democrats over the way they have handled the economy. Not far behind is dissatisfaction.
The combination, detected in a new ABC News/Yahoo! , spells trouble for Democrats three weeks out from the election. Angry people, analysts say, go out and vote. Dissatisfied people tend to stay home.
With the recovery stalling, unemployment stuck at 9.6 percent and the housing crisis entering a dangerous new phase as bungled paperwork and outright fraud force a halt to foreclosures across the country, there's plenty to get upset about.
More at:

"It is said that power corrupts,
but actually it's more true that power attracts the corruptible.
The sane are usually attracted by other things than power."
-- David Brin
(1950- ) Author

Stuff survivalist should not stockpile
From time to time I see discussions on the forums about gear and supplies that survivalist should invest into – like a berkey water filter, mountain house foods, or long term food storage items. For the sake of discussion, lets talk about stuff you should not invest into.
Before investing a lot of money into a project, there are some things to consider. The first consideration is “can you “really” afford it? It would be nice to have half a million dollars to drop into 1,000 acres in Alaska and a 2 story cabin. But the fact is, most people can not afford such luxuries. Next, do you really “need” the supplies? Or, are you buying the supplies just to have them?

Gold – As of today, October 5, 2010 the price of gold is $1,333.95 per ounce. For the average working middle class family, who is struggling to pay a house note, electric bill, insurance, buy food,,,,,, forking out $1,333 for an ounce of gold is out of the question. In a lot of cases, that $1,333 would pay1 or 2 house notes. Having a place to live is more important then trying to buy gold in these tough financial times. If your one of the lucky few that money is not an issue, then maybe buying gold is right up your alley.
If gold was at $400, and a family had some extra money they could invest, then sure, maybe buy some gold. But if you buy it right now, how much higher can the price go before it starts to go back down. I see buying gold right now, as the same thing as getting into a pyramid scam. The people that got in early make the most money – the people that get in late lose the most money.

Meals Ready to Eat – the good ole MRE is not a top pick for a survivalist food. Sure the military hands them out by the case, but the military also has plenty of money. Read the rest of the article here:

Guest interview excerpt from the respected Weiss Group

"Is the recent rise in gold prices an indication of a lack of confidence in the government?"

…asked voters what they think about the economy and we found that most voters do not believe or do not accept Washington's claims about the recovery.
Only 38% say the economy is recovering slowly but surely. Meanwhile, 58.3% say the economy is already sinking into another recession or is still in a long-term recession.
Martin: Peg, one of our readers, is apparently in the latter group. She writes:

"We are not caught in a recession. We are caught in a growing DEPRESSION, and our big houses are the home to our extended families — like the Waltons."
Here's another reader in that camp, who writes:
"A recession is when your neighbor loses his job. A depression is when you lose your job. And the only reason the folks in Washington think we have neither is because they and their neighbors across the aisle still have their jobs."
He says his intent is to help fix that particular problem come November. Plus, we have a question from Steven for you:

"John, what actions of the existing government are most disliked by the American people?"

John: We asked voters very specific questions about that. We asked, for instance: "If someone is having difficulty meeting their mortgage payments, do you think the government should provide financial assistance to help them avoid foreclosure, or not?"
Only 27.5% of likely voters said "Yes, help them avoid foreclosure." But double that number — 55.1% — said "No, don't help them." In other words, for each voter who said yes, two people said no!
We also asked voters about bank bailouts: "If another big bank fails, do you think the government should bail it out or let it fail?"
More than 80% said "let it fail." Only 6.6% said "bail it out." So for every voter in favor of bank bailouts, there were 12 voters against the bailouts.

THROW-THE-BUMS-OUT" sentiment is not strictly the domain of Tea Party supporters, is it? For example, I have some interesting quotations here submitted by folks who are not Tea Party supporters. One person quotes Will Rogers who said
"Congress is the finest body of men money can buy."
Another quotes Benjamin Franklin who said
"No man's life, liberty or fortune is safe while our legislature is in session."

For more information and archived issues, visit

What is the best thing the government can do to stimulate the growth of business and the economy?

"Constitutional law requires that any rule, regulation, law, statute pass Constitutional muster by protecting the public health, welfare, morals or safety. Most regulatory schemes are self serving and do not meet that Constitutional requirement. Reduce the regulatory mess in this country."
- Keith Allison

"Lets cut the huge, unproductive government overhead. Squeeze the bloated and overcompensated civil service. Stop federal government spending financed by borrowing. Get entitlement costs under control (Obama Care, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security). Otherwise these programs will engulf discretionary spending and wipe out national defense and security budgets. Keep taxes low by retaining the Bush tax cuts and resisting attempts to expand the public sector through additional local, state, and federal government taxes. A healthy and growing economy should generate all the tax revenues that government needs. We could use another Hoover Commission to streamline and rationalize government and make it more efficient. It seems like the larger the government gets the greater the bureauracy grows and the less that actually gets done (less from more). Stop the push toward European style socialism. The Europeans came to America because it was better to live and work here than where they were in the old country. Americans are not moving to Europe to live under socialsim. Let's quit the war against capitalism and implement policies that let us thrive and provide the things we need for our high standard of living. Stop stonewalling energy production here in the U.S. Stop harassing the domestic automobile industry. Open up international trade to reduce foreign tariffs or other barriers and sell more goods and services worldwide. Elect government officials that know how our economic system works and what government can do to make it work better." Thanks to Caroline for sending these to us!

Parting thoughts and an offer…

Coming soon… Poor Man got rights to the Foxfire …Affairs of Plain Living, Eliot Wigginton, editor

A tremendous book series published since 1969 about rural Appalachian skills such as making moon shine, building a cabin, smoking meat, handling snakes, planting by signs and a whole bunch of useful stuff. These are from microfiche files and I have the first six books on CD ROMS now ready to ship…For subscribers the cost for the next 30-days will be only $4.95 shipping included…you would expect to pay $10 each for used copies on eBay plus postage.

I’m also including three bonus PDFs

Book of the New Alchemists
Village Technology Handbook
Hydroponics Guide

These bonus books provide additional resources from drilling a well to growing stuff indoors…they make a nice compliment to the FoxFire series. If you wish to pre-order-PayPal account to send us $4.95-use our PayPal address of:

Finally, if you purchased the Poor Man mega-deal package recently, you may have found a problem opening or finding the entire file for Poor Man III…let me know & I will send you the file in a zip format (226 files are compressed)…Win XP & 7 have a free unzip utility built in, but if you don’t have one, get a free program Zip Reader 8 at:

Microsoft is ending its free blogger and we’re migrating some of our content to WordPress and may have to migrate our downloadable Docs to Google…as a test, we uploaded the free 21 Cutting Edge Strategies to Protect Your Privacy to Google Docs so test it out by downloading the free file! Most likely, we’ll be transferring our other files there too in the coming weeks…work never ends!

Your Contrarian, muckraking Poor Man!

Raise Funds for Your Group, Save on Eco Products, Advice

Don't Get Caught With Your Pantry Down-New 11th Ed.

Find survival and self sufficiency books & more

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