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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Use Garbage Bags for What? What is the Potential for Civil War? New Resources

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Use Garbage Bags for What? What is the Potential for Civil War? New Resources…

   Trash bags come in all sizes and I have found contractor bags particularly useful in a variety of applications around our mini-farm and business and I have a hunch our waste haulers sure appreciate tossing bags versus dumping heavy cans and I enjoy not having to retrieve the emptied cans!

While we’re discussing other tools for extending your preparation skills, you’ll find some interesting perspectives on who is really running and ruining our country included in today’s article.  As always, your thoughts are appreciated.

Here are a variety of uses for garbage bags when you’re outdoors:

  • Mark a trail. Simply cut a trash bag into strips and tie them onto tree branches or bushes at eye level. This creates a simple way for you to navigate your way back through thick vegetation. White bags work best. Remember, leave no trace behind. Remove your markers on the way out

  • Clean clothes. When camping, wash clothes in a bag filled with water. Add soap, agitate, empty and add clean water to rinse

  • Contain spills. Line your backpack with a trash bag to keep contents waterproof and contain spills

  • Take a shower. Fill a black trash bag with water and hang it in the sunlight for a few hours. Once the water is warm, poke holes in the bottom of the bag and enjoy a warm shower

  • Shoe covers. Open a trash bag, step inside and tie or secure with duct tape to keep rain and snow at bay. Great when crossing a shallow stream or marshy ground.

Following are a couple of uses for garbage bags when you’re indoors:

  • Control closet clutter. Attach a small garbage bag to a hanger to create storage for small, loose items like socks or gloves. Group clothes that are out of season on hangers and then bag them from underneath

  • Garment guard. Garbage bags can quickly be turned into garment bags with a well-placed hole at the center of the bottom seam for the top of a hanger to emerge. A great way to get a dance recital costume safely home in the rain.

Below are some uses for garbage bags when you’re in survival mode:

  • Rain gear. Garbage bags make great improvised rain gear. Cut holes for your head and arms so you can continue to work. If you are hunkering down to shelter from the elements, the fewer holes the better

  • Water collector. Use a trash bag to collect condensed water. Hang your bag in a bush, tree or a stand you create from debris to use as a water catch basin for rain or snow. You can also gather water from a river or lake to haul to a separate location. You can then boil it, douse a fire or use the water to clean game. Place a clear bag over green vegetation and water will evaporate from the green material and collect in the bag

  • Bug out. In an urban survival situation, trash bags make a great bug-out bag for clothes, food and supplies. In the wild, it’s a great carrier for wild edibles, harvested game and fire-starting materials. A clear bag lets you easily see and find what you need

  • Warm and dry. Use a bag to separate your body or gear from the moisture and debris on the ground. Upgrade by filling the garbage bag with leaves, cattail heads or other soft debris for more insulation and cushioning. Body heat will be captured in the forest debris within the bag. If it is not raining, poke some holes in the bag for moisture to escape. Otherwise, the condensation will remain in the bag and all the contents, including you, will get wet. If temperatures are low, tape trash bags around your legs, arms and torso for makeshift thermal underwear that will help retain your body heat.

And don’t forget, regardless of whether you are indoors or outdoors, garbage bags are also good for their original purpose — garbage collection.

Survivalism isn’t simply about living like the end of the world is going to happen, as mainstream media would have you believe. It’s the ability to use nature to your advantage and ensure that you are always prepared for any situation. To that end, it is smart to always carry around a repair kit in your car and in your home. This kit should contain a variety of tools, but there are 18 must-have items that should be included.

  1. A zipper repair kit – A lot of us don’t think about this, but having this kit in your bag will save you a lot of headache. Remember that a lot of outdoor gear has zippers. Keeping these binding fasteners in tip-top shape will help make survival situations easier.
  2. Assorted plastic bags – Aim to have a pack of each varying size. Plastic bags are extremely versatile and can be used for things other than their originally intended purpose.
  3. Carabiners – These are widely-used in rope-intensive activities and prove to be crucial in emergency situations. Try to collect a set made from heavier material like steel or aluminum.
  4. Duct tape – This is the most obvious choice and a no-brainer for preppers. Duct tape can be used in a variety of ways. From repairing a tent to making a rope to splinting a broken tent pole, duct tape can fuse two things together for a short period of time.  
  5. Epoxy – These adhesives are preferred whenever a strong bond is necessary. For the most part, epoxy is used to bind construction materials together or protect surfaces from dirt and moisture. In an emergency situation, epoxy can be used to reinforce fasteners, strengthen joints in bolts, and even delay stress-induced cracking. Take note that epoxy releases harmful fumes when applied so use this only in a well-ventilated area.
  6. Epoxy putty – This is similar to epoxy but has a clay-like texture. These products are ideal for fixing anything that is leaking. You can use it to repair a hole in a canteen, for example.
  7. FiberFixThis repair wrap markets itself as “100 times stronger than duct tape,” being able to fuse heavy-duty hardware together using waterproof resin. While there are supporters for either repair tape, FiberFix is still a good addition to your prepper bag.
  8. Knife sharpener – Here’s a tip to remember: Never, ever, leave your house without having a sharpened blade. Of all things, a knife is one of the most important survival items to have. A dull blade, not so much. Make sure that your repair tool bag always has a knife sharpener in it.
  9. Paracord – This is an important survival item, with uses that are only limited by a lack of imagination. A few uses to take note of include: to use it as a splint, a suture, a splint, or even a makeshift stretcher.
  10. Pump rebuild kit for lanterns and stoves – During emergency situations, it is important to have a source of light and heat. Novice preppers typically have a portable stove or lantern with them, but often forget to include a pump repair kit. These kits are normally small and compact but can differ based on the brand you prefer.
  11. Safety pins – Another temporary fix for broken materials, safety pins come in a variety of sizes and it’s best to carry a few of each length. However, note that safety pins break and rust easily.
  12. Sealing tape for inflatables – Their intended use is for items like pool toys and air mattresses, which most people won’t have during SHTF situations. However, the tape can be used as an alternative adhesive in case you run out of any other form of tape.
  13. Sewing kit – Preppers know how to sew. This skill has applications in a lot of areas and the art of sewing is an essential. Remember to have heavy duty thread and needles in your kit, especially to repair items like a tarp or other thick items.
  14. Small nuts, bolts, and screws – You never know when you may need fasteners. Keep a collection of various sizes in your kit.
  15. Spare disposable butane lighter – Anyone who has been in the wild knows the power of fire. Always keep a spare lighter on hand to help kindle a fire.
  16. Spare mantles for portable lantern – Most people don’t realize how easily mantles break, particularly in portable items. It is recommended to keep at least two or three spare mantles for your lantern.
  17. Superglue – Another clear choice, most emergency situations require some form of adhesive, and many of them can be fixed temporarily with a dab or two of superglue.
  18. Wire ties (four- and eight-inch) – These can be used in a lot of ways and can be practical when you need a quick fix.

As you can see, the shared characteristic all these items have is versatility. Stock up on items that have more than one function. (Related: 8 common prepper mistakes to avoid.)

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SIDEBAR - Can Avoid a Civil War?

Despite the Deep State’s Brazen Attempt at Striking Back at the American People and President Trump…I don’t foresee mass civil strife.  Besides, we have far too many other challenges facing us such as N Korea, Russia and China.

It’s been open season on Trump and on those who despise middle America by the media [91% negative stories by the so-called main stream media]…the Deep State actions include those of RINIOs, Dems and most especially the cowardly unelected political class far more arrogant – the bureaucrats and special interests.  After all, Trump is the first modern President to win power without the support of these groups!

He even brought his own airplane.

Trump has no real defenders other than his hard core voters, no one in Congress has lifted a finger to help him…Trump haters are setting traps to make his eventual removal a done deal all the while risking civil agitation.  Lindsey Graham, working with Democrats, is one of the worst enemy RINOs and recently made a comment to the Washington Post regarding the witch hunt involving Robert Mueller and the possibility of Trump firing Mueller. 

Graham said that the White House firing Mueller would mark “the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency.”

The real cause of Washington’s turmoil are the unelected and unseen regulatory officials who defy congressional oversight…they are judge and jury.  And now Trump is seriously cutting regulations, stoking reactionary response from the federal establishment – that, in large part is what’s causing Washington’s establishment turmoil.

At the end of January, a Washington Post headline read  “Resistance from Within:  Federal workers push back against Trump.” 

This confirms what I wrote several months ago regarding how dozens of federal workers and appointees of Obama are still in cahoots with the former president and are doing what they can to push back against the new president’s initiatives; many of whom have set up social media accounts to anonymously leak word of changes Trump appointees are trying to make!

Perhaps these Obama holdovers and other [regressive] progressives will eventually wake up to the fact that the average middle-American does not share that Communistic value system…but I would not hold my breath.

Here’s another perspective submitted to the PoorMan on this concept:

We’ve all been hearing fears of civil war in America recently, and while I think those fears are overblown (as fears generally are), I want to address something that doesn't make the news feeds:

I don’t believe civil war will come to America on any serious scale.

Average people may waste oceans of time and money on politics, but they do not stab and shoot those who disagree.

Jonathan Logan, however (my co-author for The New Age of Intelligence), sees it differently. He makes a thoughtful, informed argument for civil war, and I think it’s worth passing along.

I’ll have to summarize:

  • For young people to be susceptible to war (and it’s the young, not the old, who fight), they must not be too settled, not too invested, not too satisfied, not too stable. And they must be dragged in by some motive, be it “making a name for themselves” or “fighting evil” or whatever.

  • For a civil war to break out, enough people must perceive the current situation as unbearable and be willing to use violence.

  • The police must be unable or unwilling to keep the two sides apart.

  • There’s a growing inability of “cultural progressives” and “cultural conservatives” to engage in dialog.

  • For a long time the “cultural progressives” had success after success. That led to the internal perception that they were not just right but also absolutely right… that only stupid hicks stood in their way.

  • Meanwhile, the “cultural conservatives” grew dissatisfied. They were pushed to the point where they had a hard time tolerating some of the things that went on.

  • Then came Brexit and Trump. Before those, progressives were absolutely convinced that they were right, that they would win, and that the future would be bright. This wasn’t just an assumption; it was a conviction… like the sun rising tomorrow morning. And then they learned that they were wrong. That was more than just an unexpected failure; it destroyed their world perception.

  • The result is widespread post-traumatic stress disorder. The progressives didn’t just lose; they were traumatized. They now experience anything not 100% on their side as being violent, hurtful, triggering. Their way to deal with this is to push more, to become more radical, to accept less compromise. They feel that everyone else is actually trying to kill them.

  • At the same time the cultural conservatives experienced something new: victory. Previously they had only lost. Still, when they see new pushes from the progressives, they remember all the times they were beaten, and they feel pushed back into a corner.

  • So, we have two groups, pushed into corners, and between them is… nothing. They are deeply polarized and don’t have anything in common anymore.

  • And the problem is… it's the Millennials, a generation that knows they can expect nothing from the status quo. Furthermore, they lack tools for conflict resolution. Their generation is split between progressives and conservatives. And because they are neither the largest nor the most influential generation, they have no way to implement anything.

  • From this we get people on the progressive side who must radicalize, who must destroy the other side. If you look at the various progressive protests and riots, that’s exactly what you see. They are desperate, hurting, hating… and feeling righteous all the while.

  • Concurrently, the conservatives are becoming afraid. They think that if this thing on the progressive side doesn’t calm down, they’ll have to defend themselves.
  • If these movements continue, Millennial conservatives and Millennial progressives will pull out clubs and knives.

  • At the same time, the police – because of the progressive/conservative stalemate in politics – are unable to decisively take sides.

  • That’s how you start a civil war.

The sin of the media complex is that they’re stirring this up for ratings. If civil war does come, they will be the true villains.

As those of us of a certain age used to say, “It’s time to split this scene.”

Politics is poison and rulership is barbarity.

It’s time to dump the status quo and to start building something better.

[Ed. note: This article originally appeared on Freeman’s Perspective blog, right here at this link.]



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