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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Americans Largely Living in Denial About Most Everything…

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Americans Largely Living in Denial About Most Everything…

   I’ve written a lot about the diminishing brainpower of Americans, the demise of their ability to think and reason, their obsession with shiny objects and addiction to so-called smart phones, mindless games and TV shows, etc.…It’s not secret we’ve fallen behind other nations in terms of political awareness, our nation’s history and  academic achievement.  The odd thing is most seem happy to be oblivious and unaware, like Mad Magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman’s “What, Me Worry - About Anything?’ seems to be their mantra.

Americans live in denial of where we are headed is because of the non-stop culture of mindless entertainment and distractions we live in – think Internet, video games, television, social media (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, etc.), sports and spectator sports, smart phone apps and texting, etc.

 In the Roman Empire, non-stop entertainment and distractions were called "bread and circuses." Part of the reason those people lived in apathy and denial of the rapid decline in their day and the rise of freedom-destroying evil was that they were entertained and distracted non-stop by their government.

This "bread and circuses" phenomenon is 100 times greater in our day in America and other Western nations – and not just for the young, but for people of all ages. Deep thought, discernment, and recognition of rising evil comes from thinking people who read good books, who have studied history and the Bible, and who understand and apply the principles of what works and doesn't work in life. It comes from people who have not been completely dumbed down by television propaganda, mindless/shallow distractions, by non-stop government disinformation/brainwashing, or by a socialist controlled educational system.

But sadly, even among those who do understand the times and who do see America's decline into a socialist dictatorship, like their counterparts in Russia (in 1916/17) or in Germany (1932-37), most are doing little to nothing to prepare for the coming train wreck or to get out of harm's way. Not only are they doing little or nothing to fight back against the emerging dictatorship, but they are doing little to nothing to prepare personally, physically, financially, or even spiritually.

 Even though they do understand the times, they are doing very little to prepare for those times – for what is coming (perhaps very shortly). In this respect, they too are in denial – hoping and wanting to believe that somehow we will return to the "good ol' days"; everything will continue to go on like it always has – everything will be fine, "because it has to…."

The nation is up against an internal destructive force which is the most dangerous I’ve seen in my lifetime – it is the far left and the threat they represent against mainstream America via their well organized political resistance and sabotage against a legally elected President.  I feel this is being orchestrated by former president Obama and his so-called Organizing for Action group using his voter lists and campaign funds to subvert President Trump and to promote his anti-gun efforts.

Even the New York Post and NBC news have headlined stories about Obama’s “organizing for action with a grassroots army to push his agenda and to create an angry coalition to organize against Trump’s presidency.” warned that “Obama is coming out of exile with a vengeance and said to be supported by a stealth army of some 30,000 foot soldiers, and that’s not counting the thousands of White House and government insiders waiting to join his arm…’Protests to date will pale by comparison to Obama’s new Protest Era called ‘Getting Even.’

The Canada Free Press ominously warned, “Obama’s return is a coup d’etat in itself, made possible by propaganda and public distractions.”  Far left organs such as an outfit called Indivisble, which NBC touted as “a buzzy newcomer to the progressive movement,” is distributing how-to manuals to show mobs how to shout down town hall meeting and how be shut them down through civil disturbances.

The Democrats have launched a campaign of civil revenge against the White House and have opted for a hard line with the mantra of RESIST…encouraging civil agitation whenever and wherever possible…perhaps inciting another civil war while the rest of Americans are asleep at the wheel watching lame TV shows such as Survivor!

Yours for better living,

Bruce, the Poor Man



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DAR said...

Every single day we witness examples of stupidity - on the news, on the streets, at our business...just everywhere. It is alarming. Many cannot construct a complete sentence let alone a viable response as to why they are protesting against Trump. No wonder so many foreign nations laugh at us.

MaryAnne said...

What Me Worry should be the national motto as most young people don't give a damn about anything-they want everything handed to them [why work for it?]

Anonymous said...

Against stupidity the very gods themselves contend in vain.

Friedrich Schiller

Bruce said...

I appreciate the PDF you left and will read it today!