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Friday, May 20, 2011

Get our PM Guide to Free & Frugal Resources-Free!

Life is good, especially when you get free stuff! A lot of our subscribers don’t take advantage of the many free resources we post in each issue of the Poor Man Bulletin - you’re losing money as a result! Also, many new subscribers don’t have the time to peruse the back issues to find these free gems. The Poor Man has made it easy for you…we’ve compiled some of the best money saving and free resources gleaned from back issues for you in one PDF report. Learn how to save big time on your grocery bill, tech software, auction purchases, gardening and a whole lot more…just what you need for urban survival! We’ve added a few more new ones too! I added this file to our new subscriber welcome package which is sent automatically upon subscribing. Go to our Newsletter Subscribe page. PoorMan

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