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Friday, September 14, 2018

Washington Post Suggests Trump Responsible for Hurricanes & Other Dumb Media Stories

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A Recap of This Week’s BS in the ‘Lame stream’ Propaganda Outlets

Trump's hurricanes 
Anyone looking for another reason to hate Donald Trump more than they already do will be pleased to learn that the president — who we're told is a dumb, insane Nazi white supremacist — has overnight wielded his immense dictatorial powers to direct Hurricane Florence over the black people in the Carolinas in order to disrupt their lives as much as possible and maybe even kill them with winds and floods… much as he did when he sent Hurricane Maria to kill brown Puerto Ricans. 

At least that's what the fake news Washington Post 
seemed to be saying in an editorial it published this week that claimed that "Mr. Trump is complicit" in "extreme weather." That's an awesome ability for someone who is both dumb and insane. It's also diabolical but incredibly shortsighted.

 sUnlike the left, which revels in pointing out skin color at every opportunity, Hurricane Florence seems unable to discern white people from black people and is wreaking havoc on both — along with any Indians (both the native American and South Asian varieties), Asians, LGBQTEALMNOPs, and any other minority or victim class either known or unknown and as yet determined that happens to stand in its path. 

ridiculous WaPo editorial came as the climate change alarmists were declaring that Florence — which at the time was a category 4 storm — would be the most powerful to hit the Carolinas in history because conditions were ripe for further strengthening. 

But Trump must have been distracted by illegals aliens crossing the border or a scantily clad porn actress because Florence did the impossible; it weakened down to a category 2 by Thursday morning and was expected to make landfall as either a category 2 or even 1 late Thursday and early Friday. 

As meteorologist 
Joe Bastardi noted in a series of tweets, Florence wasn't the most powerful storm to ever barrel down on the Carolinas, even when it was at its strongest. It was 25 mb weaker than 1985's Hurricane Gloria when it was at about the same place. 

He also noted in another tweet that we have no way of knowing how strong hurricanes used to get while they were over open waters — something we can do with great accuracy today — given that it's only in the last few decades that it became technologically possible to accurately measure storms before they made landfall. 

easingly demanding protection from words and ideas they don’t like. Here’s why that’s disastrousNorth Carolina has been hit by 56 hurricanes since 1851, including six over the period 1953-1955. In 1954, floodwaters from Hazel reached 17 feet. 

Has anybody checked to see where Trump was in the mid-50s? 

Facebook fact checking 

Poor Facebook just can't win. This week the radical left media organization
ThinkProgress posted fake news in an article with a blatantly false headline claiming that Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh "said he would kill Roe v. Wade last week and almost no one noticed." And so Facebook came under fire from the left for censoring news after those same leftists spent a couple of week gleefully celebrating that Facebook and other social media giants had banned Alex Jones. 

Never mind that "no one noticed" because Kavanaugh never said it, but truth matters little to the pro-baby murder crowd. So one of Facebook's fact checkers caught it and gave it a "False Rating," which Facebook has stated reduces an article's reach by as much as 80 percent. 

The Facebook fact-checker that caught and flagged the article was the right-leaning Weekly Standard, which the leftist online publication 
The Verge describes as the only "partisan outlet to be approved as a Facebook fact-checker the United States." 

But that statement in itself is fake news. Other Facebook fact checkers are the Associated Press, Politifact, Snopes and, left-leaning organizations all. 

The Verge attempts to justify ThinkProgress' use of the phrase "Kavanaugh said" in headline by claiming that it makes a much better clickbait headline than saying Kavanaugh implied or indicated. We're then told: 

"The real problem is not 'Is Facebook censoring progressives,'" tweets Alexios Mantzarlis, director of the International Fact-Checking Network at Poynter, which approved The Weekly Standard's entry into its ranks, "but 'Should Facebook ask fact-checking partners to flag stories based on headlines?' and 'How Literally?' We know a lot of fakes travel off of a headline alone. Not acting on those opens a pretty big loophole.'"

No. "The real problem" is having "fact-checkers" censor news in the first place. The ideology of the fact checkers doesn't matter. 

Biases in news coverage and from publications have been around since the beginning of the printed word. Civilization has survived despite it, and will no doubt continue to do so without a corporatist nanny state functioning as gate keepers and determining for us what is fake or not. 

The AP factchecks Obama 

Now here's one for the record books. Barack Obama emerged from the shadows this week and jumped into the political fray with some whoppers that were so outrageous even the Associated Press Fact Check turned its figurative eyes away from Trump long enough to look askance at what Obama had to say, determining that "Obama doesn't always tell the straight story." 

Here's what 
the AP had to say

With his return to the political donnybrook on behalf of Democrats in the November elections, Obama has brought a once-familiar style back into the discourse. It's measured, nuanced and distinct from the torrent of misstatements from Trump. That doesn't mean Obama always tells the story straight.

Among Obama's not straight stories were his critique of Trump's treatment of the press, that the economy had "healthy growth" during his term, that fewer Americans are insured under Trump, and that household income "was near its all-time high" by the time he left office (technically true, but not for the reasons Obama implies). 

The AP didn't even bother to get into the classic Obama gems, like "if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor" and "if you like your healthcare you can keep your healthcare." 
Nor did it mention any of these:

  • "There's no spying on Americans."
  • "More than 90 percent of the guns recovered in Mexico come from the United States."
  • "We flood communities with so many guns that it is easier for a teenager to buy a Glock than get his hands on a computer or even a book."
  • "…it's easier for you to buy a handgun and clips than it is for you to buy a fresh vegetable."

Woodward's 'Fear' 

Bob Woodward is a globalist mouthpiece and fake news artist credited for bringing down Richard Milhouse Nixon using fake sources and a likely fabricated narrative about a single "Deep Throat" informant he met in a parking garage to get snippets of information on Nixon's criminality. Now he's written a book titled, "Fear: Trump in the White House," that has created a stir in Washington because it claims to have information and quotes from people inside Trump's White House. 

But senior Trump officials are denying the quotations attributed to them — even though Woodward claims to have tapes — and The Daily Caller notes that Woodward has a history of writing books that "embellished the truth, made dubious bombshell claims or was otherwise misleading." 

Even Woodward's editor at WaPo, Ben Bradlee, and former Woodward assistant at the Post Jeff Himmelman, both doubted Woodward's story about a single Deep Throat source; and Himmelman in a book revealed that Woodward's and Carl Bernstein's "source Z" was a grand juror involved in illegal leaks, not a source within the Nixon orbit as Woodward has claimed. 

And then there's Woodward's biography of comedian John Belushi, "Wired." Actor and Belushi friend Dan Acroyd said of "Wired" that, "There were certainly things that he just got patently wrong. He painted a portrait of John that was really inaccurate — certain stories in there that just weren't true and never happened." 

The Daily Caller notes: 

Author Tanner Colby, in the course of researching and writing his own Belushi biography, said he found instance after instance in which Woodward's account was misleading.

"The simple truth of 'Wired' is that Bob Woodward, deploying all of the talent and resources for which he is famous, produced something that is a failure as journalism," Colby wrote in a 2013 Salon article.

The Daily Caller claims there's a long history of exaggerations, dissembling and outright falsehoods in Woodward's work. 

In short, it's quite likely that most of Woodward's work in "Fear" is just more fake news. 

The true cost of the 'War on Terror' 

This week we recognized the 17
th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks that brought down the two World Trade Center Towers (and Building 7), knocked a hole in the Pentagon and created a crater in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. CNBC took the anniversary as an opportunity to spout some Deep State propaganda about the cost of the so-called "War on Terror" that began in response to the attack. 

CNBC claimed that a Department of Defense report states the collective wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria have cost more than $1.5 trillion since 2001. Not only is that curious, it's also fake news. 

First, the "War on Terror" involves much more than just Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. It includes Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and the Philippines, and likely a handful of other countries we don't yet know about. And that $1.5 trillion figure has been being bandied about for several years. According to a February 3, 2015 
article in Forbes that quoted data compiled by the Mercatus Center citing the Congressional Research Service, the global "War on Terror" had cost $1.6 trillion by fiscal year 2014, and was projected to be $1.7 trillion by FY 2015. 

So in 2015 the cost far exceeded what the Pentagon claims it has cost three years later. 

In 2017 Brown University's Watson Institute for International & Public Affairs
published a study that put the total cost of the wars since 9/11 at $5.6 trillion by FY 2018. The report also claims that more than 7,000 U.S. military personnel have died and more than 52,000 have been wounded. And those numbers don't count the suicides among returning military people, or the thousands who have been damaged emotionally so bad that they can't function without massive doses of psychotropic drugs. 

That just goes to prove our adage that you can't believe anything government tells you. 

— Jay Baker 
for education—and mental health.


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Rhonda said...

I stopped believing government propaganda [such as their 'inflation' numbers'] long ago and forget the majority of media-they are incredibly full of BS and anti-Trump-our family gave up watching network news two years ago. Their 'news' people are so biased against middle America they no longer bother to hide it. They'd rather focus on illegals than homeless US veterans.

Larry said...

US GDP is up 38% over the past decade. Great.
But over the same period, the US national debt has increased 122%!
In other words, in the last ten years, the US national debt increased by more than $3 for every $1 increase in GDP.
Incredible stats given the debt load most citizens carry and how many students are in debt past their eyeballs...

Stephanie said...

I stopped watching any of the main three newscast at night along with the so-called nightly comedians as our family is tired of watching skewed news and Trump is a never ending story and a pox of their second rate journalism.