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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Free Shed Plans, Who is the Biggest Threat to Your Privacy, More

Bruce’s Poor Man Survival Bulletin

A Digest of Urban Survival Resources

For Independent Minded People!

ISSN 2161-5543

In This Issue:

1.        Peak Water in the US?  Free report download

2.       Which is the bigger threat to your privacy – Government or Business?

3.       Best time to look for coupons

4.       Free shed building plans

5.       Why our politicians no longer work for America

“Government is, and always has been, the greatest criminal threat to the
peaceful members of society."

-- Richard M. Ebeling
(1950- ) Author, Professor of Economics, Hillsdale College

When it comes to your privacy…

Who's More Dangerous - The Government or Businesses?

The short answer is that there's no real difference between the two. Here's why:

The Government: When you sign up for a new web service, you might assume that your data goes only as far as the company you've signed an agreement with. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Rainey points out that filing a simple FOIA request revealed that government agencies like the DEA and even the IRS regularly collect, store, and request information from companies like Facebook and Twitter.

So the government uses the information they collect on social media to hunt and catch criminals—that's not so bad, right? It's not that simple. "Those organizations all
map social graphs to see how people of interest relate to each other, and subsequently investigate their friends, followers, and others in their networks," Rainey explained. To boot, the government often doesn't bother to get a court order or justify the reason they want this information to the network in question—they make a few phone calls or send over a letter asking for someone's information, and the service responds with the requested data.  Read the rest of the article at:

NEW-The Poor Man’s Freedom Files: Protect your Liberty, Freedom and more…

Future Money Trends is expecting the U.S. to face the perfect storm of events that, when combined, will send gas prices past the breaking point for the average American.

There are three major catalysts that will cause gas prices to reach this breaking point.

Number one, the dollar is in a state of collapse caused by a continuous increase of the money supply by America's central bank.

Two, instability in the Middle east and a potential war with Iran would great[ly] disrupt the supply of oil.

Three, the supply of cheap, recoverable oil is dwindling along with a major increase in demand.
America is built for $50 oil and $2 a gallon gasoline. The seriousness of our situation should not be overlooked. We have multiple forces that will drive gas prices past America's $5 per gallon breaking point... Rising gas prices caused by these three catalysts will break the backs of the American consumer, spiking prices to the point where present day normalcy is no longer the reality.

Via Future Money Trends

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PM’s Compendium of Useful Resources

U.S. Government to Mandate Black Boxes in Cars
A bill currently in front of Congress will require all cars to have "black boxes" by 2015. Just like airplane black boxes, these devices will record a bunch of information about your car in the event of an accident, including how fast you were going, if your foot was on the brake, if windshield wipers were activated, and even if the radio was on. For some people, this is a scary invasion of privacy. It shouldn't be. After all, 85 percent of new automobiles include a black box right now. Hey, watch the road.

More Free, Useful downloads from the Poor Man…

>Peak Water-Why Safe H2O Could Become as Valuable as Water

>Bust Inflation with a DIY Garden

Ever wonder why some manufacturers offer more coupons than others? This cheat sheet breaks down their coupon 'schedules' so you can save money with less headache

Sometimes it’s a waste of money to shop without a coupon. But sometimes it’s a waste of time to try to find a coupon.  More at: (Sign up for their free coupon alert too)…

UPDATED:  Sideline job resources, LiveWorld, LionBridge, CloudCrowd, and more at:

Are you thinking that you might need a new shed? There's an amazing assortment of good quality building plans available, for free, on the Internet. I've tried to collect them all and organize them so that you can find just what you want.

You'll find basic storage sheds, gardener's potting sheds, tool sheds, mini barns, woodsheds, backyard studios, lawn tractor shelters and more. I even threw in a few of my own shed designs. If you're looking for something unusual, you'll find a big eight-sided shed, a shed that looks like a pretty cottage, another that could pass for an old west saloon, an outdoor kitchen, a combination shed and playhouse, an outhouse design, a two-level Craftsman style shed and a pretty little shed that looks like an old one-room schoolhouse.

Most of the plans are from top home and garden magazines and building retailers. Many include complete material lists and illustrated, step-by-step building instructions.
Click here to see all of the free shed plans and some helpful shed building guides >>>

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The Nanny State Updates…

There are a few politicians that are willing to stand up and tell the truth about our national debt crisis. For example, in the video posted below Ron Paul scolds the rest of Congress for continuing to vote for debt limit increase after debt limit increase....

Difficult times have taken their toll on millions of Americans through job losses, home foreclosures, unserviceable debt, and ever dwindling retirement savings. By all accounts, Americans are worse off today than they were ten years ago, and the state of our nation, despite what Washington's media masters report, is fiscally, economically, and socially dire.

Unfortunately, the American people seem to prefer politicians that endlessly lie to them about how bad things really are.

 Grid Act Impact: Results of New Consensus Warning of a Year-Long Blackout

Last year, the Grid Reliability and Infrastructure Defense Act, or GRID Act, which would have required a modest investment to protect the grid from major threats, was passed unanimously in the House of Representatives. But the Senate refused to even consider it. Democratic Senators continue to stonewall to this day.

Perhaps they're ignoring the warning signs because it's the conservative Heritage Foundation that sounded the alarm. In a warning issued to President Obama, the Heritage Foundation reported, "Water, sewer, and electrical networks would fail... Food would rot, medical services collapse, and transportation would become almost non-existent." Democratic Senators are even ignoring the findings of a special commission that Congress itself created to investigate this threat. The findings of the commission, by the way, are chilling: "Within 12 months [of this event], between two thirds to 90% of the U.S. population will be dead."

Now, only a massive education campaign to make Americans aware of this threat can save us. The following has been excerpted from a paper entitled: Grid Act Impact:Results of New consensus Warning of a Year-Long Blackout. Download their PDF report at:

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The Parting Thought – Still want the same pirates in office?

Why Politicians Don’t Work for America

Spectator Democracy and tribal politics are destroying America…

An overweight person knows that in order to lose weight, they must reduce their caloric intake and increase their physical activity.

So why do both parties continue the tax shell game?  For decades we’ve heard about various tax reform proposals but nothing meaningful ever results.  Instead, the system becomes more complicated, more obtuse and more unfair.

The tax system is rigged as a ‘reward-punish’ system.  Certain special interests get rewarded, usually by having some little beneficial perk tucked away into an obscure bill all nicely bought and paid for and often written by the lobbying group.

Politicians from either side of the fence cannot agree on how to stop their fiscal insanity and reduce our debt.  In fact, just the opposite happens and they bicker over which public program to reduce.  Social Security has been a frequent target with constant tinkering over raising the retirement age, raising the ceiling for earnings and so forth.

The only problem is that Congress looted this system long ago to fund their profligate habit of economic carnage and somehow feel that Americans should not get what is owed them after a lifetime of payments.

Taxpayers fund their own destruction of liberty.

Most of us are mad at the government but not doing anything about it.

Despite an ailing budget, Congress continues to fund programs which take away our liberty.  Instead, the majority of us are easily bamboozled and distracted by the sideshows (entertainment) offered us by mainstream media, who seldom focus on the important issues and are RARELY critical of government policies which are destructive to our freedom and economy.

The solution lies in cutting all fat out of government, downsize it, stop raiding the fridge, stop stupid spending and implement a simple, across the board plan so everyone pays into the system including foreign corporations operating here, our own Fortune 500 firms, non-profit groups and more.  It would help if the media focused on the important issues as well.

We need to create an environment where almost anyone that has a good idea and that is willing to work hard can succeed.

But instead of focusing on real solutions like shutting down the Federal Reserve, converting to debt-free currency, eliminating the income tax, shutting down the IRS, massively reducing the size of government and getting rid of thousands upon thousands of unneeded regulations, the mainstream media and our politicians are going to continue to try to get Americans to accept more government programs as the cure all.  That hasn’t worked for more than 35 years.

Can anyone argue that our government isn’t a  bloated porker which needs to have its stomach stapled shut?  We all know an ignorant populace is easier to control so the ‘lamestream’ media leaves the majority of us in a mass stupor.

“Until the next revolution”, the Poor Man

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