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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hillary, Trump, Bernie or None of the Above?


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   Both Trump and Clinton are taking a lot of heat in their race to become the nominee of their party for President…their trust scale for each of them is low both inside and outside their respective party and even in the foreign press.


Trump’s often aggressive manner and open bashing of anyone who gets in his way has turned off many within his own party and members of many minorities who openly and sometimes violently protested at his political rallies.  Both candidates rank low in polls on the honesty scale.


I see ‘Never Hillary,”  ‘Never Trump’ and even ‘Never Mind’ signs everywhere.  Poor Bernie never had a chance as he was set up from the get-go by the Democratic party as a straw candiate but surprised even himself in the primaries and I am bit surprised he never confronted Hillary about her false tax returns [which she was recently forced to amend to reflect some ahh, major ‘inaccuacuries,’ or other problems of her past. Trump won’t release his returns until the IRS finishes his audit, which is standard for any business.


Young people have voted for Sanders versus Clinton by almost comically wide margins.  They favored him 54 percent to 37 percent in a USA Today Poll taken in March.  In the Iowa caucuses, Sanders beat Clinton 84 percent to 14 percent among voters under 30.


Hillary’s campaign is still plagued by potential criminal charges stemming from her mishandling of sensitive emails by having a server at her a home while acting as Secretary of State, something she shoudn’t have done.  Hillary has a lot of previous baggage as well dating back years from Whitewater to Benghazi [even so far as insulting the widows of those killed in that fiasco] to insulting her Secret Service staff during her previous tenure in the White House.


Most insiders feel she was second rate Secretary of State and that she’ll simply become Obama Part II and will carry on his anti-gun program and ‘give all the illegals a free ride’ program. 


The former first lady runs about the nation telling black audiences they are victims [oh how they love hearing that] ‘systemic t racism’ and white privilege.  Meanwhile, Hillary polls horribly among the large majority of white males.  A lot of voters have left the GOP because they’ve become weak kneed on many issues have allowed Obama to run ram shod over issues while ‘apologizing’ to the world for all the wrongs the we as a nation have supposedly done-none of that makes many white voters happy.


[I wonder how many voters remember that Hillary functioned as one of the vicious partisans on the Watergate committee? ]


One pundit we learned is trying to assemble a $100K reward to anyone who can provide information that leads to the arrest and imprisonment of Hillary!  While a Canadian site is offering free immigration assistance to anyone who wants to leave the US if Hillary becomes President…to counter that site, a dating site, Maple Match, offered to do the same if Trump becomes President…


Either way, as most of know, if our system works the way it’ supposed to [it didn’t always with Obama at the helm] “the country can ill afford four years of a left-leaning  Hillary Clinton with the Middle East in turmoil, an anemic economy, and as many as four Supreme Court seats coming for grabs,” said Greg Jones of


Peter Beinart in the Atlantic  said “the bad news is that the Republican party is about to nominate the most dangerous presidential nominee in American history…but Trump is not going to beat Hillary in November.”

It’s obvious this flatworm hasn’t been studying what just took place or how angry many Americans have become and despite what polls among Hispanics and women might suggest, they all ignore the unregistered independents [such as myself]  who often decide elections!  Nearly everyone, including many Democrats such as the coal miners in W. VA, are angry with Clinton and others who see her as a job killing pro-NAFTA free trader.

One-third of the families of frontline manufacturing workers during Obama’s tenure in the US are enrolled in a government safety-net program like food stamps or medicaid, according to researchers at University of CA at Berkeley…these factory employees include machinists, assemblers, and metal workers.  Is it any wonder miners don’t want to continue NAFTA style policies of the Democrats?

In April alone the labor force shrank by 362,000 people and retailers report record number of new closures while Ford and Nabisco are shipping worker jobs to Mexico [Oreo cookies, for example, will no longer be made in America].

Many in the media still underestimate Trump.  His message of “Make America Great Again,’ resonates with many Americans who tired of what Obama did to undermine our nation internationally and many feel Clinton helped promote that decline.  Unlike Clinton, Trump is more compelling and larger than life by comparison.  Many see her as frumpy and old which is one reason why she lost the younger vote to Sanders.

As an independent I haven’t had this much fun watching a political race in years.  The last time I was personally involved was when I a registered Libertarian and campaigned for Harry Brown in 2000!

What I’ve learned in all these years is primarily two things:

>Your vote in national elections really doesn’t matter

>We need to get big money out of politics and restore real democracy back to the people


What do you think or you just another party member?


P.S.  Many years ago I served as an intern for Congressman Charles Vanik, a Democrat, and helped Congresswoman Frances P. Bolton [before her passing] on occasion and although I’ve written about politics for decades and have frequently been encouraged to run for office, other than a stint as a city councilman, I’ve never held office.  I’m starting to wonder if perhaps I should.


Yours for better living,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’



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Damian said...

Very insightful and powerful statements which I think express many of our thoughts about this election...

Michael said...

When you look up the term “corrupt politician” in the dictionary, photographs of Bill and Hillary Clinton should be right there. Bill has a history of well documented sexual escapades that goes back for decades, and both of them should be serving long prison sentences for a shocking series of horrible crimes that goes all the way back to the 1970s. But the American people are willingly ignoring all of this, and if the election were to be held today it is almost certain that Hillary Clinton would be the next president of the United States.

Gene said...

What the Republican establishment failed to recognize was the total lack of confidence many of us have in the way they governed us-despite repeated polls showing our disdain for Congress!