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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Lies Lame Stream Press Continue to Tell-Clinton Sold Pardons, Not Trump

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The Lies Lame Stream Press Continue to Tell-Clinton Sold Pardons, Not Trump
   This week I read an outrageous piece of nonsense in the left-wing magazine The Week [the periodical regularly slants its pieces against the Trump White House whenever possible, including this weeks N. Korea trip which it painted in very dubious terms] which featured several ill-informed so-called journalists who blasted Trump for his recent pardons which included former Sheriff Joe Arpaio which Slate writers Dahlia Lithwick and Mark Joseph called a racist and and anti-immigrant.  
Allow me to say, I worked with the man as a volunteer Deputy and despite his conviction, this description is completely unfounded.  He was setup by the local Hispanic groups who want illegals let into the country without having to go through the normal immigration process, the left-wing newspaper New Times Weekly [a free college rag] and the Obama Justice Department.  The vast majority of the Anglo community were very happy with the job Arpaio had done in cleaning up the increased crime so many illegals and the coyoteshad brought to the Valley including the murder of store clerks and Phoenix policemen.
The Phoenix Valley has become increasingly left-wing after hoards of Californians moved there over the years to escape the suffocating cost of living and regulatory nature of life under near despotic rule of Democratic leadershipmuch to the consternation of its traditional self sufficient leave-me-alonewestern Americans which Arizona had become known for.  [These miscreants also brought CA-style vegetation which has increased the average humidity of the valley by over 15% and eroded the desert-style landscape traditional to the area].
These same writers also railroaded writer  [conservative voice] Dinesh DSouza who was imprisoned for making a loan to a friend who used the cash to make a campaign contribution which exceeded federal limitsmost people were given a slap on the wrist for this but because Dinesh was a vocal anti-Obama, he got the book thrown at him.
Andrew McCarthy of the National Review also blasted Trump for this pardon as dis Jonathan Bernstein of [no surprise there] or from David Graham of the The Atlantic who sarcastically tells us Under Trump, the pardon has been transformed from a rare instrument of mercy into a reward the administration will use for family and friends.”  A real crock of crap ESPECIALLY WHENY COMPARED TO
President Bill Clinton who sold pardons to Mrs. Rich to get her fugitive husband, Marc Rich pardoned [nearly $750,000] or to get his brother-in-law off the hook on cocaine chargesClinton spent has last day in office selling pardons like ice cream on a 100 degree afternoon in the Arizona desert!
Also in that same issue Clinton sings the praises of women who have become vocal about the MeToomovement while excusing himself about his affair with the young intern Monica Lewisky saying it is all behind him and he paid his price [he lost his law license but not his presidency and of course, the press forgave his as they seem to all Democrats and their sins] for lying under oath and to the American peopleof course, since serving as governor and while President he had affairs with 11 women while Hillary maintained the hush money slush fund and through the weeks of Hillarys being crowned as DNC favorite to run for President, Slick Willie was having an affair with a married woman!
These poor excuses for journalists need to sharpen their research skills or stop writing this fake news!
Bruce the Poor Man & Contrarian'

 POST SCRIPT:  Illegals & Their Children

None of this would have been necessary if the parents hadn't dragged their kids into journeys which are as fraught with peril. The "concentration camp" rhetoric ignores the fact that the Jews didn't deliver their children to Auschwitz. Moreover, faked and/or incorrectly cited pictures notwithstanding, the facilities to which illegal aliens' children are sent are hardly the animal control-style kennels the pro-amnesty forces would have you believe.

Parents who deliberately put their children in harm's way are bad parents. If they wish to escape their current circumstances, the United States graciously offers a program under which people have regularly dived into our melting pot for a long time. It's worth noting that the so-called "family separations" about which the open borders crowd don't happen to immigrants who follow established, legal, procedures and present themselves to U.S. authorities, rather than dash through the desert in the dark...When I was a volunteer deputy in AZ we sought out lost illegals too in the border areas despite the fact most were rarely happy to see us.
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Larry said...

The main stream press has put a spin on the BS with children of illegals to the point I want to vomit. Liberal icons like Oprah are sounding the alarm about how terrible the White House when all they are doing is what you've stated. These illegals should think about going somewhere else AND why aren't these liberal idiots using their big wallets and big mouths to help illegals to find a LEGAL way to come here rather than spout off the BS that amounts to a slap in the face to all the millions who came the legal way?!
Every immigrant group had a tough go of it initially from the Irish to the Chinese to the Jews and Italians but the worst of the worst in terms of treatment that EVERYONE forgets are the Native Americans!

Randy said...

You're 100% right-journalists today cannot tell an accurate story which is why most of us not longer put any trust in them. Clinton is a rapist and his wife was his accomplice and they were like Bonnie and Clyde cashing in whenever possible [Obama is damned near the same = greedy politicians all milk the system]

Yvonne said...

It's the never-ending tale of "Let's make Trump look bad" and the Left will seize on anything to accomplish this goal. Rather than focus on WHY these morons keep coming to our border knowing full well the consequences [rather than heading to other nations] they are herded here by groups who seize up our stupid anti-American press vs. anyone assisting these people to come here through legal channels...after all, this is what grabs negative headlines and this is what the media slobbers over and presents non-stop in their efforts to make the Trump White House look bad...bunch of communist assholes.